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Wellingtonshire Alternative Locations: An Index
Alternative Locations in Wellingtonshire

Below, find a list of additional shops and other locations in Wellingtonshire for your posting needs! Those who have won “location listing” as a contest prize should contact a member of staff to have their location added.


Nearly two centuries old, this gentleman's club was founded in London but maintains a connected building in Hogsmeade, too. Black's boasts three dozen rooms, each spelled to be soundproof and with an adjoining small room for valets, that can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly by members. In addition to its London and Hogsmeade entry points, it also has doors in New York City, Paris, and Calcutta, though very few of its members are not British. It possesses two dining rooms, one for members only and one into which guests may be invited—the only area that non-members have access to unless employed by a member. Save for the concierge, it is staffed exclusively with house elves. It also boasts a small library, a billiards room, a lounge, and a terrace overlooking a small rear garden.


A more progressive, but still largely conservative, gentleman's club than Black's. Atlantis boasts twenty rooms designed to muffle sounds, but not spelled to ensure complete privacy. The attic also hosts ten double-occupancy rooms for members' servants. Both may be rented by the day, week, or month. In addition to its London and Hogsmeade entry points, members may access it from Calcutta, though membership is exclusively British. It boasts one large dining room exclusive to members, save for lunch when guests may be brought. In addition, it has a reading room, billiards room, and lounge. Its staff is entirely human, and its maids are hired for looks rather than brains.

The Lady Morgana

A ladies' club catering to the wives and daughters of the elite. The Lady Morgana offers separate dining and tea rooms. It is spelled so that non-members (save for lady's maids and club employees) cannot enter under any circumstances. It also offers a small reading room, a rear garden for croquet and badminton, a meeting room, an on-site dressmaker, and a sewing room for the lady's maids of members to wait and drink tea. Waiters and the house matron are human, with the rest of the club staffed by house elves. The club does not offer rooms to members, but has a small apartment for the house matron, who sees to the running of the house. It has an entry point in Paris as well.

The Rose & Thistle

A ladies' club for those who do not meet the lofty membership requirements of its more prestigious cousin. The building hosts a large dining room, a smaller tea room open to guests of members, a sewing room, a reading room, and a music room. It is staffed exclusively by females. There are no rooms available.

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