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A Life Cut Short, Much Like This Letter
December 31st, 1889

I wish you had been able to say that you told me so. At least now you might find your sleep a little more restful, I'm sure that I will.

I wish I had known how much you meant to me before it was too late. I think I've probably more than made up for last minute realizations recently, however, so I shan't be a bore and repeat myself. At least not too much. I don't know what is going to happen between now and the time you get to open this letter but I'm sure you did all that you could, more than anyone else would have. I may not get a chance to express my gratitude so know that I am eternally grateful to you. You are the finest sister I could have asked for even though I most certainly did not ask for you. When Phineas was not there, you always were and as much as I resented you for it I would have been a lot worse off without you at all. In these last few months particularly you have been my one source of comfort. If I had survived I don't believe it would have been the first time you saved my life, so perhaps don't be too hard on yourself that you couldn't save me this time.

On a more serious note I have told Phineas it is my dying wish for him never to remarry. He can afford me that respect in death at least, I don't want another woman sleeping in my bed, living in my house, wearing my jewelry, and mothering my children unless it is you. Between you and the hired help he should have no need of a new wife unless it is for sentimental reasons and I will not abide it. I have given my life to your brother, I would have his.

As to the children, please don't let them forget me, tell them good things about me, won't you? Make sure they remember me fondly, especially Belvina.

Finally, I feel I need to apologize to you.

[Unfinished letter given on January 9th, 1890]
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