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Let's Get Soapy!

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Hello peeps. So as I go forth with Lukeson drama, I see more and more plot potential for Soap Opera Drama. First we had a mother 'return to life'. Then we had a cousin become a 'beast'. And now Ocean and I have been tossing around the idea of Ryder now coming back as well.

So my question to my fellow Charmers is, do you think it should happen? Bring back the last kidnapper with another attempt to try and take a portion of the Lukeson Fortune, and bring this drama back to the surface? This would likely be the last revival of the deceased peeps club, but why not right?
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So my reasons for voting no:

- I really liked L's Ryder and I don't think having someone else pick him up post "death" would really be the same

- It has the potential to fuck around with Lou depending on how it's handled, since Ryder knew him/ his secret

- while I totally think you guys can get the soapy stamp, there was already one return-from-the-dead moment and there are lots of other things you could do to get it that would be more interesting and dramatic imo :)
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