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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Plottable Characters
Adopt & Plot!

Members are encouraged to post any adoptable characters needed for specific plots here. Remember to state why the character is needed, such as “Stuart is a potential love interest for Lorraine”, or even “TOP SECRET FAMILY SHENANIGANS TO COME GET READY YO”—“I want my mother because she’s my mother” is better suited for our Adoptable Characters listing instead :)

These ads will be cleaned out infrequently throughout the year, but players will be given notice to ensure all posts are up-to-date and posted with active accounts.

Try Lonely Plots instead!

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Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Tilda MacFusty, @Marlena Scamander, or @Elsie Kirke with any questions, issues, or concerns.

Kayte's Plottables

Hello friends! Before we get started, I do have a few policies regarding my adoptables:
  • Please reserve your character with me before apping!
  • Obviously, I'd prefer activity from anyone to take these on XD If, after six months, I don't think you're doing much with them (I have very lax standards, don't worry!), I reserve the right to ask you to give them up so someone more active may take them on.
  • I'll give you two weeks after loosing a character in an AC before I put them back up for grabs! If you drop them via Maintenance, they become immediately available again. If you just want to temp drop them, talk to me first! :)
  • Anyone picking up one of my ads must include the family and personality sections. I provide the family in all my applications so just mentioning the names is quite fine by me. Personality can be as minimal as three basic traits, just so I know for sure that our ideas of the character mesh.
If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Aldous Crouch, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

Last updated February 20th, 2022


Wanteds for...
Below, you’ll find requests that I need for a specific thing for a specific character. Go figure. They are different from my other wanteds in that they are not blood relations and there is some sort of arc in sight. So that’s exciting.

For Blythe
Someone call 9-9-9! As you may know, Blythe works at the Hogsmeade constabulary...and at the time of writing this, is the only person who does! (For shame!) I aim to fix that with these delightful offerings. The constabulary deals with petty crime (thievery, arson, bar brawls, prostitution), but anything more intense (read: fun) such as serial killers gets tossed up to the Ministry of Magic. As such, the people in its employ are reasonably reputable (7+) and have had some magical schooling (5+ years), but are not the cream of the crime-fighting crop.

[Image: BkXgibp.jpg?1]
Though always the constable, never the chief constable, "Henry" is something of a paternal figure at the constabulary, trying to guide the lads as best as he can within the framework of his position. It was actually he that originally told Blythe the secretary position was available as he also attends the Church of Magical Jesus. PB is HELLA open but pictured is Sterling K. Brown.

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild, @Benjamin Woodcroft @Jack Dorset @Rhys Gallagher
Bonus Ties: @Temperance Fairchild, and any other members of the CMJ!

[Image: C4awBE4.jpg?1]
After flunking out of auror training, "Daniel" was far too embarrassed to find other Ministry of Magic work, and instead put his knowledge to use 'saving' the citizens of Hogsmeade. He thinks himself far more qualified than the Chief Constable and can be something of a blowhard, but his heart is in the right place and he always comes through in a pinch. PB is HELLA open but pictured is Chris Messina.

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild, @Benjamin Woodcroft @Jack Dorset @Rhys Gallagher
Potential Ties: Age-appropriate aurors.
Double Duty: Addison's Biological Father
For Baz
Magical London is big, but it's also small—small enough that @Baz O’Rourke has run afoul of one of the key players of the city's underworld. Though he's holed up in Hogsmeade for the time being, he does still have friends in low places!

All of these are just jumping off points for figures I would like to exist for Baz Purposes. They can definitely be modified to varying extents to suit!

Also if you want to 'sign up' for either crew, absolutely let me know~

[Image: 2L7LZyz.png]
B. 1840-1860 | WCAB | ??? | GANG BOSS
Siobhan "Shiv" built her gang from the ground up. She took a liking to a young Baz (who can blame her?) and tossed some business his way, but not too much—she didn't get where she is today by making stupid choices. She looks after her own and makes measured decisions. PB is wide open; pictured is Rosario Dawson

[Image: BFc1amJ.jpeg]
B. 1830-1850 | WCAB | ??? | GANG BOSS
"Who in the hell looks at their baby and goes, 'Aw, my sweet little Dagger'?!" — Baz, definitely.

"Old Dag" got his gang the old fashioned way—worked his way up and drove out the old boss. Though recent years have seen him attempt to rebrand as a businessman, he has decades of doing his own dirty work under his belt, and is not afraid to break out the fists, knuckles, or eponymous dagger when the need arises to make a point. Though not as calculating as Shiv (whose gang is a rival to his own), he is every bit as ambitious. Lord help you if you try to take what's his. PB is wide open; pictured is Ray Winstone

[Image: e9MWt72.jpeg]
Tobias "Tobe" is the closest thing Baz has to a bff. One of Shiv's crew, he and Baz bonded over their enjoyment of risk—though while Baz is excellent at talking them into trouble, Tobe is better at talking them out of it. Solidly built, he is also fabulous in a fight. He took a shine to Anastasia, and enlisted Baz to deliver his terrible love poems to her. It did not go according to plan. PB is wide open but pictured is Archie Renaux.

[Image: 5LZ217l.jpeg]
Anastasia was probably not her given name, but it is part of her persona: the daughter of a Russian count (she speaks English with an awful Russian accent and speaks no Russian at all), cast from the family because he was jealous of her magic (this part is, at least, plausible). She is one of the girls in Dag's bawdyhouse, and one of Baz's sins: he isn't sure whether Old Dag thinks he was trying to poach her or get a free tumble, but in truth, he was just trying to play cupid! PB is wide open but pictured is Daisy Head.

[Image: Caqmwwk.jpeg]
B. 1835-1850 | WCAB | ??? | BUTCHER
The criminal father Baz never had, Benjamin "Benny the Butcher" does, indeed, have a butcher shop. He is also Shiv's right-hand man, particularly when there is a need for a pound of flesh and/or disposing of certain evidence. He taught Baz everything the kid knows about weilding a knife. I picture him as a Falstaff-esque character, but more useful and with more blood. PB is wide open; pictured is Dwayne Johnson
For Dash
Langston Dashwood's father has given him an ultimatum: if he is not suitably married by his father's (imminent?) passing, he shall see himself entirely disinherited. This is a problem for Dash, who is accustomed to comfort, and also for his mistress and the mother of his children, Francesca.

[Image: TuD9WLL.jpeg]
Born to a farming family, hard work was instilled in Francesca from an early age—and how she loathed it. She always wanted more from life, and quite decidedly had the personality for it, joining the realm of theatre after leaving Hogwarts (without OWLs). Dash is not the first man to whom she served as mistress, but she is resolved he will be her last, and is deeply fond of him and a good, if pragmatic, mother to their children. She lives comfortably with the trappings of middle class, but knows that it is Dash who keeps her there—if his father has his way, it is very possible she will tumble back down to her roots with nothing. Reputation is 4? 3? Pictured PB is Jessica Brown Findlay, but this is very open, as is her name!

Immediate Ties: @Langston Dashwood @Patience Bromleag
Bonus Ties: @Ozymandias Dempsey @Thomasina Dempsey
For Felicity
Kayte, can I use an existing character for this? Abso-tutely! This is a nice, open want ad, the only three true requirements being MC, healer and/or physician, male and at least 25 y/o. Existing characters should be threadded for compatibility, though!

[Image: HKKvkFV.jpeg]
It's been over five years since Felicity was widowed in a tragic carriage accident but she is too young to be alone forever! Enter: you. Someone in a healing profession, but also middle class becuase if Fee marries again I want her to be MC >.> You can have your dark secrets and whatnot, but generally should be someone that won't completely fuck her over (partially can be entertained ;P). PB is hella open, but pictured is Jessie Williams because I stan japril #Greys
R E S E R V E D for E M M A

Immediate Ties: @Felicity Riley
Potential Ties: @Alistair Darrow @Gideon Browne @Titania Allaway @Clifford Goyle @Ari Fisk @Tabitha Chevalier @Garrett Cavey @Dionisia Fisk @Sebastian Beauregard @Rosamund Bones @Richard Gladstone @Valerian Macnair @Anthony Delaney @Xandra Radlett @Marie-Louise Skovgaard @Temperance Fairchild
Potential Future Connections: @Grace Riley @Harriet Prewett @Faustus Prewett @Fitzroy Prewett @Camilla Prewett @Felix Prewett @Freddie Prewett @Hermione Longbottom
Double Duty: Ramsay Darrow, Errington Warbeck, Henry Mills, The Childhood Best Friend, Addison's Biological Father, Fee's first crush in her profile

For Louisa
[Image: 82lUWaa.jpeg]
Ichabod and Rex are double cousins—first cousins through their fathers (Rex's was the elder by minutes), and second cousins through their mothers (#Protterbottoms). But it is Louisa who I am here for today: she needs an antagonist, though he's not explicitly an ass. Ichabod and Lou know eachother either only in passing or not at all. Regardless, they'll know of one another when they get to Hogwarts, and Ichabod finds it super weird that she's only middle class when the rest of the family is decidedly in the upper echelons of society. He will point this out; she will get uncomfortable and defensive, the nickname 'Icky' might be born, and it will all be downhill from there >D Enmity not from people being dicks, but from kids being kids!

For himself: Ichabod was born to Jonathan (b. 1850) and Frances (nee Prewett, b. 1856) Crabbe, their only child due to ~fertility & miscarriage woes. He has been, as a result, doted upon and rather coddled for his entire childhood, and is privately very nervous to leave home and go to Hogwarts away from his mama. Sure, he has cousins there, but it's not the same thing, especially since they're Older and Popular and Athletic and Brilliant and he couldn't possibly measure up and—

PB is open; pictured is Jackson Robert Scott with alternatives to be white and fair- or red-haired.

R E S E R V E D for B R E E

Immediate Ties: @Louisa Weasley @Abraxas Crabbe
Bonus Ties: @Edelweiss Prewett @Iris Prewett @Grace Riley @Harriet Prewett @Faustus Prewett @Felix Prewett @Fitzroy Prewett @Camilla Prewett @Freddie Prewett @Felicity Riley
Potential Ties: @Flora Mulciber @Hermione Longbottom; the extended Protterbottom clan; other incoming first years

"Briony" is to be a tribute for Lynn's abduction plot!

[Image: 172Mrm5.jpeg]
B. 2 Sept 1880 - 1 Sept 1881 | MCHB/MCPB | TBD | INCOMING FIRST YEAR ('92)
Briony (name flexible) has been Louisa's friend for years; either they live in the same area of Bartonburg North, or they met at the park and became fast friends. Briony's family is quite different to Lou's; notably, no one is involved in quidditch, and she does not have a thousand cousins running around xD She is actually quite open except for the fact that I want her to be kidnapped in February ;) PB is hella open, but pictured is Miya Cech.

R E S E R V E D for D A N T E

Immediate Ties: @Louisa Weasley
Potential Ties: @Caroline Weasley @Charity Lloyd
Double Duty: Lisette Chevalier, A child from this list

For Madeline
ENEMIES TO...TBD? Maddy and Errol do not get along. I want to explore this.

[Image: 605aHSW.jpeg]
Much of Errol's personality and background is quite open. Only the following are required to meet my particular needs:
  • Works at Quality Quidditch Supplies. This could be either a summer gig if you'd like him to be at Hogwarts, or his current profession if a dropout or never-went.
  • A mutual dislike with Maddy. Maybe he finds her obnoxious (and shows it), doesn't believe women should play quidditch, or is even just vehemently opposed to the Wimbourne Wasps. Any of the above would make it mutual xD
  • At least a smidge full of himself
PB is hella open, but pictured is Gaten Matarazzo.

Immediate Ties: @Madeline Bell
Potential Ties: Quidditch & flying enthusiasts; age-appropriate students
Double Duty: Quidditch Sponsorship

For We Have Sinned
In October of 1888, eight friends set off to perform an ancient ritual for luck. Unfortunately, what kind of luck was never specified. After that dark night, they took an Unbreakable Vow never to reveal what transpired, though the weight of the night that eight became seven still rests heavy on their shoulders as each battles with their own sins.

All names and most ethnicities flexible. Hijinks kick off in October.

[Image: 2OxEWdU.jpeg]
B. 1866-1867 | MCAB | SLYTHERIN | GHOST
"Thomasin" was Perseophone's very first friend, and while their personalities did diverge, they remain fond of one another even after her quite mundane death in 1889, a year to the day after the Incident that killed her only sibling. She always wanted more from life—to marry up, to be wealthy and respected, though now she most wishes for life. While at the time of the Incident she was engaged, whether or not the wedding happened before her own demise is up to you. Pictured PB is Holliday Grainger.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor @Ivy Sandow @Henry Withers
Potential Ties: @Fortitude Greengrass, other ghosts

[Image: Kj2hblZ.jpeg]
B. 1862-1866 | UCAB | GRYFFINDOR | RAKE
"Gregory" grew up on the estate south of Bridgerton, the town around which this friend group's early adventures centers. The eldest son to his parents, there was never much expectation for him to find proper occupation, so he occupies himself as...generally a rake. He remains very close friends with Cleon in particular even after the Incident. Pictured PB is Simu Liu.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor @Ivy Sandow @Henry Withers
Double Duty: The Paramour, The Arrangement, Friendless Client, Tycho Romance

[Image: e4Z3kqI.jpeg]
"Evelyn" (it's a boy's name too!) is Sloth's cousin, and spent his summers from childhood through school at the estate outside of Bridgerton. With at least one older brother and a less than impressive list of accomplishments, his relationship with his parents has always been a strained one; indeed, he regards his summers as the happiest times of his childhood. Suggested PB is John Bradley.

Immediate Ties: @Persephone Broadmoor @Cleon Broadmoor @Ivy Sandow @Henry Withers
Double Duty: Friendless Client, Tycho Romance

[Image: Q7FPy0z.jpeg]
Cleon Broadmoor is the younger of the Broadmoor brothers, and the one with whom Persy has always been close. Much to his father's disappointment, he did not find a home in the Ministry of Magic or, really, any profession, preferring to live a life of excess and identify most prominently as a poet. Because of this lack of any notable income, he lives officially at the family home, though reguarly spends days or weeks at a time at the residences of friends. Reputation of 8 for being a pain in his dad's ass and not the most useful. Suggested PB is Harry Styles.
Played by Kit as @Cleon Broadmoor

[Image: 8o4T9XF.jpeg]
The only child (or at least, only son) to his parents, "Henry" has always been, at best, indifferent to what they perceive as his duties to the family. This would be less problematic (or at least, more understandable!) if he actually knew what he wanted from life instead, but he has long been cursed with general apathy. He grew up on an estate north of Bridgerton. PB is wide open, but pictured is Jonathan Bailey.
Played by Bree as @Henry Withers

[Image: 0MV6pNd.png]
B. Sept. 1868 to Aug. 1869 | WCMB | GRYFFINDOR | HIT WITCH OR AUROR
"Ivy" grew up in Bridgerton, though as a muggleborn, did not know any of the others until starting at Hogwarts, where she and Persy became very fast friends. Intelligent and confident but with a temper to rival any, she was never the sort of friend that the Broadmoors wanted for their daughter, but was welcomed into the group by all but Thomasin, who found her rough around the edges. Pictured PB is Amita Suman.
Played by Beanie as @Ivy Sandow

do you know what happened that night?

mj makes glorious sets!
MJ's Plottables
  • Please contact me before picking up one of my wanteds! If in doubt as to how to reach me, PM @Elias Grimstone.
  • Let me know if you plan to drop the character, temporarily or otherwise! If they go inactive and I don't hear from you, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption.
  • For the most part bolded facts are fixed, but (depending on the character) I might be flexible on some of the details, provided you discuss your ideas with me first!
Last updated: 03/01/22 | Click here for my adoptables!

For @Ishmael

Ishmael doesn't often turn people into vampires, but when he does, it's usually because he's gotten attached. He met these two - at different times - while they were still human, magic or muggle, and has either seen them on and off since then or they've fallen off his radar for a while and showed up in Britain out of the blue. Their backstories are very flexible, as they will be younger than Ishmael but can be from anywhere between then and now, be it from Revolutionary America, turn-of-the-century France, or basically anywhere from Britain, Europe, or Asia. I'd prefer you to talk to me first, obviously, so we can hash out the details - but I'm very open! These characters can be either permanent or temporary, depending on what you want to do with them: either way, come join the vamp!drama!



This dude once helped Ishmael out of a bind, and they became friendly after that. In fact, they were such bros that when this guy got in a life-threatening situation, Ishmael got sentimental and rescued him from his untimely deathbed. Or that's how Ishmael remembers it. This guy is much less cool with being a vampire than Ishmael is; being a good, honest, moral person, he has issues with drinking people's blood and may well have a lot of #angst if he has killed people in the past. Understandably, this has caused a bit of a rift in their friendship - Ishmael just wants him to lighten up and have fun so they can continue to be bros eternally. Pictured is Jake Gyllenhaal but face is totally open, depending on their background.

For @Ester Montgomery (& "The Degenerates")


B.?? | MCAB | PB: OPEN

Since her first scandalous affair with a pornographer, Ester has made a habit of hanging around with men in ~artistic circles, and here is one of them! “Raphael” all but considers himself a Renaissance painter reincarnated, an artistic genius who’ll go down in history. At some point in his life he chose to immerse himself fully in his passion for painting, though while he awaits his critical success in the galleried world, he may help make ends meet by offering above-board portrait sittings, dabbling in photography (and pornography), and perhaps private lessons as an art tutor. While on the surface a perfectly respectable character, he straddles society worlds between the upper and lowest classes - obviously, because he is also (privately) friends with Ester. She often gets modelling work for and through him. Need a character for those SEXY ART PARTIES, ANYONE? ;) More charming than he is romantic, he will however go to any lengths to pursue a new muse when he finds himself ‘inspired’ by a perfect new face, even if it means ambushing them in the street. Face is totally open, but pictured is Oscar Isaac.


B.?? | WCAB | PB: OPEN

Unlike Ester, who grew up comfortably, “Georgiana” had a tough childhood, and emerged from it under no illusions about the world, but with an uncanny knack of always landing on her feet. A prostitute by profession, though she dips her toe into the modelling world as well, she and Ester enjoy butting heads about their differences and occasionally squabble over men, but for all their bickering they are best friends, and Ester trusts her more than anyone else. Pictured is Billie Piper.

For @Jude Wright



Jude's mother. Emilia comes from a generally traditional/conservative upper class family. Although she and her husband got along reasonably enough, it was probably an advantageous match more than one of affection -  and, for whatever reason, they only had one child. Unfortunately for them, that child was Jude. Precocious as a kid and painfully opinionated as a teenager, he didn't make it easy for them to be the typical hands-off UC parents, but things only got worse after he'd graduated Hogwarts, butting heads with his father and derailing far too many dinner parties with socialist rhetoric and other distressing things. Worried about their standing in their social circles, they basically tell him to shape up or ship out - Jude does the latter, moves away to London, and basically ignores his parents' existence as much as humanly possible. At first, at least, they do the same to him - but they come across as perhaps too soft to disown him properly, as when Michael dies of the Laughing Plague in 1884, his will passes on the family estate and inheritance on to Jude as though nothing has happened. (No one is best pleased about this.)

Emilia herself may continue to live on the estate, rent somewhere in Hogsmeade/London, or some combination of both. Her personality is largely open, as is her Hogwarts house, what she does with herself since her husband's death, and how her feelings have or have not changed. I imagine her own rep/social standing has probably suffered somewhat since her socialite wife days, and she may have gravitated towards new friendships or interests as a widow. At some stage in her life, she might even have liked to have a career of her own - but as a married UC woman, didn't follow through - so maybe she's thinking about that again! Maybe she's even becoming more liberal! ;) Regardless, I think it would be interesting if Emilia tried to bridge the gap with Jude and gradually repair their relationship - but I'm pretty open to seeing how things develop!  

(Her natal family situation is also up to you, since Jude probably holds the title of 'Angry Gay Cousin' and doesn't see much of the extended family anymore.) Suggested face is Cate Blanchett, but open to alternatives as long as they're blonde/blue-eyed.

Up to Date: 12/29/21

Finn's Plottables Rules:
  1. Please contact me to reserve a character before filling out an application. (@Billie Farrow)
  2. If you're going to temp drop a character, I totally understand. Just please let me know so I don't assume you have dropped them permanently.
  3. Many of the details in the ADs are fixed, but I'm totally up to discussing and tweaking if need be.

Heya!  These are the plottables for Finn.  If you want to play someone, please contact @Billie Farrow.  Please try to be active!   If you want adoptables, check over here.

Fergus Andrew Wallace

[Image: ezgif-6-677b91e77193.jpg]
1880 | Middle Class | Halfblood | Bastard & Mischief Maker

Fergus is the bastard son of @Wallace Murphy. His mother died in childbirth, and her last words were "Fergus Andrew Wallace." Murphy isn't quite sure if she intended Wallace as the boy's surname or if she was simply stating whom the boy's father was, but it ended up being the name given to the child.

Murph took Fergus in as a baby, and he raised the boy at the zoo in Colorado that he's a shareholder of. Fergus grew up with tutors and a woman who was hired to take care of him while his father was off on research ventures. Despite his father's occasionally long absences, he always made time for the boy and often invited him to the job site for at least a few days at a time. The boy is very experienced in working with creatures; he has helped at the zoo since he turned six.

July 1890, they made a trip across the sea to visit Eva, Beau, and the rest of the boys from the Arizona team for the QWC. Dreading the boat ride and taking a liking to the zoo in Irvingly, Wallace has fixed to stay.) Not to mention, he wants to keep an eye on Eva and Beau.) This means that Fergus has attended Irvingly School and will be heading to Hogwarts in 1891/1892.

He is somewhat like his father, personality-wise. He's adventurous, rough around the edges, and kind. He is very close with his father; they tease each other mercilessly. Despite the fact Murphy hopes Fergus follows in his footsteps, he's incredibly supportive of whatever path his son chooses to follow

Play-by is flexible, but pictured is Christopher Convery who looks like he could be related to Murphy. He could be of any race, as long as he has a semi-resemblance to Wallace. He could even possibly be First Nations! Sladen Peltier is an option. I love finding kiddo play-bys, so I'm happy to help, if needed!

[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Marlowe Forfang
Still seeking: Jan 2022


Route A: No, that's my pseudonym! Someone takes credit for Juliana's work. Are they trying to discredit it? Bolster their own academic portfolio? Hide the fact that they're a werewolf and were nearly discovered by giving themselves a plausible excuse for being out on full moons? Give credence to some far-fetched creature-related claim they're invested in making? The choice is yours. This can be any new or existing character but for best results should have some combination of these traits which would make them look like a more likely candidate for Marlowe Forfang than Juliana: male; middle aged or older; good (complete) education; scholar/academic; relevant life experience; upper class; etc.

I have a few plot notions for the near future but no particular endgame!

Route B: Identity theft This gentleman (or person who presents as such) can be any age and from any background, but shouldn't be recognizable on sight in society. He has recently decided to introduce himself as Professor Marlowe Forfang, groundbreaking lycanthropy researcher. His motive for doing so is up to you but some ideas are included below. After being exposed to some other people in the academic community, however, he quickly realizes he's in over his head. Juliana is torn between being livid that he stole her work and wanting to expose him (but not knowing how to do so without exposing herself as well) and wanting to sort of My Fair Lady him into a semi-presentable academic so that he doesn't entirely destroy her credibility as a researcher.

Shenanigans will abound. I don't have an endgame in mind but don't see this as a super temporary character, so if you're interested in taking him you should be in for the long-ish haul. Existing characters (with or without retcons) are welcome!

Pictured PB is Arjun Gupta but it's open to anyone.

Potential motives for the identity theft:
— He wants a steady job and is using Forfang's credentials to apply for a position as: Hogwarts CoMC, DADA, or Magical Theory professor; Ministry's DR&CMC; Ministry's Research Committee; contrator for some sort of company who could use a 'werewolf expert' for some upcoming task like a trip through the Balkans; etc.
— He wants to collect some modest income from staging bullshit Q&A sessions or book signings.
— He wants to live large on the reputation piece (because living off credit was totally a feasible thing in this era if you were respected enough).
— He's pulling off some totally unrelated scam and using the fake name to engender trust in his target/mark.
— He's trying to court/marry someone whose parents wouldn't approve and he's therefore reinvented himself as Forfang thinking they'll be more on board with that.
— He needed a clean start after some shady background stuff and just happened upon this reclusive academic and thought it'd be a good fit.

Finn's Plottables Rules:
  1. Please contact me to reserve a character before filling out an application. (@Billie Farrow)
  2. If you're going to temp drop a character, I totally understand. Just please let me know so I don't assume you have dropped them permanently.
  3. Many of the details in the ADs are fixed, but I'm totally up to discussing and tweaking if need be.

Heya! These are the plottables for Finn. If you want to play someone, please contact @Billie Farrow. Please try to be active! If you want adoptables, check over here.

Updated 12/29/21

Well-Meaning Mother:  Agnes Binns
[Image: ezgif-3-37b6db567694.jpg]
1832 | Gryffindor | Middle Class | Any Blood | Any Profession
Pictured is Mary-Louise Parker, but her play-by is open

Agnes is the mother of @Zachariah Binns, @Juliana Binns, and Hugo Binns.  She is well-meaning, but she is a bit of a helicopter parent.  She tries to be very involved in her children's lives, which is met with mixed opinions from said children.  She is always seeking to visit with them and nudging her two unwed younger offspring toward suitable matches.  She is a doting grandmother, adventurous, and intelligent in her own right.  Her flaw is that she cares very deeply about her children. However, above all else, she is kind.

There is a lot of potential for future drama.
Whizzhard Books Manager or Other Employee
[Image: 3bc912593050c20f150b5aa817f0b916.gif]
Manager: 21 or Older, Working Class, Full-Time
Other Employee: 16 or Older, Working Class, Can Work Part-Time

I am hoping to find people to work at Whizzhard Books!  Zach is about to go through some life changing shit, and he's going to be through some serious ups and downs of mood swings.  It'll be hilarious to have someone who notices and is either concerned or gives him shit about it.  This also opens up a lot of opportunities to thread with a large variety of people in the shop!  While the manager generally handles much of the day-to-day operations and events, Zach also employs others to work at the counter actually selling the books or organizing/cleaning.

I am open to all of your ideas.  I also have some of my own of the type of people who I imagine might work there whether full or part-time.  Poke me if you'd like to pick my brain.  <3

Hugo Binns
1850 | Gryffindor | Upper Middle Class | Halfblood
Any Lucrative Profession

Zachariah and Hugo don't always see eye-to-eye. Hugo has a somewhat dominating personality, while Zachariah is a bit more welcoming and open. Hugo often scoffs at his brother's "achievements," and he seems to engage in a one-sided competition about who is doing better. He has moved up in the ranks, and is on the cusp of moving up a class due to either his profession and/or business ventures. He doesn't understand having passion for his line of work, for he's more concentrated about the money and power output. He's a somewhat domineering father who shows his love in strange ways. He tends to treat his little sister like a child. He has a tense relationship with his wife. This is likely his fault.
Play-by that has dark hair and light or dark eyes.

His sister @Juliana Binns and niece @Emma Binns are played.

[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Dante's Playmates
❧ thanks Bree for the code!
❧ Be reasonably active.
Sarah - Partner in Crime!
@Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest


b. Open| WCAB | Maid | Mother to Illegitimate child | Suggested PB: Sarah Gadon

How Sarah and Gwen came into contact is open, she could have worked for Gwen, or been a randomer but around the time Gwen got pregnant, she found herself unmarried and preggers.  And the two struck up a deal.  She would get a role in Gwen's household, and eventually be set for life, and Gwen would get her baby.  Gwen and a small group of maids went off to the country for her laying in and Sarah's.  They had their children, Gwen's monster was quickly hidden away and Sarah's bouncing baby boy was passed off as the new Viscount Aldstone. 

Sarah is now the only person other than Gwen who knows about the rat child's existence and she is it's sole career.  She is bound by an unbreakable vow not to reveal what passed between them.

The relationship between herself and Gwen could could one of two ways:
1- they HATE each other but have to keep up appearances because of their deal
2- they are actually close and see the mutual benefit to their arrangement.
It will likely depend on the circumstances of Sarah's pregnancy.   

Can be a temp character - and the roles of rat baby mum and carer could be split.

The Lost Sprog
@Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest


b. Open| ACHB |Illegitimate  Incoming Firstie| Should be a 'Right Honourable'...but tough luck | Suggested PB: Sarah Gadon

The first child of Gwen.  He was the result of Gwen fooling around and so his birth was all hushed up and he was passed off to another family -possibly his fathers.  Now that Gwen has her horrible little secret her perfect first born might be of interest to the Countess!

Professor of Alchemy!
@Meserimus Valenduris

Ceaser Pavesio

b. OLD | ACAB | Italian abstraction | Researcher in Alchemy | Suggested PB: Derek Jacobi

He and Meserimus have known each other  a long time, he has come to London austensibly to work on a research  project with Meserimus.  He is staying in Meserimus Hogsmeade home with him and his family for the summers. 

The pair are researching the intersection between potions and alchemy, specifically if potions can be used to augment the purity and efficacy of alchemical works (Get better quality gold through the use of potions) and to see if potions transmuted potions ingrediants work better or worse than a real item.  The aim being that it would be useful/easier to transmute a common substance into a rare potions ingrediant

Intended to be a TEMP but feel free to keep him around for your own reasons (Oh look Hogwarts needs an Alchemy prof!?)
[Image: gqorgwG.gif]

The Rebels
@Christabel Dempsey

The Rebels know each other from school and their respective social circles.  They are close, companionable and all rather opposed to the status quo. 
They have 'English' names but may have chosen to 'Irish-ise' them which was the fashion amoung the Irish UC set at the time!

'Sorcha Ni Dochartaigh' '

b. 26 | UCAB | Painter | Society Wife | Suggested PB: Elinor Tomlinson

Her father is/was a prominent politician in Ireland, he is a liberal in support of home rule.  She was given a great deal of latitude and while she has done the 'right' thing socially and is either married or betrothed this just gives her the freedom to be as outspoken as she likes.  She is a painter of some note, specialising in magical society portraits but has a bee in her bonnet about her exclusion from the various painter academies despite being recognised as an exceptional and talented painter.  She did a notable magical portrait of someone of important (OPEN). 

Her schooling is open, but she had Christabel have known each other from girl hood. She is a little more agnostic about Ireland's position as independent of England but is part of the Celtic revival.

'Padraig Mac Ruadhain '

b. 26 | UCAB | Writer| Heir | Suggested PB: Christian Cooke

An heir that is in danger of being a disappointment to his parents.  Despite being a staple of the establishment he has grown to be rather anti-establishment.  However, he is an only child and his father hates his own brother enough to not disown his son.  There was an expectation that he might excel in politics or in the ministry however he hasn't the tact to make much of a go of that.  What he is in bright and an excellent writer with an ability to write deeply persuasive texts.  His writing might very well be considered seditious by the more staid members upper echelons of society as it talks a lot of gender and class equality but it's popular amoung younger and more liberal UC and of course the WC and MC who are encouraged by it.

He does believe in Ireland's independence, and is considering making a run for a new parliament in Dublin if it appears - mostly to make a point.  He and Christabel have been friends since before puberty.  He encourages some of her worst traits of rebelliousness and being outspoken.

Sadhbh Rua

b. 26 | UCAB | Painter | Most traditional| Suggested PB: Crystal Clarke

Set apart all her life by her ethnicity, Sadhbh for a long time wanted desperately to fit in and as such has mastered every womanly art to a degree that would make Olivia Pendergast sit up and take note.  However, she was jilted shortly after her debut by a man who cited her ethnicity as an impediment but she considers herself British and found that the worst part of the snub - that he didn't consider her British enough to marry.  She may have made another match but she now see's her ethnicity as a badge of honor and not something she should count against her.  Her paintings feature ethnicity as a prominent theme. 

She attends the Hermetic order with Christabel because she thinks rich white muggles pretending to african and middle eastern magic is hilarious. 

Soul Mate
@Christabel Dempsey

'Casimir Markievicz'

b. 30+ | UCAB | Poet and Lawyer | Temper for a Firebrand | Suggested PB: Harry Richardson

So as his names suggests he is based on a real person- but his played name is open.  In true Victorian style he trained in the law, as it was expected that as a second he 'do' something.  His relationship with the law and legal practice is open but he is also a painter and playwrite.  This is his true passion. 

He is liberal in views, supporting women's vote and favoring equality of ethnicity and class.  He is a trade union supporter and a theoretical socialist. He had an elder brother who died and as a result of the death he became the heir which has allowed him to indulge his passion for writing and producing artistic ventures. 

I would like him to be the Casimir  to Christabel's Constance Markievicz!

He could be a gay man who just wants to assuage the rumours and 'do his duty' as an heir, but in this case he and Christabel would be best friends who genuinely care for each other, and they have an affectionate friendship. 
Underlined portions are flex and could be reworked to do double duty - Could be one of The Rebels

First Mate!
@Isis Silverthorne

Mr _____ Gibbs

b. 55+ | ACAB | Sea Dog | First mate of the Black Kite | Suggested PB: Bob Hoskins

He has been aboard the Black Kite since before Isis was born and when her father died he all but took on the role of father to Isis.  He is an experienced sailor who misses the proper days when the Kite was a true merchant navy vessel, under her father and grandfather and is softly disapproving of the shadier work that Isis takes on.  He has seen some shiz in his time as a sailor and is full of war stories. 

He was a very talented wizard, a second son from well to do wizarding family, he was born on the 29th of February and so is 'technically' only 15 or 16 in age.  The problem is his indentures papers to the Black Kite state that he will remain an apprentice to the captain of the Black Kite until his 21st Birthday - and his birthday only happens every 4 years.  He has a strict personal duty code and so refuses to leave before his contract his done. 

He is one of few people Isis listens to and does not mind his parental type meddling. 

Awkward Arrangements
@'Natsuko Mountbatton


b. 30+ | UCAB | went to Mahoutokoro  | His job if he has one is something nerdy | Suggested PB: John Cho

He is the second son of a wealthy family.  He is disinclined towards society but intelligent.  He just wants to be left alone with whatever he does and would probably be happier as a middle class member of society - free of certain social obligations.  He isn't cruel, vain or capricious, but with 'big kid in sweetshop' vibes. 

However, his mother is ambitious and keen to see her sons marry for comfort and position - this second son is her favorite and so a girl with cash was always on the cards.  There was the idea that England would also allow him step out from his brother's shadow - and he sees it as an opportunity to also get out from his mothers nagging - as to whether she accompanies him and spoils his plan, or not, would be up to you. 

The arrangement was made between the family and Natsuko's gaurdian- her aunt. 

This isn't a love match - his preferences and sexuality are open
Could do double duty in other plots!

[Image: CgHzljG.png]
Bee is amazing
Kit's Plottables
❧ Please contact me before making a character.
❧ I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
❧ I obviously want activity out of you but I am fairly lax on that! If there are repeated losses in the AC though and you don't talk to me about what is happening with it, I reserve the right to throw the wanted ad back up for someone else to take.
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently so I can plan accordingly.
Still seeking: December 31st, 2021.

For Philip Aymslowe
@Philip Aymslowe


b. 1860-1862 | ACAB | Open House | Open Occupation | Suggested PB: Dominic Sherwood for lols but very open

This Boyfriend is a very close "friend" of Philips that frequents his sweet shop. Philip had a crush on him for a long while and they shared a kiss in April of 2020. They then went months without talking because Boyfriend assumed Philip had rejected him (it was a misunderstanding). This was cleared up in December of 1890 and they decided in January 1891 to explore their feelings for one another. Whether they really have and are together now or Boyfriend got cold feet and has been ghosting Philip for a year or something we can hash out together!

At any rate, Philips mother thinks they are a thing despite her not knowing anything about what happened and thinks her son is gay (he's bi but still) since he has never shown much interest in holding a womans interest.

He was previously played but the only details that need to be kept intact are the above developments. <3

For Clarissa Cosgrove
@Clarissa Cosgrove



While being hit with nostalgia on the old board while reading the threads of one of Clarissas more intense ships, I have decided to make this ad to give Clarissas love life some drama. This is definitely meant to be a romantic interest for Clarissa. This boy was in the same year as Clarissa and horrid at all things Etiquette which is one of the required Hogwarts classes for all years. So, he asked her for help in their fifth year which she provided gladly despite this being one of the first times she had ever been spoken to by him.

This boy was generally brutish in nature but was swiftly attracted to Clarissa and was quickly intent on wooing her despite knowing she is way beyond his social means. The fact that he had competition in the form of an upper class Slytherin in Clarissas year seemed to only encourage him and he felt that it was unfair he should be out of the running because of current lack of wealth. They eventually had an intense emotional affair of sorts and Clarissa even let him kiss her hand once. Scandalous!

All this transpired during their fifth year and he left after taking his OWLs. They likely have written one another since then and he has done his best to put in place building blocks for an upward mobile career of some sort.

OCT 2021 EDIT: Her courtship with Emrys Selwyn was publicly declared in Witch Weekly in September 19, 1891 which could have reached his ears. Barely a  month later,  Mister Selwyn broke the courtship and is marrying another woman. Perhaps, he could take this as a sign to shoot his shot?

double duty!: Fake Forfang

For Morgana Gaunt
@Morgana Gaunt


b. 1870 | WCPB | Slytherin Dropout | Open Occupation | Suggested PB: Bill Skarsgard

He attended Hogwarts in September of 1881 and so has a pre-September birthday in 1870. He stopped attending Hogwarts after finishing his third year. He is a parseltongue and betrothed to Morgana. She is devoted to him and he, in turn, worships her but tends to be jealous of her capabilities. He is unlikely to be mentally sound and is prone to violent outbursts if he perceives someone as being disrespectful to him. He and Morgana were married on January 1st, 1891.

Marvolo is a canon on the canon list so be sure to reserve him there!

[Image: gP4NAe.png]
and they were ROOMMATES
❧ Please be active
❧ If dropped, I reserve the right to put him back up for adoption
❧ Please contact me before making
Still seeking: December 31st, 2021

For Garrett Cavey
@Garrett Cavey

WCAB | Any | Any| Suggested PB: Open

Garrett sought out a roommate back in October 1888 and sometime after that but before December 1889, this young man took up the offer. When Garrett found out about his almost-lovers death in January 1890, this guy was there for him even though he didn't know why Garrett was seemingly in some sort of mourning. One instance of comforting even ended with the both of them falling asleep in each others arms, oops. Since then mutual romantic and sexual tension has been growing between the two of them with both ends thinking it isn't mutual.

This could even be an existing character if they fit the bill and timeline!
Reserved for Thaniel!

Still looking as of June 23rd, 2021
Embers of an Old Flame
@Jesse Hatchitt and by extension @Fallon Hatchitt

1863-64ish | open house | widowed | rep 7+
Vanessa Hudgens is pictured,
but I really don't care, POC encouraged!

As I mentioned in his Bridgerton survey Jesse had a friends with benefits situation going on for a little while after graduation. He and said ladyfriend went to school together, were likely in the same year or house, easy friends; Jess has his fair share of sisters anyway. She could have been friends with his sister, Connie in school too!

Her backstory is pretty open, any blood and class combo could reasonably work, as long as she was somebody who would befriend him personality-wise. Fair warning he was a bit of an asshole in school, got in fights a lot, etc, but he was better around people who took the time to get to know him, which she obviously did. I'm calling her Sarah here, but her name is totally open.

For whatever reason (drunk? dumb kid things?) Jess and Sarah fall into bed once. It was pretty terrible, but that sparked them to explore it a little further until it was no longer awful. They came up with a friends with benefits situation because why tf not? They used contraception of some kind to avoid any unwanted consequences and it went on for a couple years (he graduated in 1881, so if she's younger, after she graduated), dates flex.

Their arrangement came to an end when she started courting someone of a good station/place in life to properly do so for her and give her a comfortable living. She may have been WC or MC and moved up a class? Maybe she was MC and said gent just fit what she needed in life. On Jesse's side it ended amicably, but she could have totally had feelings for him along the way. He never did, nor did he give any indication because they were such good friends and he didn't want to screw that up. Any who, she moves on (possibly literally to a different country so they haven't run into one another for a long while?) and doesn't resurface until recently!

I'd like her to be widowed and out of or almost out of mourning, moved back to London/Bartonburg to be near family with her 1-2 kiddos (not Jesse's!). She's a good mom and is looking to remarry asap! I'm really just looking for her to cause drama for Jellon, so she could be temporary, but who knows where the musings will take us!

Still Looking as of Dec 31, 2021!

[Image: 3HhBWO.png]
delicious biceps brought to you by MJ!
ghost bestie
❧ Please be active
❧ If dropped, I reserve the right to put him back up for adoption
❧ Please contact me before making
Still seeking as of December 31st, 2021


b.1869ish | AC | Ghost | Hogsmeade
Suggested PB: Justin H. Min

Named 'Williams' in posts at the moment, it can be changed. He and Tycho were friends in life but somehow got much closer after Williams's death in 1885 in the Ministry Explosion. He tends to fluctuate between blaming Tycho for not warning him with his Seer abilities and having fun with telling people the gory details of how he died. He also used to help out with Tycho's psychic show but the ministry aka Ford Greengrass said 'stop that'.

They consider one another 'best friends' and live together in Tychos Hogsmeade residence in Wellingtonshire. They have moments where Tycho turns book pages or reads out loud for Williams so the ghost probably liked to read when alive or else Tycho would not bother with it lol. He is close enough to Tychos age that he both went to school with Ty and was able to recognize Ford as being "one of those Greengrass guys".

Some established things:
*There is a pretty debutante ghost that he flirts with regularly.
*Ford once tried getting information about Cleon (one of Tychos past hookups/friend that stays over sometimes) and Tychos friendship but he claimed to know nothing. So is very discreet since he knows what Tycho sometimes gets up to and with who.

I have Justin H. MIn pictured because Umbrella Academy but PB is wide open.

Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
Kelly's Adoptables
  1. Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them! I prefer to take a look at the app before they are registered. Reserves last up to a month, though feel free to ask for an extension.
  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    Updated: January 1, 2022
Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.
I have characters labeled in levels of priority. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want the "low priority" characters made, but rather that they're less intertwined with my character's doings at the current moment! I'd still love to seem them played if you're interested!

The O'Connell Family

Elizabeth O'Connell
b. 1835 | MCAB | Open Class of '53/54 | Wife/Feminine Occupation | 8/9

While Elizabeth O'Connell is not anti-career, she is anti-Richelle's-career. This is worsened by the fact that Ricky has yet to marry. Having nagged her enough, Ricky moved in with cousin Matthew a few years ago. Now that Matthew is engaged, Elizabeth is determined more than ever that Ricky marries before she becomes a burden.

Matthew O'Connell
b. 1857 | MCAB | Open Class of '75/76 | Open Occupation | 7/8

Cousin of Ricky, he has graciously allowed Ricky to stay in his home until she can manage her own living arrangements - a difficult challenge for a woman of their era. Now he finds himself engaged to be married, and senses that his cousin feels anxious towards this particular development. His work has been known to take him abroad.

___ ___
b. 18?? | MCAB | Open Class of '?? | Open Occupation | 7-10

A fairly open character - open enough to be existing - she is the current source of Ricky's anxiety. An unknown variable as to whether Ricky will soon be homeless, living with her overbearing mother again, or rushed to find a place of her own. Whether there is roots behind this anxiety is up to player.

Magic by MJ
Hello everyone! Welcome to my adoptables.
A few guidelines
  • Please message me (PM Addison Chatham) if you're interested!
  • Please include the family section on your apps
  • Run any massive changes past me first -- I'm usually up for it!
  • Unless indicated, details like exact job, Hogwarts house, etc. are up to you!

For @Addison Chatham
Addison's Biological Father (ACAB)

A Hogwarts 5th-7th year in the 1874-1875 school year (b. 1856-1859), who, for whatever reason, got caught up with Alice Chatham, who, unknown to him, became pregnant and had their son in July 1875. Since then, he's moved on and such, whether that was leaving after OWLs or continuing on to NEWTs after Alice left. He could have whole other attachments now that he's been living peacefully with, maybe he's grown to be a genuinely horrible man, either way--in my opinion, the more drama the better. Maybe he's considered somewhat respectable now, and discovering a bastard would ruin that? Maybe he even has legitimate children now!

Either way, the intent is for both him and Addison to somehow discover the truth. Maybe he's always had a striking resemblance to his father, perhaps father overhears the name "Chatham" and is possessed of the ability to do the necessary calculations to figure out what's going on. Perhaps he's one of the members of the Ministry department Addison now works in? Maybe Alice reveals the secret to Addison after he turns 17, and he goes seeking his father out? Maybe Alice drops the bomb to a fellow servant/coworker and it gets to the father through a long chain and there's a complete misunderstanding?

Reactions could be anywhere from "Awesome, I have a son!" to "Never speak to me or anyone else of this ever again."

There's also the possibility that he recently found out about Addison and just chose not to have anything to do with him. This would be especially interesting if he did work in a position that required him and Addison to work together more often.

Any way you want to play this could work. Faceclaim is completely open, since I've opted to use an aesthetic avatar for Addison so he could look like pretty much anyone. This could be an already played character, too, if he fits.

(adding potential double duty, though check with the makers of these ads first, of course: "Micajah" Pomfrey, Podmore Zoological Gardens Staff Member, Whizzhard Books Manager/Employee and anyone else you can think of!)

- please shoot me a message if you're at all interested and we can chat through additional details
- faces are completely optional, only suggestions - however some physical attributes are not
- if claimed adoptable is deactivated, will put back up for adoption :)

[Image: 497a343f5e47c9613af2a9bd445ad6c0bb688c16.gif]

DONE & DUSTED! Check back soon!
Bree's Plottables
❧ Please talk to me before registering or posting an app! I generally like to ~review a WIP app to make sure everything matches the applications/development of other family members!
❧ I generally have a rule of one family member per player to ensure the maximum interaction possible!
❧ Details may or may not be set-in-stone, so don't hesitate to ask if you're curious!
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently, to avoid hurt feelings! If you're just not feeling the character, either, don't be afraid to tell me so!

For Don Juan Dempsey

b. 1860-1865 | UCAB | Open House | Investor | Suggested PB: Josh O'Connor

When Don Juan won a publishing house in a game of cards, he came to the conclusion that it would only succeed with the help of someone who was more familiar with the business. Enter "Ives", an friend of Don Juan's who had an existing knowledge of publishing from other investments. Ives was sold half the company in exchange for his expertise and guidance. It was not long, however, before their ideas for the company's future began to differ, leading to a rocky friendship and working relationship. While Don Juan has historically had control of the creative department, Ives is looking to change that to preserve the reputation of the business...

Immediate connections: @Don Juan Dempsey
Potential connections: @Ozymandias Dempsey, @Cleon Broadmoor
#DoubleDuty: Philip's Boyfriend, "Marlowe Forfang"

still looking as of January 2022!

set by MJ <3
The Bestest BFF
for @Ella Grimm

Her PB is WIDE open, but this cutie is RL BFFs with Ella's PB; there's so much pic spam! I also have a ton of pictures of her already saved for you XD


[Lily Blue Bass]
Sept 1880 - Dec 1882 | unknown house | kiddo
rep 6+ | W/MCAB

Ella has a houseful but that doesn't stop her from being the must bubbly extrovert ever! I would like for her to have a childhood best friend from the neighborhood that she's probably been friends with for ~5ish years.

They could share a governess because they're neighbors? Maybe they ran into one another in the park and hit it off? Maybe the BFF has a bunch of brothers she tries to escape at every turn? Maybe she's a huge fan of quidditch and a fangirl over Ella's mom? There's so many options! I would LOVE (and prefer!) she get worked into an existing family, as long as they would socialize with the Grimms in spite of their numerous uh, "scandals" (both Ella and her sister Vivian are bastards that Ev claims, which is pretty public knowledge).

Are they off to Hogwarts together in 1893 or maybe the BFF has a early/late birthday and starts the year before/after for ~drama?? I'd love to work this out with you! (I'm super bad at birthday math, so my years may not line up?)
Reserved for Finn!

[Image: ArjmAQ.png]
MJ made my baby look so cute!

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