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Those Left Behind
January 4th, 1890 — St. Mungos Corridors
It helped somewhat to make himself busy at work. Keeping his mind occupied was how best he felt that he could cope with the tragedy that had recently taken place in his life. Though the bad side of that was that people who had read the Prophet and knew him to be Mister Gladstone kept giving him their condolences. With some of the more insensitive trying to subtle pawn their daughters off on him now that he was a bachelor once more.

He had escaped into the corridor, only to hear someone call out his name. Oh Merlin, who was this going to be now?
It was only as she had called after him that Rosamund realised it was he who had remarked upon the tragedy of the carriage accident in the Daily Prophet she had read just at breakfast today.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Gladstone,” Rosamund said quickly, regretting having made any attempt to stop him today, of all days. She had seen the tension in his shoulders at having been interrupted, but could not see how she could take it back now without him knowing precisely why she didn’t want to bother him. “I - was hoping for a consult with Magical Bugs on one of our patients.” This much was true: the man was convinced his condition was the result of coming into contact with a jinxed tea-set, whereas Rosamund was beginning to think he had come into contact with something altogether more contagious. She had heard plenty of accounts from her mother, after all, about the sort of symptoms that saw one admitted to Magical Bugs. (Naturally the patient refused to entertain her, because people had a funny inclination that they always knew best.)

“Of course, it doesn’t have to be you,” she added carefully. “Just - anyone you might spare.”
Richard turned to look at the other healer as she apologized. She wasn't from his area but she was a familiar face around the hospital. He listened as she said that she had been hoping for a consult with someone from his department. "I'm free now, what can you tell me about the case?" He asked. Working was how he was going to get through this, he felt.

magical set by MJ!
If she had expected him to delegate to a less senior healer in his ward, or seem more brusque in manner than he usually would be, Rosamund was quite wrong; instead, he was right down to business, almost as though he had leapt at the chance.

Though she wanted to protest that it really needn’t be him personally, Rosamund was not in the habit of questioning her superiors, nor overstepping any personal boundaries (not least at work.) So she nodded her head obligingly, and fell into step with him as she led the way back to the Artifact Incidents ward she had come from. “Thank you, sir. Patient is a Mr. Wilson, seventy-four, with some blistering on his hands that he says is from coming into a contact with a teapot and saucer when they were hot and possibly jinxed. He brought the saucer with him but we haven’t found anything out of the ordinary with it, but the pustules are getting rather worse.”

She thought better of directly voicing her guess until Mr. Gladstone had seen the patient for himself and made what he would of the purple blisters, but she had a sneaking suspicion it was some strain of Spattergroit. But perhaps she was merely jumping to conclusions or being paranoid about an infection because she hadn’t yet found an alternate explanation. Best wait for Healer Gladstone’s diagnosis.

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