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Finn's Networking 2.0

OOC:  Finn
Contact:  PM or Skype
Updated: 9/7/2019
Categories:  Young Children, Hogwarts, Working Class, Middle Class, Upper Class
Number of Characters:  10


@Billie Farrow
10 | WCHB | Not Hurlable
Shop Hand & Adventurer

Quick Description | Billie is a mischievous ragamuffin.  Ever since her muggle family disowned her for showing bursts of accidental magic, she has lived life disguised as a boy, a secret she very heavily guards.  She recently discovered and lives with her (secret) father, @Gideon Ollivander.  She currently helps him out in his shop, but she also runs about going on adventures and continuing to do odd jobs for the people of Hogsmeade.  She befriends almost anyone she comes across.  She loves magical creatures.

Needs | (All/Unlimited New Threads)
-Someone to teach her how to fly.  She's determined to try out for quidditch next year, girl or not.  Or at least participate in club quidditch.
-Magical creature encounters
-Obviously, drama filled things concerning Gideon and future Mrs. Gideon
-Someone please play Billie's frenemy/nemesis Jimmy Fletcher.  He goes to Hogwarts next year!
-Odd jobs, friendly encounters, etc. etc. I always have Billie muse.
-I think it would also be really great for Billie to meet and befriend a female who is in a somewhat male dominated profession or is generally a strong role model to eventually make her transition to being a girl again less painful.  (Well, at least have a bright spot. It's going to be painful.)

Current/Future Threads |
I Spy w/Felicity Gallagher
Give it a Wave w/Phoenix Wright
Isn't it Easy? w/Leif Heaney

@Leo Lupin
5 | UC"PB" | Not Hurlable
Tiny Terrorist

Quick Description | Leo is a spoiled, five year old boy.  He is used to getting what he wants, and he will throw an absolute fit (or seek revenge) if he is denied.  He wants his mother's attention, most of all, and he will stoop to any level to get it.  He loves to fly around on his toy broom, throw rocks at animals, bully others, and generally cause mischief.  Oh, and torture Nanny.  He has the makings of a sociopath.

Needs | (1/2 New Threads)
-People to TERRORIZE in Hogsmeade.
-Anything really

Current/Future Threads |
Two Terrors are Better Than One w/Emily Lyness and OPEN

@Eli Fox
8 | WCHB | Not Hurlable
Chimney Sweep

Quick Description | Eli is an incredibly quiet chimney sweep who resides in London.  Most people think he's a mute.  He's part of the Fox family and lives in Knockturn Alley.  His chimney sweeping occupation is a cover; he uses the opportunity to scout entrances and eavesdrop in order to report back to his family.  He seems like an illiterate simpleton, but he is actually quite clever.  He loves to draw.

Needs | (3/4 New Threads)
-Threads with the Fox Folks
-Chimneys to sweep
-London encounters

Current/Future Threads |
Shrunken Heads & Severed Fingers OPEN


Archer Belby
12 | MCHB | Ew, Girls
Second Year Ravenclaw

Quick Description | Shy, anxious compassionate, and curious, Archer is a walking disaster.  He has been trying to inch out of his shell and branch out from his family.  However, his introvert tendencies sometimes makes that difficult, and the fact his father is a known werewolf who also divorced his mother sort of thins the playing field.  He is always asking questions and wanting to learn.  Currently, he's keenly interested in finding out everything he can about werewolves and vampires in particular, but he also has a desire to learn more about ghosts, goblins, etc.  He's worried he'll never make friends at school, and that he'll academically be a disappointment to his family.  His first year of Hogwarts was a bit...rough.

Needs | (3/3 New Threads)
-This poor dude needs someone to call a friend.  He is so painfully shy that he tends to try and keep to himself.  Someone help him crawl out of his shell.
-Ghost adventures!  Werewolf investigating! 
-Disaster.  Archer has rotten luck.  He cried in front of everyone in the great hall, was basically poisoned with an experimental potion, was caught talking to a hedgehog, and generally had a clumsy, embarrassing year last year.  I don't see that ceasing anytime in the future, and it's hilarious to see what sort of messes he'll find himself in next.

Current/Future Threads |
Forbidden Alley w/Kanon & Beatrix

@Fleur Rey
12 | UCHB | Some crushes are okay
Second Year Hufflepuff

Quick Description | Fleur is as sweet as the pastries she so loves to bake.  There are very few people with whom she doesn't get along with.  She has a wild imagination that she excitedly likes to share with others who also share her enthusiasm.  She is incredibly excited to be at Hogwarts.  Her father is a squib, but she doesn't care about blood purity or half-breeds.

Needs | (2/2 New Threads)
-Happiness & sunshine
-Hogwarts threads

Current/Future Threads |
Sweet Summer w/Bragi Holm
Spilling the Beans w/Edgar Rey

@Thomas Montgomery
15 | MCHB | Crushes?
Fifth Year Ravenclaw

Quick Description | During his first year, Thomas's mother ran off with a pornographer, a scandal that has been near impossible to escape.  However, it didn't take away from his need to do well in his studies, and he has become rather talented at Transfiguration.  He hopes to one day become an animagus, and he has already started research on it.  He is the keeper on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team.  He is a bit reserved, except among his friends, the closest of which is @George Waterford.  Thomas is always experimenting, a bit of a prude, and, generally, a likeable boy.  Currently, he receives letters from his mother that he has yet to answer.  He has a very short temper.

Needs | (3/3 New Threads)
-Hogwarts threads, especially ones involving quidditch and transfiguration
-Friendship threads
-Perhaps someone to start crushing on
-Someone to play his mother.  Do you want a life full of scandal?  Thomas is ready to write his mother back, especially after the Jemima Incident last year.

Current/Future Threads |
How are You, Pumpkin? w/George Waterford

@Clementine Rookwood
16 | MCPB | Hurlable
Hufflepuff Sixth Year

Quick Description | Clementine is that mom friend that everyone seems to have, even if they weren't expecting it.  She is very sweet and supportive, but also fierce when it comes to bullies, since she regrets not standing up for her mother more.  She receives a lot of attention from boys at school, which causes her confusion for she thinks she would prefer that attention from certain girls instead.  The Rookwoods currently reside at St. Mungo's Home for Inconvenient Children.  She prefers it there instead of their uncle's house, but it is a topic of embarrassment.  She excels at Herbology and Potions.  She's unsure what she wants to do in the future, but she's hoping to be either an herbologist, potioneer, or maybe a mediwitch.  She's buckling down and seriously concentrating on her studies this year instead of just her social life.

Needs | (2/4 New Threads)
-Threads with her Hufflepuff friends!
-A younger student to possibly take under her wing.
-A girl crush
-A confusing situation in which a boy is crushing on her, and she has no idea what to do about it
-Other Hogwarts threads

Current/Future Threads |
The Feminine Mystique w/Gigi Dewberry

@Jasper Diggory
11 | MCMB | Not Hurlable
First Year ???

Quick Description | Jasper is a muggleborn who lives in a village just outside of London.  He has a cousin who is also a first year named @Archie Diggory.  He is grappling with the truth of who he is, and he hopes that his parents will still accept him.  He has a feeling they sent him off to school to get rid of him and oddness.  Jasper was born with a third arm, and he's self-conscious about it.  In the muggle world, he hoped to grow up to become a doctor.  He practices by helping sick and injured animals.

Needs | (4/4 New Threads)
-Exposure to all things magical so his mind can be blown.  Maybe someone to take pity on him since he's a muggleborn and gently help him acclimate.
-Some sort of medical thread, so he can discover that wizards have healers and what that entails

Current/Future Threads |


Gilbert Whitechapel
21 | WCMB | Hurlable
Magical Maintenance Worker & Inventor

Quick Description | Gilbert is a bit of a free spirit.  In modern times, it would be highly likely that he'd be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  Sometimes, he's the life of the party, flirty, and playful.  He has about a hundred ideas running through his head, and he rarely sleeps.  He is an all around fun guy to be around, but he can be a little much.  He loves to invent.  Other times, he's incredibly depressed and skeptical of the world.  He gets into a dark place where he sees all the bad, and it's nearly paralyzing.  He often disappears on those stints or refuses to leave his home.  His humor turns sardonic.

Needs | (2/3 New Threads)
-Work threads
-People to invent with

Current/Future Threads |
Whistle While We Work w/Felicity Gallgher
Wendell Banges & Gilbert

@Jonathan Lawrence
27 | WCHB | Hurlable, but he has his sights set on a particular woman.

Quick Description | Jon is a rather goofy, broody, and adventurous magizoologist.  He is American, but he has spent much of his adult life traveling the world doing research.  Right now, his work is at a lull due to ethical concerns against the gentleman he had previously been working for.  He is between jobs, and he's using the time to reconnect with the woman he loves, @Una Walsh.  His family breeds all types of winged horses.  Sometimes, he wears a godawful hat.

Needs | (2/3 New Threads)
-Friends based in Hogsmeade and Irvingly
-He's in the market for a new job, perhaps at the Padmore?  So, work threads?

Current/Future Threads |
Gathering w/Katoto Lightfoot
The Kids Aren't Alright w/ Jude


@Zachariah Binns
35 | MCHB | Hurlable
Owner of Whizzhard Books

Quick Description | Zachariah is a warm, friendly, book-obsessed former Ravenclaw who is the owner of Whizzhard Books in Hogsmeade.  The shop is his passion, and he fervently works his butt off to make sure it is both a successful business and a work-of-heart.  He's a doting uncle, gobstones enthusiast, and a lover of chocolate.  He loves finding the exact right book for others, and he is generally a very likeable guy.

Needs | (2/2 New Threads)
-Anything to do with Whizzhard Books!!  Authors, customers, troublemakers, everything.
-Awkward hurling?

Current/Future Threads |
Drowning in Books w/Cordelia Fawley
If I Told You w/Rosie Binns


Oh, hey, nobody who is an adult.  Stay tuned?

[Image: xxq4g6.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
I claim more Emily/Leo threads

MJ made the pretties
Crystal could be also be Clementine's crush because that would be fun:)

MJ made the pretties
We definitely need to do a past thread with Leif and Billie sometime! They seem like they'd get up to similar stuff, plus some good old fashioned lower-class kid fun is always good for thread! I could post something if you're up for it, probably set around June-July, maybe Augustish? Or before then, if you want! I think Leif will probably also meet Jasper, depending on which house he's in, but also first year shenanigans. Other Hogwarts years might be interesting to throw together as well...let me know!

I also have @Wendell Banges who is the bookkeeper at Dervish and Banges', who might be able to do some talking with Gilbert, especially since they were yearmates at Hogwarts. Gilbert probably would've known him before he got into the Church, since he only really started in his seventh year, so it could be interesting to throw them together.

[Image: bZyZZW.jpg]
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Could you be a Heaney?
@Chrysanta Ruskin Yes and yes! Emily and Leo need more trouble. Maybe they can team up and terrorize someone this time?? Rofl And I'm all for Clem having a crush on Crystal, all confused-like.

@Leif Heaney Yes, we definitely need to thread Leif and Billie! Any time during the summer would be fine by me. If you want to start it, just tag me, and I'll reply!

And let's see which house Jasper ends up in. Then we can see what sort of firstie thread we should go for!

I would love to thread Wendell and Gilbert and see where things go with them. Would you like me to start that, or you?

[Image: xxq4g6.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
I'll start Leif and Billie and you can start Wendell and Gilbert?
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   Billie Farrow

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Could you be a Heaney?
Yessss Emily and Leo are going to do more than him being an accomplice to her stealing a toy!
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   Billie Farrow

MJ made the pretties
Added @Eli Fox to networking!

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Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
I could throw Melody at Zachariah? She frequents bookstores/libraries whenever she can to get out of the house and away from her mother.

Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
(September 29, 2019 – 3:56 PM)Melody Finch Wrote: I could throw Melody at Zachariah? She frequents bookstores/libraries whenever she can to get out of the house and away from her mother.

Sure! That would be fun.

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By Hawke! <3

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