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OOC Name Change PSA
This has been a bit of a loooong time coming as I have been coming to realizations about my personal gender identity and getting comfortable expressing it - at least online where I've always felt safer since I can just block someone if they're offensive (there are a lot of transphobic people in my rl, including family) - for the past long while. I do wish I had fully come to terms with myself before the Beta but hopefully it's not too much of a hassle from staff side.

I won't get all into it but please know that I would prefer to be known as Kit. I'm changing my ooc name to it.

In case you're curious about what that means about my pronouns, I do prefer they/them pronouns but am absolutely fine with "She, her" too.

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Got it! Happy to have you, Kit!

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Got it! Thank you for trusting us with who you are :)

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Noted! <3

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