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Welcome to Charming, the year is now 1892. It’s time to join us and immerse yourself in scandal and drama interlaced with magic both light and dark.

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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Adoptable Characters
Fallin's Adoptables

All play-bys are open to you, I just ask that they look related to the characters in their family. I am fairly flexible with whatever you would like to do to make the character your's, I just ask you let me know what you are planning on changing.

PM @Sisse Thompsett to reserve before creating. I reserve the right to hold the reservation for only a week before I open it again. Thanks!

Galina’s Past
For @Galina

Vampire | A World of Experience | 250+
Few people know Galina’s past, let alone her origin, but her Maker does. When Galina met Boris it was in the Russian court at the invite of the then Tsarina (Princess) Catherine. Galina does not know his actual name, only that he was from the Northern Reaches of Prussia - if that was where he was actually from at all. The Boris that Galina knew was a light hearted dandy, cheerful, and protective of Catherine. He also was interested in Galina’s brother. Galina enjoys the fact that he often debated with her and that he seemed intellectual and well learned as well as fun. When smallpox hit the palace and Galina caught it he tells her of what he is and allows her to make the choice - die or be turned. Galina takes his offer to be turned and they both have to escape from the Palace. After a few days on the run Boris disappears and Galina never sees him again.

If he is picked up he should be new to the area.

Suggested play by: Aaron Taylor Johnson

The Thompsett Family

For Miss @Sisse Thompsett

Matthew Thompsett, Sr.
MCPB | Gryffindor | b. 1841

Born 1841 to a pureblood family, Mr. Thompsett attended all seven years of Hogwarts as a Gryffindor, before taking an internship with the ministry. He now works in the ministry in a job that Sisse has never quite figured out (i.e. up to you). He his a respectable man and worked his way up the ranks until he was able to support a family. He met his wife in 1873 and the two were set to marry within the first two months of their courtship. At the exposure of the wizarding world he moved his family to Hogsmeade in 1871. He is respected by his children and is more lenient that his wife in regards to what they can and can't do. He is frugal and most of his personality is up to whomever would like to play him. After the loss of his wife at the Sanditon Resort Season Closer in a spliching accident in 1891 he is withdrawn and has let his eldest son pick up most of the responsibilities.
#doubleup not quite a wanted
I've mentioned him as high up in ministry so an Assistant Head of the Dept. Magical Transportation, or another ministry head position would easily pair with him.

Matthew Thompsett, Jr.
MCHB | Recent Grad | b. 1872

The oldest Thompsett child Matthew was born in 1872. He attended Hogwarts starting in 1883 and was sorted into Gryffindor. He's described in Sisse's posts as your typical popular boy, with lots of friends and an attitude to go with it. He also is known for thinking himself much more mature than his younger siblings. He loves exploding snap and quidditch but is afraid of flying (not a well known fact). After the death of his mother in the fall of 1891 he has stepped into the role of man of the house.

Henry J. Thompsett
MCHB | Fourth Year GRYN/PUFF | b. 1877

The youngest of the Thompsett brood, Henry was closest with Sisse until she went to Hogwarts. His personality is largely open but he should have a good relationship with his older sister. He is available to apply for prefect this upcoming school year [1892].

The Delaney Staff
For Miss @Caroline Darrow, @Evander Darrow, & @Anthony Delaney

Caroline and her brother came from London to further the Delaney shipping name. Their staff is handpicked and groomed from their father's employees.

"Hope", the Maid
WCAB | American | 20-23
Hope and Caroline grew up together as such they are as close as thieves now. If Caroline's up to some kind of trouble you can bet that Hope is in on it. They may not have gone to school together but Hope has some education. She and her family are also very loyal to the Delaneys and she would have been raised for this position. She is from Boston and is from the working class. And is very friendly with Anthony (perhaps she has a crush on him?). When Caroline got married Hope moved with her to Caroline's new home in Irvingly.

[Image: Fvrksn.png]
ANOTHER amazing signature from Bee <3
Elvi's Adoptables

  • PM @Gwynedd Oakby (or message me on Discord) if you're interested in any of my adoptables!
  • If you want to change anything, just ask. I'll probably say yes (and).
  • See character apps for additional details. As mentioned, I'm always up to discussing changes.
  • If you're planning on dropping a character please let me know beforehand, if at all possible.
  • If a character goes inactive I may put them back for adoption.

For Ned
Mses. [Caris] & Idris Oakby
B. 1870 & 1872

Ned’s girls - check out the canon list. The older one is a squib and younger one a squib right activist/suffragette. My mental placeholder for them is Jane and Elizabeth Bennet.
Mrs. [Rhosyn] née Oakby
B. before 1841

Married (not necessarily happily) with kid(s). Lost household member(s) in the laughing plague of 1884, and this was blamed on Glen.

Double duty:  Emilia Wright (estranged family galore)?
Mrs. [Brunella] Oakby
B. between 1844-c.1850

Ned’s wife who “ran away with another woman” in 1879. Who really knows what happened?  (I ship her with Rhos.)
Mr. [Glendowen] Oakby
B. between 1838-1841

A golden boy who couldn’t keep up with the expectations, stumbled from scandal to scandal, and hasn’t been in touch with the family since 1884. See also additional plot idea.

For Thea

The Twycrosses! Especially the dad. I'd love to learn what sort of man married Professor Twycross.
Elaine's Adoptables
I only have one adoptable at the moment, but I anticipate having more at a later date. Here we have the one so far. Updated 5/11/22

Aleksei Morozov
b. 1863 | UCPB | Durmstrang Class of '81 | Healer | 8-10
Suggested Playby: Zachary Levi

A truly kind and gentle man, surprising for one who attended Durmstrang, Aleksei kept correspondence with Lydia during their school days, and now he's married his beloved school-days pen pal and sweetheart. They have one child together, Dmitri, who will be attending Hogwarts in either 1900 or 1901 (depending on whether he was born before or after September 1st), and are expecting at least one more. But given that Lydia is one of a set of triplets, well, there's a significant likelihood of multiples on the way. Further details, including whether Aleksei is a firstborn son, are up to the player.

Gilded beauty by MJ!

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