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Hoist the Sails
October 5th, 1889 — The Black Lake, Pumpkin Regatta
Today was the day! It was finally here. Oh my gosh, she could barely hold still the whole day, bouncing on the balls of her feet like a small child tempted by chocolate. She wasn't acting her age, that was for sure, but what did that matter when they were to set sail on a pumpkin? It was kind of like those fairytales her nanny used to read to her.

Getting the lawnchair sized pumpkin into the lake without damaging their decorations had proved slightly harder than she'd initially expected but the task had been done with little damage overall. They'd had to retack a few of the tensile pieces but otherwise, it showed no wear and tear. Thank goodness for the help of adults - aka her army of sisters - far more adept at magic than two thirteen-year-old girls.

"Sisse! Sisse! Are you ready? We didn't forget anything, did we? You have you paddle, right? I have mine right?"

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