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It was a pity he wasn't a woman, so then he might have had a chance of seducing his friend and marrying into his pocket, as it happened in the scandalous, poorly written novels that Christobal sometimes painted covers for. Christobal Vainart in Jackie & Wilson
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this entire Ishmael post
Just ugh <3 such beautiful writing. My heart. <3
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magical set by mj!

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Quote:Handsome snorted. Him? Hogwarts' Playboy? She obviously had a narrow view of him, and an even narrower view of his romantic experiences. Was he really that flirtatious? (And more importantly, had Maddie ever noticed it?)

@Handsome Whitledge in Go the Distance

Legit, Sweetie's muse is screaming that Handsome is a playboy.

Lady made Magic

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
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Quote:“Is this edible? It looks like fake food. You know. When they put it in shops and you think it’s real but it isn’t and you think it’s an apple but the apple is just an enchant and it’s actually a rock.” He nodded and stood back up, grinning with bare teeth, “Did you know rocks hurt you teeth? ‘Cause they do.”

@Coleman Beasley in Have you seen my... Oh, food!
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Magic by MJ!

Quote:You know I stopped being hypothetical about three letters ago, right? Right about the time I passed the wife quiz.
@"February Lynch" in Take Me Back to the Start

Wishing that this was the letter that was actually sent.
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Magic by MJ!

Quote:Hopefully Mr. Skeeter had a sense of humour.
From here.

Oh Tybalt, my sweet summer child...
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fabulous set by Lady <3
Quote:"What do you mean the habitat it's becoming? The fog hasn't-"

But it had. It had brought frogs and locusts and darkness. And a strange dust smell but that was probably unrelated. In the depths of Bella's brain something leapt between synapses, a half-thought, a spark of something that quickly died when she turned her head and caught sight of their bold young man.

"Oh Merlin, we better help Mr Spryly."

@Annabelle Bones in CYOA: Group A
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MJ made this!
Quote:Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

@Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D
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Magic by MJ!

Quote:On their way to find the itchiest spot, Mr. Clearwater and Miss Shinnick will drop to the ground, covered in boils and unconscious. They will have to be picked up by the infirmary and will likely arrive there in the early morning hours of July 4th.

@The Suggestionizer in CYOA: Group D

Nectar made an oops.

Magic by MJ!

Quote:He wasn't sure whether Kieran was disappointed or relieved - or maybe just amused - at Jude's failings, but they were, weren't they? His failings. They'd known each other for years now, and Jude could have sworn he knew some of the others without blinking, inside out... but Kieran had been different. Perhaps he'd been too dismissive of him at first; perhaps it was his fault, for not having tried hard enough to know him back then, for not paying attention.

But he was now, had been for a long time, he was paying so much attention that he was sure he'd memorised the sound of Kieran's laugh, and the line of his face in profile, and the image of charcoal dust-stained fingers; he knew now where the tension from the full moon touched him, how the exhaustion always settled, what the very worst of him was... but he also knew the best of him, and his heart was on the verge of bursting out of his chest from all of it, from any of it, in a way beyond ignorance and beyond denial. And somehow, still, the more Jude discovered about him, the less it seemed he knew. It was - impossible. Kieran was made of secrets.

Could he really be the only person who found him so hard to understand?

"I'm trying to," Jude countered, his expression gravely earnest - but his eyes and his tone grew softer, like Kieran's smile. Believe me, I want to. "I hope you know that I’m trying."

He was allowed to say that, he thought. He wished he could say something more, wished he could forget where they were and who they were and all that had come before and just - do something -

He didn't, but it took effort; it took all the willpower in the world.
@Jude Wright in PEACE & LOVE
I. am. on. fire.
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Quote:“Because if I’d have known you were waiting, I’d have gotten here much sooner. The more time spent with you, in my eyes, the better.”

@Charles Caulfield in Hey You

That romance novel moment.

Magic by MJ!

I snorted way too loudly.

Quote:Walking into work that day, though, she witnessed a familiar face tumbling to the floor. "Dramatic as ever, are ya?" She commented, eyeing him on the ground. He kind of reminded her of a turtle, in a way.

@Morgana Gaunt [on Justice] in Despite What You've Been Told
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Quote:If all else failed, the life of a cat wouldn't be so bad, would it? He wouldn't be much of a quidditch player, but at least he'd never have to get a real job, either. He could still see Elsie, even, he supposed, picturing himself laying inconveniently across an open book in her lap and being petted between the ears. He'd make a good cat, really. One might say Tybalt would make the prince of cats.

@Tybalt Kirke in CYOA: Group A

Magic by MJ!

Quote:"One of our group members turned into a cat," he said, pushing himself out of his position so he could hover over her. "I considered giving him to you as a gift—and to him as a punishment—before realizing that would mean sending an adult man into your home, albeit in the form of your newest feline companion," he explained, visibly amused, before kissing her once more.

@Edric Umbridge in A Thousand Miles

A.K.A. "I considered kidnapping an adult man in a cat form and giving him to you"
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Magic by MJ!

Quote:"So apologize, fix it. Say you were wrong even if you weren't, I do know they like that." Vera certainly looked to hear him admit he was wrong or she was right. Sisters weren't exactly the same, but she was a woman, at least.

@Sydney Podmore in Everything She Didn't Say

Where is Sydney when Handsome needs advice for Sweetie?
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Lady made Magic

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
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Quote:Fortunately Phineas drank his coffee black, like his soul, so he didn't need any fixings.

@Phineas Black in It's Tradition
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Magic by MJ!

Quote:Had anyone had Half-Elf/Half-Human children before? What did they look like?
If they were anything like Eleanor, they would certainly be the most beautiful beings alive. More beautiful than a dead frog in a pond: - shiny in its splendour and serene in its slumber.
@Woopy in an elf walked into a classroom
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magical set by mj!

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