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August 2019

Today's mood from Franz Kafka, everybody. Happy August! The Activity Check is underway, and list cleanups/deactivations will be carried out throughout the day! If you lost a character you'd like back, you may post in MAINTENANCE starting Wednesday, August 7th. If you have no currently active characters you can post in maintenance immediately :). If you lost a character before the AC, you can post there whenever you'd like!

(And a quick reminder that so as not to be immediately deactivated again, please ensure your new - or newly reactivated - characters do make it onto the Character Directory!)

Hold tight for PW results and the monthly Charming Summer Raffle results -- Kayte will be back with those early next week. Also keep an eye out for more info on yearly student updates, also coming soon!

In the meantime, add your August events now!
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That's right, I have returned from holiday—rejoice! First thing's first, the winner's circle:

POSTING WIZARD: For July, our victors are Kelly (@Acacia Ruskin) and Willow (@Bragi Holm), each with 37 posts across their PW characters! That mean's we'll have Renny, Kit, Fallin, Catcher, MJ, Krissu, and Bree kick off in our August PW showdown :D

SUMMER RAFFLE: We also have prize winners! They will be contacted directly today. Congrats to the following:
You know what isn't winning? Our summer reading challenge. In fact, progress is positively woeful. MJ, however, has made us a beautiful stamp that deserves having, and so will be awarded to Charmers who complete ONE of the listed books and post 2+ times in its discussion thread! Reminder that if you've read a book that doesn't have a thread posted yet, you're welcome to toss it up yourself!

Last, but certainly not least, it's that time of year again—that's right, Hogwarts Updates are upon us! It is critical that all players of Hogwarts faculty and students swing by this thread and complete any necesary updates before the next AC!

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You may already have noticed, but MJ (@Elias Grimstone) has kindly agreed to trade her soul in exchange for a shiny admin badge to wander about with. That's right, she can now be prodded for all your application approval, account sorting, and other adminly needs!

While this doesn't necessarily mean she'll be doing less list maintenance, the staff team have discussed it and concluded that, as long as we find the right fit, adding another mod to our ranks would definitely be helpful.

That's right, we're looking for staff!

Please read the following over carefully before tossing your name into the ring.

THE DREAM: Our ideal candidate has been a Charmer for at least three months. In their time on board—specifically recently—they will have had a demonstrated (positive) presence in the cbox, have shown a willingness to plot with/thread with a variety of members, and have cultivated positive relationships with as many members of the staff team as possible. They will have participated in OOC activities such as book club, forum games, movie nights, or Cards Against Humanity games, and may even have been a Sweep, Wench, Hag, or Buddy! (Psst! Hags and Buddies are both hiring! Contact Kayte or Bee, respectively, to inquire ^.-)

THE RESPONSIBILITIES: A moderator is expected to...
— Participate in the Activity Check the first Saturday of each month by regularly maintaining your assigned list and, on occasion, helping with the master list of accounts to be deactivated. While life happens and we can totally cover you for some months, these months should be the EXCEPTION, not the norm!
— Regularly process requests in the Maintenance thread, where your account permissions allow for it.
— Update the various lists on the board on an as-needed basis.
— Have a very basic knowledge of HTML - can you figure out what you deleted that blew up the coding for the list? Cool.
— Be a point of contact and knowledge for members with questions or concerns!
— As your schedule allows, help moderate activities such as dueling tournaments and potion brewing contests.

Please don't apply if you aren't comfortable with your knowledge of the setting (era and HP universe) OR comfortable looking things up.

THE PERKS: You get a fun badge, a glimpse ~behind the curtain, and a hand in planning large events! You also have fairly wide range of freedom if you want to start up OOC activities, come up with writing challenge prompts, etc! Also, there's a stamp.

If this seems likes something you would be interested in, please send the following form (filled in, of course!) to @Charming on or before August 22nd.

[b]Main Account:[/b] Which account should be given moderation privileges in the event that you're chosen?
[b]Skype ID:[/b] The staff team primarily uses skype to communicate. You must be willing to use it regularly and to give the team your contact info in order to partake!
[b]Charmer Since:[/b] When was your first account accepted, and who was it?

[b]Why:[/b] Why the heck do you WANT to join our merry band of loons?

[b]What:[/b] What do you bring to the table? This is essentially the "sell yourself" field. Not that way - get your mind out of the gutter!

[b]Campaign Promise:[/b] If you had UNADULTERATED POWER, what is the ONE thing you would most want to change, implement, streamline, etc. about/on Charming?

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —

The "Against the Odds" prize has long been a staple of Charming's contests and events, but with only very vagulely defined application. NO LONGER! We now have a guide full of suggestions on how you might choose to redeem them, so feel free to take a few minutes to skim through it!

With this, we have also changed availability on certain character types. Most notably, metamorphmagi are available only with an AtO, as are half-veela with no played veela parent or part-veela siblings/children. Nobility is now available once again (to a point) with this prize. And of course, we have numerous ways to amp up your shiny and mundane characters alike! (Obviously, existing characters are grandfathered in! <3)

Players with AtOs in reserve will be PMed reminders today! Want to snag one of your very own? We're giving away one in the September raffle draw—and speaking of which, you have about six hours left to trade snitches for raffle entries ;)

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The Weekly Wenches are hiring!

Do any of the following apply to you?
    — Do you frequently read other people's threads for the #drama of it?
    — Do you like to read gossip magazines and think you could write your own articles?
    — Do you have a working knowledge of HTML?
    — Do you know a bit about the characters on Charming?
    — Do you love to write and have a flexible schedule?
If so, you might be a perfect fit!

The Weekly Wenches are a group resposible for publishing now-biweekly editions of Witch Weekly—an IC magazine dedicated to messing up (or sometimes bolstering!) your characters' social lives!

A Wench's responsibilities include the following:
    — Scouring the board for potential scandal and drama
    — Writing articles every two weeks that fit the article type you're assigned, which includes but is not limited to main articles, quizzes, opinion pieces, and graphics if you're able!
    — Occasionally filling in for absent wenches. Emphasis on occasionally.
    — That's it. Really. It's not too much work if you're able to keep up with the schedule.
What are the perks?
    — You get to contribute to the magazine responsible for sending characters into social ruin or causing quarter-life crises!
    — You get to read the issues before they're out.
    — You get a shiny badge for your profile!
    — There's also a stamp!

Cool, right? We're currently looking for 2-4 members to fill the positions, and applications will be open until we have the right matches! To apply, PM the application to @Edric Umbridge!

[b]Why do you want to be part of Witch Weekly?[/b]
[b]What article groups are you willing to write?[/b] (Cover, Group A, Group B, Main Article, Group C, Advertisements)
[b]Interested in full time or part time?[/b]
[b]If hired, which character account would you like to have Witch Weekly forum permissions on?[/b]
[b]Best method of contact?[/b] (We have a skype group chat, but I know there are sometimes better methods of reaching people on short notice!)

Curious about article types? We've listed them in a previous hiring event! Still unsure whether you'd be a good fit? We might have addressed your concerns before!

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set by MJ!

Some community-centric updates today!

First and foremost, we need to talk about Kelly (@Acacia Ruskin). I'm sure by now everyone has seen her willingness to plot with anyone, her reliability, and her creative ideas, but what I would like to touch on is her eagerness to welcome new members into the fold, to incorporate them into her plots and join them in their own, and just generally be an enthusiastic and welcoming presence in the cbox. For that, I (with the blessing of the staff team!) would like to toss the Newbie BFF stamp in her direction <3

Keep it up, Kelly!

In other news, I have been positively tickled to read the anonymous compliments being submitted for your fellow members—not just the less anonymous ones for me ;) It has given me a real boost this week, and I want MOAR! Tomorrow is your last day to submit these beauties as I'll be sharing that warm and fuzzy feeling with the intended recipients on Sunday!

Speaking of Sunday, try to swing by and join us for a round or two of Cards Against Humanity~

And last but most assuredly not least, all our community-based teams are hiring! Bree is looking for some Weekly Wenches—click that link to check it out! Bee (@Elsie Beauregard) and I would love some more buddies and Gosspimongering Hags, respectively; please PM either (or both!) of us for more information. All of these are being handled on a rolling basis—that is, there's no deadline to apply :)

The staff team is also looking for the right fit to join us as a moderator! We'll be accepting applications for that until August 22nd.

Happy weekend!

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —

Did you know: Charming has a plethora of un-forumed locations for your characters to explore!

Hogsmeade High Street | Wellingtonshire | Salem Square | Swallowbury | Diagon Alley | Knockturn Alley

While this is all well and good, these lists haven't been added to in more than a year, and I think it's high time to flesh them out a bit further! That's right—I'm looking for your contributions! Simply fill in this Google form on or before September 7th to have YOUR frequented location added to the lists FOR ALL TIME. It's more exciting than a barrel of monkeys!

As an added reminder, tomorrow is the last day to submit moderator applications and student updates need to be completed ASAP :)

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —

PSA that Lady (@Amelia Evans) has sold her soul to the staff team and is now a moderator! I would write up something more festive but I am half-asleep SO xD

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

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Happy new skin day! That's right, we have four lovely new skins featuring banners by MJ, Willow, and Lady! Moving clockwise, we have "Field Guide to Sorcery", "Crossing Over", "Lost Letters", and "AH! An Erumpant!" (which is not exactly aptly named, but Te was really excited by the erumpant, guys.)

[Image: 0iN4jvR.png] [Image: ziO8PBM.png]
[Image: jHPYJ2o.jpg] [Image: nC6SBh2.jpg]

Still not enough fall for you? Don't forget, we have two of last year's autumn offerings, "Sweater Weather" and "Hocus Pocus", available too! As always, you can change your skin settings either using the dropdown at the bottom of the board or by checking out your UCP options.

The AC is coming!  The September AC will take place on this Saturday, September 7th! To ensure you survive, please make sure that...
  • Your mini-profile is filled in with height properly formatted
  • All of your characters have been listed in the Character Directory—check back on your entries to make sure they were processed properly! Anyone reactivated this month will need to be placed back on.
  • Characters made before the last AC have posted at least once this month
  • Make sure your student updates are processed!
  • This one's mostly for staff, but that your full profile has been filled in ;)
If all of the above are squared away, there should be no reason for you to fall inactive in the upcoming check!  To our new members: the AC requires no work on your part. The staff team simply makes sure the above is seen to!

With one week until our AC, that means you have one week left to rack up those raffle entries and conquer Camp Charming!

Last but not least, it's back to Hogwarts tomorrow! First years: keep your eyes peeled for the sorting ceremony ;)
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