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Adults Brew '89: Novice Finals
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Sunday, October 6th, 1889 — Hogsmeade Hall, Potion Brewing Competition
Potions had been brewed and now they were down to two—two novice competitors that would either sink or soar as they attempted their final potion.

"For the last," the healer explained, "you will each brew a Wideye Potion. The ingredients and directions both are before you; you may begin!"
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@Ailsa Fraser @Finnian Byrne

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Ailsa hadn't actually thought for a moment that she would progress this far. True, she had been quite good at potions at Hogwarts but the fact that she hadn't even finished her NEWT in the subject had not filled her with confidence - but things were going rather well and she hoped vaguely that this might in fact be something she could do that would not make Idunn look at her in that way. Ailsa was wilfully blind but she still possessed working eyes: being good at something academic might win her a little bit of admiration...

She worked carefully on her wideye potion, determined to get it right, until finally she was satisfied with her effort and took a step back from her cauldron.

[Image: bgzBis.png]
Finnian was ready. He was actually more than ready: he was the readiest he'd ever been.

At least in a potion-brewing competition, that was. He'd won last year, and now was the time to solidify himself as a potion-brewing master. Maybe after this he could open up a side business—you know, doing first years' homework for them. It would be fun.

Finnian worked on his wideye potion as well as he ever had, stealing occasional glances at his competitor throughout the round. Only when he was perfectly happy with his results did he step back and wait for the harsh sting of judgment.

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