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Kayte's Plottables

Hello friends! Before we get started, I do have a few policies regarding my adoptables:
  • Please reserve your character with me before apping!
  • Obviously, I'd prefer activity from anyone to take these on XD If, after six months, I don't think you're doing much with them (I have very lax standards, don't worry!), I reserve the right to ask you to give them up so someone more active may take them on.
  • I'll give you two weeks after loosing a character in an AC before I put them back up for grabs! If you drop them via Maintenance, they become immediately available again. If you just want to temp drop them, talk to me first! :)
  • Anyone picking up one of my ads must include the family and personality sections. I provide the family in all my applications so just mentioning the names is quite fine by me. Personality can be as minimal as three basic traits, just so I know for sure that our ideas of the character mesh.
If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Aldous Crouch, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

Last updated January 3rd, 2021


Wanteds for...
Below, you’ll find requests that I need for a specific thing for a specific character. Go figure. They are different from my other wanteds in that they are not blood relations and there is some sort of arc in sight. So that’s exciting.

For Blythe
Someone call 9-9-9! As you may know, Blythe works at the Hogsmeade constabulary...and at the time of writing this, is the only person who does! (For shame!) I aim to fix that with these delightful offerings. The constabulary deals with petty crime (thievery, arson, bar brawls, prostitution), but anything more intense (read: fun) such as serial killers gets tossed up to the Ministry of Magic. As such, the people in its employ are reasonably reputable (7+) and have had some magical schooling (5+ years), but are not the cream of the crime-fighting crop.

[Image: BkXgibp.jpg?1]
Though always the constable, never the chief constable, "Henry" is something of a paternal figure at the constabulary, trying to guide the lads as best as he can within the framework of his position. It was actually he that originally told Blythe the secretary position was available as he also attends the Church of Magical Jesus. PB is HELLA open but pictured is Sterling K. Brown.

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild, @Benjamin Woodcroft
Bonus Ties: @Adam Ragge, @Earth Beck, @Temperance Fairchild, and any other members of the CMJ!

[Image: C4awBE4.jpg?1]
After flunking out of auror training, "Daniel" was far too embarrassed to find other Ministry of Magic work, and instead put his knowledge to use 'saving' the citizens of Hogsmeade. He thinks himself far more qualified than the Chief Constable and can be something of a blowhard, but his heart is in the right place and he always comes through in a pinch. PB is HELLA open but pictured is Chris Messina.

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild, @Benjamin Woodcroft
Potential Ties: Age-appropriate aurors.

[Image: 4dbHYqo.jpg?1]
Relatively new (think fall '89 or more recent) to the constabulary, "Jack" tried to find joy working in his father's shop (honest!), but eventually had to disappoint his family by protecting and serving instead (how dare he!). He is a very earnest youth, if a bit of a romantic at heart (the first time he had to deal with a prostitute was, reportedly, a hilarious sight to behold). PB is HELLA open but pictured is Daniel Portman.

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild, @Benjamin Woodcroft
Double Duty: "Aspen", "Joe", George Robins

For Clementine
Clementine's marital clock is ticking. Her brother will be pulling her out of school(?!) once her sisters are seen to—who better to enlist to help her than her best friend?

[Image: 2aF2vgM.jpg]
B. 1873-1874 | MCAB/UCAB | HUFFLEPUFF | SIXTH YEAR ('90)
Clementine met "Portia" just after their sorting, and the two were fast friends. Their natures compliment one another—"Portia" is measured while Clementine is headstrong, focused while Clementine is flighty, and both are deeply loyal to those they care about. "Portia" is probably happy to settle into the typical life of a young lady inevitably, but also harbors a desire to see the world and to find a way to leave her mark upon society (an appropriate mark, of course!). How she feels about Clementine's light sabotage is up to you, but she should agree to help out (at least at first!), however hesitantly. PB is hella open, but pictured is Anna Cathcart.

Immediate Ties: @Clementine Greengrass
Bonus Ties: @Hermia Bonaccord
Potential Ties: Other Hogwarts students & faculty, as appropriate
Double Duty: "Margaret" Wyndham, Alexandra Boggart, Isolda Binns

For Elinor
----- GOYLE
[Image: UzE2f7x.jpg?1]
----- and Elinor grew up together, and though they were different in nature—bold vs. reserved, impulsive vs. thoughtful—they were very close until their Hogwarts years, and still moderately close even then. It was, therefore, the height of betrayal when ----- did not stand by Elinor when she and Frederick became engaged. ----- later went on to marry Amos Goyle, though Nora didn’t learn this until many years later.

Wanted to plot out some decade-old drama because #yolo. What her marriage is like etc. is up to the first person to pick up a half of the happy(?) couple. Pictured PB is Anna Camp but this is flexible as long as her family had been in England for at least three generations.

Can't commit long term? This character can be a temporary!

Immediate Ties: @Elinor Goyle

For George
This year at Hogwarts saw someone learn George's secret, and the Ravenclaw was startled by what a weight off her shoulders (while another, new weight on her shoulders, mind) it was. Here's hoping for some related family drama this summer!

[Image: vkVlJ9Z.jpg?1]
The only surviving Waterford of his generation, Wilfred has, for as long as he can remember, aimed to restore his family to its former glory. The first step was to marry a woman for her dowry, though he is genuinely very fond and protective of his wife. The second was to produce an heir and continue the bloodline—hence misregistering George. Even with a proper son, Wilfred knows he has gone too far down the rabbit hole to change things now, and sees the family’s future as hinging upon George’s continued masquerade. He is a strict leader in his household, and plans to run in the next Ministry election. The suggested PB is Joseph Fiennes.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford
Bonus Ties: Ministry employees, as determined by his department.

[Image: t3ts1i8.jpg]
An only child, Eleanor had a sheltered childhood and adolescence, and was her father’s sole heir when he passed during her sixth year. She married Wilfred as much for security as for love, though is a diligent wife to him. She loves her children dearly and often tries to play peacekeeper between husband and firstborn, with mixed results. Emotionally, she is rather fragile. She is heavily involved in an appropriate local charity. The suggested PB is Winona Ryder with alternatives to be brunette.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford

[Image: pdvTUSh.jpg?1]
B. 1880* | MCHB | TBD | CHILD
The only real son of the Waterfords, Alexander has been doted on seemingly since his conception, and has no idea why their father seems to favour him over George. As far as Alexander is concerned, George is something of an idol, and they are incredibly fond of one another. The suggested PB is Archie Yates with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

* Though currently born in 1880, I would be willing to have this moved to August of '79 if you would like him to attend Hogwarts this year!

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford
For Imogen
[Image: JDAGzz3.jpg]
A resident of London. Imogen's brother, back when she was still Rosie-Mae, Amos insisted that they couldn't leave—and so, when his sister did, he did not. This paid off for him: the disappearance of a child was, over the course of the next year or so, enough to get his father to be a useful human being, and their father now keeps down a good job and has quit drinking. This means that, unlike Imogen, Amos was able to go to Hogwarts (and stay there!). With third years+ able to visit Hogsmeade, will brother and sister reunite? Yes, they will, that's why he's in plottables. duh. PB is quite flexible, but pictured is Bryce Gheisar. Reputation should be 6-8.

Immediate Ties: @Imogen Fox
Potential Ties: @Sisse Thompsett @Madeline Bell @Sloane Bixby @Alcyone Slughorn @Meta Lestrange @Alice Dawson @Edmund Evermonde @Calla Potts @Vivienne Atwood @Holly Scrimgeour @Maxima Goshawk
Doubly Duty: "Lonnie"

For Willard
O, beware, my lord, of jealousy... That's right, it's Othello time! Our hero is Willard Pryce, bastard son of Allistar Wyndham who has taken great strides in life as a result of his brains and sheer luck. But what will happen when jealousy rears its ugly head? Other members of our cast can be found here.

[Image: Epw2FdX.jpg?1]
The Desdemona. Willard views his greatest accomplishment to date as getting "Delia" to agree to marry him, and loves her fiercely. For herself, "Delia" is a compassionate woman and a strong judge of character; she is not at all afraid to stand up for herself and her interests, a combination that has ensured her friendships are strong and true. She thinks "Sullivan" to be full of himself, but works to befriend "Angelica" and the other Wyndham sisters. Though she may not get Desdemona's end, the player should be open to it! PB is wide open, but pictured is Karla Souza.

Immediate Ties: @Willard Pryce

[Image: SenensD.jpg?1]
The Iago. A third or fourth son, "Sullivan" never doubted that he would have to marry his fortune—a prize he found in "Angelica" Wyndham. He works a generic Ministry job where he has yet to secure himself any subordinates, much to his chagrin. In spite of his palling around with Willard, between parentage and race, he sees himself as better than the other man. Charming when he needs to be, "Sullivan" works long and hard to ingratiate himself with others, his end goal—money and power—never out of mind but continually out of reach. Though he may not get Iago's end, the player should be open to it! PB should be white; pictured is Brett Dier.

Played by MJ as @Myles Warrington

Immediate Ties: @Willard Pryce

[Image: 4b38tuG.jpg?1]
The Emilia. The eldest of the Wyndham sisters, "Angelica" believes she would have made an excellent son. Instead, her sex forces her to be an okay daughter—a bit more opinionated than she should be, a bit less still. She was very much in love with her husband when they married 1-3 years ago, though more recently wishes he cared a bit less about advancement. Still, she wants to see him happy... She views Willard as a friend of her father's, and has always called him "Mr. Pryce". This makes them cordial, but decidedly removed from one another in spite of their shared parentage. Though she may not get Emilia's end, the player should be open to it! Reputation is 9. PB should be white; pictured is Emilia Clarke.

Played by Amy as @Bianca Warrington

Immediate Ties: @Willard Pryce @Myles Warrington

[Image: pq9G019.jpg?1]
The Cassio. The handsome "Michael" has been good friends with "Delia" since childhood. Affable and charming, he loves her like a sister. He himself is unattached. This can be an existing character, if approved by the "Delia"! PB is open AF, but pictured is Henry Golding.

Immediate Ties: @Willard Pryce
Bonus Ties: @Myles Warrington

O beware, my lord, of jealousy...

graphics by mj!
MJ's Plottables
  • Please contact me before picking up one of my wanteds! If in doubt as to how to reach me, PM @Elias Grimstone.
  • Let me know if you plan to drop the character, temporarily or otherwise! If they go inactive and I don't hear from you, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption.
  • For the most part bolded facts are fixed, but (depending on the character) I might be flexible on some of the details, provided you discuss your ideas with me first!
Last updated: 04/01/21 | Click here for my adoptables!

For @Ishmael

Ishmael doesn't often turn people into vampires, but when he does, it's usually because he's gotten attached. He met these two - at different times - while they were still human, magic or muggle, and has either seen them on and off since then or they've fallen off his radar for a while and showed up in Britain out of the blue. Their backstories are very flexible, as they will be younger than Ishmael but can be from anywhere between then and now, be it from Revolutionary America, turn-of-the-century France, or basically anywhere from Britain, Europe, or Asia. I'd prefer you to talk to me first, obviously, so we can hash out the details - but I'm very open! These characters can be either permanent or temporary, depending on what you want to do with them: either way, come join the vamp!drama!



This dude once helped Ishmael out of a bind, and they became friendly after that. In fact, they were such bros that when this guy got in a life-threatening situation, Ishmael got sentimental and rescued him from his untimely deathbed. Or that's how Ishmael remembers it. This guy is much less cool with being a vampire than Ishmael is; being a good, honest, moral person, he has issues with drinking people's blood and may well have a lot of #angst if he has killed people in the past. Understandably, this has caused a bit of a rift in their friendship - Ishmael just wants him to lighten up and have fun so they can continue to be bros eternally. Pictured is Jake Gyllenhaal but face is totally open, depending on their background.

For @Ester Montgomery (& "The Degenerates")


B.?? | MCAB | PB: OPEN

Since her first scandalous affair with a pornographer, Ester has made a habit of hanging around with men in ~artistic circles, and here is one of them! “Raphael” all but considers himself a Renaissance painter reincarnated, an artistic genius who’ll go down in history. At some point in his life he chose to immerse himself fully in his passion for painting, though while he awaits his critical success in the galleried world, he may help make ends meet by offering above-board portrait sittings, dabbling in photography (and pornography), and perhaps private lessons as an art tutor. While on the surface a perfectly respectable character, he straddles society worlds between the upper and lowest classes - obviously, because he is also (privately) friends with Ester. She often gets modelling work for and through him. Need a character for those SEXY ART PARTIES, ANYONE? ;) More charming than he is romantic, he will however go to any lengths to pursue a new muse when he finds himself ‘inspired’ by a perfect new face, even if it means ambushing them in the street. Face is totally open, but pictured is Oscar Isaac.


B.?? | WCAB | PB: OPEN

Unlike Ester, who grew up comfortably, “Georgiana” had a tough childhood, and emerged from it under no illusions about the world, but with an uncanny knack of always landing on her feet. A prostitute by profession, though she dips her toe into the modelling world as well, she and Ester enjoy butting heads about their differences and occasionally squabble over men, but for all their bickering they are best friends, and Ester trusts her more than anyone else. Pictured is Billie Piper.

For @Jude Wright



Jude's mother. Emilia comes from a generally traditional/conservative upper class family. Although she and her husband got along reasonably enough, it was probably an advantageous match more than one of affection -  and, for whatever reason, they only had one child. Unfortunately for them, that child was Jude. Precocious as a kid and painfully opinionated as a teenager, he didn't make it easy for them to be the typical hands-off UC parents, but things only got worse after he'd graduated Hogwarts, butting heads with his father and derailing far too many dinner parties with socialist rhetoric and other distressing things. Worried about their standing in their social circles, they basically tell him to shape up or ship out - Jude does the latter, moves away to London, and basically ignores his parents' existence as much as humanly possible. At first, at least, they do the same to him - but they come across as perhaps too soft to disown him properly, as when Michael dies of the Laughing Plague in 1884, his will passes on the family estate and inheritance on to Jude as though nothing has happened. (No one is best pleased about this.)

Emilia herself may continue to live on the estate, rent somewhere in Hogsmeade/London, or some combination of both. Her personality is largely open, as is her Hogwarts house, what she does with herself since her husband's death, and how her feelings have or have not changed. I imagine her own rep/social standing has probably suffered somewhat since her socialite wife days, and she may have gravitated towards new friendships or interests as a widow. At some stage in her life, she might even have liked to have a career of her own - but as a married UC woman, didn't follow through - so maybe she's thinking about that again! Maybe she's even becoming more liberal! ;) Regardless, I think it would be interesting if Emilia tried to bridge the gap with Jude and gradually repair their relationship - but I'm pretty open to seeing how things develop!  

(Her natal family situation is also up to you, since Jude probably holds the title of 'Angry Gay Cousin' and doesn't see much of the extended family anymore.) Suggested face is Cate Blanchett, but open to alternatives as long as they're blonde/blue-eyed.

Kelly's Plottables
  1. Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them! I prefer to take a look at the app before they are registered. Reserves last up to a month, though feel free to ask for an extension.
  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    Updated: December 15, 2020
Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.
I have characters labeled in levels of priority. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want the "low priority" characters made, but rather that they're less intertwined with my character's doings at the current moment! I'd still love to seem them played if you're interested!
  • A "High Priority Character" is one whose actions are directly tied to the actions of my character at the current moment and likely have the ability to make decisions that could affect the fate of my character. Such characters might be parents to unmarried women, potential love interests, etc.
  • A "Medium Priority Character" is a one who is probably mentioned as an NPC somewhere and would be good to have around for current doings, but whose actions and involvement wouldn't likely directly affect whatever plots are happening. Such characters may be members of a friend group, relatives who they rely on for advice but not support, etc.
  • A "Low Priority Character" is one who likely isn't involved with the day-to-day doings with my character, likely because they have a life separate from my character. They may be a younger sister off at finishing school or Hogwarts, a married brother off with his own family, etc.
The Lukeson Family


b. 1845 | UCPB | Something Snobbish | Suggested PB: ---
High Priority Character

Second son and second oldest of his family, Lucas has always suffered from an unnecessary Middle Child Syndrome. While he accepted his brother as a fit heir as they grew up, that all changed when Ryder was bitten and turned into a werewolf. His own sister made him take an unbreakable vow to 'never speak of the family secrets unless only in the presence of fellow Lukesons'. He has been bitter of this ever since.

Flash forward and Ryder dies suddenly, leaving a heavily pregnant widow. Out of frustration and determination to get the money that he feels is rightfully his, he decides to arrange a plan to have his own sister-in-law kidnapped and later held for ransom. While things don't go according to plan, several memory charms and unbreakable vows leaves Lucas in the clear from being identified by his accomplices. The question is, what shall Lucas do now that his plan has failed? And will there be a discovery of his actions?

The only two houses I can personally see him in are Ravenclaw or Slytherin, but one may break the stereotype and go for a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. He only has daughters and this adds to his bitterness.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @"Avril Nott", @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson
❧ Bonus Ties: @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1873 | UCPB | Sixth/Seventh Year ('90) | Suggested PB: ---
Medium Priority Character

Shona has always received the blunt bitterness of her father's frustration for a lack of living sons. During her younger brother's life, things were completely fine, so it felt like an utter shock when her father suddenly turned cold after Gile's death in 1881. Due to this, she prefers more contact with her cousins for their kindness and support. I can even see her reaching out to Edgar Rey II, even if they are not directly related. Reserved for Elaine

❧ Immediate Ties: @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @"Avril Nott", @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson
❧ Bonus Ties: @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: Check out the Hogwarts Roster for fellow students of her year!


b. 1876 | UCPB | Third/Fourth Year ('90) | Suggested PB: ---
Medium Priority Character

While not the main focus of her father's bitterness, she certainly does feel the tension in the family. But she secretly feels that their father truly hates her more due to the fact that her mother died giving birth to her. Shona and Mairi have never truly been close as a result. Mairi tends to not stick how she feels about anyone for very long. One minute she could be kind and sweet to one of her cousins, and perhaps a day later she could be rather upset with them for the most unreasonable of things. This has caused her to have a strained relationship with not only family, but friends as well.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @"Avril Nott", @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson
❧ Bonus Ties: @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: Check out the Hogwarts Roster for fellow students of her year!


b. 1850 | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: ---
Medium Priority Character

The sister that made her own brother make an unbreakable vow to protect the other, Eliza is a very loyal member of her family. Close to both brothers while growing up, she grew closer to Ryder after he became a werewolf. It's negotiable if she knows about Ace's condition. Why she is a spinster is up to player.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @"Avril Nott", @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson
❧ Bonus Ties: @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Genius Brother


b. 1862 | MCHB | Chemist | Suggested PB: Dave Franco
High Priority Character

The second oldest son, a widower, and father to two children. Mercury met his wife, a fellow chemist, through work and the chemistry between them was undeniable. Her death hit him hard, but the responsibility of raising his (fraternal) twin sons Helium and Nitrogen kept him going. He is a passionate man, one who cares deeply for the things he holds dear. Though it also means he has a habit of losing himself in his work, or forgetting that perhaps not everyone around him cares or even understands that much about chemistry like he does. He was a Ravenclaw.

Recently he has been exchanging anonymous letters with a new explorer, offering a scientific perspective on certain matters and such. The letters leave him thinking deeply on matters, and he feels a certain fondness for the person writing back. Will it lead somewhere? Or will he forever wonder what could have been?

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: @Madeleine Backus

The Church Bestie

___ ___ NÉE ___/___ ___

b. 1864-1866 | ACAB | Open | Suggested PB: Brenda Song
Medium Priority Character

She individual may or may not be married. Having been close to Earth since the 1878-1879 school year of Hogwarts, she was the one who converted Earth to the Church of Magical Jesus near the end of the school year. Likely to be in Ravenclaw as well, she had a very open mind regarding Earth's name as well as that of her siblings.

While things were awkward for a bit for the two friends when it was discovered that Uranus is a squib, the two friends have stuck by one another.

Now having relationship trouble, she has come to Earth for help with trouble in paradise. She's in love with someone besides her courter/fiancé/husband. Moral conflict comes to light for the two friends. This plot will officially begin when the character is taken. It would be ideal if the 'lucky' loves are played.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck
❧ Potential Ties: @Temperance Fairchild, @Blythe Fairchild, Other fellow church members

The School Bestie

___ ___

b. 1872 | UCAB/MCAB | Auror? Ministry | Suggested PB: Corey Fogelmanis
Medium Priority Character

Sweetie and ___ have been best friends since first year. ___ was always a bit of a trouble maker, though was careful not to get into too much trouble as that meant the possibility of too many detentions for his liking and possibly expulsion. Ever since the whole drama with Handsome, ___ has since wisened up a bit to try and help Sweetie out of her emotional pitt of sadness. Even if he got into trouble, he tried his best to keep her out of doing something stupid due to anger.

There is the possibility that he has a crush on her, given how much he's willing to help her and stand by her. His relationship with Chrysanta is up to you, but he wouldn't go starting a fight while Sweetie is around given how close the two girls are. He is a Slytherin.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sweetie Whitledge
❧ Potential Ties: Check out the Hogwarts Roster for fellow students of his year!

Some of my characters have other wanteds in the adoptables section as well as plottables. @"Alina O'Malley" has her estranged father here. @Henrietta Davis has siblings here. @Maxima Goshawk has family here. @Rosie Binns has family here. @Sweetie Whitledge has her sister here and her rival friend here. @Winifred Fudge has the Sanditon peeps here. And last, but certainly not least, my adoptables here. Come join the family!
Other players will likely have different rules in their adoptables than I do, please keep this in mind upon making requests for characters.

Magic by Stefanie!

Finn's Plottables Rules:
  1. Please contact me to reserve a character before filling out an application. (@Billie Farrow)
  2. If you're going to temp drop a character, I totally understand. Just please let me know so I don't assume you have dropped them permanently.
  3. Many of the details in the ADs are fixed, but I'm totally up to discussing and tweaking if need be.

Heya!  These are the plottables for Finn.  If you want to play someone, please contact @Billie Farrow.  Please try to be active!   If you want adoptables, check over here.

Fergus Andrew Wallace

[Image: ezgif-6-677b91e77193.jpg]
1880 | Middle Class | Halfblood | Bastard & Mischief Maker

Fergus is the bastard son of @Wallace Murphy. His mother died in childbirth, and her last words were "Fergus Andrew Wallace." Murphy isn't quite sure if she intended Wallace as the boy's surname or if she was simply stating whom the boy's father was, but it ended up being the name given to the child.

Murph took Fergus in as a baby, and he raised the boy at the zoo in Colorado that he's a shareholder of. Fergus grew up with tutors and a woman who was hired to take care of him while his father was off on research ventures. Despite his father's occasionally long absences, he always made time for the boy and often invited him to the job site for at least a few days at a time. The boy is very experienced in working with creatures; he has helped at the zoo since he turned six.

July 1890, they made a trip across the sea to visit Eva, Beau, and the rest of the boys from the Arizona team for the QWC. Dreading the boat ride and taking a liking to the zoo in Irvingly, Wallace has fixed to stay.) Not to mention, he wants to keep an eye on Eva and Beau.) This means that Fergus will be attending Irvingly School and then heading to Hogwarts in 1891.

He is somewhat like his father, personality-wise. He's adventurous, rough around the edges, and kind. He is very close with his father; they tease each other mercilessly. Despite the fact Murphy hopes Fergus follows in his footsteps, he's incredibly supportive of whatever path his son chooses to follow

Play-by is flexible, but pictured is Christopher Convery who looks like he could be related to Murphy. He could be of any race, as long as he has a semi-resemblance to Wallace. He could even possibly be First Nations! Sladen Peltier is an option. I love finding kiddo play-bys, so I'm happy to help, if needed!

[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!

Because Charming needs more crime! @Imogen Fox wasn't born under that name, but it's the family she chose—or rather, that chose her.

The Fox has run his shop for at least two decades, and few—if any—people know much about his life, interests, etc. before that time. Slightly more know that he's something of a purvayor of...well, anything, regardless of the legalities of it.

The shop itself is at the opposite end of Knockturn Alley from their biggest competitor, Borgin & Burkes. It's small and dimly lit but open at all hours, with a hidden parlour at the back available only to select customers. The flat above the shop is occupied by the Owl, while Mouse has a small chamber off of the storeroom and Fox & Hound live in a proper dwelling elsewhere in the city.


If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Aldous Crouch, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

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[Image: OJafsEK.png]
"Simeon" Fox was, like many in the brood, born to a different name. After doing something to incur the ire of his father, he was disowned, but did not let that stop him. An unregistered fox animagus, he took on the animal as his new surname, reinventing himself as the proprietor of a Knocturn Alley pawn shop. Known to older families as a place to procure objects that even Borgin & Burke won't, dwindling families as the place to make quick coin to keep up appearances, and savvy criminals as the place to discard dangerous hauls, Fox & Son looks like little more than a hole in the wall—but Mr. Fox has an uncanny ability to get what you need. Reputation of 5.

Just as certain objects have a usefulness, so too do people, and The Fox has long cultivated individuals who may prove to be of use to him. Those who come from nothing he gives his name—a common enough one that he can deny affiliation, and never even really his to begin with—and becomes a paternal figure towards, where as others are simply business arrangements.  The Fox is an intelligent, shrewd, and calculating man. Unsurprisingly, then, the suggested PB is Aidan Gillen. He was previously played, so please register with extra characters :)

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"Gregory" Fox is The Fox's only known child, raised under his father's calculating influence to be both loyal and malleable. Though co-owner in name, he is generally the one sent by his father to procure more sensitive items, and as such he's a fairly skilled wizard, for all that one wouldn't think it to talk with him. Reputation of 4-5. The suggested PB is Alfie Allen.

Immediate Ties: @Imogen Fox @Simeon Fox @Jay Fox @Hestia @Florence Fox

[Image: GKI1anr.jpg]
"Lyle" Fox was taken in after being expelled from Hogwarts before OWLs and lurking around the shop a ton. It is he that allows the shop to be open at all hours, almost exclusively working the "night shifts". Imogen was taken in at his suggestion for reasons unknown to her (and up to you!), for which she considers herself indebted to him. Reputation of 4. Suggested PB is Omid Abtahi.
Played by MJ

Immediate Ties: @Imogen Fox @Simeon Fox

[Image: seK9M7D.jpg]
"Florence" Fox was taken in at the tender age of four after being abandoned in the Alley. Beautiful and charming, The Fox has long mused that there must be some veela in her somewhere—though nowhere near enough in her lineage to ever know for sure. The Swan is used to charm those who might be useful and is often seen on the arm of rich men in lieu of a wife—in older times, she might have been considered a courtesan, but today, she is seen as, at best, a harlot. Reputation of 2.

Her connection to the proper Foxes is, publicly, negligible, but those who know The Fox well are aware of the family ties that bind. PB is wide open, but pictured is Naomi Scott

Played by Kit

Immediate Ties: @Imogen Fox @Simeon Fox @Jay Fox

[Image: KkzWUAP.png]
"Eli" Fox is a quiet boy—enough so that he seldom talks, at least not to Imogen. Illiterate and with no magical training, his role in life is simply to clean the chimneys of nice houses...and determine points of entry. Reputation of 5. Pictured is Milo Parker.
Played by Finn

Immediate Ties: @Imogen Fox @Simeon Fox @Jay Fox @Hestia @Florence Fox

[Image: VPkR5g8.jpg]
Not a Fox, merely an add-on. "Hestia" was little more than a street urchin for much of her life, but in her teenaged years, took a fancy to The Hound. Today, she serves as a pair of nimble hands to the Fox family alongside her companion. The relationship between Hound and Viper is up to whomever takes them on! Reputation of 3. Suggested PB is Zoe Kravitz.
Played by Lady

Immediate Ties: @Imogen Fox @Simeon Fox @Jay Fox

[Image: zVKXuL0.jpg]
Not a Fox, merely an add-on. "Agnar" has had a close working relationship with the Fox for more than a decade, though occasionally vexes his sometime employer by getting arrested for murder #yolo. He works alongside the Viper. Reputation of 1. Suggested PB is Gustaf Skarsgard.

Immediate Ties: @Imogen Fox @Jay Fox @Hestia @Eli Fox @Florence Fox

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Schemes are afoot! Graphics by MJ
Wedded Hell
For Beatrix Burke
@Beatrix Burke


b. 1870 | WCPB | Slytherin | Borgin & Burke's Employee | Suggested PB: Freddie Highmore

At the end of July '89 the long-planned marriage between the oldest son of Mr Burke and the only daughter of Mr Borgin went ahead with absolutely no enthusiasm from either of the newly-weds. Beatrix has been forced to leave Hogwarts after only five years despite having more than enough intellect to continue and Claude, though he performed poorly in his NEWTs, had some kind of plans that he now has to try to forget about. The marriage has not been consummated as since the wedding night Trixie has secretly been giving Claude a potion that either makes her hideous to him or renders him impotent. Whichever you prefer.

Their relationship up till now has not been especially cordial and at school they mostly avoided each other. Claude is notably a tad on the sickly side, which means he did not play Quidditch or cut much of a figure at Hogwarts where he was in the same house as the man Trixie has a raging lady-boner for. Whether Claude knows about this is up to the player!

Updated 14/07/20

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Lady made me gratuitously sexy
For Kit

[Image: 350x180]
B. 18??-1855 | ACAB | OPEN HOUSE | AUROR
A fellow Auror, the Angel worked rather closely with Kit before his captivity, and worries for him now. They do their best to steer him in a positive direction, with mixed results. Gender is open. They have a reputation of 7 or better. This can absolutely be filled by an existing character!

Immediate Ties: @Christopher Moony
Bonus Ties: @Faustus Prewett @Enoch Rosier @Benedict Sterling @Gerald Abbott
Double Duty!: Errington Warbeck David Scott "Richard" Meriwether Binns "Michael"

[Image: 350x180]
Kit met the Devil through the lovely world of underground boxing and the associated gambling. A reckless sort, he took a liking (whether genuine or motivated is up to you) to Kit and is often a negative influence. He doesn’t do anything SUPER illegal (murder etc.) in Kit’s presence because he’s not a complete idiot. He has a reputation of 7 or worse. This can absolutely be filled by an existing character!

Immediate Ties: @Christopher Moony
Double Duty: The Hound, The Wolf

graphics by MJ ♥ —
Victorian Era Revenge
This is a story of Revenge. It begins with a family torn apart by a scandal that is falsely placed on their shoulders. The father was framed for unspeakable acts and labeled a dark wizard for his troubles.

Fast forward and the only surviving member of his immediate family, his beloved daughter, has reemerged under a new name. And she has a bone to pick with the families who have ruined her family name. But she knows to get the best revenge means ruining them from the inside. So she targets them, one by one. Ruining their names like they have done to her father. Some will die, some will lie, and some will be left utterly ruined.

"Emily Thorn"/The Real Amanda
20-24 | MC → UCAB | Debutante
@Adrestia Dantés

The girl who was ruined. Ripped from her father's arms when the aurors came for him when she was at a tender age of 8, she was quickly sent to America to be raised by a distant relative. Flash forward and she has been through a lot to become the woman she pretends to be today. Bitter and out for a messed up version of justice, she is ready to clear her father's name and ruin the people that ruined him.

Nolan Ross
28-33 | UCAB | Investor
@Peter Salvage

A real genius. No, really. He would have made it to his NEWTs with practically perfect scores if it hadn't been for the fact that he was expelled for selling expensive wines that were actually his father's while at school. Not that this stopped him from making a name for himself. Growing to become a rather wealthy Investor of several companies, he is quite pleased with himself.

"Emily's" father gave Nolan his first real chance at a good start when he was first expelled, helping him invest in smart choices and giving him a good break before the other man was arrested. Having faith in the man and his innocence, Nolan took it upon himself to look after "Emily" by the time she was ready to get her plans started and arrived back in the UK. Not that she makes it easy. His own investments are what have been funding "Emily's" schemes and life of luxury.

Victoria Grayson
39-45 | UCAB | Socialite
Reserved for Elaine

The main reason why an innocent man went to jail, her affair with "Emily's" father made him the perfect target to deal with two birds with one stone in the eyes of her husband. The details are up for discussion, but she specifically is "Emily's" main target.

Conrad Grayson
45-53 | UCAB | Business Owner

A man of cunning and cutthroat ambition, Conrad's pride was hurt more than anything else upon the realization that his wife was having an affair. So when he ends up almost being framed by a group of dark wizards, he offers them up an even better and more trusting victim. He never even felt guilty for these choices, and has since gotten himself even deeper into their inner circles.

Daniel Grayson
26-29 | UCAB | Heir to the Family Businesses

"Emily's" planned 'in' to the social circle of his family, Daniel has thus far proven to be nothing like his parents thus far. Time can only tell if that shall remain to be true. In truth, he likely aimed to be part of the Ministry or one of the Hospitals if it hadn't been for some subtle meddling on his parents parts to keep him closer to home.

Charlotte Grayson
16-18 | UCAB | Student

Unbeknownst to all but Victoria, Charlotte is actually fathered by "Emily's" own father. She is quite close to the man who raised her, and is in constant conflict with her mother's controlling nature. She tends to spend time with those below her class, both because she prefers their company as well as to spite her mother.

Lydia Davis
35-37 | UCAB | Socialite

Supposed best friend of Victoria, the fellow socialite is currently oblivious to the fact that Lydia is having an affair with Conrad. But one of Emily's plans is to have this come to light.

Names and general idea for the plot provided by Revenge. These names are just placeholders. Please change the surnames, although first names are completely up to players.

This plot is meant to be a temporary one. I plan on this to not take too long, but it will depend on how fast threads go and such. I do imagine that one or two of these characters may die, so please keep that in mind. While this plot is temporary, the characters don't have to be. Please do keep in mind, however, that reps are likely to go down as the plot goes on.

Double up these characters at your own risk and be sure to check in with the other party you are plotting with regarding to reputation and such.

My general adoptable rules still apply <3

Still looking as of December 1, 2020

Magic by Stefanie!

Marlowe Forfang
Still seeking: December 2020

This gentleman (or person who presents as such) can be any age and from any background, but shouldn't be recognizable on sight in society. He has recently decided to introduce himself as Professor Marlowe Forfang, groundbreaking lycanthropy researcher. His motive for doing so is up to you but some ideas are included below. After being exposed to some other people in the academic community, however, he quickly realizes he's in over his head. Juliana is torn between being livid that he stole her work and wanting to expose him (but not knowing how to do so without exposing herself as well) and wanting to sort of My Fair Lady him into a semi-presentable academic so that he doesn't entirely destroy her credibility as a researcher.

Shenanigans will abound. I don't have an endgame in mind but don't see this as a super temporary character, so if you're interested in taking him you should be in for the long-ish haul. Existing characters (with or without retcons) are welcome!

Pictured PB is Arjun Gupta but it's open to anyone.

Potential motives for the identity theft:
— He wants a steady job and is using Forfang's credentials to apply for a position as: Hogwarts CoMC, DADA, or Magical Theory professor; Ministry's DR&CMC; Ministry's Research Committee; contrator for some sort of company who could use a 'werewolf expert' for some upcoming task like a trip through the Balkans; etc.
— He wants to collect some modest income from staging bullshit Q&A sessions or book signings.
— He wants to live large on the reputation piece (because living off credit was totally a feasible thing in this era if you were respected enough).
— He's pulling off some totally unrelated scam and using the fake name to engender trust in his target/mark.
— He's trying to court/marry someone whose parents wouldn't approve and he's therefore reinvented himself as Forfang thinking they'll be more on board with that.
— He needed a clean start after some shady background stuff and just happened upon this reclusive academic and thought it'd be a good fit.
The Local Kids

Moving to Irvingly has allowed Charity the chance to meet other magical children around her age. Despite her skpetical and reserved nature, she's found a group of friends—some by chance, and some by circumstance—who she regularly spends time with.

All of these children characters are eligible for the youngin' stamp on Charming, and will all be attending Hogwarts within the next 1-4 years! They can be attached to existing families, or they can be totally new characters, but they must be half-blooded or pure-blooded because of their place of residence. Play-bys are completely negotiable.

— Please talk to me before making a character!
— Details may be negotiable; ask if you're interested but need some things tweaked!

The Wallflower

b. Sept. 1880 - Aug. 1881 | MCAB | Suggested PB: Eva Romanenko

"Florence" is the first friend Charity made, and the one she is closest to. An only child, she's able to relate to Charity's lonely upbringing, but is privileged to have two loving, living parents. Her parents' struggle to conceive led to a smothering and protective parenting style; and as a result, she is extremely cautious and seems to believe she is more fragile than she really is. She has tried and failed to teach Charity the pianoforte. She lives in Irvingly.


The Rugrat

b. Sept. 1880 - Aug. 1881 | MCAB | Suggested PB: Makar Serdyukov

"Rupert" is the son of a well-mannered Ministry employee who works adjacent to Charity's Uncle Evander. He's a bit of a wildcard and seeks excitement wherever he goes—even if it means getting into trouble. Charity is weary of his antics, but rarely chastises him because of how negatively he reacts to his father's frequent ridicule. He is fond of magical creatures, but less fond of heights. He lives in North Bartonburg and is the brother of "The Daydreamer".

The Daydreamer

b. Sept. 1882 - Aug. 1883 | MCAB | Suggested PB: Dmitry Elchaninov

"Dennis" is, in Charity's opinion, the best person ever. He's a natural follower, but is the first to say what everyone is thinking. He's an adventurer at heart, but his sensitive disposition might make him a better candidate for a healer than a explorer. His father shows preference to him over his older brother, causing a rift between the two that no one knows how to solve. His lives in North Bartonburg and is the brother of "The Rugrat".

The Porcelain Doll

b. Sept. 1880 - Aug. 1881 | UCAB | Suggested PB: Angelica Smirnova

"Dolly" is only a part of their friend group is because her mother married up and retained her middle-class friendships—and it's nothing short of obvious. She's typically friendly and well-meaning, but she's always the first to turn her nose up at ideas and is quick to judge people who are different from her. She typically supplies snacks during their play-dates, loves praise, and is easily offended if not thanked for her generosity. She lives in Wellingtonshire.

PLAYED AS @Dolly Dearborn.

The Brooding Bookworm

b. Sept. 1879 - Aug. 1880 | MCAB | Suggested PB: Roma Gorban

Much like Charity in temperament, the only thing keeping she and "Barnaby" from being close is his misogynistic attitude and his bossiness. He believes himself above others because he comes from a family of academics, but in reality suffers from an undiagnosed learning disorder (#VErealism). He lives in South Bartonburg or Irvingly.

still looking as of July 2020!

cutest set ever by MJ <3
~He that can lay hold of her shall have the chinks!~
Maddie is this close to giving up her inheritance because she's discovered that Ana, the Russian she has been living with has been stopping her mail and witholding information from her.  And she is fully FORKED off with it.  She wants freedom - she would be prepared to give up financial security to do that, but this is Victorian england and there is more security in marriage than rather than just being pretty and broke (pretty broke?)

She's making very little bones about it, she doesn't especialy need affection, and is prepared to enter into a marrige of convienance, or to someone who wants the same thing but doesnt have the money.  (#blame @'Arvenfisk')

So throw your broke guys, your second sons, your rebels with and without causes.  If you want to get married with also zero commitment...hollar at Maddie!

Can be existing, or combined with another wanted

[Image: 3tPS0x.png]
Kit made a lovely gift! <3
~Emma and _____ in the Morning! ~
[Image: IbG7.gif]

I'm obsessed with Community - specifically Troy and Abed and I want a friendship like this for Miss Binns!

@Emma Binns is a sweet imaginative, whimsical child! I'd love for her to have a bestie as imaginative as she is. The two would be very comfortable playing pretend and generally being imaginative and whimsical around the castle! Sort of like how Tory and Abed have the Dreamatorium.

Any choice of house, any blood, gender or class - ideally they are in second year as well. the friendship can be new/developed in thread now, or established from last year when they were sorted/boats etc.

[Image: 7yVdV3m.png]
She's as cute as MJ is talented!
Finn's Plottables Rules:
  1. Please contact me to reserve a character before filling out an application. (@Billie Farrow)
  2. If you're going to temp drop a character, I totally understand. Just please let me know so I don't assume you have dropped them permanently.
  3. Many of the details in the ADs are fixed, but I'm totally up to discussing and tweaking if need be.

Heya! These are the plottables for Finn. If you want to play someone, please contact @Billie Farrow. Please try to be active! If you want adoptables, check over here.

The Unfortunate Governess

[Image: PoorCelebratedCassowary-size_restricted.gif]

@Leo Lupin will likely be looking for (another) new caretaker soon, and he is now at the age for a governess instead of a Nanny.  At six, he's very quickly developing into a sociopath.  He collects dead things, tortures/hurts animals, bullies children, plays cruel tricks, generally has no remorse or compassion for anyone, etc.  He has been through so many nannies that he's honestly lost count.  They've either left because they were fed up with having to endure Leo's torture, or they were fired because they either couldn't rein him in or the kid sabotaged them.  This is a fairly open plottable, and it could even be temporary.  The Lupin family is getting pretty desperate for someone that stays.

  • Supernanny:  Someone who is determined to curb Leo's behaviors and mold him into a more acceptable human being.
  • Victim:  A poor, exhausted and bully young woman who took this job as a last resort
  • Enabler:  Want to play someone who wants to help Leo secretly hone his skills and mold him into the dark wizard he's destined to be?  That would be hilarious.
Well-Meaning Mother:  Agnes Binns
[Image: ezgif-3-37b6db567694.jpg]
1832 | Gryffindor | Middle Class | Any Blood | Any Profession
Pictured is Mary-Louise Parker, but her play-by is open

Agnes is the mother of @Zachariah Binns, @Juliana Binns, and Hugo Binns.  She is well-meaning, but she is a bit of a helicopter parent.  She tries to be very involved in her children's lives, which is met with mixed opinions from said children.  She is always seeking to visit with them and nudging her two unwed younger offspring toward suitable matches.  She is a doting grandmother, adventurous, and intelligent in her own right.  Her flaw is that she cares very deeply about her children. However, above all else, she is kind.

There is a lot of potential for future drama.
Whizzhard Books Manager or Other Employee
[Image: 3bc912593050c20f150b5aa817f0b916.gif]
Manager: 21 or Older, Working Class, Full-Time
Other Employee: 16 or Older, Working Class, Can Work Part-Time

I am hoping to find people to work at Whizzhard Books!  Zach is about to go through some life changing shit, and he's going to be through some serious ups and downs of mood swings.  It'll be hilarious to have someone who notices and is either concerned or gives him shit about it.  This also opens up a lot of opportunities to thread with a large variety of people in the shop!  While the manager generally handles much of the day-to-day operations and events, Zach also employs others to work at the counter actually selling the books or organizing/cleaning.

I am open to all of your ideas.  I also have some of my own of the type of people who I imagine might work there whether full or part-time.  Poke me if you'd like to pick my brain.  <3

Hugo Binns
1850 | Gryffindor | Upper Middle Class | Halfblood
Any Lucrative Profession

Zachariah and Hugo don't always see eye-to-eye. Hugo has a somewhat dominating personality, while Zachariah is a bit more welcoming and open. Hugo often scoffs at his brother's "achievements," and he seems to engage in a one-sided competition about who is doing better. He has moved up in the ranks, and is on the cusp of moving up a class due to either his profession and/or business ventures. He doesn't understand having passion for his line of work, for he's more concentrated about the money and power output. He's a somewhat domineering father who shows his love in strange ways. He tends to treat his little sister like a child. He has a tense relationship with his wife. This is likely his fault.
Play-by that has dark hair and light or dark eyes.

His wife @Rosie Binns is played, as well as his sister @Juliana Binns and niece @Emma Binns.

[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Research Partner
❧ thanks Bree for the code!
❧ Be reasonably active.
Professor of Alchemy!
@Meserimus Valenduris
@Clue Leverett @Idunn Fraser @Angelica Vorona

Ceaser Pavesio

b. OLD | ACAB | Italian abstraction | Researcher in Alchemy | Suggested PB: Derek Jacobi

He and Meserimus have known each other  a long time, he has come to London austensibly to work on a research  project with Meserimus.  He is staying in Meserimus Hogsmeade home with him and his family for the summer. 

The pair are researching the intersection between potions and alchemy, specifically if potions can be used to augment the purity and efficacy of alchemical works (Get better quality gold through the use of potions) and to see if potions transmuted potions ingrediants work better or worse than a real item.  The aim being that it would be useful/easier to transmute a common substance into a rare potions ingrediant

Intended to be a TEMP but feel free to keep him around for your own reasons (Oh look Hogwarts needs an Alchemy prof!?)
[Image: gqorgwG.gif]

[Image: CgHzljG.png]
Bee is amazing
Kit's Plottables
❧ Please contact me before making a character.
❧ I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
❧ I obviously want activity out of you but I am fairly lax on that! If there are repeated losses in the AC though and you don't talk to me about what is happening with it, I reserve the right to throw the wanted ad back up for someone else to take.
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently so I can plan accordingly.

For Clarissa Cosgrove
@Clarissa Cosgrove



While being hit with nostalgia on the old board while reading the threads of one of Clarissas more intense ships, I have decided to make this ad to give Clarissas love life some drama. This is definitely meant to be a romantic interest for Clarissa. This boy was in the same year as Clarissa and horrid at all things Etiquette which is one of the required Hogwarts classes for all years. So, he asked her for help in their fifth year which she provided gladly despite this being one of the first times she had ever been spoken to by him.

This boy was generally brutish in nature but was swiftly attracted to Clarissa and was quickly intent on wooing her despite knowing she is way beyond his social means. The fact that he had competition in the form of an upper class Slytherin in Clarissas year seemed to only encourage him and he felt that it was unfair he should be out of the running because of current lack of wealth. They eventually had an intense emotional affair of sorts and Clarissa even let him kiss her hand once. Scandalous!

All this transpired during their fifth year and he left after taking his OWLs. They likely have written one another since then and he has done his best to put in place building blocks for an upward mobile career of some sort. The thing I had in mind was that now that she has debuted and no longer in the safety net of Pendergast School, he will be seeking to pick up where they left off.

For Philip Aymslowe
@Philip Aymslowe

b. 1868 (depending on birthday) | ACAB | Hufflepuff | Open Occupation | Suggested PB: Tara Lynn

Back in 1886, Philip came close to courting a young woman that he met at the coming out ball that debuted her into society. They shared his love of baking and food and connected quite well and were in contact via writing. She seemingly vanished off the face of the earth though. The reason why and whether she still has feelings for Philip are entirely up to the player.  Personality-wise, she was sweet, generous, jovial and kind - which was what attracted Philip to her in the first place.

She was previously played as Miss Fudge from the Canon List.

For Morgana Gaunt
@Morgana Gaunt


b. 1870 | WCPB | Slytherin Dropout | Open Occupation | Suggested PB: Bill Skarsgard

He attended Hogwarts in September of 1881 and so has a pre-September birthday in 1870. He stopped attending Hogwarts after finishing his third year. He is a parseltongue and betrothed to Morgana. She is devoted to him and he, in turn, worships her but tends to be jealous of her capabilities. He is unlikely to be mentally sound and is prone to violent outburts if he perceives someone as being disrespectful to him. He and Morgana are due to be married any day now.

Marvolo is a canon on the canon list so be sure to reserve him there!

magical set by mj!

Lilypie Maternity tickers

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