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Dueling '90: Warwick Nott vs. Xavier Mondragon
January 5th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic
Nikolai reviewed the rules as the Society required (it was, really, the only group whose membership he particularly cultivated), though this was a formality. By the second round of the tournament, participants knew what was and was not permissible, after all.

"Mr. Nott to begin!" he announced.
@Warwick Nott @Xavier Mondragon
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After pleasentries were exchanged, Warwick thought of what spell he wanted to do first. "Avis." Awe yes, birds to the face was a nice distraction.

Magic By MJ
Deciding to use the other mans spell against him, Xavier cast Oppugno, which would have the other mans conjurations attacking Mister Nott.
"First point Nott!" the wizard declared. "Mr. Mondragon, please begin the next pass."
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Xavier cast a spell that would turn the other man into ice.

@Warwick Nott
Warwick attempted to dodge while casting a spell to make Mr. Mondragon blind.

Magic By MJ
The efforts of both wizards proved successful as each was clearly afflicted by the spell of the other. Still, though, the decision was easy enough in Nik's mind—"Second point Mondragon!" the wizard announced. After all, Mr. Nott's efforts at defence had not actually defended him from anything.

After putting both gentlemen to rights, Nik directed Nott to begin the tie-breaking round.
@Warwick Nott @Xavier Mondragon
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In an attempt to be clever, Warwick decided to attempt at shrouding both him and Mr. Mondragon in a think cloud of mist and quietly, but quickly, moving away from where he had been in an attempt to mislead his opponent.

Magic By MJ
Xavier decided to go with the confusion charm this time around. "Confundo!"
Mr. Nott won the tie-breaking round and so, appropriately, was declared the winner of the duel.
@Warwick Nott @Xavier Mondragon

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