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Adult Life, Rich Kid Edition
July 4th, 1889 — Museum of Magical Miscellany
He was a graduate. It felt surreal to Rupert and the journey across the lake - his final Hogwarts sendoff - had made him unexpectantly emotional. Now came adult life which was filled with nothing so far. He would not have been permitted a Quidditch career as heir and there was nothing else he was interested in doing. Nor was there anything he really had to do. And so he was taking a year to figure things out and whether he wanted a job or to just travel about and do the leisure gentleman thing. Maybe he would sponsor a Quidditch team. He didn't know.

He didn't know why he had come to the museum today. It was weird to see Quirrell bustling around and being a tour guide. Amusing as hell too. He was looking at what was supposed to be some ancient witch that he supposed he remembered from history classes when someone approached him.

[Image: vIwEqd.png]
If Kristoffer had ever pictured eternal freedom would see him here, skulking around the museum, he would have scoffed forever. Surely he had better places to be than this. But boredom - and only boredom - had forced him to agree to meeting his sisters here on one of their summer outings. Just this once. He had plans. Better plans than this. He had a world to see, and London had only a select few charms to him. (See: Knockturn Alley.)

He had just given one of the museum workers hell in an attempt to amuse himself while he waited, when he spotted (Merlin, thankfully!) a less lacklustre distraction, and made a beeline for Bingham. What a relief, to see a friend he would still happy to possess, now that they were done with Hogwarts. "Oi," Kris said, in affectionate greeting, as he sauntered up, elbowing Bingham to better get his attention. "Bingham! What's bloody possessed you to be here, of all the places in all the world?"

The whole world was their oyster, after all.

Rupert looked over as he heard a familiar voice calling out his name. "Lestrange!" He greeted in turn, a little surprised to find the Slytherin graduate at the museum. Not that Lestrange was an idiot or anything but this didn't seem the type of thing that Rupert felt would be of interest to the other young man.

"I haven't a clue, to be quite honest. Boredom, mainly," Rupert stated with a shrug. "It's odd to have so much free time on my hands and to know it will continue to be this way come the new school year." Rupert wasn't the idle sort, really. Which meant that he should probably find some sort of hobby.

[Image: vIwEqd.png]
Bingham looked equally surprised to see Kristoffer - and by his answer, appeared as equally bored already. “Odd,” Kris agreed, turning his eye on a dusty glass case in half-hearted appraisal, “but even this boredom is better than having to sit through another year of History of Magic.” (He’d dropped that after OWLs anyway, of course, but it was a sentiment not exclusive to the subject; even Defence Against the Dark Arts, possibly his favourite class, had quite often not been worth the effort, and Kristoffer would miss none of academia.)

“You haven’t been bullied into an occupation yet, then?” Kris said, with a disdainful smirk at picturing those who had little choice about such things. That was good, really. It meant that perhaps he could bully Bingham into other, more interesting things.

Rupert had done well enough in History of Magic, having personally taken it into his NEWTs year. But it was hardly his favorite class - Ghoul Studies had gotten that award from him. "Or being made to adhere to rules in general." Not that they really had. That had just been a matter of not being caught.

"Not at all, I have other things I would rather do with my time than work like Quirrell needs to," Rupert said, indicating his former dormmate in the distance.

[Image: vIwEqd.png]
“Or that,” Kristoffer snorted. How ludicrous a thought. Not only were they past seventeen now, and men, they didn’t have professors breathing down their necks at every turn. This was true liberty, and they were fools if they didn’t make the most of it while it lasted.

He could do nothing but snort again at the sight of a former pupil out there slaving away (sort of; slaving was probably an exaggeration) in the museum. Elegantly, Kristoffer withdrew his wand from his pocket and sent a lazy trip jinx the ex-Ravenclaw’s way. For the sake of easing Bingham’s boredom, of course. A good deed for the day.

He tucked his wand away again and glanced at Rupert as though nothing had happened, barely suppressing a smirk. “Who doesn’t?” He agreed, thinking of Beatrix amongst those better things to do. “Still, there’s only so much London is good for,” he added briskly, matter-of-fact, glancing cursorily around at the exhibits in case they planted an idea of somewhere in his mind. “We should go somewhere.”

Rupert chuckle in amusement at the sight of Ignatius Quirrell tripping up, his amusement only increasing when it was clear Quirrell thought he had tripped over his own feet. The working class boy had always rubbed Rupert the wrong way with his nerdiness and general obvious want to improve his station.

"Where should we go then?" Rupert asked, wondering what ideas Kristoffer had in mind.

[Image: vIwEqd.png]
“Anywhere, I don't care,” Kristoffer said simply, shrugging. He hadn’t thought quite that far ahead. He supposed there was the Continent, the usual suspects - Athens and Rome, Venice for a bit of fun. But they could venture much further afield than that, couldn’t they? India. The West Indies. Darkest Africa. South America. They, unlike some such people, would not need a reason. (Kristoffer was sure he could sell it to the family as an educational endeavour, an exploration, a sampling of cultures. Emphasis on the sampling.)

“Pick a cabinet, why don’t you,” he suggested, by way of example, gesturing at the glass museum cases full of objects that showcased the magical history of the world. “Pick one, and we’ll start there.”

Rupert took Kristoffers advice and perused the displays before deciding to leave it up to fate. Taking out his wand, he spun it on the floor and picked it up when it stopped, going over to what it had been pointing at when it stopped. "Looks like we're going to South America," he said with a look over at Kristoffer.

[Image: vIwEqd.png]
If his friend expected him to rescind the idea if it was left up to fate, he would be disappointed, because no roulette wheel of destinations was about to worry him. The artifact Rupert’s wand stopped at was a knife - Aztec, maybe? - a sharp stylized dagger that, if Kristoffer had bothered to squint at the panel below it, had once been used in rituals of human sacrifice.

But he didn’t look, just smirked at Bingham. “South America it is,” Kristoffer said indolently. “I’ll have a Portkey arranged, if you’re not too chicken.” He didn’t know how long that sort of thing took, particularly for a pair of young men on a whim, but he was quite certain he could bully the request through soon enough for a trip to feel spontaneous. Gone in a day or two, off to new scenes. A different climate. Different peoples. Different women. Rainforests and stepped pyramids and that sort of thing. Hadn’t those adventurers gotten lost somewhere in South America, the sailors left for dead? Kristoffer knew very little about the continent - but what better way to find out than conquering it for themselves? “Maybe we’ll find - what’s it called, that place? With all the gold? El Dorado?”

"Of course not. Let me know when you have it all set up," Rupert said. Being an entitled sort, Rupert didn't imagine it would take too long. A day, at most. "Yes, that's the name of it," he said when Kristoffer asked about the city of gold. "That would be quite something." He had no doubt that if anyone were to discover a secret world of wealth, it would be them.

[Image: vIwEqd.png]
Rupert was the sort of Ravenclaw ponce that would know the name of mythical cities, wasn’t he? Fortunately for him, it wasn’t dire enough to disparage his company. No, indeed: Kristoffer thought he would be a good wingman of adventure. (It couldn’t hurt to have an extra braincell on his team.)

“Well, pack your bags, Bingham,” Kristoffer announced loudly, as if by letting the world eavesdrop on these plans he would bind his friend to his agreement. He laughed triumphantly. “We’ll be off before you know it. Say toodeloo to your bloody boredom.” Once they were let loose on the wide, wide world, he wouldn't know what had hit him.
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Rupert laughed a little when Kristoffer told him to pack his bags and say toodeloo to his boredom. "This should be quite the adventure," Rupert said thoughtfully as they made their leave. He was looking forward to exploring more of the world outside of walls of Hogwarts they had been entrapped in for so long.

Yes, let's <3

[Image: vIwEqd.png]

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