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All of these letters have been sent out an hour before Ace went to meet Lucille, and should arrive likely after dinner ends at Hogwarts. Sybille's was sent just before the others.

September 16, 1889
Dear Sybille,
By the time you read this, I will be a married man. You are the first one besides my beloved who I am telling. It is complicated, and I would prefer to explain further in person.

I have eloped, Sybille. I believe you remember Miss Flint? I love her dearly Sybille, truly. And I wish to spend the rest of my life with her. I am sorry you didn't get to learn sooner, but no one knew.

I have suggested to my bride-to-be that we make plans for a good and proper wedding when summer comes along. That way all of you can be there, and any gossip will hopefully have calmed by then.


September 16, 1889
Dear King,
Little brother! I am pleased to inform you that you will now have a sister-in-law! Lucille Flint and I are getting married this evening.


September 16, 1889
Dear Jolie,
Little sister! I am pleased to inform you that you will now have a sister-in-law. Lucille Flint and I shall be married this evening.


September 16, 1889
Dear Avril,
Fine. You were right. I am eloping with Lucille Flint.


This was left on his mother's dresser, spelled to look like a perfume bottle until dusk feel over the house. That took some practice to accomplish.

September 16, 1889
Dear Mother,
I am sorry to not have told you sooner, but Lucille Flint and I have left to elope. I do hope that you can find it within yourself to forgive me for not coming forward to tell you in person. I love you, Mother, and I always strive for your approval above all.


All extended family letters got letters the next day, Kelly just can't write for everyone.
Open for any family member to reply.
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Magic by Elaine!
September 17, 1889


I hope this letter finds you and your wife well. While I do wish you had told us sooner, I know you couldn’t. But I did want to tell you both congratulations. I hope she makes you happy.

I would write more but I have an essay due to tomorrow that I need to finish.

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September 16, 1889
Congratulations. I look forward to getting to know your wife better. She is welcome to come over for tea, whenever she wants.

Elaine made Avril's set!

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