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Can't Always Avoid the Problem
October 31, 1889 - Corridors
Every day seemed to make everything seemed more normal, in some strange way. Artie's distance, their losses. It was strange to think of things that way, but it felt a little easier to go about her day to day. If only her sister was able to heal in such a way.

So when she found her sister on this particular Halloween, she decided to talk to her directly. Not pretend that everything was completely normal. "Artie, can we talk?" Please say yes.

@Artemis Fairchild

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Artemis hadn't expected her sister to call out to her. She had found herself distracted from her pain by tutoring Miss O'Malley in anything the younger Hufflepuff wanted, teaching her whatever she knew.

She knew she should've talked with her earlier, but she didn't know where to start. She had somehow avoided Hestia all summer, and the first two months of the school year. She didn't know how.

When she heard her familiar nickname- the one that she hadn't heard since Apollo's death - she paused, and forced herself to turn to her sister. "Of course," she replied with a stiff smile as she made her way over to the blonde.

She forced herself to not show the pain that talking with her sister caused. They had lost Hades and Apollo in the same short span. Hades hurt, but it wasn't like losing someone she'd grown up knowing as her twin. "What did you want to talk about, Hestia?"

Indeed Hestia had heard the rumors that her sister was tutoring, which sort of hurt given that the older sister was giving this girl more attention. But still, Hestia had been avoiding as well. It had to stop.

The stiff smile was a start. Not avoiding a conversation was another. "I want us to stop avoiding each other. It's been almost two years since our brothers and father had passed away. We're sisters. I want us to be closer, like we used to."

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Artemis just wanted to avoid this conversation. She didn't want to have it. She refused, on most days, to think of Hades and their father. She didn't even want think about Apollo.

It hurt her heart to be causing her little sister pain, but... Hestia hadn't known the truth. She hadn't known how Artie had been treating Apollo the last few months before he got sick and died.

She didn't know that they hadn't really been twins. That Apollo had been their cousin. "Oh, Hesita." she whispered. "I want that too, but..." she shook her head. "It hurts to much, Hestia, to even look at our family."

Now that stung. She understood, but it stung. Especially after all this time. And in some way, it angered her. And she would rather focus on that instead of the hurt.

"And you think it hasn't hurt us? Mother and I can barely look at each other, but we try, Artie. We try, and we need you to as well. If not for me, than for her." Her voice was cracking a little. She really didn't want to cry, but something told her that she likely would.

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Artemis didn't know what to say. She knew she should be trying, it's what Apollo would do, but he wasn't the one who had survived. He wouldn't have let Hestia drift so far away that it felt like they were on opposite sides of the world, despite standing right next to each other.

"I'm trying." she protested weakly. Was she trying? She wasn't trying very hard in this conversation, she was only half listening to what her little sister was saying.

Why is it that they had to die? How was this right? How was this something they had to live with?

"How? By responding after I started a conversation? By saying something was too hard while I'm standing here trying to reach out? Artemis, you are the oldest sibling. So why does it feel like I'm talking to my little sister?" She snapped. Oh, and there were the tears that she wished would never appear.

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Because I haven't been the best of older sisters in some time. Artemis wanted to say. It was true, she wasn't making much of an effort in this conversation, but she had never been good at the conversation aspect of being an older sibling. That had been Apollo. She had been better at comforting, but at some point she'd forgotten that there were other people who were grieving for the same loses as she was.

She closed the distance between them. "Oh, Hestia." She reached out and wiped some of the tears away. "I am so sorry."

And that was it. The sadness over took the anger and Hestia cried. Really just... cried.

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Artemis wasn't going to let herself cry. Even though the sight of Hestia crying broke her heart. She didn't know what else to do, so she just held her younger sister while she cries.

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