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Monkey Come Right Back To You
August 10th, 1889 — Magical London - Slums

Ronan had managed to make it back that evening thanks to the help of Mars Valens who lived downstairs among the bachelors, but the second they made it to their building she abandoned his shoulder, climbed up the side of the wall and slipped into the second story window where her own family was. It was late into the night and many were still asleep with Harold being out and working. The small monkey held a galleon in her mouth and went about searching for her wee bit. Hoping she had some time to cool off.

@Alina O'Malley

With her mother not there to bug her, and her aunt too asleep to do so, Alina had climbed onto the flat part of the roof to sleep. Or to try to, anyway. Instead she found herself quietly sniffling away. No one there to hide her feelings from anyway.

Still mad and hurt because her mother couldn't just trust her. And sad. Sad by this, and the fact that her mother had actually left. At least Alina had gone home. Rather than wonder who knows where to do who knows what. So yes, she was upset. And this was the reason for her lack of sleep.

Magic by Lady!
Ronan searched all over that little room for her wee bit and couldn't find her, which bothered her a great deal, and then she heard sniffles from above. The little monkey clamored out the window and up onto the roof top. There was her little one. Her heart broke in two, she hated it when her daughter cried, and this time she knew it was because of her, though why was still a mystery.

Her little eyes darted left then right? Did she approach or did she leave her be? She decided to approach. Slowly she crept towards her daughter and when she was about a foot away she gave a soft quiet, "oo oo oo..." And waved the galleon she had collected.

Alina had remembered when she had first come back. The only one up was Harold before he was off for work. While not one to be a feelings sort of fellow, he did seem to notice that she was upset. He had offered her some of his breakfast before ruffling her hair and heading out. That had likely been the most affectionate that he had ever been toward her.

The miserable girl glanced over at her mother and her eyes grew some frost. "Oh? And where have you been?" She mumbled, though her voice cracked and she hated that. She didn't want to be sad in front of her mother, she would rather be angry. But she was too tired to keep it up.

Magic by Lady!
If she could talk she might have responded, 'Monkeying around,' which in fact had been true in the most literal sense, but she couldn't speak so she just looked down at the shiny galleon and took a seat beside the lass. For once she was quiet, but a million thoughts raced through her mind as she stared out at the street.

Where ad she gone wrong? Why had parenting suddenly become so much more difficult? Would she ever be human again? She sure hoped so, and what was she supposed to do about this whole mess anyway? She was loosing control of everything, and that scared her.

The monkey sighed and looking to the coin once more set it on Alina. It was her's after all. Every bit Ronan made, had always been hers since she came into this world. She even hid stashes from Eli to make sure there was something for the girl. She had always done things with Alina in mind, but that selfless love was something she supposed children couldn't see.

Tears rolled down her furry cheeks and she patted the girl's knee giving it a light stroke. She did love her, she did want her to be happy, and she did want her to live a long healthy life.

The light stroke made her sigh. She briefly looked at her mother again. "You just... you couldn't just believe in me. I would not have that job if I hadn't used that tone. I know you, you would have dragged me out without a second thought."

She grabbed the coin and sat up, her knees going to her chin. She paused a bit, and sighed again. "It came suddenly, I know that. But you refused to hear me out. Calling it my imagination." She looked at her mother again. She kept looking this time.

"You only offered to take me over there after work to talk to them. And even then, you dismissed me without trying to hear me. I know I don't know the whole world. I just... I just thought I knew my own ma trusted me to not be a fool. I know I'm not God, but I needed your faith." Her voice cracked again. Would her mother even listen? Or were the two of them always going to have this between them?

Magic by Lady!
The red hared monkey with grey eyes lowered her head in quiet shame, and with no way to say her own peace. She did believe in her, she did have faith in her. She wouldn't go through all the trouble to try and get the girl more money for schooling if she didn't think she could do it, or let her go and learn from those middle class tutors.

When the girl stopped talking Ronan looked up at her, her eyes spoke volumes, but her mouth still, well monkey noises. Times like these she wanted a stiff drink and a strong smoke at the nearest pub, a habit she rarely partook in what with all the responsibility and the little bit of money they possessed.

Well what did she expect of her mother? Ronan knew she wanted her independence, but she also knew she couldn't give it to her all at once, that's how souls drowned under the depravity that was life, but she would try to listen more, if the girl actually spoke what was on her mind instead of well, burying it and expecting her mother to be a mind reader. So, how did she convey this.

Ronan gestured to Alina, then to her mouth with her monkey paws, and then back to herself. She then shook her head and clasped her hands over her lips, followed by a hand to the ear, as though straining to hear. Finally she made the sign of the cross over her little furry chest and pointed to Alina. A monkey grin was offered, hopeful the girl understood.

The girl watched her mother make gestures. Not really easy to understand. But she watched. "We need to find a way to make you human again, you aren't very good at communicating like this." She mumbled.

Magic by Lady!
Her mother gave a whine in annoyance, but in the end figured she would just have to tell her later. Her hand then moved to tug at Alina's skirt her gaze looking to the rooftop edge, obviously wanting her to sleep inside, where she could be protected by four walls. Tug, tug. Ronan looked back to her with pleading eyes.
Now this was something Alina understood. Another classic debate between Alina and her mother. "Ma, I'm fine up here."

Magic by Lady!
Ronan tugged at her again, and her screeching got a bit louder and demanding. Why did everything have to be a fight with her? Alina knew how her mother felt about her sleeping outside. It was dangerous for reasons perhaps Ronan hadn't made clear enough. Her eyes pleaded as she tugged. Even if it was the rooftop, being so out in the open made her vulnerable.

Frustrated and tired her mother looked rather comical as she began waving her arms, and lecturing her in monkey speak, her hand gestures exaggerated, but not very detailed like the cherades previously. "Ooo ah ah ee oo ee oo, ah ah ah ah ee oo! Ah ee oo oo ah ee ee ee oo!" With a very strong gesture pointing down once she was done.

Why did her mother try to question her about everything? It was too hot in that crowded room during summer. While she did hate the crowded feeling during winter, at least the heat was welcome.

"I don't speak monkey, ma. Even the governess doesn't teach that." But with a grumble, she got up and headed toward the edge. Time to cook in the hot room, she supposed.

Magic by Lady!
Ronan gave an exasperated sigh and followed after her daughter. Her innocence made her brave, if she knew more of the wicked ways of the world, perhaps she would heed her warnings more often. However, Ronan had no desire for her daughter to discover and of that, so if a fight with her is what it took then so be it. She made the sign of the cross and then moved into the room.

Thankfully Ella kept a bed beneath the cupboard to give the girl a sense of her own space. Meanwhile Ronan curled up on a pillow hoping this nightmare would be over soon, less the monkey brain become a somewhat permanent fixture. She already craved fruit.

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