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Once Upon A Rose
September 10th, 1889 — Hogsmeade Market
@Wendell Banges
Hope did not tend to have much reason to be at Hogsmeade Market but she and her maid had decided that she should procure some new ribbons. There were also some things she needed for needlework so they had made the trek to see what the vendors had to offer them today. As her maid ended up flirting with a beau that happened to man a cart of produce, Hope slipped off to allow the couple their stolen time together.

Looking from cart to cart, Hope was naturally drawn to a cart of flowers. Hope failed to notice the thorny roses next to the tulips that she had been reaching for and ended up pricking her fingers. "Ouch," she murmured under her breath as she pressed a handkerchief to the tiny wounds.

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The market was a favorite of Wendell's. Getting to see people talking together, neighbors enjoying the weather, and of course, people selling things to others. He always bought flowers for his grandparents' graves. He paid a baker for a piece of bread, and headed off with his coins for the flower cart. He knew there was some trick about flowers and secret messages, but always managed to forget them.

A small voice next to him expressed discomfort. "Please, Miss, would you allow me to help?" he said, pulling out his own handkerchief and offering it to her. "I must admit, when one is looking at such beautiful flowers it can be hard to see the thorns." he felt mildly awkward, being a bit taller than the young lady. He gave her a soft smile.

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