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Defying Gravity
His words were not at all what Lucille expected, and the moment he began to address her she could feel her heart start to pound. What circumstances could he possibly be in that she wouldn’t want to be apart of? Financial ruin? She would inherit and they would have money. Another woman he was betrothed to? She was engaged and they were finding a way.

Ace,” Lucille turned to him, seeming calmer than she felt. She placed her palm on his chest above his heart, feeling the steady thump-thump of it beneath his shirt. “There are no circumstances that would keep me from you. No matter what it is, I shall still wish to marry you, for I can think of nothing in life that would make me happier.” She assured him, surprised by her own forwardness. Adding quietly, “You can tell me anything” Irrationally her mind began to wonder if this was it, if this is when he would leave her, call it a cruel joke and walk away from her. What was it that he had kept secret?
Her confusion was reasonable. He was being cryptic. It was not his intention to lead to any confusion or heartbreak. But the truth was likely to do just that, and it made his heart quicken.

Her touch was calming, and it gave him the confidence he needed. "Lucille. I'm a werewolf." He said softly, making sure that only she could hear. There was a hint of fear in his eyes, scared of how she would react, what she might do. Scared of rejection.

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I’m a werewolf. Never had Lucille expected to hear those words coming from Ace’s mouth. Never had she expected this to be the circumstance that he would disclose to her. The words fell on her ears as if in a dream, Lucille looking up at him and noting the fear on his face. His heart thumped under hand still reminding him of the very human-ness of him in this moment. It was all she could see as he looked at her as if she would walk away. Perhaps it was foolish, perhaps naive, but Lucille didn’t see how this would be something to keep her away from him. She smiled softly, reassuring as her spare hand reached for his face and caressed his cheek. “Ace,” The name was all but a sigh on her lips. “Nothing could keep me from you.” She assured him again, her hand leaving his face and reaching for his own hand, grasping it in her own with determination as her other remained on his chest. “Nothing.” She repeated fervently.

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Thank you MJ for an amazingly Lucy set!
At this, Ace began to relax. Smiling softly, he put his hand on hers. Tears of relief and joy rolled down his cheeks without his notice. "I love you with all my heart, Lucille."

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Lucille wiped away Ace’s tears, a smile on her lips as his words encompassed her like a reassuring hug. “And I love you, Ace, with all my heart.” She promised him.

She wrapped her hand around his own, smiling up with one last reassuring smile, before she led him inside to say the vows that would bind them and their love together for a lifetime.

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Thank you MJ for an amazingly Lucy set!

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