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Student Clubs 1893-1894
Student Clubs

From here on out Student Clubs will be kept track of in

--> this spreadsheet <--

YOU are responsible for adding your characters to their respective clubs. There are four tabs at the bottom, Clubs, Club Quidditch, Club Quodpot and Music Club. Please follow the formatting already in place on each tab. If you have any questions or need help, please get ahold of Bee via PM on Elsie's account!

Remember there is still a five (5) club limit; we also request that students limit themselves to one (1) leadership position. President positions are kept track of here on this list. To take a president position simply post the following form wrapped in code tags, the president must be in fifth year or above and have been in the club for at least two years. Please post all presidential claims from the account in question, thank you!
PHP Code:
[code][@'First Last'[/code

Each club is required to have a faculty advisor- ideally one whose interests or skills line up with the club subject. Faculty advisors are also recorded here, if you have an applicable staff member who would like to advise a club, please post here with the following code.
PHP Code:
[code]@'First Last'[/code

The clubs included here were taken by suggestion. If there is a desire to see a club added to the list or we find that some clubs are not gaining enough attention, the list will be modified. Clubs' longevity are based on participation, so help us out!

Members playing the advisor/presidents are encouraged to work together to create events/meetings for their respective clubs. They clearly do not have to be posted as often as stated in the description, but should have 1-2 IC meetings a year.

Remember that our students do not have a time-turner, and so cannot be members of every club. Do not sign them up unless they have a genuine interest, and remember that a student in ten classes will not have as much spare time as a student in five.
  • Students have a 5-club limit - please choose carefully!
  • Students are limited to 1 leadership position, on a first-come, first-served basis for accepted characters only, no reservations!

Members may also add clubs not currently found on this list. To see a club added to the list please PM a member of staff; new ideas will be discussed and put to vote for inclusion. In order to be considered, clubs must:
  • Have a faculty advisor.
  • Be era appropriate.
  • Be realistic (no "dragon-hunting clubs" if you want them to actually hunt dragons).
  • Have a president.

Art Club

An outlet for student's creative side, this club is largely for students who lack time in their schedules for regular art class, or simply for students who enjoy the class and would like more. The club covers several different periods of art and works on pieces from each style. An art show is set up at the end of the year to display member's artwork from the year.
President: --
Faculty Advisor: --

Astronomy Club
For those with an increased interest in the cosmos, the Astronomy Club offers additional stargazing opportunities. The club meets weekly at night in the Astronomy tower. They focus on star charts, seasonal constellations and other cosmic phenomena. Students are allowed/encouraged to take on personal interests projects for house points.
President: Iphigenia Adebayo
Faculty Advisor: --

Book Club
Separated into two subdivisions, Book Club is segregated by gender to maintain appropriate literary choices for young men and women. The club meets monthly in which they discuss the book they have read over the last month. Each meeting is facilitated by the presidents, including prompt questions and discussion questions to keep conversation flowing. Books are voted upon by the club at each meeting for the next meeting. Members are encouraged to bring suggestions for the next book choice as well as notes from the previous reading.
Male President: --
Female President: Lottie Whymper
Faculty Advisor: --

Charms Club
Charms Club provides students with the opportunity to seek out help for assignments in addition to a place where additional charms may be learned. Weekly meetings include discussions on charms, homework help, and the learning of new charms that are not included in the regular charms curriculum. This includes more everyday spells that are applicable to life after graduation.
President: Sisse Thompsett
Faculty Advisor: --

Club Quidditch
Run like regular quidditch though with more opportunities to play. The rules are the same as school quidditch matches, though more lenient and focused on developing skills. There are two "captains" for Club Quidditch who are responsible for setting up teams and arranging the matches in addition to the faculty advisor who oversees and referees games. Girls are allowed to participate by must have proper permission gained from their guardians, they are still unable to play beater however, just like on the house teams.

**In character ladies need permission to participate in Club Quidditch, though we will keep no record of it. You may add yourself to either team (though staff may switch you if teams are looking uneven AND if you have played guardians they also reserve the right to say no or pull the student from the club at their own discretion.**
Blue Captain: --
Red Captain: --
Faculty Advisor: --

Club Quodpot
Quidditch not enough broom sport to you? Starting in the 1885-1886 school year, now you can play quodpot as well! The club meets once a week to discuss the less popular sport, and will hold scrimmage matches on the last Sunday of every month. Due to the fact that the game involves explosives, first years are permitted to join the club but not take part in scrimmages.

**In character ladies need permission to participate in Club Quodpot, though we will keep no record of it. You may add yourself to either team (though staff may switch you if teams are looking uneven AND if you have played guardians they also reserve the right to say no or pull the student from the club at their own discretion.**
Copper Captain: --
Silver Captain: --
Faculty Advisor: --

Creatures Club
For 3rd Years and Up **New for the 90-91 School Year** - Meetings are held once a week for further discussions on various creatures of the magical - and even non magical, should the interest arise among students - of the world. Students can receive help on their homework as well as take interest in further studies on various species. At least once a year, the professor may introduce an additional live creature to the club that has not been introduced to the class. While the club shall meet weekly, students may feel free to visit the professor during office hours for further discussion and studying aid.

President: @'emma binns'
Faculty Advisor: Elenora Brierley

Divination Club
**New for the 90-91 School Year** - The Divination club was founded by some passionate students who couldn't get enough of the art during their lessons. Meetings are held in a classroom near the Divination classroom, which includes all the tools they might need for their practices, like tarot cards, crystal balls, etc. The classroom looks a bit like an oriental-themed cafe and members often simply hang out there while they also perform traditional Turkish coffee ground reading or, for more traditional sorts, enjoy a cup of tea and then read the leaves. The club also publishes a weekly astrological report and non-members can drop by if they are in need of Divinational help.

President: --
Faculty Advisor: --

Dueling Club
Dueling Club is also separated into groups based on gender. Facilitated in the same manner that dueling tournaments are, students have weekly meetings to practice and learn new dueling spells in addition to actual duels with scheduled duels to be arranged and facilitated by the Faculty Advisor. The two clubs are separate to keep the odds even.

Engaged club members will receive a +1 to their modifiers in the board's quarterly duels.
President: Holly Scrimgeour
Faculty Advisor: Gus Lissington

Exploding Snap Club
There are three variants of Exploding Snap. The first one, the "Classical" Game, is quite simple, however it requires some reflex. The rules are simple: when you see two identical pictures, hit the card with the top of your wand- one point is yours. The player with the most points wins the game. The hard part is, the cards shuffle faster and faster. The second one, the "Patience" Game, is a bit harder. You have twenty cards and you reveal them in pairs. You have to find two identical pictures. Cards explode soon after you reveal them for the first time (of course, if you don't find a pair before). The third variant is Bavarian Rules Snap. In this variant, cards are dealt in a circle, with identical cards to those already dealt being placed in the centre. The identical cards must be tapped in a limited time frame, or else all of the cards will explode. - €œHP Wiki on Exploding Snap

Weekly meetings include learning sessions and practice, time to trade cards and round robin tournaments.
President: --
Faculty Advisor: --

Flying Club
For students who enjoy flying but not playing quidditch, Flying Club offers pitch time to work on flying skills beyond those learned in first year. School brooms are available to borrow if students do not have their own. Members are encouraged to organize races and other flying games during club meetings.
President: --
Faculty Advisor: --
French Club
**New for the 90-91 School Year** - Parlez vous Francais? Those who participate in the French Club can answer "Oui!" Club meets once a week to discuss French language, culture, and history as well as an open study period to practice the week's lessons. Whether brushing up on the language to dazzle as a debutant, learning for the first time, or hoping to work abroad, French Club welcomes all levels.

Players do NOT need to know French to participate.

President: --
Faculty Advisor: --

Garden Club
Garden club takes place in the greenhouses and goes beyond Herbology class in both magical and muggle plants. Members are responsible for assisting the caretaker in cultivating and maintaining the school's gardens and greenhouses. They are allowed to take on small personal plots in greenhouse five to grow their own plants and for research purposes. Members will learn about more exotic plans, additional magical properties of plants, muggle plants and how to maintain household gardens.
President: Calla Potts
Faculty Advisor: Mason Skeeter

Gobstones Club
In its standard play, a Gobstones player must capture all fifteen of their opponent's stones before the same is done to them. There are three other popular variants of Gobstones, however: "Classic" Game (where you have to knock seven Gobstones out of the circle before your opponent does), "Jack Stone" Game (where after four snaps your Gobstone must be the one closest to the Jack Gobstone) and the "Snake Pit" Game (which is similar to "Jack Stone", however instead of a Jack Gobstone there's a hole on the centre of the circle). - HP Wiki on Gobstones

Students face off in weekly games and round robin tournaments organized by the club president and faculty advisor.
President: --
Faculty Advisor: --

History Club
History Club was created for those students that didn't feel like they could sate their love for history in just their history related classes. Meetings are held once every week, during which the members usually have a discussion about the history related topic of the week. The club is also known to have the occasional 'special' meetings, like Trivia Night (or more like afternoon), re-enactments of important historical events and the annual club visit to the Museum of Magical Miscellany.
President: --
Faculty Advisor: --

Leisure Sports Club
The Leisure Sports Club includes lawn tennis and badminton, allowing students to indulge in two of the fashionable sports of the era, as well as providing a ladylike sport option for all classes. Neither game has an official scoring system- each match agrees on their own, with a common variant having 2-4 players on each side with a player sitting out when they allow the ball or shuttlecock to drop- there was no scoring, with the last team with a player wins. Mixed-gender doubles are played for fun, however tournaments are divided based on gender. (Thanks Jenny!)
Male President: Leander Hobday
Female President: Matilda Farris
Faculty Advisor: --

Music Club
For students who wish to continue to work on their musical skill but find themselves lacking in the space in their timetables or for students who wish for an extra space to practice their instruments. Students have access to the music classroom and instruments, in addition to their classmates and teacher's musical knowledge. Members have the opportunity to put on a semiannual performance for their classmates, one before the winter break and one before graduation. This also includes the school's Frog Choir. (Please specify which part or both of the music club you are a part of, IE: band and/or choir.)
President: --
Faculty Advisor: --

Potions Club
Set up to be a club where students in need of practice or help with their potions assignments are given extra time and assistance to work on their potions skills. Members are able to work on assignments in addition to learning new potions and techniques not taught within the normal potions curriculum. Semiannual Potion Brewing Competitions will also be set up to earn house points.
President: Amarantha Valenduris
Faculty Advisor: Meserimus Valenduris

Transfiguration Club
Transfiguration Club members receive help with homework assignments, as well as having the opportunity to practice Transfiguration related spells. Scheduled meetings occur once a week, but the club is open on a daily basis for students that might need help with their assignments or simply want to practice the spell learnt at class that day. Older students (Sixth years and up) interested in becoming Animagi may receive help from Professor ---, though they are not permitted to do anything in practice when not under his supervision.
President: Jessamine Parkinson
Faculty Advisor: Basil Foxwood

Wizard's Chess Club
The enchanted variant of the classic board game in which the pieces move of their own accord when commanded by the player. When a piece is taken, it is removed by the attacking piece, often in a barbaric manner where the losing piece is smashed violently by the winning piece. Players move their pieces by speaking the name of the piece and the square it is to move to by algebraic notation. For example, "Knight to E5". Aside from the self-moving pieces, the rules of Wizard's Chess are exactly the same as muggle chess.- (Harry Potter Wiki) The moving pieces seem to be reasonably sentient and when unfamiliar with a player may obstinate and stubborn to listen. - €HP Wiki on Wizard's Chess

Students face off in weekly meetings and tournaments. Beginners are encouraged to come and watch. They will then be taught game rules and play by other members and the faculty advisor.
President: Isobel Valenduris
Faculty Advisor: --

Thanks to Soph and Jenny for help making/designing buttons!

[Image: Daff-Sig23.png]
Updates 1893-1894

Rollovers have begun! If you plan on taking on a club presidency, you must sort that first! I will do my best to stay on top of it, and once you're added here you can post in the rollover thread! To claim a presidency, please read all of the info at the top and post IN CODE and on the account in question, so I can get that handled for you!

If you are just looking to join a club you can fill that in at the spreadsheet linked at the very top of the post! I left last years for you to see what you were in and to copy and paste! Just make sure you update to your current year!

[Image: Daff-Sig23.png]
Holly for dueling club pres plz <3

@'Holly Scrimgeour'

set by MJ <3
Art Club president please!
@'Rosabella Stanwell'

Ben should be the faculty advisor for Club Quidditch, Club Quodpot, and Flying if I'm not mistaken... unless someone feels strongly about taking Quodpot from him lol ;P

@"Reuben Crouch"

MJ made this <3

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