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Dante's Delerium
Newest Character:@Murdock Greyback
Last Updated:7/11/19

<--It's Dante Yo! -->

Well Hello!
These are my currently plotting characters

Easiest way to plot with me is to throw something down here, and/or PM me.  I have whatsap that I'm happy to share that and plot that way because I can't be trusted to check skype etc. 

I can almost always be pimped someone because I am hella weak!  I am actively looking to create a student...so pimp me!

1889/1890 Term Goals
* Get Maddie to 75 posts here
* Move Maddie's plot along
* Make a Student (1st Year)
* Post 300+ times

I don't mind plotted relationships in specific circumstances but prefer organic. 

I don't like writing smut - I can -  I just awkward turtle about it and so prefer fade to black. 

Current Characters
@Benevolence Montague
@Ginevra Blackwood
@Madeleine Backus
@Murdock Greyback
@Natsuko Mountbatton
Coming Soon

MCHBEmma is the most like Zachariah.  She practically grew up in the Hogsmeade shop.  She was always about when she was young, just as excited as her uncle about everything literary.  She's an excellent student.  The two likely write letters to one another, and Zachariah probably sends her something new to read every few weeks.  Her father dislikes the fact the two are close. Preview courtesy of @Zachariah Binns
MCHBSenior Librarian at the Crowdy Memorial Library.  He has an interest in the history of magical geneolgy.  Circa 35, no other family, sister deceased
LC-BWill be First year in Hogwarts 1890, house undecided, I've not attached him to a family yet so no surnames or blood.  But He HATES school and will basically spend the year being a brat and possibly not go back
LCHBAn American transplant who runs a relatively 'respectable' cat house.  Her girls service a higher class of clientele but...ya know...still prostitutes.

Murdock Greyback @Murdock Greyback

<--Murdock Greyback - A bit on the fluffy side, and the werewolf side is hairy too!-->
39 - UCHB - Rep 9 - Ministry - Gryffindor
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Murdock is gregarious, outspoken, and jovial.  He has strong opinions and gives them freely.  You may either love him or hate him for that.  He has a very strong sense of loyalty and a rigid moral code.  He is good with keeping secrets and is generally trust worthy.  He does believe that women have different roles in society to men - and while he isn't dismissive or rude, he just thinks they are suited to being home makers and nurturers rather than more traditionally masculine roles. 

Friends: People from work - Ministry buds, people he either worked with or who have worked for him.  ACAB will find him generally polite and kind, but his main friend cohort will be ministry men with reputations >5/6. 
The men in his family are werewolves so if someone found themselves newly turned, he would offer friendship and help them keep it on the DL but would keep his status to himself. 
Enemies: If you openly disdain werewolves he will hate you but he probably wont tell you why.  Purists generally are probably not going to go down well but paradoxically he doesnt especially like vampires - not a werewolf thing they just give him the heebie jeebies. 
Hurls: He is widowed with 2 young children.  So while he is not looking for anything he is technically on the market and lets just say I'm not opposed to something organic happening. 

Other: His extended family, as well as his children are up for grabs!

Natsuko Mountbatton @Natsuko Mountbatton

<--Natsuko Mountbatton - More eye rolling than an optometrists surgery-->
21 - UCHB - Rep 8 - Heiress - Mahoutokoro
Debutante and Heiress
Natsuko is dryly witty, quiet and quite sardonic.  Her humour will not be to everyone's tastes.  She is incredibly smart graduating Mahoutokoro with gold robes, but she rather hides her light under a bushel because it's not 'fashionable' for a woman.  If she had been a man she would either have been Slytherin or Ravenclaw because of her brains and ambition  - as it stands she is socially active, and treads a fine line between english society and utalising her 'exotic flower' aesthetic to help her image. 

Friends: UCHB/PB girls of her own age and station.    I would love her to have a tight little circle of equally ambitious girls who bolster each others reputations (long form of this plot can be discussed in PM).  I could see her ingratiating herself into the life of an older, respectable society woman. 

Enemies: She would be polite but dismissive of MC girls, or those who's status is anyway unclear. The poor, or WC would be completely ignored.  She wouldn't be the most pleasant person to work for.  Uncouth behaviour, loud behaviour, or anything that is not perfect decorum would be made with scathing words. 
Hurls: She is actively searching for a husband -so if you have a single man hurl - if you have a single man who is talking to her she is out for blood. 

Other: A social frenemy - a UC HB/MB girl  - they HATE each other but somehow society has gotten the idea that they are besties and expect them to be seen together socially.  Ideally the other person would be another social novelty. 

Ginevra Blackwood @Ginevra Blackwood

<--Ginevra Blackwood - Party or YA BASIC-->
22 - UCPB - Rep 9 - Quiditch Sponsor- Gryffindor
Social Butterfly and Sponsor of Puddlemere United
Ginevra is vivacious, social and fairly easy going - the sort of comfort in ones skin that comes with being truly comfortable with ones place in society.  She is beautiful, wealthy and her comfort is assured.  Her mothers family were extreme blood purists and so Ginny is to expect a considerable additional inheritance if she marries a pureblood because the entire estate was entailed away from her uncle when he married a Halfblood. 

Friends: UCHB/PB girls with whom she would socialise, or UC girls in her year at school.  She has a generally social and kind nature and would be inclined to take unfortunates under her wing and give outrageous, and inappropriately expensive gifts to those around her.  Former staff in her fathers would probably still be on good terms with her.  I would love for to have a little clique of 'Gibson girls-esq' of good reputation.  She is a social butterfly if your character is MC or UC chances are they have attended a party she hosted. 

Enemies: There are bound to be people who dislike her.  She wouldn't be outright cruel but she doesn't understand why people don't like being social and if you've expressed this too her she may have made fun of the sentiment, or you, in ways that were a bit offensive because 'ya boring'.  Lots of eye rolling and hair tossing.  MJaybe an old school rival?  She is close with her brother so if you broke his heart, or maybe went after him a bit hard she might be a bit iffy on you. 
Hurls: She is gay but knows that she will be expected to marry. Maybe a beard marriage with someone who is also gay? And a lady for her actual hurls.

Other: Her brother is up for grabs - hurlable type

Benevolence Montague @Benevolence Montague

<--Benevolence Montague - Flower pots, or just potty?-->
22 - MCPB - Rep 9 - Herbologist and Florist- Ravenclaw
Owner of Montagues House of Flowers and Herbologist
Benevolence is quiet, bookish and oblivious to anything that isn't growing in a plant pot.  She debuted but never spent any times as a debutante and now barely attends any social events other than deliver flowers or where there is a specific reason for her to be there. 

Friends: Id love a mixed gender group of flower chums, ideally people equally as nerdy and involved in flowers as she is, or a generally bookish group of friends, either people she went to school with or has met since.  She ideally needs someone to drag her out to things, a bestie mate who is the opposite of her- someone who is as out going and fun as Benevolence is quiet and antisocial - otherwise girl is going to end up a spinster. 

Enemies: A rival plant breeder or florist? I'm not sure who exactly would hate her, but maybe you think she's weird for not wanting to be in society? Or you're a man who thinks women shouldn't run businesses. 
Hurls: She is technically on the market but she isn't taking active steps to find someone because her nose is so deep in her books and plants that she would barely notice.  But if you're bookish or into plants/potions/herbology @ me for an organic tester.

Madeleine Backus @Madeleine Backus

<--Madeleine Backus - From Russia with Love-->
19 - UCHB - Rep 9 - Heiress and Aspiring Writer- Preten-dutante - Hufflepuff
Heiress and Aspiring Writer
Maddie is sweet, stoic and everything one would expect from a member of her house.  She wants rather desperately to be liked and accepted by her new middle class peers.  She is in line to inherit enough to make her solidly upper middle class, and currently lives with a Russian Middle class family in Hogsmeade.  She has desperately Romantic notions and has decided she wants to be writer. 

Friends: A group of friends from school would be a dream - girls she came up with and who know/knew her before her inheritance.  Artsy friends, writers, painters, or people with a philosophical bent would all be perfect for her right.  Someone to help encourage her to be a little more brave in her self expression - she is still clinging to her working class church mouse persona a little too much. 
A social mentor would be amazing! Someone her own age, or a few years older, to hang with at events,

Enemies: A girl who either dislikes her for her new station, is also WC and is jealous, or  generally thinks Maddie is a nasty little upstart.  Maddie is currently ITCHING to call someone out for being a snob. 
Hurls: She needs to marry to get the full amount of her inheritance but would prefer to marry for affection.  Her sister eloped over a year ago and she is unlikely to do the same except for exceptional circumstances.  There could be drama in a broke but otherwise respectable MC/UC trying to get his hands on her fortune. 

Other: a Russian artist/writer/philosopher on whom Maddie had a crush. 

Madeleine Backus @Madeleine Backus
[Image: 880828-bigthumbnail.jpg]
Name: Ana _______ (Any Face -but cannot be blonde)
Age: Late 20's
Class/Blood: Upper Middle Class - Any Blood but not a purist

Ana became effectively an adoptive daughter to Katerina Kozlova's mother when Katerina was disowned.  When the Backus sisters were welcomed back to the fold Ana reached out to them and when the Kozlova grandparents passed Ana became their guide into middle class society - only really Maddie engaged with her. 

She is confident, beautiful and a social butterfly.  The consummate lady she has all the social heirs and graces.  She completed only 5 years of magical schooling (max) but was sent to a finishing school in Switzerland. 
Her family are solidly upper middle class, which is how she knew the Kozlova's. 
She is fluent in Russian, English and French. 

She has taken Maddie under her wing, and she now lives with her in Hogsmeade.    She has been Maddie's social mentor and has encouraged her to attend social events and be more socially outgoing. 
She married at 19/20 and has 2+ children. 
She can be happily married or unhappily married, and can engage in affairs but nothing to take a rep ding without a heads up. 

[Image: cc60e978baffba7828f0828e1d5346ca7aadefdd.jpg]
Name: NAME OPEN_______ (Any Face)
Age: Late 20's
Class/Blood: MCAB - Any Blood but not a purist
Information: _____ is a poet, writer, and philosopher.  He considers himself something of a revolutionary changing the world with the power of his writing.  He was part of the St. Petersberg artistic set that Ana and Maddie spent time with in Russia.  He could be any nationality.  He is a wizard but his level of magical education is up to the player. 

He and Maddie danced and did some flirting while she was there.  Maddie definitely had a crush on him but he wasn't ready for anything serious (he may still not be).  Maddie has been writing to him since, asking for his opinion on her writing.  Why he has come to England is up to you. 

[Image: 163259549.jpg]
Name:Barton Backus (Any Face -must be blonde or fair)
Age: Born 1843
Class/Blood: LCPB

He was from a good honest working class pureblood family.  As a second son he moved to St. Petersburg to make his fortune and got a job working in the factory of a prominent Upper middle class family in the city.  He was a steady worker, and eventually eloped with the families only child Katerina in 1864. 
The Kozlova's provided money to start a bakery in England as a way of avoiding scandal but on the proviso that Barton would never be received into their home again, and they havn’t seen Katerina since.  He and Katrina were clear that the children, other than Rye should get a full education, and the girls were expected to maintain scholarships to stay in school. 

When the muggleborns were excluded from Hogwarts Maddie got in touch with her grandparents to secure the papers she needed to get back to school, and the Backus parents were aware that she kept in touch with them through letters.  It was not until the death of Katerina's father that it became clear how much they had hated him, with the entirety of the family estate being left to Maddie and Maggie to vest on their marriage on the basis that they would no longer be 'Backus'. 

The parents stopped talking to Maggie when she eloped to receive her fortune, and allowed Maddie to take social help from a friend of their grandmothers in the hopes of discouraging her from jumping into a hasty marriage as well. 

[Image: MichellePfeiffer07AP.jpg]
Name:Katerina Backus (Any Face -must be blonde or fair)
Age: Born 1846
Class/Blood: LCHB - originally MCHB
She is demure, quiet, loving, great business/organizational sense.  She has all the airs and graces that would be expected from someone given every advantage in life and a solid middle class up bringing. 

History - as Above

Code by the amazing Lynn!

[Image: ItXbzb.png]
<3 Nolan sets are crack!
Maddie has recently returned from the social season in Moscow, and living with a middle class Russian family. 
Her inheritance is common knowledge.
Threads Pending:

[Image: ItXbzb.png]
<3 Nolan sets are crack!
Maddie has recently returned from the social season in Moscow, and living with a middle class Russian family. 
Her inheritance is common knowledge.

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