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free and fretful
The shop door opened with a pleasant ding-a-ling, and Bragi followed his guide with quiet interest. His mind was very much preoccupied by thoughts of Marian yes, but he couldn’t help but smile as he gazed around the musty but charming establishment. ”Aw, look”, he murmured with delight as he crouched by a large cage of tabby kittens. He poked his fingers through to tickle their whiskers as they mewed their hellos.
Perhaps she should not be surprised that he had followed her inside. Looking over when he mentioned something, she smiled slightly. "They are quite adorable when they are that little." She responded before turning to the treats.

Thinking quickly, she decided on one that seemed to always be Misty's favorite. It was a quick process of pick and pay. Then she turned to the young man. "Here, I wish you good luck in your search." She said kindly. It wasn't as though a young lady had any business in an alley way, especially with a man she was not related to or married to.

MJ Made Pretties
Very much distracted by the kittens, by the time Bragi emerged from the haze of endearment, Katerina Bass had already not only picked out the treats but paid for them too. He swiftly reached into his waistcoat pocket for the knuts to pay her back, and smiled as he did so and accepted the treats gratefully. "Thank you very much indeed. I look forward to being properly introduced one day soon; I'd love to hear more about Misty!"
With a kind nod and smile, Katerina left the shop and went on her way. Hopefully he would find his cat soon.


MJ Made Pretties

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