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Only yesterday Elladora would have said Ursula’s speech was a bit much but somehow this morning it felt quite appropriate and Ella’s emotions swelled as though they were a delirium come to unbalance her. A single treacherous tear escaped from the corner of her eye and Elladora felt the cold trickle of it down her cheek, an annoying tell that she was not unaffected by the sentiments and had, despite herself, been taken aback by her own emotions. Perhaps if Ursula did die the curious, maddening hold she had over her might go with her to the beyond?

“You won’t be,” Ella replied in as steady a voice as she could muster, a wave of tiredness coming over her quite as suddenly as these abrasive feelings had pushed their way from wherever she had buried them in her body. Did emotions always make one feel so soporific? It would certainly explain why Ursula took to her chaise lounge quite so often and, beguiling, she felt a spike of affection at even that.

She was drunk, or at the very least lost in the midst of madness, but somehow the persistent tenderizing Ursula’s presence had inflicted on her soul had finally turned it soft and squidgy. And thus the number of people she had allowed to be physically close to her increased to a tally of two as Elladora leaned forward and gently pressed her lips against Ursula’s in a kiss that’s briefness did not disguise the feelings it expressed.
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The world was turning on its head. Some part of Ursula's brain, deep in her subconscious, could remember a time before nightmares and confinement and was very aware of how warped her current reality was - that she could accept and welcome feelings that ordinarily would be out of the realm of consideration. What did it matter now? Her days were numbered and there was no one else at her side, who was she to turn down comfort where it was offered? Certainly it wasn't what she would ever have imagined for herself but what else in her life was going to plan at that moment?

These thoughts were mere whispers at the back of her head, however, squashed out by warm jittery feelings and the sort of confidence that comes with unexpectedly receiving permission. It became arrogance when it married with her preconceived notion of Elladora's naivety.

And that was how Ursula found herself shamelessly cupping her sister-in-law's cheek and initiating the sort of kiss that seemed always to lead her down the path to disaster.

The world felt suddenly distant, as though everything else that happening was taking place beyond a veil and the fabric had begun to fall the very moment Ursula had touched her jaw. It really oughtn’t to be such a surprise – Ursula had always been a deviant, though Ella had always supposed her leanings were towards the male of the species – but no sooner had she begin to notice how soft the pads of Ursula’s fingers were she was jolted back to her senses when Eva’s face swam before eyes she did not recall closing.

Evalina was a woman of highest esteem, who did not indulge in whims and fancies and whose affections were hard won enough for Elladora to place the highest esteem upon them. If she loved anybody it was Eva but here she was with Ursula and she could not pretend she was overly surprised, though Ella still retained enough of herself to reluctantly end the kiss.

She couldn’t suppress a soft moan as Ursula’s tongue brushed hers, however she drew back a little almost immediately, feeling rather dazed and without a suitable means of excusing what had just happened.


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It had been so long since she'd kissed anyone that by the time Elladora pulled away from her she felt heady and more alive than she had in weeks. "Yes?" Her voice was hushed and intense. As she stared back at her sister-in-law she began to second guess herself. It had seemed so obviously right just a moment ago, had she misjudged? What if she tried it again? Would that prompt a more reassuring response? No, no it wasn't worth it, it was all madness anyway what had she been thinking?

Ursula bit her lip and waited for a response.

It had to stop. They had to stop. Ursula was in a vulnerable state and she was behaving abominably, losing all sense of decorum and doing a terrible disservice to not only her own brother but the woman who had been the finest occasional lover an antisocial introvert could hope to have.

Elladora deliberately moved away on the bed, settling herself so she was still in reach of Ursula’s hand but not close enough for anything untoward. The silence hung heavy between them and Ella swallowed down the embarrassment that nearly stole her voice away: best to carry on as though nothing had happened.

“You should go back to sleep. You need your rest.”

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What did that mean? Had it gone down poorly? How bad was it? Maybe she just needed a moment to recollect herself or was she straight up just horrified? Just how embarrassed ought she to be? Ursula watched her move away. "Stay here with me, I'll be able to sleep better knowing you're here." While a part of her wanted to test the damage she'd done by seeing whether Elladora would refuse thus implying she'd really put her foot in it, she also didn't think she'd be able to sleep untroubled if she was left alone now. "Please?"

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The strange thing was – and it didn’t occur to Ella until Ursula made her plea – but it hadn’t really crossed her mind that she would leave Ursula to her own devices. Asleep or not she had come in here to make sure her sister-in-law was safe and now she had crossed lines (borders, countries practically) she wasn’t going to second guess herself.

How on earth was it that there were only two things she had ever done that caused her to question her own sanity and both of them involved Ursula?

“Of course,” Ella replied stiffly, gracefully turning until she was sat on top of the covers keeping Ursula warm, propped up against the headboard. “I’ll stay close.”

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