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Didn't You Know? Never Go Into The Woods At Night
July 12, 1889 - In a Remote Wooded Area
It had been a shock - yet not fully a surprise - to learn of father's more private property. And the basement held the reason why. The chains, the fact that Avril hadn't heard him until he came out to get her. A bit unsettling? Perhaps. But now they knew where father went during the full moon. He was sure mother knew. Surely they would have told at least Ace and Avril eventually.

So now the siblings were exploring. Ace doubted that another werewolf would come by. Even over a year later, he was sure his father's scent would drive away any fellow canine-like trespassers. Though he could be wrong, and so he was on edge as the night went on.

Avril had gone her own way when they left the house. Probably wanted some space, which he couldn't blame. So when he heard signs of someone approaching, he wasn't too worried. He should have been. Suddenly he was on the ground, tackled by a beast that he never thought he would encounter in his life. And he screamed. Of course he did. Who wouldn't?

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Avril was getting more and more on edge as the night went on. It was a full moon. She'd warned her brother about be careful around this time of the month. Did he listen? Not really. Sure he appeared to be more cautious, but that didn't mean he took it to heart.

She wasn't sure if would want to take it to heart, either, if it was her in her get vision being turned into a wolf instead. At least she was prepared, whenever it decided to happen.She had a salve that she'd gone hunting for to make. She remembered learning something about how they sealed werewolf bites and she'd decided to carry a small container of the mixture.

Along with a knife for if she needed to... cut off any part of clothing to make sure the the salve got fully onto the wound and no fabric got in the way.

When she heard the growl that she'd been having nightmares about, and her older brother's screams. She reacted before she realized what she was actually doing. She was in the room and a knockback was flying towards the wolf.

The redhead just wanted the wolf off her brother.

The wolf could wait until she was sure that her older brother was alright. Her eyes scanned him to check to see if he'd gotten bitten. She hoped not.

She saw the bite mark on his side and she hated how bad it looked. Taking put the knife, she cut the fabric that was still left before seeing movement in the corner of her eye.

She didn't think before she swung the knife at the feral wolf, the knife meeting flesh and the whine that came with contact. She ignored that and turned back to her brother, taking the salve and rubbing it over the wound, hoping that it would stop the bleeding.

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All he knew as pain. Nothing happened slowly. The bite, the spell cast that lifted a weight off of him, the whine in his ears. All of it. But the only thing he could think was 'how could she have been correct?'. Almost all of her predictions were wrong. Except... the one with their father. The werewolf. And now him. The werewolf.

He winced as his sister rubbed in the salve. What were they even going to do? One thing did pop to mind. "Get help." And as he thought of that, he hoped to Merlin that she wouldn't go to the Ministry.

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Avril frowned at her brother's words. "If I could apparite, I would go get mom." she grumbled at her brother, rubbing more of the salve into his side. She ignored the wolf. If she'd glanced at it, she would've realised that the body was still. And possibly bleeding out.

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Apparently Ace seemed to have more time on his hands than his sister did. So he took that time looking over where once there was noise. And his breath caught. "Avril."

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At her name, Avril looked at where he was looking. Nearby there was a dead beast. A beast that she had caused to bleed. Her breath froze in her chest and she felt that she couldn't breath. Hopefully her moment of panic didn't kill her brother.

She assumed if he was in any danger of dying, he wouldn't be talking, so she wasn't that worried

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"Let's... let's just hurry." He mumbled quickly. They needed help. Now.

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