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The Day After
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July 13, 1889 - Lukeson Home After this
Somehow the siblings had managed to find their way home. It was all a blur to Ace. Mother had seemed to know what to do far more than they had. She had contacted a healer. One that father had trusted after the more ruff full moons. Discreet, trustworthy, and loyal. According to mother, the two had known each other for years.

When Ace was more up for speaking, he explained his side of the story. Though he was sure Avril had filled mother in on the subject. The body - which he couldn't remember if it was more wolf or man - was going to be dealt with. Ace decided not to ask. Didn't want to know.* Avril had saved his life. That was his main focus. How was she? That was his other focus. And finally, there was the thought that truly filled him with dread. He was now a werewolf.

* Meaning IDK exactly how it happened, but it was managed discreetly, in the middle of the woods, and the person was a drifter with no one to look for him.

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