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IC Halloween Costumes
Just because no one has stepped up to host an IC Halloween party* doesn't mean your characters are staying home - they've probably got their pick of class-appropriate functions to whirl off to that night.

So - what are they wearing?

*also someone go host a Halloween party sheesh
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@J. Alfred Darrow will be a pirate because he doesn't have much imagination for this sort of thing. He'll be attending one of those lower-MC parties that probably involve drinking a little too much and playing darts or something.

@Ophelia Devine is going to be a dementor, because she's starting to get self-conscious about her weight so she was looking for a good excuse to wear a black robe to disguise it. Also because she is still a little bit morbid on the inside. The only reason she isn't hosting this year is because she's pregnant, so she'll attend some fancy party and probably make a few snide comments about what could be improved upon.

@Ernest Mulciber is wearing a normal suit, but he cast a spell to make parts of his body fade in and out of invisibility throughout the night so he'll usually only be partially visible. You could ask him what he's supposed to be but unfortunately that's classified - he forgot when he was designing this that this phenomenon isn't well-known outside the DoM. Fellow Unspeakables will likely think this costume is quite clever. He's going to whatever party most interests his wife.

@Reuben Crouch is going to be a werewolf, but like, a handsome one. Imagine if this was designed for a Victorian adult male.

@Tiberius Lestrange is wearing this coat. He's a raven. He'll probably try to leave the party early.

@Adam Ragge is going to wear a Muggle constable's outfit and go to a WC-friendly block party or something of the sort.
Driveby to say that Phyri's going to go to an UC costume party in the most girly, pink, frilly evening gown imaginable. Her costume is a "debutante", and if that is not nightmarish enough, she will also do her best rendition of simpering all night long in order to be completely unrecognisable.

(She may or may not attend every social function in November in an array of different Halloween-esque, very out-there goth costumes to make up for it, though, sorry not sorry.)

If/wherever Ada ends up she will be going as a subtle elephant because those are her fave animals rn. Her dress will be a pretty shade of gray and the elephant part will be silvery embroidered elephants on the dress.
I just realized that'll make her the literal elephant in the room.

Tig will be going as Persephone in a dress like this but slightly more 1880s than Edwardian with more flowing red. Also featuring pomegranate seed hair pins and a badass underworld crown.

Charles will not be wearing a costume but if pressed will say he's come as a reflection in a mirror.

Pet will come as a queen. From a chess board. She will be re-wearing her white CoB dress and a modest Russian style pearl tiara.

Spryly will be a quidditch player but his only identifying costume item will be his broom.

Ursula will very reluctantly show her face somewhere and will be dressing up as a black swan (imagine some sort of swan inspired hairpiece to accompany) like the dramatic ho she is.

Helga will be all over the UC Halloween scene, either gaining an invite due to her aggressive socializing or tagging along with Nora Abercrombie as a plus-one (because Helga will beg for Nora to take her). She will go dressed as a fair damsel. Efforts will be made a lighten her already fair skin, along with a little ~extra something to make her look sickly and frail, but she'll make sure it looks fake enough to where people know it's a costume and not her true constitution. She'll don an medieval-style gown in white with some tweaking to fit the Victorian aesthetic.

Bella will be going to street parties in London as a tavern wench, which she's hoping will get her a few drinks. She'll think of it as a birthday present to herself.

Jemima is reluctantly attending her mother's party and will be dressed as an ordinary women who's been beaten and battered. She'll tell all the snobby types that she's dressing as a zombie/a woman who was buried alive and had to claw her way to the surface/whatever story seems to fit the moment.

Literally no one else cares enough to do something this year.

set by MJ!
A bit late but Maddie went as a drowned woman. Her dress was pale blue, and skin enchanted to look pale, with pieces of weeds and her hair enchanted to look like it's floating. So the illusion that she is in water in the way her hair and clothing move.

[Image: 3tPS0x.png]
Kit made a lovely gift! <3

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