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The Kill of the Night
June 18, 1889 - Magical London
It was late into the night. Another party over. Margaret and her chaperone were returning to her home. The streets were not busy here. It was rather dark, even with the lamps. The witch was tempted to us lumos, but decided it was a wasted effort. And she was too tired to really bother.

Even with the light footsteps in the background. Another witch or wizard headed home, she guessed. Not bothering to check. She was fine with her chaperone. That's one reason they had chaperones for women like her was to keep her safe, right?

@Azazel/@Amelia Evans

WARNING: Violence

Elaine made pretties
What swollocking night this was; though the heat didn't have a huge effect on Azazel, she knew by the way that last meal had acted that it wasn't exactly the coolest night of the year. Still, the vampire found herself more than hungry; and bored to boot.

To her luck, parties had started occurring in full swing in this lazy town. Zel didn't exactly know why Ishmael liked it so much. To stay hidden (and potentially obey Ishmael's asking her to stay out of trouble), she kept to the rooftops, following various people home in hopes of catching them unawares. Either they smelled too unappealing or they weren't exactly the best chase.

But ahh...there was one... a toothy grin appeared on the vampire's face as she spotted a good candidate - both smelled good, and they were all by their lonesomes walking down this street. "Don't you know to not take such roads at night?" she murmured quietly as she walked upon the rooftops, twirling a lock of her hair widdershins.

She sped up and found herself further ahead of the pair. With a grin and decisive kick, Zel knocked down a few shingles from the roof, hoping to rattle the two little lambs.

[Image: AzazelSig.png]
The night air didn't bother Margaret. Summer was nice as it was. At least it wasn't nearly as hot as it was in the middle of the day. Always one to try to keep her mood light.

But falling shingles certainly made that difficult. She let out a startled gasp as her chaperone shrieked. Now was the time that lumos was a good thing to cast. She looked closer at the fallen debris, then felt the urge to look up. And thus she spotted the figure on the roof. Was that a... woman?

Elaine made pretties
Their reaction was exactly what she was looking for. Azazel was just about to revel in the fact they weren't able to see her when the light from the woman's wand shone at her. A brief scowl flitted across her face, though her red eyes surely glinted in the wand light. She forgot about magic. "I'm sorry, did I get you?" she inquired, her voice pitched innocently as she peered down at the pair.

Truly, someone must be urging her to sweep through this town like a rattoner. Sometimes it was dirty work, but seeing as Zel always ended up full, she didn't mind.

[Image: AzazelSig.png]
The scowl was noticed, and it made Margaret's skin crawl. Part of her could just feel that something more was going on. And it wasn't good. The innocent tone didn't fool Margaret, and her chaperone was quite shaken as it was. "What do you want?" The debutante asked. She wasn't one for playing games, nice as she was to almost everyone.

She did not know this woman. Not the past crimes she had committed, nor the ones that she may yet commit. But something wasn't right and it set the soft Gryffindor on edge.

Elaine made pretties
Azazel let out a sigh; everyone fancies themselves so brave, yet very few demonstrated true nerve when it came time to meet their maker. This one just might prove herself, though Zel was hardly impressed. "Smart as a carrot, you are." she intoned dryly. "Can't one simply traipse around for one's own intention of ghemboles?"

Nonsense when it came to this one, and she hid it very poorly.

[Image: AzazelSig.png]
Quite unamused by the snippy rambling from the woman above her, she gave a hint of a motion for her chaperone to start moving back. Sadly the poor dear was in too much of a state of fear.

"I dare say that breaking part of a roof is enough excitement for ones night. Wouldn't you." It wasn't a real question of course. A sense to move, leave, get out of there was all rushing through her. But she couldn't be stupid. More and more she was assuming just what this woman really was. Vampire.

Elaine made pretties
The woman was so braaave Zel thought, inwardly chuckling to herself. At least she didn't cower at the prospect of her own spanwhistle (was that what the elite called one's demise?) Or perhaps she was unaware of what was coming? The vampire sighed, moving her eyes skywards in an eye roll. "No, actually," she responded mockingly. "In fact, I'm ready for some entertainment, aren't you?" Her eyes flashed dangerously. And with that, the vampire leaped off the rooftop, moving quickly to knock the wand out of the witch's hand. The other one would be disposed of rather easily.

[Image: AzazelSig.png]
The witch was trying to think up spells, just in case. Her knuckles were white from her clenched hand. She was not ready to die. Having wanting love, marriage, children. And this vampire seemed to want to take that from her. And the terrible woman seemed to see this as entertaining.

Not enough time to react. Though she was sure that even a vampire could feel a jolt from that jump. Perhaps this one was too excited to really notice. Margaret's chaperone screamed as Margaret gasped in shock, tempted to look over to her wand. But no. She would face this vampire. Certainly a vampire. An attempt at wandless magic seemed to be her only hope. "Flipendo!"

Elaine made pretties
It was as if in mid-air she'd been kicked in the chest. The vampire let out a growl of rage as she crashed back into the alley she'd just leaped over. The little lamb had some kick to her after all. As soon as she hit the ground, Zel was righting herself. Looking down, she saw that her cloak had been torn from the thigh down. A guttural snarl ripped through her throat. "How dare you?" she bawled, baring her teeth, entirely focused on the woman in front of her. "I just acquired this, you ungrateful little roach."

With a flash of movement she made to grab the woman by the hair and wrench her down. "Do you have a painful death wish, little girl?" She inquired rhetorically, wishing to belittle the wench as much as possible.

[Image: AzazelSig.png]
And thus the witch knew that she only had a short amount of time to react as the vampire went flying. She shouted at her chaperone to run, causing the woman to finally snap into action and do so.

That was when she felt the pain in her head. Heard the sharp snap from the vampire. Bless her, Margaret attempted to struggle. Only to yank at her hair more and cause the witch to exclaim an unwanted yelp. She didn't want to give in to fear in her final moments. Would not let the angry vampire have the satisfaction. And thus tried to kick at the creature of the night.

Elaine made pretties
What a gallant one she was, Azazel mused as she watched the chaperone flee. How endearing, she thought, ignoring the yelp of the witch at her side. She sighed, giving the other whelp a head start. Wasn't much of a head start, was it? As she was mildly distracted, the woman's foot made contact with Azazel's. She gave a shout of anger and tightened her grip on her hair. She chuckled at the moxie of the woman. Ripping off two pieces of her cloak, she jammed it into the woman's mouth to attempt to prevent her from screaming (at least too loud). "You," she cooed at the witch, "stay here."

On the final word, she pressed on the girl's leg and shoved. The following snap told her the girls' leg had been successfully broken and she was thus incapacitated. Azazel let go of the girl's hair and darted out into the street again. The woman had made it halfway down the block. She was quite the athlete, though the whelp didn't look it. "Imagine that," she mused before looking to make sure the street was still barren and darting after the chaperone. It wasn't hard to take the woman down. A kick to the back of the knees was all it took to send her crashing to the pavement. A second kick similar to the one she doled to the woman back in the alley saw her well and unable to move again; not before Zel made sure to stuff the other bit of her cloak in the woman's mouth to ensure she hadn't screamed.

As she made her way back to the other one, Zel thought about how to dispose of the bodies after she was done. Perhaps thrown in the lake, or otherwise buried?

Approaching the woman again (and dragging the chaperone behind her), she cocked her head to the side. "Any last words, my pet?" she crooned, looking almost lovingly down at the witch.

[Image: AzazelSig.png]
She didn't want to die. A whole life before her was gone. A tighter grip on her hair made her try and fail to hold back another help. And before she knew it, part of the monster's cloak was shoved in her mouth. Before she could truly react, the vampire slammed her foot into Margaret's leg with a sickening crack. And the scream came, though muffled.

Collapsing once released, it was as if the world had gone red with pain. She didn't take out the gag just yet as she attempted to control her sobs. She wiped her eyes quickly. No fear, to show anyway. Felt, yes. Not to show. She couldn't let herself. If she died, let it be knowing she didn't let that monster get the final laugh.

When she calmed herself enough to at least trust her voice, she removed the gag quickly. She heard the dragging and looked over with a bitter snear, though not enough of one to hide the pain. And what made it all the more sickening? The thing called Margaret her pet. What? Was she to be kept trapped as some vampire's rag doll? The debutante did a very unladylike thing, spitting at the vampire.

Elaine made pretties
As the spit hit her, Azazel gazed at the woman frankly as if chiding a pouting infant. "Well, that's not very ladylike, is it?" she admonished as she forced the other woman down to kneel in front. "Fine then, so be it." she said. "For that remarkable display of maturity, you-" she shook the chaperone, "shan't get any last words then." The vampire bared her teeth and proceeded to rip a gash into the chaperone's neck.

The taste and smell of blood flooded her senses, so much so that her eyes rolled back slightly as she drank. It was akin to when she would drink a cold glass of water on a hot summer's day, or a hot cup of tea on a cold winter's night. The front of her cloak was drenched in blood - no matter, the whelp had already ruined it for her. She shoved the chaperone aside once she'd completed, and turned to stare at the witch. She raised a finger to her smirking lips, shushing her. "Now that wasn't very nice, was it?" she questioned, her voice soft and syrupy.

[Image: AzazelSig.png]
Margaret proceeded to watch in horror. What had she done? A little voice in her head reminded her that the vampire would never have let her chaperone go. But that sickening sight was all she could see. Though she was blinking far too much for that to be the case.

The debutante hadn't even realized that she had been screaming. Not until she was gasping and shaking. All she could do was stare. At her chaperone, the the vampire as she spoke. The witch was likely going into shock. By trauma or pain, it was anyone's guess. She could barely hear the vampire's words over her heart pounding in her chest.

Elaine made pretties
The screaming, which was normally so pleasing to the vampire, was rather annoying. Azazel scowled at the girl and stepped forwards to slap her across the face. "Good god, woman." she said, her voice grating. "Will you not be considerate for those who've passed and shut up? I almost don't want to kill you, you've annoyed me long enough."

She sighed, resigned. "But then you'd obviously go for help and we can't have that now can we?" She patted the girl on the head, cupping her face and putting the cloth back in. "I do apologize, for you do have quite the chutzpah, I shall grant you that before I rip your throat to shreds." She regarded the girl fondly. "I have quite enjoyed our time together, pet. But all good things must come to an end and so your existence must as well." She knew most of the monologuing was purely for her entertainment, for the woman showed no excitement or interest at the beginning. A show woman at heart though, the vampire could not resist the flair.

With that, Azazel smirked and wrenched the girl's head to the side, sinking her teeth into the soft flesh of her victim. After she was finished here, she'd rid of the bodies well and proper. Mustn't get Ishmael in trouble; and most importantly, she was a woman of her good word.

[Image: AzazelSig.png]

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