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zoo animals
August 15th, 1889 — Sanditon Resort zoo

Arven leaned on the wall of an enclosure at the Sanditon Resort zoo, long fingers entwined, smiling slightly at a small zebra as it shot him a most impervious glance before continuing to graze. They were in the midst of the school holidays and the Resort was busy; soon the zoo would be filled with guests and their milling children. But it was still early morning, the sky still frazzled by sunrise, and Arven was enjoying a moment alone. It was just him and the zebra… who reminded him so starkly that travel and exoticism continued to lure his wandering soul.

@Sunday Fudge
The tides were out, which meant Sunday could not go wandering around the beach unless she wanted another repreimand by Irene or Holliday for getting her dress muddy. Instead, the sandy haired blonde wandered about the zoo - it was rather early in the morning and despite her love of mingling amongst the resort guests, Sunday rather liked wandering around by herself. The animals behaved well enough in the morning, though some of them got cranky if they saw others being fed before them.

She'd let Irene dress her that afternoon, and her outfit wasn't too bad - a light blue dress with white trim lace and a matching bow around her waist. The ribbons were woven into her hair which was also piled on top of her head in braids. Her black boots clicked on the pavement as she wandered around the zoo, thankful for her alone time away from everyone. It looked like she wasn't alone, however, and she blinked as she glimpsed a familiar figure over by the zebras. "Uncle Arven!" the 11-year-old exclaimed happily, giving a little skip as she moved towards him.

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