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Sick at Sea
December 28th, 1889 - Christmas at Sea
Sailing, as she discovered within minutes of being onboard the Ophelia, was Melody's least favorite pastime. The gentle rocking of the ship unsettled her balance and churned her stomach. She had cast every charm she could think of upon realizing she was seasick, but none were powerful enough to soothe her stomach. 

She stood like a statue clutching her flute of champagne between the two dance floors. Maybe if she kept her gaze steady on the horizon the night would go quicker and she could get away from this blasted ship.

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Anthony could easily say he missed being on a boat. Even as the least adventurous of his siblings - likely even with his sister in the pool - he did enjoy being on a boat and had his whole life. He honestly might have well grown up on a boat, running and playing with his brothers and driving the crew bonkers. While they weren't sailing anywhere it was still nice to smell the ocean and feel the breeze in his hair. Though the formal suit was annoying.

He hadn't felt much like dancing so he stuck to the railings, just enjoying the quiet sea night until his gaze caught on a well-dressed woman who seemed quite uncomfortable to be here.

"Here," he offered, hand open to expose a foil-wrapped candy. "Ginger. It helps with the seasickness. I like to keep them on hand in case anyone needs them. My sister makes fun of me for it, saying none of us would ever need it, but sometimes it comes in handy."
There were far too many people around for her to be feeling this ill. Each minute that passed was hard won over her stomach. Melody couldn't lose this battle of will. She simply wouldn't allow it.

She was coaching herself through a particularly terrible wave when the man approached. Ginger? What - ? Another crest had her taking the candy from him without question. "Thank you, Mister..." Her nails were still dug deep into the palm of her hand, but the candy seemed to be alleviating the worst of her illness. With any luck, the candy would last her until the first port key back to Hogsmeade became available.

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"My father's crew used to give them to us as kids until we got our sea legs. My brothers and I's second home might as well have been a ship. They said something about it smoothed the stomach. Of course the sailors chewed straight on the roots but try getting a kid to do that. Even now I'm far more fond of the candies. Anthony Delany," he offered with a faint nod, gazing still out to sea to give the women a momment to compose herself. After all, he'd hate if someone walked in while he felt sick.

"Sometimes nature's a better cure than magic. Never found a spell or potion that took the edge of sickness away quite as well as that little candy."
While she was still feeling quite ill, she wasn't as close to upheaving over the side of the boat as she was a few minutes previous. This would certainly be the last time she willingly step foot on a boat. Some people were made to sail the seas and explore the world - Melody wasn't one. From now on, her feet wiuld stay firmly on dry land.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Delaney. I will have to remember to carry ginger with me from now on." She said after a few moments of quiet between them. The horizon was beautiful. The stars reflection on the water made it feel like they were floating in midair instead of on the ocean. "Have you done much sailing then?"

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He smiled as she spoke, looking up to the night sky, scanning the stars that surrounded them. There was a comfort in the consistency of the stars. If one knew what time of year it was and what hemisphere he was in, they would never leave you lost - you could always find your way home watching those stars. They had shifted slightly from the sky he grew up watching, but he could still name all the constellations, they were just in different places.

"I'm glad I was able to help, miss." He thought about pointing out that she hadn't shared her own name, but he decided not to mention it. With how she was feeling, Tony was content to late her anonymity carry her into the night unknown. She might prefer that over being known.

"Yes, I suppose. More than the average person. My father owns an importing company in the Americas. Still, my brothers sail far more than I. I am the only one of the three of us who pursued a career outside the family business. Still, I like to be aboard a ship. The feeling of being able to go anywhere, unrestricted to the land that limits us. Of never knowing what the next day will bring - be it the clear sky and smooth sailing or storms and rocky waters and knowing that no matter what you will get through it. It is empowering. But also humbling. The seas make you realize just how small you are and that you have no control over what is thrown at you, only how you act."
Melody wished she had any semblance of control over her life and actions. The count down to her wedding was on, and she constantly felt at a loss. Her mother was planning the details: a small ceremony, a simple gown. They already spent a small fortune on her these past few years; there was no need to have a brilliant celebration now. Were she able to control her own actions, Melody would steal aboard a ship to America. There she could make a new sort of life for herself. That was, at least, if she didn't vomit her way across the ocean.

"That's a lovely thought." She added quietly. However nice Mister Delaney was, he needn't know her struggles. "I have to say, I think I'd prefer to spend my life on dry land." Perhaps if she stayed aboard the ship indefinitely she would acquire sea legs, but she wouldn't bet on it. As if to prove a point, her stomach rolled again. Merlin, she couldn't wait to be off this bloody ship.

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Despite the romance of the idea, carving a new life in a new country wasn't something that was easy. He and his siblings had it easy - they'd come with the support of their family, both mentally and financially, and could always return if things went south here. Staking out on your own, especially going from England to America, unless you lived moved to a large city, it would be rough. Even then the cities were small. Starting over wasn't really that romantic. But in a way, he could sort of understanding that desire for control. He could remember those years in school he wanted to diverge from sailing and being unsure of telling his family - still not the same though.

"Mhmm. It is certainly only for a certain - probably the crazy - kind of person. It does have it its consequences. Like being trapped on a ship for possibly months with the same people. I cannot begin to count the times I've thought about throwing one of my brothers overboard."

"What do you do? What are your hobbies? Talking through the feeling might help. Try to get your mind off it and on something else?"

The thought of sailing for months on end was vivid enough that Melody was left digging her nails into her palms to avoid upheaving over the side of the boat. Trapped aboard a ship, the constant crests, the nauseating stench of sea water...Merlin. This night needed to conclude, and soon.

"My hobbies...?" She replied dumbly, as she was far too distracted by her rolling stomach to formulate a proper response. "I - uhm - I love to read." A ridiculous answer, really. It was no wonder why she hadn't secured herself a husband sooner! She was as bland as a neutral colored wall.

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He grinned at her confession, finding her offering something he could relate to. "Reading. How about you tell me about your favorite book. The plot, the characters," he instructed, sensing her rising unease. "Mine is a mystery. There were a series of theifs in this neighborhood and no one could figure out who it was but they left a calling card with a pen name on it each time."
Were she not consumed by her growing illness, Melody would be charmed by his kindness. Not many in her circle would stay and chat with someone as green as she. In fact, she was certain that only her closest friends would stand by her, though even they would remain a few feet away.

"I'm more of a researcher by nature. Transfiguration is my favorite subject." She smoothed a hand over the skirt of her gown. "The mystery sounds interesting, though. Do you read many mysteries?"

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Yeah, you could say Anthony's brothers had long made fun of him from his childhood of his mothering behavior, but it had never bothered him too much. He was content the way he was. "Research? Do you have any projects you are working on? I was never much for transfiguration. More charms and potions. Changing one thing to another just never seemed to click.

Mhmm, yes. My sister growing up, she would share passages with me, eventually books. Eventually, she got me into reading them myself. Though my taste difference from hers though a little. She likes a lot more romance than I."

She nodded as he spoke. Transfiguration was tricky at times, but it was.one of the few joys in her life. "I'm studying to become an animagus. I've been studying it since my school years." Melody frequently dreamed of transforming into a bird and flying away. Though, with her luck she would becone something far less practical.

A particularly strong lurch of the boat turned the tides of her stomach. Any progress Melodu was making battling her sea sickness was lost as she rushed to the edge of the boat.

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An animagus, now that would be neat. Knowing his luck he'd end up being a fish or something. He could swim along the ships or something he supposed. Maybe he'd even get to be something neat like a whale or a shark. Probably not, he would so end up a fish.

"What would you want to b-" he started to ask, cutting off as plunged forward. He rushed after, reaching out to snag the back of her dress, worried she was going to fall over. Upon seeing that she wasn't he pulled back. "Sorry," he mumbled, unsure how to help her now, far more used to the rougher male crew of his father's ships. "I believe the first portkey back should be coming up soon.
While she was grateful for the steady hand on her dress, Melody was still relieved when he let go. She could think of nothing more embarrassing than falling overboard immediately after retching. Except maybe falling into the vomit.

"Thank you." She muttered hastily. The portkey wouldn't be available soon enough. Already, her stomach was rolling again. "I appreciate your kindness. I'm going to go find my chaperone now. If you'll excuse me..."

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