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August 9, 1889 - Diagon Alley; Outside of Heavenly Antiques
Alina was standing outside of a store, peddling fake flowers in the hopes to help save for Hogwarts. Always attempting to save money, earn money, get better. She'd had only a few negative reactions to her being there so far. Most either bought something, or paid no mind.

What she did not expect was attention from the owners of the fine establishment. So when one of them came out, she gave a sheepish smile. "Flower?" She asked, with full intention of naming a price if the woman said yes.

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Mars had watched the young girl show up and sale fake flowers to the customers going in and out. While most customers indulged the child, and bought the obviously fake flowers, some complained. The co-owner of the shop had to force herself to not roll her eyes at them. She could probably blame in on just giving birth, if she lost her temper or something.

She stepped outside the shop and was instantly asked if she wanted to buy one. "Alright, I'll buy one."

Those complaining of flowers being sold outside of a shop were more likely rich than not. Something that made Alina want to scoff. But she had no knowledge of this, for the most part. Any complaints directed at her were normally met with passive aggressive sass.

"Four sickles." It was an attempt. Hopefully one that would be indulged. But Alina did not get her hopes up too high.

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Mars was mildly amused by the child's words. Four sickles for a fake flower? She couldn't keep the smile off her face as she reached into her pocket. "I could give you four sickles now." she started. "Or I could pay you two galleons and a sickle, if you wanted to work inside until you started Hogwarts, and during the summer."

From the amused look on the women's face, at least Alina was not in trouble. Some adults got mad about that sort of thing. Even though many of said adults would pull the same thing.

Her eyes widened when the woman suddenly offered a job. Well that was a new development indeed. "The second option. I like the second option." She stated eagerly.

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Mars figured the girl would choose the second option, and was not disappointed. "Excellent." she paused for a moment. "You can start now, if you would like. Or you can start tomorrow."

This was certainly exciting. "Can I write my ma first? I'll need to know when my shift ends as well." She said as the gears worked in her mind.

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"You would get off at two," Mars responded. "And of course you can write your Mother and let her know where you are are."

Alina nodded. Sounded reasonable enough. She was sure that exact days could be discussed at another time. "What shall I do?" She asked. As long as it was legal, she was normally up for whatever.

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Mars paused for second. What could the child do? She decided to let the kid decide. "You can help customers find what they're looking, or you can clean." she finally said. Once she knew the kid a little more, maybe she could help with the cash register.

Alina pondered this for a moment. She had experience in both. Peddling, working with customers. Daily chores for cleaning. "I'll help the customers." A better way to prove her worth. She smiled brightly at the woman.

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"Excellent." Mars replied. "You should go tell your mother you got a job, and that if she is fine with it, you can start tomorrow at eleven in the morning until two in the afternoon." The brunette paused for a second. "We'll get you a set schedule until you head off to Hogwarts." The kid looked like it'd be this year, but of course she could be wrong. Maybe the kid was headed to Hogwarts next year, though she doubted that was the case. It was then that she realised there had been no introductions, and that she didn't know the kid's name. Oh well, she'd find out when the kid returned to work.

Eleven to two, set schedule to be determined. Go tell ma. Alina nodded quickly. She would have happily started today, but finding ma and telling her in person was good as well.

"Thank you!" She said before darting off. Introductions were not on the girl's mind. Names could be figured out tomorrow.

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