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Run Boy Run
October 4th, 1889 — Padmore Park

Anthony Delaney was getting chased my not something predictable that one would expect to be chased by in a park - say ducks for example, but rather the American was being chased by a gaggle of loose pixies. He didn't know if they were wild or they'd gotten loose or even why they set their sights on him, but they had, and now he was all but sprinting across the park to avoid their mischief. He'd already tried to spell them away but the little brats were too fast and too many for him. Maybe a handful he could handle, but a swarm? Nope? He wasn't a creature person. He was far more a herbology person. Plants didn't chase you - err, most plants didn't chase you. What spell was one even supposed to use to hold off a swarm of pixies? Maybe that should've been something they should have taught at Ilvermorny.

Then again, maybe he would've been able to handle the situation if he wasn't panicking. But who could blame him for panicking? He was pretty sure he wouldn't be sane if he didn't panic. Or at least, that was what he figured when he quite literally ran into someone else who had been minding their own business. Thankfully, he'd been able to slow down a little, but he winced, hoping he hadn't hurt them to bad.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You see I'm being chased by pixies. I don't know why. Are you okay? Can I help you? Oh, I do apologize."

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