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set by mj
December 30, 1884
I am told this journal should help me in some way. I am not quite sure how that is. At any rate, I attended Junior League tryouts today. I only tried out for beater since it is what I am good at. I also rather like knocking bludgers at peoples heads.

It consisted of an obstacle course and other challenges. We find out the results on January 1. I admit to being nervous. I need this. There is nothing else in my life really worth doing aside from Quidditch. Of course, music as well but I haven't touched instrument since who even knows when.

I doubt I will either, that's in the past, I suppose.

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set by mj
January 1, 1885
I didn't write in this thing yesterday despite something interesting having happened to me. I usually write before bed but I wasn't in bed before midnight on the 31st of December.

My family went to Hogsmeade, not sure why since we live in Wales where there aren't so many people to bother us. I don't care, it turned out good for me.

I met a boy named Rasmus Mohr. Well, obviously I've seen him around before since he's a prefect for Ravenclaw and Keeper for their house team but I never spoke to him before. We were both skating and he happened to almost crash into me. He is quite attractive, I always thought but he was even more so up close. His eyes. They are this golden hazel hue.

I decided to take a chance and try to sense if he might like boys or not. We talked some, flirted some since my guess turned out correct. Like I said, I find him attractive so I decided to try and see if he might like to have some fun. He did so I took him to Uncle Jacs. Uncle Jac must have been out for the celebrations. I don't care what it was.

We had sex and I then found myself in the odd position of comforting someone. He lost a past lover and I guess I'm the first he sampled delights from since then. On top of that, I was his first 'taker' so to speak. I don't know why I didn't just make him leave. I hate such emotional displays. But something about him ... I don't know. I offered to serve as a distraction and he pretty much took me up on it.

So, guess I'll have some sort of fun this term.

I am also now a Beater for the Junior Cannons. This is one more step towards achieving one of my life goals. The rest of my team members are decent, I suppose. Mother is convinced I'll do poorly, who even knows what father thinks. Well, I had presented my case, they accepted so they can deal with the fact that I succeeded where they thought I wouldn't.

Grandad also supported me doing what I want because a man doesn't let himself be told what to do or something. I never understand the old bat.

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set by mj
September 1886
Well, Rasmus has lost his prefect badge. I think he kind of saw it coming. It still seems incredibly unfair to me but then again, I never thought he was much of a prefect despite the fact that he is a total keener.

He'll get over it. Better he lost it and not been expelled considering other secrets of his. It's not like anyone with half a brain wouldn't realize his blood heritage or at least suspect it anyways.

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set by mj

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