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September 10th, 1889 — Transfiguration Classroom
@Leif Heaney
Apollo was mostly enjoying Hogwarts so far though he sometimes was made to work with other kids. Which he wasn't entirely good at since he preferred being in his own little world. The transfiguraton professor had paired him with a Slytherin first year so at least they were on equal footing and he didn't make Apollo want to punch him. So. That was good.

"Okay, we're supposed to turn this match into a needle," Apollo said as he reread their assignment. "You ready?" The Transfiguration professor was sat at his desk so at least if something besides what they were supposed to be doing accidentally happened, they would have help.
Leif looked at his partner and nodded his head. "Yes." he glanced at the match, seriously doubting his magical capabilities to turn it into a needle. He pulled his wand out of his robe pockets anyways. He may not have much magical ability, but at least he thought he could lead. "You can try first. You're alphabetically that way anyways." Leif quickly ran through the alphabet in his mind, knowing he would feel stupid if it was incorrect.

"I've got the extra matches ready in case something goes wrong, Mr. Cartwright." he said, "Here's hoping nothing explodes." he cracked a small smile, remembering something his Uncle Ezekiel had always said before casting a spell. Of course, Uncle Ezekiel had died in a magical accident when Leif was seven, but all of his spells until then had gone correctly.

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"True," Apollo said in agreement. "In both our first and last names even." Taking out his wand, he eyed the match before clearing his throat. Pronounciation and all that was important according to their magical theory instructor. "It would be a suiting result - considering they're matches," Apollo said with a chuckle before casting the spell.

And watching has a whole bunch of nothing happened. The professor had said that it wouldn't likely happen for them the first few times but still.
Leif laughed a little, at the the joke, not Mr. Cartwright's failure to turn the match to a needle. Okay, a little at that part, but not on purpose. "My turn, then. I was fine at Charms..." he muttered, pointing his wand at the match, willing something to happen. Alas, nothing did, again. He tried to peak at other pairs to see if they were doing anything wrong.

"Ya think we needa new match?" he frowned and looked at the match, which was decidedly not needlelike at all.

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