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Behold, A Spider!
A blush faintly colored Narcissus's cheeks when Clue seemed to be searching his eyes for something. He had a lot of things happen to him between then and now so he couldn't fully recall what he had initially thought of Clue. Having your entire future railroaded tended to push anything except how much the board of governors sucked from ones mind.

"And how do I look?" Narci asked, faintly wondering why Clue was seemingly so focused on his appearance. "But no, I do not think they notice but my parents disapprove. They figure it is because we're all mixed together, class-wise."

”How do I look?” Had the older boy really just asked him that? He suited his name well enough, evidently inviting flattery, though Clue was sure he received it from all angles at all times. He could probably walk straight into the Slytherin common room right now only to encounter a group of girls stifling their giggles and calling him handsome. He didn’t need it from little Clue Leverett.

So Clue chose to ignore the question, responding instead to Narcissus’ observation of class integration. ”Yes”, he agreed. ”Truth be told, when I first joined Hogwarts I expected to be placed in some grubby pen for discarded orphans.”
Narcissus couldn't help but hide a grin as Clue expertly ignored his question. He thought he knew what had been on Clue's mind and for some inexplicable reason, it thrilled him. "That would hardly be fair though I've heard that there's a magical school somewhere that actually does segregate dorms by social class." It was not a concept that sat well with Narcissus. And as usual, the prospect of inequality had Narci speaking passionately. "Besides, class does not equal a persons quality. I would take you on as a friend over the likes of - for example - one of those wealthy purist blokes that take pleasure in comparing me to animals."

Clue regarded the older boy with a faint frown line between his eyes. The blond Slytherin was evidently suspicious of Narcissus's claim — he wanted to be Clue's... friend? Really? But nobody ever wanted that, either right away or after a time. Clue was a perpetual lone wolf, and that was how it had always been, ever since he was a pup.

"They are that bad", he agreed by way of bringing logic to Narcissus's words. To take Clue over someone, that someone would have to be nothing short of intolerable.

Clue was ignorant as to his own parentage and didn't know if he was pureblood or not, but he knew he was, at least, poor as dirt. "Though sometimes I do envy their wealth. Never having to worry where the next meal is coming from."
Well, hunger was never something Narci had to worry about either. "Neither do you while we're in Hogwarts, at least, which is most of the year," he pointed out with a smile. Though who knew what would happen once his roommate graduated. Then again, it was rare for anyone of the other boys social class to make it this far in schooling so Narcissus wagered that Clue would be all right.

Clue nodded, accepting the logical words of encouragement. He glanced up at Narcissus, but looked away again when he wondered if he'd ever had so much eye contact with anyone in his life.

With the spiders settled into their new home, Clue finally returned to his Potions textbook. But his mind wasn't really on his work.

Behold: a friend?

- fade out? :] -

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