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Dueling '90: Adam Ragge vs. Finnian Byrne
January 5th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic

Finally, a proper competition. Admittedly one where Mr Ministry had a preference for who should be victorious but he couldn't very well show himself to be too biased.

"Ragge to begin."

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This was the first time Adam had participated in the competitive branch of the dueling tournament, thanks to Mr. Greyback's sponsorship, and his stomach had been knotted with anticipation all day. Of course, his program gave him plenty of opportunities to practice dueling, but having an audience was different. Exhilarating.

After observing the necessary formalities, Adam cast a variation of the Incarcerous spell, intended to wrap his opponent in heavy chains instead of mere rope.
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Finnian had always had unusual success in competitions despite his day-t0-day uselessness, so naturally he jumped at the opportunity to compete in the competitive bracket. He had been an auror-in-training once, after all, and he doubted this kid had achieved anything beyond that. Finnian reassured himself that he had twenty-one years of magical experience on his side, after all! He would win.

Finnian raised his wand and attempted a shield charm. (It was best to start simple. Definitely.)

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Much to his surprise, given that neither of them were proper aurors, neither man made an absolute hash of his attempt but the lawyer's shield was sufficient to deflect the heavy bonds that tried to encase him.

"Bad luck Ragge. Byrne begin the next round."

Adam: 9
Finnian: 10

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Finnian smiled, pleased that he'd not completely sucked. This time, he raised his wand and attempted to turn his leg bones into a rubbery substance. That's be fun to watch!

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Given that he regularly taught defensive magic to young women through the Church, Adam was hoping he could come off a bit better this round. He cast a quick shield charm.
It was a decisive victory on the part of the older man - not surprising given his additional years on the earth - and Mr Ragge's legs crumpled beneath him.

"Congratulations Mr Byrne, you will advance to the next round."

Adam: 10
Finnian: 13

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