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Dueling '90: Gretchen Lestrange vs. Jemima Farley
January 4th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic
Nik reviewed the rules, though Miss Lestrange did lack her brother's penchant for flouting them. Once ensuring both young ladies were ready, he gestured to the Slytherin to begin.
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Gretchen hid a twitch of her lips at the thought that her victory might have ended up in the other girl's diary once upon a time. She might even have been insulted for the beating she was about to deliver.

Slightly sad that her victory wasn't going to be transcribed for all time Gretchen created a whirlwind of sand to encase the girl.

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After the dreadful duel with Thomas (neither winning it nor disliking her opponent had made her feel any better about the boy being half-pecked to death by his own conjured birds!), Jemima had crossed her fingers for an uneventful second round of the tournament.

If she was less-than-pleased to now be up against a Miss Lestrange who was not Frida, she did her best not to show that she was intimidated. Fighting the urge to shut her eyes against the whirl of sand coming her way, Jemima attempted a spell that might turn the sand to a shower of flower blossoms.

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The Hufflepuff became something of a picture of spring, a welcome sight on a dreary January day. Needless to say, the Slytherin's efforts had been thwarted.

"Miss Farley takes the first point," the professor announced, "and shall begin the second pass."
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Haha! Jemima couldn't fathom how she had managed that, but the flower-shower did make her feel better, briefly, about her life.

(Perhaps a kind gentleman in the audience would decide she looked pretty and decide to propose to her. That wouldn't hurt, either.)

This time, Jemima attempted a Jelly-Fingers jinx, hoping Miss Lestrange would drop her wand.

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In retaliation Gretchen cast a disarming spell, hoping to relieve the other girl of her wand before she could cast at all.

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The timing of the disarming spell was impeccable—an instant later and it would have been useless. Nik awarded Miss Lestrange the second point, and directed her to start the tie-breaking round.
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One more round and the momentum was with her - excellent! With victory in mind Gretchen cast a stinging hex.

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A disarming charm being shot her way was one thing - that was a useful spell, but not apt to hurt - but a stinging hex? There was a reason she had not elected to continue with Professor Sleptov's subject, and that was to avoid being a test dummy to painful hexes, thank you kindly! With that in mind, Jemima squealed and cast a hasty shield charm.
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Though her reaction was hardly professional (it was a mercy, he thought, that Miss Fawley no longer took his subject), her shield charm was entirely sufficient and Nikolai declared the Hufflepuff the duel's victor.
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