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In the 19th century blue was a girl's colour and pink was for boys. Clothing trade publications as late as 1912 advised that pink was for boys and blue for girls. — Dante
"Ah—" Tabi hesitated. This was not a good place to be alone with a man and a ghost.
Potato Wars


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This is hardly a dire emergency, but some of our Cbox emojis were hosted on Nickpic and they're broken now. Can we just remove them from the list of emojis? Like right now, if you type :] it doesn't send anything at all because it clears the text but has no image to insert. I'd rather have the text and it's probably faster than sourcing new images for all the ones we lost?

♡ Set by Bee ♡
She be graduating, folks! Please change Rashmika to Hogsmeade with the title Debutante

Magic by Elaine
Please move Chandrima to Hogsmeade with the title of Debutante. #graduation

[Image: Chandrima-Sig.jpg]
@Cadawalader Selwyn to Ministry - with title - 'Ministry Intern' - if thats possible.

Otherwise - Elsewhere and 'Expectant NEWT student'

[Image: Dmd4EHa.png]
Behold the Awesome of Stefanie!
lol sorry for apping her two days before she changed usergroups <3

Peggy can be moved to Hogsmeade with the title of Debutante. And absolutely no rush, haha <3

Rachel to London and "Reluctant Future Rose". Thank you!
Please deactivate @Avarice Wakefield ~

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