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Clare Victoria Basiltree for Christopher Basiltree.
Meddlesome mother, but make her a squib <3
The thought of marrying Cecily Gallivan had occurred to Fitz in the way that the thought of marrying any attractive young lady did: a firm maybe and a hasty step away to more pleasurable topics, like sport or brandy.Fitzroy Prewett in Well. That took a turn.
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Elaine's Adoptables
Hey, guys, it's me. You know. The bottle of chaos in human form. With a cast of ladies. Anyway, this lady's got some family roles that aren't fulfulled by preexisting characters. My rules are pretty lax; just let me know if you want one of these characters. I'd like to have advanced information about them and how you're planning to use them, and I really like seeing apps before they're posted but it's not required at all. PM me, or get at me on Discord if you have it.

The Extended Farbridge Family
Surnames here are completely open except for with Delphine, who is Angelique's mother. Claudette is old enough to be married and already have a handful of children; Jean-Luc is of an appropriate marrying age and would increase the pool of hurlable UC men.

Delphine Farbridge
39 | UCHB | Beauxbatons Class of '69 | Open | 9 (rumors)

The reason Delphine has only one child is of personal devastation. The losses of her earlier children are a heartache for her, and the reason she dotes so dearly upon her daughter. Odds are, she is either a socialite, or after her husband's death she entered the category of working upper class ladies, following a childhood dream. I believe if she had attended Hogwarts, she would have been sorted to Ravenclaw.

Suggested playby is Claire Danes, with alternates to be light-haired and roughly age appropriate.

Claudette _
37 | UCHB | Beauxbatons Class of '71 | Socialite | 9 (rumors)

Claudette's the aunt that gave Angelique Eloise the cat. I see her being a very open type of person, and am fairly sure she married for love. She might be a hobbyist breeder of Chartreux cats. Her husband keeps and breeds black Percherons, and possibly also a breed of winged horses.

Suggested playby is Sarah Gadon, with alternates to be light-haired and roughly age appropriate.

Jean-Luc _
33 | UCHB | Beauxbatons Class of '75 | Open | 9 (rumors)

The only son of the family, he will be the one to bear forth their family name - which means whoever takes this gentleman will be the one who properly decides the family surname! I could see him as several occupations, from international liaison to Quidditch sponsor, just as a way to pass the time. The family is rumored to be part-veela, though that is untrue. How does Jean-Luc deal with that? He is unmarried.

Suggested playby is Lucas Till, with alternates to be light-haired and roughly age appropriate.

Vivien _ née Farbridge
60 | UCHB | HOUSE Class of '48 | Socialite | 10

Vivien is the angry aunt. She is upset over several things. That she wasn't eligible to inherit any of her brother's fortune. That her childhood home will be left in the hands of her niece. That the Farbridge name, as a respectable upper-class family, has gone extinct. She may have been the cause of the half-veela rumor.

Suggested playby is Samantha Ferris, with alternates to be dark-haired with minimal noticeable plastic surgery and roughly age appropriate.

Amelia _ née Farbridge
49 | UCHB | HOUSE Class of '59 | Something charitable | 10

Aunt Amelia is the "cool aunt" archetype in Angelique's life. Settting the example for philanthropic deeds, now that her youngest child is in their teens, she's entered into a respectable "career" - I could easily see her as a columnist for the Daily Prophet, debunking old wives' tales about pregnancy and womanhood, or a museum tour guide - though she otherwise keeps to herself. I also imagine her being an embroiderer.

Suggested playby is Diane Kruger, with alternates to be roughly age appropriate.

The Avery Family
Lillian Avery | Will Avery

There are certainly other Avery branches out there; this one's not as purist, but just as pure, if you catch my drift. ;) Charlotte's married name and Rosemary's maiden name are fully open, Rosemary's first name is softly open, because idk I just like the way Wilbur and Rosemary sound together. The father's name is required to be exactly as it is. Faces can be switched, but I really would love these faces. I will make sets.

Rosemary Avery née __
b. 1834 | MCPB | Open House Class of '52
Socialite/Charitable Employment | 10
In full mourning until April 1893

A wealthy pureblood socialite on the surface, Rosemary is the driving force of kindness in this branch of the Avery family. I personally see her as a Hufflepuff, but it is open to your interpretations and how you see her. She is perhaps best described as looks like a cinnamon roll, but will stab, especially if harm is threatened unto her family. The family holds soft purist beliefs, and lives Elsewhere.

Pictured is Holly Marie Combs, with alternates to be brunette and roughly age appropriate.

Charlotte __ née Avery
b. 1859 | MCPB | Not Gryffindor Class of '77
Socialite | 10
In full mourning until April 1892

The ideal wife. The perfect daughter. Charlotte was not thrilled when word reached her of her younger sister's birth. She was supposed to be the princess. And worse, her brother Will was immediately doting upon little Lillian! And so she was determined to find herself a perfect match. And she did! She met her husband initially over Christmas break at a private function hosted by his mother, and became pen-pals. With a little persuasion, she convinced her mother not to send her to finishing school. The family holds soft purist beliefs.

Pictured is Lyndsy Fonseca, with alternates to be light brunette and roughly age appropriate.

[Image: jAvDeO.jpg]
Rosa’s Wanteds
Oh hi.

Some general guidelines:
  • Please let me know if you’d like to adopt someone. PM Josie Jones, skype me, or see me in the cbox.
  • Bold means something I’d very much like, but we can maybe talk about some of them.
  • I’m usually easy on PBs, but please check with me first.
for Josie
@Josie Jones

Bryn Jones

[Image: i1QYcqL.jpeg]


Josie’s father is Bryn Jones (other names are acceptable but please check with me first), a working class wizard born in Cardiff around 1850. He has a menial job at the ministry, think magical maintenance or security wizard. He is an easygoing guy, very charming, on the cusp of being flirtatious, and is a devoted father (personality is actually pretty open for Bryn, with the major exception of him being a great dad). However he is not a devoted husband.

Many years ago, Mr and Mrs Jones’ relationship broke down. Perhaps due to Mrs Jones being unable to have children? Perhaps Mr Jones just prefers the company of men? Perhaps Mrs Jones prefers the company of women? Maybe both and they married because of this. Maybe they just realised they were better as friends. Both Mr and Mrs Jones have pursued extra-marital relationships which they know about, but they hide from Josie. They remain good friends and good parents for Josie. The plan is to eventually tell her and separate, but they have never found the right time.

They are both very discreet about their affairs and therefore have a reputation of 9 or 10.

Pb is open but pictured is Chris Pine because he is actually the correct age and why not.

Ella Jones

[Image: UsRdSPA.png]


Josie’s mother is Ella Jones (née Davies) (other names are acceptable but please check with me first), a working class witch born in Cardiff around 1851. I imagine her working in a shop in Hogsmeade, but any menial WC job will do. Mrs Jones is very friendly woman, and is that person who knows everyone. She is also intelligent, snarky, witty, and loves fucking with Josie and her nervousness, and is a devoted mother.

Many years ago, Mr and Mrs Jones’ relationship broke down. Perhaps due to Mrs Jones being unable to have children? Perhaps Mr Jones just prefers the company of men? Perhaps Mrs Jones prefers the company of women? Maybe both and they married because of this. Maybe they just realised they were better as friends. Both Mr and Mrs Jones have pursued extra-marital relationships which they know about, but they hide from Josie. They remain good friends and good parents for Josie. The plan is to eventually tell her and separate, but they have never found the right time.

They are both very discreet about their affairs and therefore have a reputation of 9 or 10.

Pb is open but I have Diane Kruger pictured.
for Gertrude
@Gertrude Brownhill

Mrs Baker

[Image: UV12HfH.jpg]

B c. 1847 | WC | MUGGLE | HOUSEWIFE?

I appreciate muggles aren’t the most exciting so I’d be happy for Mrs Baker to be a temp or even be NPCed.

Mrs Baker (I’ve always had her as called Anna - however I’m definitely not tied to that) is Gertrude’s mother. She is a muggle and is Irish, but moved to Manchester at some point before 1865. She is also extremely religious, and passed this onto Gertrude.

Mrs Baker is either a homemaker, or has a job in Irvingly. Although the Bakers now live in a fairly MC home, they do not keep staff, so Mrs Baker has to do all of the housework and cooking. Which she is not good at.

Is she a totally incompetent human being? Or has she just spent most of her life working in cotton mills and was too busy to ever deal with that stuff? That’s up to you!

Pb is open but I have Anna Friel pictured!

Why Mrs Baker will be a good time:
  • We get to have an awkward thread where Mrs Baker tries to tell Gertrude about sex. It will be awkward.
  • Her daughter is marrying a man who is older than she herself is. Which is always amusing.
  • Gertrude is not going to be a Good Wife TM and give her husband lots of babies - Mrs Baker could endlessly give her grief for this.
  • The family is financially reliant on Gertrude, and now she’s fucking off to get married. Could this cause drama?
  • She could work at Irvingly Infirmary and have a rivalry with Temperance Fairchild and they could argue about Jesus and stuff.

Nora Baker

[Image: WPi8lud.png]

B c. 1872 | WC | MUGGLE* | open occupation

Nora Baker is the youngest Baker sibling, and Gertrude’s only sister. The two are extremely close and are close confidantes. They shared a bedroom until Gertrude got married.

Imagine having the most overachieving person on the planet as your sister? That’s literally Nora’s life. While she is not certainly not stupid, she is not as capable as Gertrude. Despite their closeness, Nora does feel pressured by these expectations. Especially as them both being female, they’ve definitely been compared to one another at every opportunity.

I imagine that Nora is very different to Gertrude. Less churchy, more outgoing, much more likely to sneak off to go to the pub. I would enjoy Gertrude being a judgey older sister, but this is totally optional.

*I could be perhaps convinced to retcon Nora to also be muggleborn, but we’d need to discuss this!

PB is open but I have Jessica Clements pictures because she looks a lot like Gertrude’s pb.

Reserved for Beanie!

for Joe
@Joseph Backus
These chaps all live together in the same house in Irvingly. It’s cramped, but cheap, and they all get on well. They have a fun time together, usually drinking a lot, and they have each other’s backs.

Some might say they’re like a dysfunctional family. Joe is very much the house dad, and everyone comes to him with their problems.


[Image: RIqq2VW.png]


[Image: TDuauf8.png]

Patrick and Tom moved to the house very recently after moving out of the family home. The two are inseparable.

They’re not twins, but they might as well be. Only about 11 months apart in age, they’ve spent most of their lives glued together. They share a room together in the house. And they work together. They’re best friends.

The only issue? They’ve both fallen for the same girl.

Why is this want ad so specific? It’s because they’re also the brothers of @Gertrude Brownhill. Can you do double duty on your own ads? I neither know nor care.

Pbs are pretty open, but need to more or less look like Gertrude. I have pictured:
For Patrick - Alexander Calvert
For Tom - Landon Liboiron


[Image: KpMcO4O.png]

Kev actually has a good job. He’s also the oldest of all the lads in the house, and has lived there even longer than Joe. You’d think this means he’s got his shit together. Spoiler: he hasn’t. He probably has some form of addiction. Well, he definitely wastes all of his money on something.

He’s a good guy at heart, but is usually on thin ice with the other lads after fucking up yet again. He shares a room with Joe.

Pb is super open, but I have Ben Whishaw pictured.


[Image: LevxBUO.png]

Harry thinks he’s a badlad. He moved into the house after he dropped out of Hogwarts and got a job in Irvingly. Since he’s not at school anymore, he thinks he’s mature and grown up. Spoiler: he’s not.

He definitely can’t hold his booze, and often starts fights in the pub which the other lads (Joe) usually need to sort out. He gets the lads in loads of trouble. They usually forgive him because he is just an immature idiot. That, and he’s the only one of them who can cook. He shares a room with “Olly”, and even though they are polar opposites, they are good friends.

Pb is super open, but I have Asa Butterfield pictured.


[Image: u3Dyr0j.png]

Olly is the only one in the house who Joe can turn to with his problems. Olly is quiet, patient, and sweet. He’s a great listener. He still needs looking after though, being very nervous and anxious. When he first moved into the house he was very overwhelmed by the banter, but has warmed up to everyone. Olly is the only one who doesn’t get constantly fucked with.

Pb is very open but I have Nathan Stewart-Jarrett pictured.

for Tim

Alexandra Wildsmith


Alexandra Wildsmith (née Turner) is Tim’s wife. They married in 1873, and have four children together. They both realised very quickly that they are ill-matched as a married couple. I’m undecided about how they get on on a day to day basis - I’d enjoy to figure that out! - but their romantic life is over, although they remain a united front when it comes to their children.

I imagine Alexandra being very much the opposite of Tim. While he is very serious and mildly socially awkward, she is vibrant and sociable - perhaps a little bit silly?

Tim is currently involved in plotty stuff and this revolves around Alexandra’s family so there’s stuff we’d need to discuss.

Oliver Wildsmith

B c. 1875 | UCHB | STUDENT

Oliver Wildsmith is Tim’s oldest son. Oliver is often put under far too much pressure from his father. Tim is eternally disappointed in Oliver - whether this is due to Tim’s too high expectations or Oliver actually being a bit useless is up to you!

He was born in about 1875, but I’m happy to fiddle dates a bit.

Tim is currently involved in plots and this does involve Oliver.

Louisa Wildsmith

B c. 1878 | UCHB | STUDENT

Louisa Wildsmith is Tim’s oldest daughter. In Tim’s eyes she can do no wrong and she is by far his favourite child. Whether Louisa enjoys (or deserves) this favouritism or not is up to you!

She was born in about 1878, but I’m happy to fiddle dates a bit.

Other People
I defo 100% stole this idea from Kayte so thank u Satan <3

For @Gertrude Brownhill -
Here is the selection of other Bakers. I personally have nothing interesting here for them, BUT if you want to do double duty, or if they fit another ad, just let me know! These guys would be great for anything Irvingly related, like at the zoo!

Nicholas Baker | B. c. 1841 | Muggle | WC | Open occupation | Super lefty and into unions and stuff
James Baker | B. 1866 | Muggle | WC | Open occupation | Open personality
Patrick Baker | see above.
Thomas Baker | see above.

For @Joseph Backus -
Here are all of Joe's sisters. Again, I don't have much for them but they'd be good for double duty. I am happy for names/dates to be moved around a bit.

Olivia Backus | B. 1865 | WCHB | Open everything.
Victoria Backus | B. 1867 | WCHB | Open everything.
Daisy Backus | B. 1870 | WCHB | Open everything.
Alice Backus | B. 1874 | WCHB | Open everything.
Charlotte Backus | B. 1876 | WCHB | Open everything.
Eleanor Backus | B. 1880 | WCHB | Incoming firstie!
Jane Backus | B. 1883 | WCHB | Open everything.

the beauty is of course, MJ's
[Image: 5AoSArC.png]
Hello everyone! Welcome to my adoptables.
A few guidelines
  • Please message me (PM Addison Chatham) if you're interested!
  • Please include the family section on your apps
  • Run any massive changes past me first -- I'm usually up for it!
  • Unless indicated, details like exact job, Hogwarts house, etc. are up to you!

For @Addison Chatham
The Chatham Family

Zachary -------- Chatham (WCAB)
Born in 1835, Zachary has known hard work all his life, starting when he was just a boy. If he went to Hogwarts at all, he likely didn't make it too far past his first year, but strives for better lives for his family. He and his wife were only able to have one child, for whatever reason, but have adopted Addison, who is unaware of this fact.

When his daughter, Alice, was 15, it was discovered she was pregnant, at which point she went to go live with her (now deceased) grandfather. This might be Zachary's father, or his wife's--up to you. After she gave birth, Zachary and his wife, Margaret took in the boy and renamed him Addison.

Zachary has recently moved to Pennyworth, Hogsmeade from the Slums and works at a shop, though which one is open to you. If you're the type who likes stamps you could collect "Olden'" and "Uneducated" ones with him

Playby is very open! I'm using an aesthetic avatar for Addison.

Margaret ------- Chatham nee ------ (WCAB)
Born in 1840, Margaret has always been exceptionally talented at sewing, knitting, and other handcrafts. She went to Hogwarts for her first year, and may have made it to OWLs, but it's unlikely. She and her husband, Zachary, were only able to have one child, for whatever reason, but adopted their grandson, Addison, who is unaware of this fact.

When her daughter, Alice, was 15, it was discovered she was pregnant, at which point she went to go live with her (now deceased) grandfather. After she gave birth, the Chathams took in the boy and renamed him Addison.

Margaret has recently moved to Pennyworth, Hogsmeade from the Slums, and works at a shop, though which one is open to you. If you're the type who likes stamps you could collect "Olden'" and "Uneducated" with her.

Playby is very open! I'm using an aesthetic avatar for Addison.

Alice ------- Chatham (or married name) (WCHB/WCPB, depending on parents' blood status)
Born in 1860, Alice is the first and only child of Zachary and Margaret. At Hogwarts, she stayed long enough for her OWLs, though did not do well enough, possibly due to the concerning events of that year (think mostly A's, some P's, maybe an E or D) to get a more "solid" job (perhaps she wanted to be a Mediwitch). Throughout her childhood and education, Alice lived in the Slums.

During her OWL year, Alice had an attachment to another student and became pregnant, and the summer after her OWL year, Alice went to live with her grandfather, to give birth to a boy she named Benjamin, who was then adopted by her parents and raised as their own. The only people who know the truth are Alice, Margaret, and Zachary (and the grandfather, but he's dead).

Following that, Alice went into work as a domestic servant (for what household is open, so you can chuck her in wherever). Perhaps she's a nanny, as she's reasonably educated enough to care for younger children, or maybe she's a lowly scullery maid who can't catch a break, or anything in between. She may have married, as well, so you're welcome to change her surname if that is the case. She could live anywhere from her employer's household to the Slums to Irvingly.

Playby is very open! I'm using an aesthetic avatar for Addison.

For @Christopher Basiltree

Clare Victoria Basiltree nee ------- (WC Squib)
Born around 1823, Clare was born to a magical family who assumed they'd have a magical child. They were quite wrong as Clare turned out as a Squib! Whether she started out as an UC/MC girl and was disowned for not being able to use magic or was accepted all her life by a WC family, or even just married down and was disowned, she wound up living a Muggle life married to John Basiltree, a working class Muggle. The pair adopted Christopher from a Muggle orphanage (or perhaps Clare knew a Muggle woman who wouldn't be able to support the child?) and Clare was thrilled when he ended up a wizard.

Because of her middle name, Clare fancies herself as someone like Queen Victoria herself, and has always idolized the queen and strives for good manners, which was why she named her adopted son partially after Prince Leopold and tried to instill good manners in him as well. After the death of her husband, she's become much more attached to her son, and as the years have passed she's become a little more insistent (and exasperated) that her son gets married (yes, partially because Queen Victoria has grandchildren at this point!). If her friends have children, or even if she's met them in passing, she's likely to meddle in people's lives as she often feels she knows best. ("you two would be so good together!", etc. etc.)

She's most likely to be working still because she likes to be where the action is. I picture her as a cook most often (plus she could possibly work at the ballroom and bother Baz even at work), but other working class jobs could work as well, if they fit a widow.

Playby is very open! I'm using an aesthetic avatar for Baz.
Podmore Zoological Gardens
Coding by Lady
Contact Bee on @'Elsie Beauregard'; Lady on @Amelia Evans; Emma on @Melody Crouch or Finn on @Billie Farrow with interest!
Located in Irvingly's Hawthorne Hollow, the Podmore Zoological Gardens opened in January of 1885. It boasts both magical and muggle exhibits, one on either side of the zoo. Both magical and muggle visitors are allowed, however only witches and wizards can access the magical size of the zoo- including the staff.

Generally, all staff are working or middle class and must have a rep of 6+ to be considered for a position. More specific stats are located beside each position!

@Sydney Podmore
Merlin help him.

Sydney has been working with his cousin and founder of the zoo, Zachary Podmore, behind the scenes since January of 1890 and will take over running over the zoo while Zach takes a leave of absence, in June.
WC/MCAB, 30+, Male

Responsible for all staff and scheduling, the manager runs the business side of the zoo, bookkeeping and financial aspects included.
@Eavan Miller - Avian Specialist
@Amelia Evans
@Beau Miller
@Wallace Murphy
W/MCAB, 21+,M/F

Must have achieved appropriate grades + apprenticeship (see below) to qualify. May have a specialty area.
Muggle Zookeepers (3)
Muggle, 25+, Male

Must have appropriate schooling or training and experience in the field.
Magizoologist Healers (2)
W/MCAB, 25+, M/F

Creature healer, must have appropriate training/schooling and/or experience.
Tearoom & Giftshop Staff (3)
WC, Magical/Muggle, 17+, Female

Responsible, respectable fore serving in the tearoom and giftshop. Responsible and good with money, education not required.
Ticket Booth Staff
WC, Magical/Muggle, 17+, M/F

Responsible, respectable, good with money, education not required.
Groundskeeping Staff
@Joseph Backus
WC, Magical/Muggle, 17+, Male

Pending magical heritage, groundskeeping staff are responsible for upkeep and cleanliness of the zoo. Magical workers will take care of both sides, including exhibit reinforcement. Muggle staff will only be responsible for the muggle side of the zoo and its upkeep.
Apprentice Magizoologists
W/MCAB, 15+, M/F (2)

First year apprentices are allowed to begin with the appropriate OWL grades. If beginning with an OWL-level education, the apprenticeship is 3 years in length and until the age of 17 requires no magic and constant supervision when with animals. If beginning with NEWT-level education, the apprenticeship is 2 years in length.
Summer Interns
W/MCAB, Incoming 6/7th Years
1 Male, 1 Female per level

Appropriate OWLs in CoMC and letter of recommendation from the current CoMC professor required. Summer interns are not required to use magic and are under supervision at all times. Completing two consecutive summer positions shortens an apprenticeship to 1.5 years.

Updated 01.29.2021
American Attaché
Coding by Lady
Contact Bee on @'Elsie Beauregard' or Emma on @Melody Crouch with interest!
The rest of the staff from Eva's stint in Arizona, the Boys, as she affectionately calls them are a rabble of men she and Beau worked with on the Thunderbird assignment from August 1889 - March 1890. Some, if not all of them, are aware of the fact that Eva and Beau were totally sleeping together and they may have mixed emotions about that, even now that they're married. They came to visit Irvingly stayed for the summer of 1890 through the Miller wedding, going their separate ways come September, but are always welcome at the zoo!

They are designed to be temporary but if the muse sticks, they can certainly hang around!

@Wallace Murphy
MCAB 65+, not-European

He's here and I love him already.
Brooks -----
WC/MCAB, 25+, Canadian

A magizoologist from Canada, who along with his cousin Bennett, travel all over the world taking on just about any assignment they find interesting. History, family, personality all open, but I always thought of him as the prankster of the group! POC encouraged and likely matches that of Bennett.
Bennett -----
W/MCAB, 25+, Canadian

Cousin to Brooks, Bennett is in fact the one that keeps them alive while they travel and is working on writing a text book on North American Magical Creatures. Ethnicity likely matches that of Brooks, but as they are cousins, it's not strictly necessary, POC encouraged, but open history/family/etc.
Emmett -----
WC/MCAB, 30+, Native American
Ilvermorny Alumnus

Emmet is a creature healer who accompanied Bennett and Brooks to the Thunderbirds in Arizon where he met Eva, Beau and Murph. He took a very quiet shining to Eva, but never said anything. When it became obvious she and Beau had a thing things became a little awkward. Still friendly, but not quite as much. He is a talented artist and draws creatures beautifully. Eva has a sketch of his framed in her home.

[Image: 5mVg7A.png]
MJ made this divine beauty
Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
Kelly's Adoptables
  1. Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them! I prefer to take a look at the app before they are registered. Reserves last up to a month, though feel free to ask for an extension.
  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    Updated: March 6, 2021
Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.

Chester Parkinson
b. 1861-62 | UCPB | OPEN Class of '80 | Ministry Employee | 9
Engaged to Liliana Selwyn as of 2/14/1891

Second son and younger brother to Maximilian, Chester was never expected to amount to much. Marry decently, maybe have a decent job. Like other second sons before him.

Maybe that's why he decided to court a bastard. The exact reasoning for that, of course, is up to you. Maybe he thinks she'll give him beautiful children. Maybe he has other reasons for marrying so far outside what his family expects.

Whatever he is, he's engaged to a beautiful young woman who just so happens to be a half-blood bastard.

Play-by pictured is Orlando Bloom who is heavily preferred. The family absolutely has more members — younger siblings, parents of course, and cousins are more than likely. Whoever makes their character first determines how many siblings there are in all.

Magic by MJ
Delete please! :)

Bree made this because she loves me <3
The Wildsmiths
❧ thanks Bree for the code!
❧ Be reasonably active.

Elon’s dad perished in a shipwreck. As a result, Elon inherited the Wildsmith fortune, his sister got an astronomical dowry she can just inherit if she’s unmarried by the time she’s 30 or something and his mother inherited back her inheritance, which makes her a...

Super Rich MILF

b. 1842 | UCHB | Suggested PB: Eva Green

Miriam Wildsmith nee Modiano is Elon's mother. She was an heiress of her own right. She was brought up in my own hometown of Thessaloniki, where her family owned a flying carpet business. She was married to Cyril for the sake of striking a business deal or something. The two were friendly, but never in love, seeing that Cyril was gay.

Following her husband’s death, Miriam inherited back her fortune, which gives her a tremendous amount of freedom. She has a flirty nature and loves hosting parties (she co hosted the Courtly Love event), so I have this idea of her entering the marriage market after her mourning is over, but for the lols, rather than because she wants to get married. She’ll enjoy seeing whether some men will be after her money. Lots of potential for fun plots!

She has also been somewhat negligent and emotionally distant as a mother. Her style of parenting is very laissez-faire. (I probably butchered that lol) Elon is seriously considering dropping out of Hogwarts and living his life as a millionaire teenager and she’d probably be all “have fun darling!” about it.

Her first name is open, but it should be something Jewish. PB is open but should have dark hair.

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