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Somersby Fudge vs. Emmeline Woodcroft
9th February, 1889 — Great Hall
A pair of seventh years promised for a impressive competition and Connie couldn't decide which of the two she favoured for this particular match. Certainly she had hopes for Miss Woodcroft, but it felt harsh to root against Mr Fudge simply because she longed to see more young ladies excel at duelling. 

"Mr Fudge shall take the offensive first. Please begin."

@Somersby Fudge
@Emmeline Woodcroft

[Image: jGi0wPk.png]
MJ made me beautiful
With a smile at Miss Woodcroft Somersby bowed at his classmate, then readied his stance. Dueling wasn’t exactly his thing, but it was good practice so he supposed he should enter into the competition for one last year. That in mind Somersby aimed and cast “Confundo.” Hoping to confuse the young lady before she could cast her own spell.

@Emmeline Woodcroft @Fortuna Bixby
Emmeline's confidence was something that had grown over the summer so signing up for the dueling competition had seemed like a good idea. With a smile and nod to the Slytherin matron, she turned her attentions to her opponent.

With the niceties out of the way, she brought up her wand and cast a shield charm in hopes of blocking Mr. Fudge's spell.

@Constance Sykes / @Elladora Black

[Image: bd4FVx.md.jpg]
Connie considered for a moment whether the girl looked any more confused that most girls did at eighteen before she concluded that nothing was out of the ordinary.

"A good attempt Mr Fudge, but Miss Woodcroft takes the round and will begin the second."

Somersby: 9
Emmeline: 10

@Emmeline Woodcroft @Fortuna Bixby

[Image: jGi0wPk.png]
MJ made me beautiful
Still smiling Emmeline, gave a small nod before she began the second round. "Levicorpus," she cast. Surely he couldn't cast a spell being hung up in the air.

[Image: bd4FVx.md.jpg]
Not to be deterred Somersby cast a shield charm in hope of a tie. Perhaps if he was successful he might be able to get a bit more practical experience from this.
Neither spell was especially effective in Connie's opinion but she had to concede that the strength of Mr Fudge's shield hadn't really been tested by the weak spell that had hit it, so he could have produced something stronger than it looked.

"Mr Fudge takes the round. Come along you two, I know you can do better than this," she looked between them and nodded to Miss Whitledge to begin the final round.

Somersby: 13
Emmeline: 13

[Image: jGi0wPk.png]
MJ made me beautiful
Clearly a step up was needed. Emmeline was confident in her transfiguration abilities, it had always been a favorite class after all. She raised her wand and cast a spell that would hopefully transfigure Mr. Fudge's wand into a limp noodle so he'd be unable to perform a spell of his own.

@Sisse Thompsett

[Image: bd4FVx.md.jpg]
Somersby frowned, he knew he could do better too. He cast a jelly finger jinx in hopes of Miss Woodcroft dropping her wand.
It was definitely a step-up in form from Miss Woodcroft as she neatly rendered Mr Fudge's wand useless and...well, rather obscene looking, there were no two ways about it. Connie flicked her own wand to restore it less the gentlemen watching begin to guffaw too much and called the duel for the young lady.

Somersby: 16
Emmeline: 19

[Image: jGi0wPk.png]
MJ made me beautiful

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