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Cosmo Zabini for Calliope Riley.
Attractive young wives really are a rich man's prerogative...
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Adoptable Characters

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Wanteds for...

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For Bellona

[Image: EjhUfQY.jpg]
Born to his mother’s old money and his father’s new money status, Cosmo Zabini never wanted for anything. He grew up in England before travelling extensively, ultimately settling down with a foreign bride with whom he was besotted. A blood purist, he was devastated and betrayed with the truth of her bloodlines became clear, and divorced her swiftly—though privately, it pained him to do so. Feeling pressure from his family and his own internalized purism, he swiftly remarried and his wife produced a son for him before perishing. He doted upon Sebastian for his brief life, and was quite shocked to lose him in the Laughing Plague (which Cosmo also contracted).

In spite of their tainted bloodlines, he genuinely loves all his children. He does not see his desire for pureblooded issue to take away from that in the slightest. Personality-wise, Cosmo is traditional, fair, jovial, compassionate, and shrewd with money. Though he does not have a traditional profession, he might invest and/or be a member of the Wizengamot. The PB is open, but pictured is Ralph Fiennes. Reputation of 8 or 9.

Immediate Ties: @Bellona Zabini @Calliope Riley
Potential Ties: Other upper-class purists. You know how these circles go.

[Image: 72ySvWN.jpg]
The eldest of the Zabini children, and the one to most favour his mother’s looks, Victorius was born on a Friday (Kofi) and named in part for his paternal great-grandfather (Algernon). Always the sort to look before leaping, he kept his nose clean throughout his time at Hogwarts and had little trouble finding a job at the Ministry of Magic—though he didn’t need to at the time, he is privately glad to have something to fall back on, should his father disinherit him. He married a woman of his father’s choosing on her 19th birthday in 1878; the two have produced at least one child, though its status is up to you. Whether or not he secretly remains in contact with his mother is up to you.

PB is open but should reflect his mother’s heritage; pictured is David Oyelowo. He is an animagus. Reputation of 7 or 8.

Immediate Ties: @Bellona Zabini @Calliope Riley
Potential Ties: Ministry workers dependent on chosen department.

[Image: EZ7JJyY.jpg]
Camilla was born on a Saturday (Ama), and named in part for her father (Cosmina). The sibling closest in age to Bellona, Camilla has always been the more outspoken and rambunctious of the two, though favours her father’s more conservative values. She grows increasingly frustrated by the fact that the men she wants don’t want her (or at least, their families don’t) and often clashes with her father over the lavish (and expensive) events she hosts in their London home.  Whether or not she secretly remains in contact with her mother is up to you.

PB is open, but should reflect her mixed heritage; pictured is Logan Browning. She is not an animagus, insisting she doesn’t care for the idea but secretly too frightened to try. Reputation of 7.

Immediate Ties: @Bellona Zabini @Calliope Riley

[Image: 4tBiiCz.jpg]
Born in Ghana on a Saturday, Ama Ayodele arrived in England with her mother and brother with a singular purpose: finding an English husband. It was four months from introduction to the alter for she and Cosmo, who was assured by her mother that the family was, indeed, pureblooded. The two were happily married for many years, during which she delivered four healthy children for him. In fact, the entire family would have been utterly basic were it not for one tiny detail being brought to light: her muggle great-grandmother.

The two were swiftly divorced, the family broken up.

As a graduate of Uagadou, Ama is an animagus and a skilled practitioner of wandless magic—though does carry a wand to appease British society. She may have remarried in the years since her divorce, but if not, has been able to maintain a middle class lifestyle on her own through family allowance. It is likely that many of her friends "cut" her as a result of what she generally refers to as "the incident". Though her family encouraged her to return home, Ama wished to remain close to her children—though whether any other than Bellona remain in contact is up to whomever takes them on!

The PB is open, but should be dark-skinned. Pictured is Viola Davis. Reputation of 5.

Immediate Ties: @Bellona Zabini

For Cyrus

[Image: luHY3bn.jpg?1]
Every month, Cyrus sends his daughter a letter to reassure his estranged family that he is still alive. Every month, Aria does not respond. She took great offence to her father’s leaving, and is quite sensitive about all matters involving werewolves. Privately, she suspects Cyrus was the one to turn Topaz Urquart, though she won’t say as much aloud—she doesn’t like to draw undue attention to her family’s situation. Suggested PB is Willow Shields. Reputation is 6. She was previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Cyrus Westerman @Archer Belby
Bonus Ties: @Iris Cattermole
Potential Ties: @Edgar Rey II @George Waterford @Cane Backus @Thomas Montgomery @Clue Leverett @Nelson Higgs

For Elinor

[Image: yp68tji.jpg1]
Elinor’s elder brother and the heir to their father’s home and legal practice. A soft purist, Amos found the idea of his sister marrying a muggleborn to be ridiculous and supported his father in his decision; while has thought of her a few times in the years since, he has no interest in reaching out and is quite satisfied pretending she does not exist. He does, however, worry that his daughter (he has at least one child, and she’s female xD) will follow a similar path. He is married, and lives with his wife, mother, and whatever children they have in Hogsmeade or somewhere in England. The suggested PB is Joshua Jackson with alternatives to have brown hair.

Immediate Ties: @Elinor Goyle

For Elijah

[Image: seZIT2k.jpg?1]
Elijah Urquart is not a kindhearted lad, but for his little brother, he makes an exception, displaying instead as warm and protective. For his part, Gabriel is less a criminal mastermind and more a snuggly bunny whose misbehavior serves only as an attempt to mirror his questionable role model of an older brother. The two are under the guardianship of their uncle Caspar. The suggested PB is Iain Armitage. He was previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Elijah Urquart
Potential Ties: @Flora Mulciber @Joella Wood @Archer Belby

For George

[Image: vkVlJ9Z.jpg?1]
The only surviving Waterford of his generation, Wilfred has, for as long as he can remember, aimed to restore his family to its former glory. The first step was to marry a woman for her dowry, though he is genuinely very fond and protective of his wife. The second was to produce an heir and continue the bloodline—hence misregistering George. Even with a proper son, Wilfred knows he has gone too far down the rabbit hole to change things now, and sees the family’s future as hinging upon George’s continued masquerade. He is a strict leader in his household, and plans to run in the next Ministry election. The suggested PB is Joseph Fiennes.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford
Bonus Ties: Ministry employees, as determined by his department.

[Image: t3ts1i8.jpg]
An only child, Eleanor had a shelterd childhood and adolescence, and was her father’s sole heir when he passed during her sixth year. She married Wilfred as much for security as for love, though is a diligent wife to him. She loves her children dearly and often tries to play peacekeeper between husband and firstborn, with mixed results. Emotionally, she is rather fragile. She is heavily involved in an appropriate local charity. The suggested PB is Winona Ryder with alternatives to be brunette.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford

[Image: r59tUeE.jpg?1]
The de facto leader of their little group because of his outgoing nature, “Julian” is a confident boy and possibly the son of a former quidditch sensation. He is in either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, though struggles academically—even in his best subject, DADA, he only just scraped an E. The suggested PB is Caleb McLaughlin.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: @Aleksei Nichols @Nelson Higgs @Cane Backus

[Image: pyr5cMW.jpg?1]
B. late 1873 | MCAB | SLYTHERPUFF | FIFTH YEAR (’89)
The eldest of the group, “Abel” is in Slytherin or Hufflepuff, and knew “Thomas” prior to beginning at Hogwarts. Abel is the youngest of six children, and as a result wavers between horribly immature and thinking he’s much more ‘adult’ than his peers. He dreams of one day being an auror like his father and oldest brother (sub in some high military rank if you make him MB). The suggested PB is Ty Simpkins.

Immediate Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery
Potential Ties: @Aleksei Nichols @Clue Leverett

For Holliday

[Image: BCMHgCh.jpg]
Ruby Urquart lived generally a charmed life... until 1887. She did not take at all to her father's chosen wife (though took it equally badly when Miss Lovegood left him at the alter), and then her sister became a werewolf, impacting Ruby's life and relationships immensely. Though she and Holliday were always more friendly acquaintances than anything, the past two years have seen them become good friends. The suggested PB is Page Hurd. She was previously played.

Immediate Ties: @Balthazar Urquart @Holliday Fudge
Bonus Ties: @Cordelia Fawley @Beatrix Burke
Potential Ties: @Stella De Loncrey @Vesta Bones @Frida Lestrange @Darling Whitledge @Clementine Rookwood @Jemima Farley

For Julius

[Image: 40pRZqU.jpg]
The most affable of the quartet, the firstborn Hufflepuff is quite content to do focus on learning the investment ropes from his father, though may be recently retired from professional quidditch. He is the only one with whom Julius’ relationship remains unchanged, though his efforts at making peace between Julius and the Slytherin have been an utter failure thus far. He likely comes from a Sacred Twenty-Eight family. The Hufflepuff is a bachelor. PB is wide open, but pictured is Kit Harington.
Reserved for RSG!

Immediate Ties: @Julius Scrimgeour
Bonus Ties: @Araminta Scrimgeour

[Image: 7t4Kkuo.jpg]
A mischievous, curious lad for much of his life, the Ravenclaw was always the one most dedicated to knowledge. He downgraded his relationship with the others to “friendly acquaintance with occasional bro week-ends” after beginning at the Ministry and falling in love with his work; as such, while he did not cut Julius, they still aren’t close as they once were. He likely comes from a Sacred Twenty-Eight family, and is a bachelor. PB is wide open, but pictured is Henry Golding.

Immediate Ties: @Julius Scrimgeour
Bonus Ties: @Araminta Scrimgeour @Balthazar Urquart @Ernest Mulciber @Marlena Scamander

[Image: OZU1dd0.jpg]
Julius’ closest friend growing up, and the one swiftest to cut him after the Scrimgeour family drama. The Slytherin has always been ambitious and was the de facto leader of their group growing up (think the James to Julius’ Sirius), though this dynamic levelled out as the boys grew into men. His ultimate goal is to become—and remain—Minister of Magic. He likely comes from a Sacred Twenty-Eight family, though his birth order is flexible. He might be married or engaged, but not betrothed. PB is wide open, but pictured is Harry Lloyd.
Reserved for Bean!

Immediate Ties: @Julius Scrimgeour
Bonus Ties: @Araminta Scrimgeour
Potential Ties: Ministry employees, dependent on department

For Odira

[Image: hZCvRcN.jpg?1]
Odira’s twin brother, Gideon was always the shyer of the two, and took his sister’s disappearance particularly hard. He got along well with Bennet, and while he was reluctant to interact with Odira when she first came home, has set about mending fences since her husband’s death out of loyalty to dead-Bennet and pre-amnesia-Odira. He obtained a hospital internship the year he finished at Hogwarts. Like his sister, he is a romantic at heart; unlike his sister, his current status (23, living with the parents) means he knows he can’t do anything about it yet not that he won’t The suggested PB is Hale Appleman with alternatives to be dark-haired.

Immediate Ties: @Odira Keene @Calliope Riley @Loretta Browne @Prudence Browne
Bonus Ties: @Baxter Keene
Potential Ties: Any played healers

[Image: CK2V23j.jpg?1]
B. AUG. 1883 | MCPB | — | CHILD
The eldest child of the late Darcy and the late Eulalie Potter, young Jamie is much beloved by his aunt and guardian, Odira. He is a curious boy with good-manners and a strong sense of child’s logic—Auntie O might say no if he asks to go to the park, but if he goes to the park without her say-so, he won’t technically be disobeying her! He doesn’t much care for book learning, much to Odira’s dismay. Realistically, he can be played with ease in Padmore Park, Denbright’s Emporium, or Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop as long as Nanny is NPCed as being in tow. Anywhere else, he should be with family! The suggested PB is Mapk Doronin.

Immediate Ties: @Odira Keene @Baxter Keene @Lyra Potter
Bonus Ties: @Calliope Riley @Loretta Browne @Elsie Beauregard

For Soo-Jin

[Image: P88CUyh.jpg?1]
One of several children born to a silkmaker, Hana threw away the life she knew when she met, fell in love with, and married Henry Proudfoot. A determined and intelligent woman, and loyal to a fault, Hana has been known to sacrifice her own interests for those around her. After some years of struggling, she is now near-fluent in spoken English, and proficient in written English. She attends Church solely to appease Juliet, but is not a believer in the least. The suggested PB is Sandra Oh.

Immediate Ties: @Soo-Jin Proudfoot
Potential Ties: @Aldous Crouch @Charles Macmillan @Gabriel Rosier @Temperance Fairchild, @Blythe Fairchild @Earth Beck @Greg Evans @Ebba Burbage @Adam Ragge @Akash Patil @Wendell Banges @Sherah Drago, Irvingly Residents

[Image: CGJaTDh.jpg?1]
Though his looks mirror more closely his maternal line, his personality and even mannerisms are very much those of his father. A dreamer with a bright sense of humour, Jung-Hee has little difficulty making friends. He probably plays quidditch. He is proficient at spoken English, but still faces some difficulty reading/writing it. The suggested PB is Ki Hong Lee.

Immediate Ties: @Soo-Jin Proudfoot
Potential Ties: @Cameron Gillenwater @Edgar Rey II @Aleksei Nichols @George Waterford @Cane Backus @Thomas Montgomery @Nelson Higgs

[Image: EbeyXmh.jpg?1]
Devoutly religious and with an impressive level of fortitude and perseverance, Juliet Proudfoot has long been a force to be reckoned with. Outliving her husband, three children, and even one of her grandchildren, Juliet seems all but impervious to grief, and possesses a very pragmatic outlook in life. Upon learning of her grandson’s—her ONLY grandson’s!—death, she decided she must immediately bring his children to her, putting the Koreans up in a small house in a nearby neighborhood. She never did quite take to Hana, finding her altogether odd, but does her best to mold Soo-Jin and Jung-Hee (or Susan and John, as she calls and introduces them) into Proper English Youths™. She sees the family twice monthly—once at church, and once for dinner. Her other descendants are up to YOU to map out! The suggested PB is Eileen Atkins with alternatives to be age-appropriate and white.

Immediate Ties: @Soo-Jin Proudfoot
Potential Ties: @Temperance Fairchild @Blythe Fairchild @Earth Beck @Greg Evans @Ebba Burbage @Adam Ragge @Akash Patil @Wendell Banges @Sherah Drago

[Image: iBj8Lnx.jpg]

If I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
Lynn's Family Ads
Current as of 6/10/19.
For Adam Ragge
Karina Ragge
Adam's younger sister Karina was born in 1874 to a WCHB family in rural England. She attended Hogwarts on scholarship, which she likely could have kept up since she's very intelligent, but left school in April of '87 (near the end of her second year) after meeting a sixth year and convincing herself she was in love with him. They planned to elope, but ended up only running away and living together for a week before Adam found her and convinced her to come home. She has since been attending the Blickwick School of Domestic Service in Pennyworth. She promised not to run away with any other boys, but just in case Adam checks up on her at least once a week.

The fact that she shacked up with a teen boy isn't widely known, but she did publicly run away from school, and her reputation should reflect this.  She doesn't begrudge Adam his faith but is not a member of the church herself. She may resent him continuously checking up on her or may be resigned to it — in any case, he pays her school fees so she can't complain much. PB is open, pictured is Letitia Wright.

For Ernest Mulciber:
Mrs. Mulciber
Ernest's mother, Marguerite (name open) was born in 1820 and is an UCPB. She resented Ernest before he was even conceived for not arriving in the world earlier, as his delivery (her second) left her free to put her wifely and motherly duties aside in pursuit of her true passion: dominating the wealthy pureblood social scene. Although never a particularly affectionate mother, she was much more fond of her oldest son, Edwin, and hand-picked his future bride when she arranged his marriage to @Rufina Mulciber. She was the one who pushed to move the betrothal over following Edwin's death, because she liked Rufina more than either of her sons, really, and there was no sense in losing the connection she'd worked so hard to get.

I have no specific plans for her but potential funtimes involve being quietly disparaging of Ernest, mentoring Rufina and potentially Rufina's bff @Ursula Black as well, doting on her granddaughter @Flora Mulciber, pretending to forget that her grandson @Merriweather Mulciber exists (she was not particularly fond of Ernest's first wife or the circumstances under which the marriage transpired), chumming it up with @Lucy Pettigrew, Josephina Flint, and any other UCPB socialites around her age, ruining the prospects of new debutantes for fun, hosting the best parties, funding research into anti-wrinkle cremes made from the tears of younger women, etc. She'll also have a front row seat to upcoming #dramaz feat. Lynn & Kayte & co., and who doesn't want that?

Pictured PB is Christine Baranski, alternatives to be fabulous.

For Katherine & Isaac Russell:

Mr. Russell
"Thomas" Russell (name changeable-ish) is the father of Katherine and @Isaac Russell. He lived and worked in England until late 1880, when the family next door was murdered. As he was the prime (only) suspect, he fled the country and has been living as an exile in Morocco ever since. Everyone (including Kate) assumes that he did it, but no one knows why — what really happened is up to you. He is comfortably upper MC, perhaps because of his dealings with the Moroccan sea traders or perhaps because he stole the fortune of the murdered family. His wife divorced him in absentia, and he now avoids speaking about her (or the divorce) to his children. He gave Kate a great deal of freedom in Morocco - whether that's out of trust or whether he just didn't care enough to keep tabs on her is up to you. He employed a tutor for Katherine but sent Isaac to England in order to be taught at Hogwarts. His reputation in England would be 1-2. The arrest warrant is still current for him, so he may not travel to England or any country with an extradition treaty unless he does so secretly. If played, I can manufacture a catastrophe that would require him to come to England for #drama.

PB is open, pictured is Viggo Mortensen
Ms. Davies (formerly Russell)

Pauline Davies (name open) is the mother of Katherine and Isaac Russell. She was taken in for questioning in 1880 after being spotted wearing a necklace that allegedly belonged to her recently murdered neighbor, and told authorities it had been a gift for her husband. Thomas then fled with the children to Morocco, and Pauline underwent a lengthy process to divorce him. She was harbored by her family and now lives with one of her relatives as a "spinster" aunt/chaperone. Her reputation has been slowly climbing since the murders but should not be higher than 6. She has not been in contact with either of her children since 1880 — if you prefer, she may have written letters which were kept from the children prior to their arrival in England.

PB is open, pictured is Amanda Peet.
Bee's Wanteds
01 | Reservations are requested so I know you're interested, just touch base with me. They are at my discretion for duration. All of my contact information is in Elsie's profile.
02 | Bolded things are strongly preferred, but I'll work with you if I can. Names and ages are pretty fixed as the families are pretty established. Please include a personality section! Play bys are flexible as long as they fit the establish family dynamics. Run them by me, I'd be more than happy to help! If they are labeled "Open PB" just run it by me first please! I'm just looking for family resemblances!
03 | Lots of activity is a nice bonus, but I totally understand that real life gets in the way. Please keep me updated about your intentions as they change (ie vacations or deactivation) just so we're on the same page! If I notice repeated deactivation in ACs I'll reach out!

BEE'S Wishlist:
The Lynches and Bixbys, also Oswald Umbridge because yes, I needs him.

Also Up for Adoption

----->Additional Ads<-----

I've streamlined the ads to reflect characters I want most- there are more listed in this spreadsheet who have plenty of ties, but nothing specific in mind, take a peek and feel free to ask about them for more details!  UTD on July 1st, 2019

A Batch of Beauregards
Middle Class Halfbloods
@Elsie Beauregard, @Adella Calendar, @Harvey Beauregard,
@Lucinda Cavanaugh & @Leah Beauregard

The family of Vincent and Stella Beauregard are originally from Liverpool, England. Vincent is a manager for a very large merchant shipping business and spends the majority of his time traveling for work. They have six children, though in 1883 lost their eldest son. They also have a family ward who is grown and moved out, Shay Ross. Their full history is in Elsie's profile.

Charlotte "Lottie" --- Beauregard
May 23rd, 1871 | Puff/Claw | single | 9 rep
Deb/Reasonable MC Occ
Raffey Cassidy

The older of the twins, Lottie is much more alike Elsie in personality than anyone else. She tends to like school and is more quiet, but warm and caring. She and Owen are opposites of one another in many respects and but tend to get along alright. She veers toward Elsie in character, though is much better at socializing like Adella. After graduation she would have been pushed toward the season, but could also have followed in Elsie's footsteps and found an occupation she loves.

Owen --- Beauregard
May 23rd, 1871 | Gryffindor | single | rep 9
Second-String Quidditch
Chandler Canterbury

A quidditch nut through and through, Owen is not the best of students. He and Lottie are not always close, but they do get along fairly well. He likely plays for the house quidditch team if there's space! Adventurous and outgoing he's pretty quick to make friends, but can sometimes be a little flakey. After graduation he and Harvey definitely schemed to get Owen on a team somewhere in the league. His school years may not love up to have played full time on the Gryffindor team, but would have plenty of years of club participation!

The Brothers Bixby
Middle Class Halfbloods
@Sloane Bixby & @Rufus Bixby

The Bixby family is centered around quidditch. Carson played and now coaches; most of the boys play as well or have some involvement with brooms. Even Ma Bixby works in the Broom Regulatory Office. Sloane is the baby and only girl, but she doesn't want to be treated as such! They're kind of quirky (thus the 8 rep) dad is super laid back and all about the sport and mom just goes with the flow, though she would like Sloane to have some ladylike qualities.

Carson --- Bixby
1834 | open house | married | 8 rep
Professional Quidditch Coach
Eric Bana

Patriarch of the Bixby clan, Carson is very much a laid back creature. Most everything in his life revolves around quidditch. His boys play, he's totally down with Sloane playing and his wife works with brooms; it's all relevant. He and Fiona married for love and get along quite nicely. He is pro-female athletes and could easily be  considered a soft feminist. He coaches a pro team (likely the one he played for professionally!) but always makes time for his kids! I wouldn't say no to him being the flight instructor at Hogwarts, if it ever opens up!

#doubleup with the Hogsmeade Howler's Coach, he's been mentioned as coaching a different team, but could make the move!

Alvin --- Bixby
1867 | open house | single | 8 rep
Apprentice Broom Maker
Dylan O'Brien

Certainly the brightest of the family, Alvin may or may not have played quidditch in school. If he did, probably was not as good at is as Rufus, which he may have been self-conscious about. Regardless, after graduation he chose to follow more in his mother's footsteps and pursue an apprenticeship with a broom maker. Delighted, Fiona encouraged him to give it a shot!

#doubleup with a not quite a wanted

Harrison --- Bixby
Sept 1 - Dec 31 1870 | open house | single | 8 rep
Recent Graduate
Quinn Lord

A traditional middle child, Harrison is the balance of the Bixby siblings and the most likely to baby Sloane especially now that she's at school; which she can sometimes resent. He's a decent student and likely playee for his house team in quidditch (or is in Club Quidditch!)! He may or may not choose to go into quidditch after school, or may go into the DGMaS instead!

Wallace --- Bixby
Sept-Dec 1873 | open house | single | 8 rep
Incoming 5th Year Student
Jake Short

Wallace is the only other sibling to rival Sloane in energy. He was a little put out when she was born, especially since she was a girl and took a while to warm up. They have an okay relationship and he is most likely to encourage her adventures and is a mediocre student. He probably plays for his house team as well (or Club Quidditch!)

The Lynch Ladies
Middle Class Purebloods
@February Umbridge, @September Lynch, @January Lynch, @October Lynch & @August Lynch

The Lynches are a  MCPB family with a little bit of drama. August disappeared on New Year's eve going into 1886. He was gone for over a year and presumed dead. He was later found over a year and a half later, with absolutely no memory of where he was or what happened. Febs was #distraught about it, despite the fact that they had weren't super close. The girls who have graduated are debutantes of some degree, though their success is minimal so far! February has recently had some "misadventures" including newspaper articles, WW features and a whole host of rumors... WELL SHE MARRIED HIM. So there. Bonus ties to @Edric Umbridge

Romilda "Rose" --- Lynch née Moody
1844 | open house | married | 8/9 rep
Plucky Housewife
Rachel Weiss
(alternatives to be age-appropriate brunettes)

Rose used to be a more carefree mother, a bit of a daydreamer with the slightest of sights, she can mostly accurately predict the weather, but little more. She does to tarot readings and dabbles in divination as a hobby, which is likely where September gets her love of divination from. Rose's parenting changed with August's disappearance, though why specifically is fairly open. February's recent antics have showed the change more viscerally. What she thinks Febs was up to and what she wants to about it are open for the drama-llama of it all; but she and Febs are barely on speaking terms after the elopement. She may have connections via her maiden name, but I'm not sure they exist anymore, I need to dig haha!

Queen Keene
Middle Class Halfbloods
@Baxter Keene

The Keene siblings are from a comfortable middle class family in which their father died shortly after Perry's birth. He left them set financially, though emotionally it was rough. Bax took it hard, but it also took him a little while to own up to the responsibility of being the family head. Asa and Perry Keene are also up for adoption and are listed the spreadsheet at the top!

Catherine "Kitty" --- née Keene
1859 | open house | married | 8/9 rep
Scarlett Johansson

Kitty is, and will always be, the most dominant of the Keene siblings. She is married (or widowed!) and likely has children that will be close to Hogwarts. Her mother lives with her and her family and Kitty commands a household like no other. Since Baxter's promotion she had made it her sole mission to see him married as she thinks it's long overdue. How she felt about his previous engagement is open as are her feelings about @Odira Keene and Baxter's relationship with her. Kitty is heavily involved in charity work, especially concerning the hospital and has organized several fundraisers and events for it since Bax's promotion.

And remember automatic  graphics to whoever picks one up, *including those on my wishlist who are not mine* regardless of the condition of my shop!!

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
Bree's Adoptables
❧ Please talk to me before registering or posting an app! I generally like to ~review a WIP app to make sure everything matches the applications/development of other family members!
❧ I generally have a rule of one family member per player to ensure the maximum interaction possible!
❧ Details may or may not be set-in-stone, so don't hesitate to ask if you're curious!
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently, to avoid hurt feelings! If you're just not feeling the character, either, don't be afraid to tell me so!

For Bella Scrimgeour
@Bella Scrimgeour | @Araminta Scrimgeour | @Julius Scrimgeour | @Lucille Lukeson


b. 1842 | UCPB | Slytherin | Disgraced Socialite | Suggested PB: Amanda Peet

The mother of @Bella Scrimgeour. The eldest of three children, she married her first cousin, Argus Scrimgeour, shortly after graduation and would present him with three children throughout the 1860s. She suffered greatly during this time period, first with her husband's early retirement and subsequent mental instability, and then when her daughter was kidnapped. She recently suffered great reputation damage when her husband assaulted her daughter, was arrested, and then sentenced to three months in the asylum. She currently resides in Wales to hide from public ridicule, and has been recently widowed. Her reputation is a 4.

For Edric Umbridge
@Edric Umbridge (& @February Umbridge)


b. 1819 | MCPB | Open House | Factory Empire Owner | Suggested PB: Harrison Ford

The father of @Edric Umbridge. The owner and manager of a muggle and magical factory empire, the only thing stopping Oswald from ascending to the UC has been his modesty and seclusion. He and his wife married for two entirely different reasons, and once that became clear, their marriage fell apart. His wife ran off with a lover and left him with a toddler-aged Edric, and he divorced her years later on the grounds of abandonment and adultery. A distant and disapproving man, he's gone weeks without seeing his only child for weeks on end, leaving Edric with a bit of self-esteem and abandonment ~issues. His reputation is a 7/8.

For Handsome Whitledge
@Handsome Whitledge | @Pumpkin Whitledge | @Sweetie Whitledge | @Darling Whitledge | @Honey Whitledge


b. 1869 | UCHB | Gryffindor | Debutante | Preferred PB: Holly Taylor

The twin sister of @Handsome Whitledge. The eldest daughter in the Whitledge family, she was also the only one without any clear career goals. Her interests always lied in hobbies that, while not exactly inappropriate, were considered odd for a woman of her status. Her family has seen great conflict in recent years: their father died in '84, their mother died in '87, and their grandmother (who was serving as an unofficial guardian) died in '88. Now under the sole watch of her brother, she's taken a break from the husband hunt to help him, both emotionally and with the household. Her reputation is a 9.


For Carius Bulstrode
@Carius Bulstrode


b. 1876 | UCPB | Slytherin | Third Year ('89) | Suggested PB: Anastasia Bezrukova

The elder sister of @Carius Bulstrode. A people-pleasing follower, it was only Narcissa's desire to please her friends and family that saw her sorted into Slytherin. Her personality and relationship with her brother is up to the player. She could be a potential bestie for @Holly Scrimgeour, as they share a dorm (and family members!). Her reputation is a 10.

For Frida Lestrange
@Frida Lestrange| @Kristoffer Lestrange | @Gretchen Lestrange


b. 1876 | UCPB | Gryffindor | Third Year ('89) | Suggested PB: Dafne Keen

The younger sister of @Frida Lestrange. Fiery and bold, it was only her sense of entitlement and prejudiced nature that convinced everyone that she too would end up in Slytherin. It came as a surprise to everyone—and a relief to Frida—when she was sorted into Gryffindor. Struggling to make friends within her house with her discriminatory beliefs, Meta may or may not have shifted her outlook on the world since entering Hogwarts. Since their father's death, she and her sisters have lived with their Uncle Priam. She could be a potential "frenemy" for @Holly Scrimgeour. Her reputation is likely a 9.

— still looking as September 19th, 2019! —

set by MJ!
MJ's Adoptables
  • Please contact me before picking up one of my adoptables! If in doubt as to how to reach me, PM @Elias Grimstone.
  • Let me know if you plan to drop the character, temporarily or otherwise! If they go inactive and I don't hear from you, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption.
  • For the most part bolded facts are fixed, but (depending on the character) I might be flexible on some of the details, provided you discuss your ideas with me first!
Last updated: 07/07/19 | Click here for my plottables!


~For @Aubrey Davis
(& @Henrietta Davis)

The Davis family are working class halfbloods from Yorkshire, and all bar the eldest son have gone into domestic service like their parents. Not sure there's enough to do playing a domestic servant? Well, aside from the option to double up one of these ads for household staff who've already been requested, you also get the baggage of a brother who went missing ten years ago and has been trying to find his way back to you ever since. He's a hedgehog, y'all. You know you want a hedgehog brother.

(Names/faces/ages are all relatively flexible, but faces should be "plain"-ish and light-medium colour in hair.)



Jacob is the eldest child, and was the only sibling able to be financed through Hogwarts long enough to obtain his OWLs, meaning that he was able to go into a profession with more opportunities and a higher wage than being household staff for the rest of his life. Everyone else may be a teeny bit bitter about this. His personality and life beyond that is incredibly open! He may be single or married, have been in any house, etc.



Wilhelmina managed more than just the one scholarship year at Hogwarts, so may have up to four years of schooling and may have once had greater ambitions than domestic service, but somehow she has ended up there anyway. Otherwise, she is incredibly open, and could also be made to fit another ad!



Poppy, like Aubrey, found her first year at Hogwarts tough to get through academically, but has pretty good people skills which mean she is usually well-liked by her employers. She could potentially double up as "Ida" for Rufina Mulciber, but bonus points all round if the household she works for have played Hogwarts-age children through whom Aubrey can hear about her circumstances xD

~For @Carmelina Cramming
(& @Jossima Warbeck, @Goodluck Warbeck  )

The Warbecks are a big, happy family from northwest Wales with slightly over-the-top names, who are all up in each other's business and generally obsessive Holyhead Harpies fans. PBs should have some family resemblance, but otherwise Carmelina's siblings are all fairly open to do with as you please, and you're welcome to combine them with other ads where possible!



The first child and (probably) her mother's favourite, Favoretta is either married or widowed, with some number of children. She's a bit of a diva, mothers the rest of her siblings relentlessly, and probably has some sort of MC-appropriate pastime or occupation for a married woman - she might be the centre of the MC social scene; may be a chaperone for some younger girls; or maybe she spends her days making ridiculous hats. She was in any house at Hogwarts.



In his thirties, Errington is either married, courting, or single and eligible (#hurlable), and holds some kind of MC-appropriate job for a man. His Hogwarts house is open. Actually, everything about him is open; he only exists because I think someone should use Richard Ayoade's face, goddamnit.

~For @Elias Grimstone
(& @Ruth Lockhart)



Father to Elias, Ruth and Tony. Simon comes from Portsmouth and a muggle, working class family. He is skilled in carpentry and - like his father, brothers, and most of the men in the area - apprenticed and worked as a shipwright in the local dockyards. Through industry troubles, he has always struggled to make enough to support his family, though both he and his wife were adamant about giving their children a full education. Proud as he is of Elias' successes, he has always felt awkward accepting the benefits of it in return, which have seen them living a more comfortable life (though Simon continues to have quite a gruff attitude about most middle class society). He has also always struggled with the magical/muggle barrier, feeling a little like an outsider in his own family - but when Ruth and her husband moved to Irvingly, Simon and Lucille finally followed suit. His occupation in Irvingly is open, whether carpentry-related or something entirely different: he may see Irvingly as a second chance of sorts, to be less distant from his children's lives - but he's basically a fish out of water all round! As personality goes, Simon isn't so different from his children: he works hard, has a dry sense of humour (and at heart, maybe he’s a romantic), but he is also hot-headed and very, very stubborn. I am ridiculously attached to Jerome Flynn as his face. xD



Mother to Elias, Ruth and Tony. Lucille has always had an adventurous spirit, though in practice it hasn’t carried her far. Fortunately, she is unafraid of hardship, with a bright demeanour and the resourcefulness and practical sense to usually land on her feet. She is a witch, also born into the working class, and she married Simon for love (although her parents may have expected her to do "a little better" than Simon). Lucille attended Hogwarts in any house, probably to no further than OWL level. She was pleased to have left Portsmouth at last - she was the one who pushed for the move to Irvingly - and is especially grateful to get to spend more time with Rue and to help look after the grandchildren! Lucille has worked throughout her life, and may now run a seamstressing service or something similar out of the house. Suggested face is Linda Cardellini.

~For @Jemima Farley

The Farleys are MCPBs from Tutshill, and I'm very flexible with them! You're more than welcome to combine with other ads/plots.

Also available: IKENNA "KEN" FARLEY and BESS FARLEY. Both the Farley parents come from wizarding families, and are very fond of each other - nearly as fond as they both are of muggles, and they are fascinated by all aspects of muggle life. Both black sheep in their usual circles, it was this likeness that brought them together many years ago. They are very enthusiastic people and, whatever their careers, very publicly campaign for pro-muggle rights and blood equality. (Imagine having two Arthur Weasleys for parents. Good. Now you know what they're like.)



Solomon works as a healer in either Hogsmeade or London, and, being his parents' son, has grown up very curious and very knowledgeable about muggle "doctors". He's a lovely guy, but whether his inclination towards bold new approaches - and minor obsession with testing out new muggle medical trends in his workplace - has largely helped or hindered his career is up to you! He probably had fun in the fog, though.  



The black sheep in this family, Delilah is probably the least swayed by her parents' "muggles are so great, kids!" approach, and presumably has grand plans for her life that do not include being dragged on any more "no-magic family holidays". Whether she has a career, or is single/courting/engaged or even married, I honestly do not care.  



While Zipporah may be living the deb life in theory, in reality she likely spends 90% of her social interactions on the topic of eccentric muggle inventions. Or her own inventions. Her general vibe is 'cute but weird', do what you want with that.



Jemima's only younger sibling, Noah is at school with her in any house. His personality is open, but Jemima absolutely finds him annoying, because what little brother isn't? For extra funtimes, Noah had a prime front row seat to Jemima's diary disaster at Hogwarts, which may well have had... negative effects on his own social reputation at school. xD

~For @Leila Scott

In 1883, shortly into her St. Mungo's internship, Leila was attacked and became a werewolf. The Scotts did not, by and large, take this well, and promptly disowned her. As you can probably tell, they care fiercely for upholding their Social Reputation and Doing What Is Best For The Family. They used to live in London, but at some point moved to Hogsmeade, which is where Leila has just shown up. Cue endless potential for uncomfortable encounters. ;)



David came from a muggle family, and although he discovered the wizarding world many years ago when he attended Hogwarts, he was still extremely unprepared for the "werewolf daughter" thing. He is likely genuinely scared/hostile towards half-breeds of all kinds, and, while he may miss her, also thinks Leila probably would have been better off dead. PB is Wolverine mostly because I find it ironic.


B.~1843 | MCHB | PB: LUCY LIU

Mei Li (or "May Lee", if she wants to Westernize herself further) is more concerned with the social propriety side of things. This may be because she has some prior experience of scandal in her natal family and saw what the effects of social ruin could be, or simply because she is a fierce defender of her family and protecting her children. Eldest-born Jade has always been her favourite though, which leaves Leila to wonder whether they would have disowned Jade as quickly as they did her.



The Golden Child, quiet and well-behaved and utterly ladylike, everything was blossoming for Jade when Leila went and messed things up. Jade had been engaged to her perfect man, but this advantageous match was abruptly broken off at the time of the werewolfing. A few options here: 1) a blessing in disguise? Mr. Man was only perfect on paper, and Jade was secretly relieved to be freed from the engagement? 2) Jade was heartbroken/sad that she wouldn't be megarich, and now blames Leila from a distance for everything shitty in her life, and their relationship if they meet again would be far more sour than it used to be. Jade may have married since 1883, if you like, possibly unhappily, to a match nowhere near as good as her first fiancé, out of panic and desperation. Or she never wants to marry anyway so whatever. You do you.



Poor Daniel. Whatever he wanted to do with his life, it wasn't probably wasn't to end up working in the Werewolf Capture Unit. But he does, and his parents like to think this is a firm demonstration of the family zero-tolerance policy on werewolves, even in their own family. Daniel's own opinions are entirely open, but he doesn't love the idea of defying his parents, either. Now that Leila's back nearer to home, the official family policy is that everyone is strictly forbidden from acknowledging or talking to her... but how easy that will be with Leila coming in to spend every full moon under the Ministry's eye? (Alsoooo Danny is prime friend potential for my babes, Tyb and Theo, hello!)

~For @Nelson Higgs

The Higgs are a respectable UCHB family who live in London. Gulliver Higgs was a muggleborn from a prestigious military family who joined the Ministry and married Theodora, a wealthy halfblood. Theirs is a well-off, loving, happy family... but their four boys have always been a bit of a handful.



Hector is the eldest, and the leader: he is charismatic but bossy, and just about manages to keep the other three boys in line. Most of the time. He was a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw at school. He has some kind of UC-suitable profession now, because who would he be if he didn't get to boss someone around? PB is open.



Morris is the second son, and funny but insensitive: he'll do anything to get a laugh, but is, on the whole, better at looking out for himself than for others. As kids, Morris always had the least patience of the brothers for Nelson (although Morris doesn't have a great deal of patience for anyone). As such, the Unspeakable Vow that prevents Nelson from speaking as long as he lives was Morris' fault. Morris didn't mean it, but... He was a Gryffindor or Slytherin at school, and his profession is open, as is his PB.



Quentin is the third son, and has always been anxious but driven. He has big dreams but also has a bad habit of worrying about everything. Going into his final year at Hogwarts as of September '89, his future is looming - so this might prove a problem. He is a Hufflepuff or Slytherin, and his PB is open.

~For @Porphyria Dempsey

The Dempseys are an UCHB family who live near Galway in Ireland. They are all varying levels of eccentric, although still respectable enough to get invited to society things (their reps should reflect this). The name scheme - being named after a poem and the poet who wrote it - was decided on by Eamon and Lowri before they were even married. Much love to Beans for letting me straight-up steal a lot of the descriptions below.



A notable poet and cheerful eccentric, Eamon was his parents' heir. His hobbies include waxing poetic about the wilderness, going on ill-advised sailing ventures, and humouring his wife. Porphyria probably gets on fabulously with him.



Reasonable and well-spoken, Lowri is occasionally tempted to strangle her children our of sheer exasperation. A poet like her husband, she is quite fond of Keats, and took no issue with the naming scheme Eamon proposed. (Except perhaps for Don Juan. That was tempting fate, she thought.)



Their eldest son, Ozy might take the 'KING OF KINGS' instruction too seriously, and never mind the poem's implicit warning. He spends a great deal of time trying to come up with ways to be famous. Porphyria thinks he is ridiculous.



Vain but cheerful, Endymion works as a cursebreaker/auror/something similarly adventurous-but-flashy. Once banged a Veela in a hammock in the garden, an event witnessed by his mother and Shalott and which has never been quite forgotten by any of them. Knows more about flower language than his sisters consider strictly reasonable. (Can you tell whenever I can't think of a suggested face I just put someone in from Black Sails?)



Bright and lovely, Christabel frequently attempts to debunk the unexplained. Though she has always intended on getting married - she has no intention of winding up like Porphyria - she may have an academically inclined job/hobby of some sort until that happens. Porphyria's notoriety may also be haunting Christabel's hurling attempts, so it's no wonder that the two of them bicker a lot.  



Don Juan's personality is exactly what one would expect of a famed literary libertine, and never mind that the poem is ironic re: the name. Lord Byron is his actual hero. Accordingly, he is a constant source of migraines for their mother. Also he and Phyri's PBs literally played literary siblings one time.



Lycoris is the baby of the family. Pretty and cheerful, she seems kind of normal, which is - well, surprising in their family. Lycoris once startled the family by trolling two of her O.W.L.s but passing all the rest; after graduating Hogwarts, she was probably sent to PSYR for some finishing, a fate passed on from her sister Shalott. (Whether Shalott is any more finished from it is... arguable, so Lowri is waiting with bated breath to see if Lycoris proves an exception.)

Kelly's Adoptables
  1. Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them! I prefer to take a look at the app before they are registered. Reserves last up to a month, though feel free to ask for an extension.
  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    Updated: December 5, 2019
Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.
I have characters labeled in levels of priority. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want the "low priority" characters made, but rather that they're less intertwined with my character's doings at the current moment! I'd still love to seem them played if you're interested!
  • A "High Priority Character" is one whose actions are directly tied to the actions of my character at the current moment and likely have the ability to make decisions that could affect the fate of my character. Such characters might be parents to unmarried women, potential love interests, etc.
  • A "Medium Priority Character" is a one who is probably mentioned as an NPC somewhere and would be good to have around for current doings, but whose actions and involvement wouldn't likely directly affect whatever plots are happening. Such characters may be members of a friend group, relatives who they rely on for advice but not support, etc.
  • A "Low Priority Character" is one who likely isn't involved with the day-to-day doings with my character, likely because they have a life separate from my character. They may be a younger sister off at finishing school or Hogwarts, a married brother off with his own family, etc.

The Ruskin Family


b. 1841 | MCHB | Open | Suggested PB: Gerard Butler
Medium Priority Character

The father of Acacia Ruskin and her siblings. He attended Hogwarts and was likely sorted into Ravenclaw, though this isn't required. He married a vampire in his youth, and had four children with her, before she ran off after they had a fight and she accidentally almost attacked him in rage. The reason for the fight is up for discussion.

He currently lives in Hogsmeade, Scotland with his three daughters, all three attending Hogwarts. His son had died during summer in the Tigerpocalypse. As well as this, he has recently found out that his estranged wife, who he had refused to allow reentry into their lives, had died as well. A caring and loving father, he is constantly looking out for his children and their well being, especially after all of the anti-halfbreed chaos over the summer.

He is currently courting Naomi Hertz.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin, @Ellsworth Ruskin
❧ Bonus Ties: @Naomi Hertz
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1874 | MCHB | Half-Vampire | Third Year ('89) | Suggested PB: Madison McLaughlin
High Priority Character

The sister of Acacia Ruskin. She attends Hogwarts, and her house is Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Having to deal with two sisters who have always been protective in their own way, Orinda may be the rebellious one of the siblings, though that is open.

News of her mother's death has recently come to the sisters at Hogwarts, and her reaction is up to player. With the half-breed ban recently lifted, yet some tension still in the air, the youngest Ruskin sister has a lot on her plate. She was previously played twice, though is open for changes.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Ellsworth Ruskin, @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: @Holly Scrimgeour


b. 1823 | MCPB | Recluse Socialite | Suggested PB: Meryl Streep
Low Priority Character

As her husband sees her, Acacia's grandmother is naggy and dull. More purist in her older age, she married her husband for the sake of what she calls 'a romantic notion' despite her family. Both are now stuck with each other and try in their own ways to make the best out of a terrible situation. Even in the childhood of her children, she has always been closer to Elsa than she has to Martin. But ever since Martin married a vampire, their relationship has grown even more distant as Rose elects to give him the cold shoulder.

To say that she disapproves over her husband's affection for the half-vampire grandchildren is an understatement. She is bitter over their existence and has always felt that her son could have done better when it came to finding a wife. She does not know what actually happened between Martin and Lisa before the vampire left and they divorced. She had played insistent match maker for her daughter, and was quite the picky match-maker as well.

Having been a resident of Hogsmeade since 1877, since the reconciliation of 1888 she has been frustrated over the fact that Ellsworth has insisted that she remains in Hogsmeade instead of moving back to their London home. Her former house is open.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Ellsworth Ruskin, @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1842 | MCHB | Socialite | Suggested PB: Leigh-Allyn Baker
Medium Priority Character

Married off by her mother to a pureblood man, her mother assured her father that it was a love match. Whether that is actually true or not is up to character. Taking after her mother, she despises her brother for his marriage decision. While she's not as judgmental towards her nieces and late nephew, she's not very caring towards them either. Her former house is open.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Ellsworth Ruskin, @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 18?? | MCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Mark Sheppard
Medium Priority Character

His views are obviously not too purist as he did marry a halfblood, though he would prefer to not associate with muggles if he could help it. The half-breeds of the family do worry him for the sake of his wife and children's reputation and safety, and thus prefer that they avoid that Ruskin branch. His former house is Ravenclaw.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Ellsworth Ruskin, @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: —

LILY ___

b. Pre-Septmber, 1865 | MCHB | Debutante | Suggested PB: Haley Lu Richardson
Low Priority Character

A fairly neutral voice in her family's drama, she chooses to choose 'flight' in the flight or fight instincts. Preferring to keep to herself, she would far rather be spending times with like-minded friends than family. The fact that her grandfather was her professor is embarrassing to her, and she chooses to ignore that part of her educational career. Her house was either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. She might not be married.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Ellsworth Ruskin, @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: —

JACK ___

b. 1867 | MCHB | Open | Suggested PB: Jacob Whitesides
Low Priority Character

His view on his family is open, though he respects his mother enough to not go against her whether he agrees with her or not. His occupation is a rather dangerous one in the eyes of his mother, but he swears that he's perfectly fine taking care of himself. By making a point of this, he does not live with his parents. He does live in Hogsmeade though. His house is Gryffindor.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Ellsworth Ruskin, @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. September, 1871 | MCHB | Seventh Year ('89) | Suggested PB: Ellie Darcey-Alden
High Priority Character

She is likely the closest of her siblings to her cousins. Especially Acacia as they are so close in age. Before the ban, Acacia was a year ahead in school. While the ban was viewed as very bad to Marigold, she was pleased to find out that she would now be in the same year as her cousin until they both graduated. Largely ignoring her mother and grandmother, she prefers to spend time with the half-breed cousins and their shared grandfather. She is either a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Ellsworth Ruskin, @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: @Goodluck Warbeck


b. 1875 | MCHB | Third/Fourth Year ('89) | Suggested PB: Bryce Gheisar
Medium Priority Character

Named after his great-grandfather (grandma Rose's father), he was born with a twin he's never known as said twin died after being born. Always having been a nervous child, he has what he considers to be a healthy fear of his half-vampire cousins. Avoiding them as much as he can, he does try to be nice about it in a 'please don't eat me' sort of way. He is either Hufflepuff or Slytherin.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Ellsworth Ruskin, @Acacia Ruskin, @Chrysanta Ruskin
❧ Potential Ties: @Honey Whitledge, @Holly Scrimgeour, @Elijah Urquart

The Rey Family (Somewhat)


b. 1846 | UCPB | Socialite | Suggested PB: Charlize Theron
High Priority Character

Ever since Guinevere died, she has constantly hovered and acted as guardian to the Lukeson children (she's really not, but try telling her that). Still convinced that she could at least get the younger children to have the views of blood purity to match her own, she has even gone so far as to screen their letters to the halfblood Rey branch of the family.

While it would certainly be up for debate as to whether it would be legal, Edgar Sr. has made it up in his mind that she is the heir in his will when he passes, as he is determined to keep his money away from his squib son and the rest of that lot.

Her former house is Ravenclaw, and she is married with children.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Charles Operine, @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @Avril Nott, @King Lukeson, @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson, @Edgar Rey II, @Fleur Rey
❧ Bonus Ties: @Hope Weston, @Percival Weston, @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: Other Socialites (Mainly Purebloods with similar views)


b. 1840 | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Ethan Hawke
Low Priority Character

Though he is much less judgmental and stiff compared to his with, he is a purist. He never really judged Guinevere for keeping in contact with Hubert, but does agree that Jade is a much better option for the family fortune.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Charles Operine, @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @Avril Nott, @King Lukeson, @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson, @Edgar Rey II, @Fleur Rey
❧ Bonus Ties: @Hope Weston, @Percival Weston, @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Human Workers


b. 1814 | WCAB | Employee of Spinnakers Funeral Services | Suggested PB: Michael Caine
Medium Priority Character

One of the last members of his family line, his father took in Blossom when she was still human. He was the youngest of his siblings, and may be one of the last living in his generation. He may or may not have children. Though having only known Blossom as a vampire, he is one of the few humans that knows details regarding her human life. They have a close familial relationship, as she treats him sort of like a nephew.

His duties on the job are cremation and coffin building. He is quite loyal to the business, and is the one in charge of training the new human employees (though he has been training "Janet" as a replacement for whenever he gets around to retiring). His house is open.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Blossom Spinnakers, @Daisy Jackson
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1871 | WCAB | Employee of Spinnakers Funeral Services | Suggested PB: Lee Jin-Sol
High Priority Character

A fresh faced young girl who dropped out of Hogwarts just before her fifth year, she's oddly bubbly for someone working in a funeral home. Her job consists of cremation and undertaking. For someone that is fairly new to the job, she is quite the natural. Why that is would be up to her player. Having started working at the end of 1886, she is probably the youngest employee to ever work for Blossom that wasn't born into a family who had already been working for her. Until her seventeenth birthday, she had been strictly prohibited against working without magic - as per legal requirements - but she did not let that stop her from doing her work.

Pupil to "Alfred", she has been guided under his wing. She does not yet quite realized that she's being trained to take over the role of teacher for new employees, as "Alfred" has been more social so far rather than getting directly to the point - making sure she would have the personality for the job. Her house would have been any thing besides Gryffindor.
Reserved for Renny

❧ Immediate Ties: @Blossom Spinnakers, @Daisy Jackson
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1851 | WCAB | Employee of Spinnakers Funeral Services | Suggested PB: Charles Michael Davis
Low Priority Character

The gossip of the funeral home, "Niles" is always up for a good rumor. Sometimes he gets on Blossom's nerves because of this due to some rumors getting out of hand among the employees. Though she has come close to firing him on occasion, he's never done anything wrong in his work. Said work is typically quite impressive. Said job duties consist of funerary photographer and portrait artist.

Some of the other employees may also not like him for his habit of causing conflict within the work place, but those that get to know him that he's not trying to upset people. He just really likes gossip. WW is his favorite reading material, though he doesn't take it too seriously. Though he is the one that convinced Blossom that sending their ad in would be a good idea. His house was Slytherin or Hufflepuff.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Blossom Spinnakers, @Daisy Jackson
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Bénet Family
Cele died in May 28, 1889 and the family is in mourning.


b. 18?? | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Chris Pine
Medium Priority Character

Father of the Bénet twins, he has always been a bit of a light hearted man. Rather than being very upset over they twins' mischief, he tends to find it hilarious. A bit more active in their lives than most Upper Class men would be, he dotes on his little girls, and enjoys spending time with them.

Leaving France after the mourning period for the death of his family, he is still haunted by their loss. This may be one reason why he finds such joy in spending time with his daughters. He did not go to Hogwarts, having attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic instead.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Claire Bénet
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 18?? | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Annabelle Wallis
High Priority Character

Mother of the mischievous twins, she is much more disapproving of their actions. Though she does adore her daughters, she would much prefer them to be more proper young ladies. She is a soft purist, and does worry if Claire will ever show signs of magic. She does wish to have them both betrothed, but isn't sure if it will be a successful wish.

Spending time with the twins is something that she will happily do, but she does tend to feel that her husband is 'hovering' a bit too much in what is supposed to be her status in the household (taking care of the children, of course). After having the twins, she has been told that she may never have any children again, but hasn't told another soul of this. It is open whether she had moved to France after schooling at Hogwarts, or is she was born there, but she is of French decent. If coming from Hogwarts, she was either a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. (Please talk to Bree if you wish for Sarah to be connected to the other site Beaumont family.)

❧ Immediate Ties: @Claire Bénet
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Beck Family


b. 1858 | MCHB | Owner of an Herb and Floral Shop | Suggested PB: Anthony Mackie
High Priority Character

While not as odd as his wife and in-laws, he finds their eccentricity charming. Allowing his wife to name their children, he was glad that she at least had more sense of feminine and masculine names than her parents.

He was raised into the Church of Magical Jesus, and is a very big believer of the faith. He met his wife through the church, and later married her in the middle of 1886.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, @Sun Smith, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: @Temperance Fairchild, @Blythe Fairchild, Other fellow church members

The Smith Family
The Smith family is quite close and caring for each other, and often visit one another if someone doesn't live with the main household (such as married daughters and working sons), and this connection extends to family members that are in-laws.

Her and most of her siblings are named in order of closest to farthest planets from the sun... after Sun was born. Due to this, her parents ignored which names were actually more feminine or masculine when naming some of their children. Most children have learned to live with/accept/like their names.


b. 1833 | MC | Muggle | Astronomy Professor @ muggle university | Suggested PB: Robert Carlyle
Low Priority Character

His early life is fairly open, but he has always had an interest in astronomy. Ever the nerd, he decided that it would be a wonderful idea to name his children after the sun and the planets… and then his wife had another child so they named her Moon. The surprise of having magical children was met with curiosity and welcome. Most of Eric’s questions have been directed towards his eldest child, Sun. He does have a fascination for the Church of Magical Jesus, and does ask Earth questions regarding this as well.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sun Smith, @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1838 | MCMB | Academic Author | Suggested PB: Jane Lynch
Low Priority Character

Like her husband, she has a big fascination in the astronomy field. And thus it is the main field that she writes about. Her early life is also open. Though it was actually her husband’s idea to name the children after the solar system, she was excited by the idea and more than happy to go along with it. Glad to see that her children are taking interests in exciting lives of their own, she is constantly checking in on everyone and asking questions about their daily lives. Her former house is either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sun Smith, @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1862 | MCHB | Chemist | Suggested PB: Dave Franco
Medium Priority Character

The second oldest son, a widower, and father to two children. Mercury met his wife, a fellow chemist, through work and the chemistry between them was undeniable. Her death hit him hard, but the responsibility of raising his (fraternal) twin sons Helium and Nitrogen kept him going. He is a passionate man, one who cares deeply for the things he holds dear. Though it also means he has a habit of losing himself in his work, or forgetting that perhaps not everyone around him cares or even understands that much about chemistry like he does. He was a Ravenclaw.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sun Smith, @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1865 | MCHB | Composer | Suggested PB: Dean Geyer
Low Priority Character

More into music than people, he tends to ignore others unless he deeply cares for them. Looking back, it is a surprise to people that just meet him that he was a Hufflepuff. But once one gets to know him, people begin to understand the sorting more.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sun Smith, @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1868 | MCHB | Explorer & Archeologist | Suggested PB: Claire Holt
Low Priority Character

Fraternal twin to Mars, Jupiter has never been one to like being ‘tied down’. Exploring has always been in her nature, even as a child. While she is fairly close to her twin, they don’t really act too much alike. The fact that she is not married, has an odd occupation, and is simply wild in general can be cause a fair amount of rumors directed towards her. She works with her little brother Saturn, who she guides under her wing. She is a former Gryffindor.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sun Smith, @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: @J. Alfred Darrow, @Pablo Medina, @Eugene Reese


b. 1870 | MCHB | Explorer & Linguist | Suggested PB: Colin Ford
Low Priority Character

While he is spirited like his sister Jupiter, he has a bit more of a quiet energy. She is by far his favorite sibling. So when the chance came for him to join her in her career, he jumped for it. When not at work, he has a deep fascination for the magical creatures, beings, and beasts of the world. Call it an adventurers curiosity. He was a Hufflepuff.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sun Smith, @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: @J. Alfred Darrow, @Pablo Medina, @Eugene Reese


b. 1871 | MC | Squib | Librarian Assistant | Suggested PB: Dylan Sprayberry
Low Priority Character

Unlike the rest of his siblings, he truly hates their names and oddities. Seeing himself as the most ‘normal’ of the family, he actually aspires to have the quiet life of a librarian when he grows up. He’s mostly bitter because he’s a squib. Think squib Percy Weasley.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sun Smith, @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1874 | MCHB | Fourth/Fifth Year (‘89) | Suggested PB: Mason Cook
Medium Priority Character

If you don't understand his art, he considers you to be an idiot and not worth his time. Still at Hogwarts rather than pursuing his art career, it drives him nuts. Antsy and hoping to paint the world as he sees fit, he is lost in the clouds more often than not during his classes. He is a Ravenclaw.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sun Smith, @Earth Beck, @Mars Asteroid, @Moon Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Aaron Asteroid
❧ Potential Ties: @Idunn Fraser, @George Waterford, @Cane Backus, @Thomas Montgomery, @Nelson Higgs, @Agnes Mercier

The Rey Family


b. 1850 | UC | Squib | Open | Suggested PB: Ryan Gosling
Medium Priority Character

Father of Edgar II, he is the first son and third child of his siblings. Being the older twin, he is supposed to be heir to the fortune after his father passes away, but being a squib has put a bit of a complication in that.

His mother is the only reason that he was never officially disowned, but his father does give him the cold shoulder, and continuously states that he does not consider Hubert his heir. Because of this, Hubert has gotten a job and is constantly making connections, just in case there comes a day where his father simply doesn't care what mother says anymore and cuts ties with Hubert's family completely.

Loss has been heavy in his life recently, loosing his twin, one of his nephews, and the sister that actually liked him. At least the sister was revealed to be alive.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Edgar Rey II, @Fleur Rey, @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @Avril Nott, @King Lukeson, @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson, @Charles Operine
❧ Bonus Ties: @Hope Weston, @Percival Weston, @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1851 | UCMB | Open (Working encouraged) | Suggested PB: Nicole Beharie
High Priority Character

Not only is she the wife of Hubert, but was also the best friend of his sister, Guinevere. Both having gone to school together, they were both in Hufflepuff. Though she's not quite as bubbly as her bestie, she is very loyal to those she cares about.

Jade has always been a thorn in her side, but things have gotten worse since Guinevere's children became orphans. Trying to help Ace and his siblings through this big change, Jade seems to be on a mission to prevent Brenda from being in any contact with her nieces and nephews. With Guinevere back, things are more or less complicated.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Edgar Rey II, @Fleur Rey, @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @Avril Nott, @King Lukeson, @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson, @Charles Operine
❧ Bonus Ties: @Hope Weston, @Percival Weston, @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. Post-September, 1875 | UCHB | Third Year ('89) | Suggested PB: China Anne McClain
Medium Priority Character

Out of all of her siblings, Belle is possibly the most bitter about being born after September because it meant waiting another year until she could go to Hogwarts with her best friend/cousin Jolie. Their connection is one to be rivalled with Sybille and Fleur, though the two sets of girls tend to clash and avoid one another. Belle finds her sister and cousin to be a little less odd than Jolie sees them, but will side with Jolie in a conflict.

Like her brother, she is bitter towards their paternal grandfather for the cold shoulder that they have been given since they were born. At least she isn't named after the man. She is in either Hufflepuff or Slytherin, and the hat nearly stalled while picking her house.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Edgar Rey II, @Fleur Rey, @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @Avril Nott, @King Lukeson, @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson, @Charles Operine
❧ Bonus Ties: @Hope Weston, @Percival Weston, @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: @Holly Scrimgeour


b. 1816 | UCPB | Open | Suggested PB: Michael Keaton
Medium Priority Character

Grandfather of Edgar II (though he is quite unpleased that the child was named after him), he has little to no contact of this branch of the family. This is due to the fact that Edgar II's father is a squib. Though never having disowned Hubert, he has always wished to, but did not wish to break the heart of his wife, who continues to love their child dearly.

Not as stern as his grandchildren would like to think, he can be a very caring man, when it counts to him. All of his other children, and even Hubert when it wasn't known that he was a squib, have always been spoiled by their father. His two daughter's branches of kids are still shown kindness, but several of them do not support his views, and therefor typically only see the negative of him.

Both a smart and resourceful man, he was likely in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. He is a stubborn man, though his wife is his voice of reason.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @Avril Nott, @King Lukeson, @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson, @Charles Operine
❧ Bonus Ties: @Hope Weston, @Percival Weston, @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: Other Stuffy Rich Purebloods


b. 1827 | UCPB Seer | Socialite | Suggested PB: Phyllis Logan
Low Priority Character

A bit 'out there', she is the wife of Edgar Rey. Though sad when learning that Hubert is a squib, she is still loving towards him. It had come as a shock to her, having had no vision of this. Tending to keep her gifts out of the open, she does not want to risk any negative reaction of others or being used because of her gifts.

On the day that Sybille shows her first signs of magic, Lacy had a vision that Sybille would be a powerful witch one day. Family connections would be amazing, if possible.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Guinevere Lukeson, @Ace Lukeson, @Avril Nott, @King Lukeson, @Jolie Lukeson, @Sybille Lukeson, @Charles Operine, @Edgar Rey II, @Fleur Rey
❧ Bonus Ties: @Hope Weston, @Percival Weston, @Lucille Lukeson
❧ Potential Ties: Older Woman, Possibly fellow Seers

The Fairchild Family


b. 1850 | MCHB | Open | Suggested PB: Elizabeth Banks
Medium Priority Character

Mother of Hestia and her siblings, she is a new widow, and has recently lost her sons. A caring mother, she still tries to stay strong for her daughters. It had not been her idea to name her children after Greek Deities, but her husband had been so excited over the idea that she hadn't voiced her opinion on the matter. Hestia's recent fascination over Quidditch is seen as a coping process, so she had given her daughter permission to try out at the beginning of her second year of Hogwarts. Her house is open, but I can't imagine her as a Slytherin. I would adore some family connections, if possible.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Hestia Fairchild, @Artemis Fairchild
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Lyness Family


b. 1852 | UCMB | Open | Suggested PB: Tom Ellis
High Priority Character

Having fallen madly in love with Juniper from the moment they met (likely in part due to her veela charm), Andrew later married the redheaded veela. Though he came to learn of her nonhuman state, he still swore his love to her due to lust and what he claimed was "love". His personality is open to whoever takes him, but it's clear that he spoils and dotes on his wife.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Juniper Lyness, @Emily Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: —

b. 1885 | UCHB | Half-Veela | Child | Suggested PB: Open
Low Priority Character

Though less doted on by Juniper, her son is also viewed as an extension of herself, though less so than the female child. This may lead to jealousy, though he is still pampered anyway. At times, he will show acts of rebellion when seeing his sister gets more attention than him, and this could cause a bit of chaos in the household. He may even break things for attention.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Juniper Lyness, @Emily Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: @Loren Bilton

The Middlemiss Family


b. 1821 | UC | Muggle | Open | Suggested PB: Jeff Goldblum
High Priority Character

As a widower, Edmund Middlemiss's world is his daughters, both biological and adopted. Especially the younger pair. Unfortunately, his eldest has fallen a bit to the wayside, as his second daughter is the spitting image of his late wife and the youngest...is a veela (a fact that he does not know, and he might not even know what those are).

He never remarried after Lenobia's death, out of heartache, though he may have taken a mistress (or perhaps a male lover). Besides his lasting love and grief for his late wife, he is a agreeable, yet close minded man, who adopted a young veela, who's turned out to be his favorite (though of course, the second daughter does enjoy some spoiling), shortly after his wife's death. He visits his wife's grave weekly.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Juniper Lyness, @Emily Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1854 | UC | Muggle | Open | Suggested PB: Haley Webb
Medium Priority Character

The eldest of the sisters, Begonia is a jealous and stubborn woman who, in a very bizarre case, seems to be suffering Jan Syndrome - AKA Middle Sibling Woes. Such is life for the muggle sister of a muggleborn who resembles your dead mother and an adopted veela. Her sisters are a pair of spoiled brats, so, Begonia decided to get even. She managed to find a magical husband, and has at least two children. She knows of magic, now, but she still doesn't know what Juniper is.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Juniper Lyness, @Emily Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: —

The Lady's Maid

___ ___

b. ---- | WCAB | Open | Suggested PB: Dania Ramirez
Medium Priority Character

Hired not too long ago after the last lady's maid had an emotional melt down that was kept quiet for everyone's sake, she seems to be able to handle being employed to a veela at least a bit better than the rest of the household staff.

Having started as a housemaid, Juniper had encountered her several times in the Rosestone Estate and had partially grown fond of her. As fond as a veela could to a human they weren't married to or raised by, that is.

Deciding that she was a far better fit than the last lady's maid, the household maid went from being an Under Servant to an Upper Servant in the blink of an eye. While Juniper tends to not allow herself to get too mad most of the time, when she does it is usually at home. This means that her lady's maid is typically the one to witness the fits of rage of the veela.

Juniper insists that her lady's maid attends Blishwick School of Domestic Magic in the feminine Cosmetic Techniques classes every other year, and pays tuition to have it done. She was previously played.
Reserved for Josie

❧ Immediate Ties: @Juniper Lyness, @Emily Lyness
❧ Potential Ties: Other working class
❧ Double Up: Check in with MJ and see if this lady's maid can double up as a Davis sister.

The Flamel Family


b. 1327 | UCAB | Alchemist & Philosopher | Suggested PB: Open
High Priority Character

Their marriage has always been one of love. Having spent years together and seen several of their children go through their own lives has been an interesting experience for the both of them. As creator of the philosopher's stone, he and his wife have been the only ones to drink its elixir. Reserved for Jon

❧ Immediate Ties: @Perenelle Flamel
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1869 | UCHB | Open | Suggested PB: Hetti Bywater
Low Priority Character

Being the oldest living sibling of her family, she is the only one of them who no longer lives with Nicolas and Perenelle. But she still keeps up a good relationship with her family despite the odd feelings brought on by immortal guardians and the fact that Oscar and Estelle have a closer bond than she has to either. She does have her own family, who are quite open. Her house is open.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Perenelle Flamel
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. Post-September, 1870 | UCHB | Open | Suggested PB: Nat Wolff
Medium Priority Character

Naturally, he is the closest to his younger sister as they tend to get along the best. His personality is fairly open. He still lives with his immortal guardians, and doesn't plan to move out too soon. His house is open. Freshly graduated, he may or may not know what to do with his life.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Perenelle Flamel
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. 1875 | UCHB | Third/Fourth Year ('89) | Suggested PB: Ruby Rose Turner
High Priority Character

For a few years now, Estelle has been very interested in her guardians' immortality. She hopes to convince Perenelle and Nicolas to allow her to become immortal as well. Her house is Slytherin.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Perenelle Flamel
❧ Potential Ties: @Holly Scrimgeour, @Elijah Urquart

The North Household Staff
All human workers are open to being doubled up as other adoptables.
All house elves share a room in the house on the first floor, with dividers between the beds to keep up with modesty standards.

___ ___

b. ---- | MCAB | Governess | Suggested PB: Open
High Priority Character

This woman is the third governess to work for the family since Angharad's arrival. But she seems to be the best at keeping up with the wild child. Her normal pay is 4 galleons, 8 sickles per week. Though when Angharad is home, she has 'hazard pay' of 8 additional sickles per week at the insistence or Mrs. North. Talents should include music, singing, and the art of languages.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Victor North, @Angharad Warbeck
❧ Potential Ties: Other working class

___ ___

b. ---- | WCAB | Cook | Suggested PB: Open
Low Priority Character

The cook, often referred to as 'Cook' by the household, is quite good at his/her job. Glad to not have to deal with the children of the house too often, (s)he keeps to themselves. Their pay is 3 galleons, 2 sickles per week.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Victor North, @Angharad Warbeck
❧ Potential Ties: Other working class
❧ Double Up: Check in with MJ and see if this Cook can double up as Poppy Davis.

___ ___

b. ---- | WCAB | Nanny | Suggested PB: Open
Medium Priority Character

Possibly the most patient household staff member to work for the North's, her relationship with Angharad is the least strained of them all. She adores all of the children of the house and is fairly young for her job. Her pay is 3 galleons, 2 sickles per week.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Victor North, @Angharad Warbeck
❧ Potential Ties: Other working class
❧ Double Up: Check in with MJ and see if this Nanny can double up as Poppy Davis.


b. ---- | House Elf | Horse Attendant/Kitchen Help | Suggested PB: Open
Medium Priority Character

Little Guppy was given to a couple by mutual friends as a wedding present. Always a frantic worrier over almost everything, the elf has a fear for the horses that he words with. However, he insists on continuing with his work despite flinching constantly whenever the beasts are lively. He is the youngest house elf of the household, though his age is open.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Victor North, @Angharad Warbeck
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. ---- | House Elf | General Cleaning/"Valet" | Suggested PB: Open
High Priority Character

Harpy is the oldest house elf of the bunch. Given to the couple by Mrs. North's family, the house elf has never grown fond of the countryside. In fact, he absolutely hates it. This leads to constant excuses as to not joining Victor on his hunts.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Victor North, @Angharad Warbeck
❧ Potential Ties: —


b. ---- | House Elf | Gardener/Lady's Maid | Suggested PB: Open
Low Priority Character

The only female of the household elves, she tends to hover more around the humans than those of her own kind. By far the most trustworthy, she is kind to almost all of the house. Though she is terrified of the household ward. Sworn to secrecy for Mrs. North, there are things that she even keeps from Victor. She was given to the couple by Mrs. North's family.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Victor North, @Angharad Warbeck
❧ Potential Ties: —

Some of my characters have other wanteds in the adoptables section as well as plottables. @Camille Scrimgeour has several family members that are listed here. @Henrietta Davis has one of her employers (slash 'little brother') here. She and @Goodluck Warbeck both have family here. @Victor North has his children here.  And last but not least, @Margaret Rawlinson and @Odette Lécuyer each have a family member here. Come join the family!
Other players will likely have different rules in their adoptables than I do, please keep this in mind upon making requests for characters.

Magic by MJ!

Finn's Adoptables!

Heya!  These are the adoptables for Finn.  If you want to play someone, please contact @Billie Farrow.  Please try to be active!

Updated as of 9-14-19!

Characters with stars are MOST wanted.  ******

Someone be a Binns relative!


All of the below adoptable characters are for @Gilbert Whitechapel

Colin Whitechapel
16 (1873) | Any House | Middle Class | Muggle-Born
Incoming Sixth Year
After the death of their parents, Colin ended up with a muggle family who truly cares for him.  They accept him as a wizard, and they fully support his future prospects.  However, he feels left behind.  All his magical siblings seem to be together, except for him.  He resents them all because of it, and he has recently started to resent his muggle family for not being magical.  He has fallen in with the wrong crowd at school.  Colin often visits his siblings, but he can't stand his brother.  He doesn't understand his brother's mental illness and considers him a failure.
Play-by must have blonde or brown hair.

Evie Whitechapel
11 or 12, but born after Sept 1st (1877) | Unknown House | Working Class | Muggle-Born
Incoming First Year
When their parents and siblings died, Evie was shuttled off to live with a neighbor.  When she was eight, her guardians also perished, and she found herself residing in an orphan asylum.  It took a full year for her older siblings to discover her whereabouts, and another year for Hazel and Gilbert to find jobs and a place to live where they could also support another person.  She now lives with Hazel, and it's her first year of Hogwarts.
Play-by must have blonde or brown hair.

Hazel Whitechapel
19 (1870) | Any house | Working Class | Muggleborn
Hazel and Gilbert drive each other nuts, but they obviously love each other. They live in the same flat in the slums, but Hazel is actively looking to leave, whether that is through manage or her own money. She is very close with Evie, and she worries about what is to become of Colin. She seems to like Teddy more than a brother.
Play-by must have dark hair.

[align=center]Theodore "Teddy" Trigg, Jr.
21 (1868) | Gryffindor or Ravenclaw | Upper Middle Class | Pureblood
Works at the Ministry or one of the Hospitals
Teddy is Gilbert's best friend since their first year at Hogwarts. The two became very close, and he even taught Gilbert how to read and write better. He convinced his father to take his friend in. He is probably the only person who understands Gilbert and is able to pull him out of some of his funks. He's very successful in whatever career he does have, and he's a fairly happy-go-lucky guy. He views the Whitechapels as siblings, but he has developed a crush on Hazel Whitechapel. He's petrified to tell Gilbert.
Play-by must have dark hair.

Theodore Trigg, Sr.
51 (1838) | Hufflepuff | Upper Middle Class | Pureblood
Works at the Ministry
Kindhearted and giving, Theodore Trigg took Gilbert in after his parents died at age twelve.  He also took charge of his younger sister Hazel.  The pair stayed with the Trigg's during the summer and over the holidays.  He provided financially for their basic needs, but both children were able to receive scholarships up until fifth year.  When they both left after fifth year, Theodore still helped them, even assisting them in their job searches.  He views Gil and Hazel as practically his own children.  He is incredibly patient with Gilbert.  Theodore works at the ministry in some capacity.  His wife died in a potions accident when his son was only four years old.  His family is pureblood, and he has a few siblings.
Play-by must have dark hair.

All of the below adoptable characters are for @Thomas Montgomery:

James Montgomery
36 (1852) | Any House | Working or Middle Class | Muggleborn
Any Profession
James is the father of Thomas.  He is a muggleborn who lives in Irvingly.  He was part of the expedition there and decided to keep his land and house.  His wife ran away with a pornographer.  His parents moved into their home so they could be closer to their son and grandson.  He's probably sad.  Him and his wife aren't properly divorced, yet.  His personality, etc. is super, super open.
Play-by that has dark hair and dark eyes.

(And if you really want to play a muggle, he does have two paternal grandparents.)

All of the below adoptable characters are for @Zachariah Binns

Meriwether Binns
60 (1828) | Gryffindor | Middle Class | Halfblood
Any Profession
Zachariah's father is fairly open.  He has a good relationship with Zach and Juliana.  He somewhat butts heads with Hugo, but it's very clear he loves his children.  He's originally from London.  He doesn't quite understand Zachariah's obsession with books, but he tries to be supportive.  His profession is a bit more hands-on.
Play-by that has dark hair and dark eyes.

Agnes Binns
57 (1832) | Gryffindor | Middle Class | Any Blood
Any Profession
Zachariah's mother is an open book.  She could even be attached to an existing, playable family.  The only requirement is that she's a Gryffindor, and that she likes to send her son a lot of letters.  Sometimes, she even just shows up at the shop with food and tea, convinced that he hasn't been eating.  
Play-by that has dark hair and light eyes.

Hugo Binns
39 (1850) | Gryffindor | Upper Middle Class | Halfblood
Any Lucrative Profession
Zachariah and Hugo don't always see eye-to-eye.  Hugo has a somewhat dominating personality, while Zachariah is a bit more welcoming and open.  Hugo often scoffs at his brother's "achievements," and he seems to engage in a one-sided competition about who is doing better.  He has moved up in the ranks, and is on the cusp of moving up a class due to either his profession and/or business ventures.  He doesn't understand having passion for his line of work, for he's more concentrated on the money and power output.  He's a somewhat domineering father who shows his love in strange ways.  He tends to treat his little sister like a child.
Play-by that has dark hair and light or dark eyes.

Reserved for Renny

Albin Binns
17 (1872) | Gryffindor | Upper Middle Class | Halfblood
Incoming Seventh Year
Albin is the most like Hugo.  He's a very strong personality, and it's likely that he either plays on his house quidditch team, or he's heavily involved in quodpot.  While he has many friends, he isn't the nicest of boys.  He's pretty average academically.
Play-by that has any hair and any eyes.

Isolda Binns
15 (1874) | Any House | Upper Middle Class | Halfblood
Incoming 5th Year
Isolda is very open.  She's most likely a lot like her mother, or a nice blend between her and her father.  She has middle child syndrome and desperately wants to set herself apart from the others.  How?  That is up to you as the player!
Play-by that has any hair and any eyes.

*****Emma Binns
13 (1876) | Ravenclaw | Upper Middle Class | Halfblood
Incoming Third Year
Emma is the most like Zachariah.  She practically grew up in the Hogsmeade shop.  She was always about when she was young, just as excited as her uncle about everything literary.  She's an excellent student.  The two likely write letters to one another, and Zachariah probably sends her something new to read every few weeks.  Her father dislikes the fact the two are close.
Play-by that has any hair and any eyes.
Reserved for Dante!

Juliana Binns
26 (1862) | Gryffindor | Middle Class | Halfblood
Any Profession
Zachariah and Juliana are very close.  He taught her how to read, and he treats her like an adult while their brother still deals with her as if she's a child.  She is extremely patient with Hugo and can often get him to change him mind, somehow, with her charm.  Juliana got the best of both worlds, intelligence and bravery.  She is a very independent minded woman and likely has a career to reflect that.
Play-by that has dark hair and light or dark eyes.

All of the below adoptable characters are for @Jonathan Lawrence

Jon's family is very open!  Basically, if you're looking for an American character, they'd be a good connection.  His parents live somewhere in the Midwest, USA.  His siblings can live anywhere.  Their family runs a farm where they breed and train winged horses of all types.  A son named Daniel was lost when he was very young to a broken neck.  (He was probably a squib.)  Aside from that, his brothers and parents are open and up for grabs if someone would like them!

Adam Lawrence
1831 | Ilvermorny | Working Class | Pureblood

Hannah Lawrence
1839 | Ilvermorny | Working Class | Muggleborn

Benjamin Lawrence
1859 | Ilvermorny | Working Class | Halfblood
Married and has children.

Caleb Lawrence
1872 | Ilvermorny | Working Class | Halfblood

[Image: xxq4g6.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Addie's Adoptables

So, Angharad 2.0 (no longer being a MacWard) has basically the same story arch as before, but was taken in by another MC Hebridean family on the opposite side of the island. After the husband rescued her from a dragon she was trying to take the rabbit she caught back from, this family discovered she was living with a corpse and an owl, and took her in, pretty much against her will. She replayed them by resigning to their presence after many failed attempts at running away, never actually calling them by their names and generally being very difficult in the face of their kindness. They have just sent her off to Hogwarts for her first (possibly only?) term, but I'm requesting them anyhow if there are any takers. The family surname is North and the children's names, by order of age (oldest to youngest) are Michael, Dominic, Phoebe and Shane.

The Chail (@Victor North)
[Image: hwkgno.jpg]
PB: open (pb: Nathan Parsons)
Relationship to Angharad: Her guardian and replacement father, so to speak. She calls him the chail, which means "the man". However, she does like him more than she likes his wife because he takes her hunting sometimes and is almost always patient with her. When she runs away, he's always the one to go out and track her down.
Birthplace: The Hebrides
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Occupation: Healer In Charge for Creature-Based Injuries at St. Mungo's


The Hen
[Image: 34ovec2.jpg]
Age: 28-32
PB: open (suggested pb is Deborah Ann Woll)
Relationship to Angharad: Her guardian and replacement mother, although Angharad doesn't see her that way in any stretch of the imagination. She is generally quite caring towards Angharad, but overwhelmed by her defiance and rough behavior. Angharad calls her the Hen, which means "the woman", but thinks it's particularly fitting because she's always clucking at her about one thing or another (trying to get her to be more proper and studious so she has a future). She is closer to her own four children, but does her best with her ward as well as she copes with a rural, Scottish life after having grown up in wizarding London.
Birthplace: London
Hogwarts House: open
Occupation: Mother/Housewife

Kenneth North
[Image: 2mz9ikp.jpg]
Age: 11 (Born 1878)
PB (suggested): Vladimir Toropov (Владимир Торопов)
Personality: As the oldest son in the North family, Kenneth is very much like his father, kind and intelligent. He is eager to start going out on hunts with his father like Angharad does, but his mother hasn't allowed it yet. HE WILL BE STARTING HOGWARTS IN SEPTEMBER! He can be in any house, so feel free to throw him into the sorting.
Birthplace: The Hebrides
Hogwarts House: n/a
Occupation: n/a

Dominic North
[Image: 2edb2ic.jpg]
Age: 7-8 (Born 1880)
PB (suggested): Tornike Kiriakidi (торнике кириакиди)
Personality: Open
Birthplace: The Hebrides
Hogwarts House: n/a
Occupation: n/a

Phoebe North
[Image: 37wv8.jpg]
Age: 4-5 (Born 1883)
PB (suggested): Kriskentija Jakovleva (Крискентия Яковлева)
Personality: Sweet and well-mannered, Phoebe is basically the antithesis of Angharad.
Birthplace: The Hebrides
Hogwarts House: n/a
Occupation: n/a

Shane North
[Image: o6edr9.jpg]
Age: 2-3 (Born 1885)
PB (suggested): Egor Serdjukov (Егор Сердюков)
Personality: Spirited and Energetic, Shane is Angharad's favorite North child. She's always taken whatever chance she could to steal him away and treat him as her own baby, which has caused her to rub off on him a bit (although he is still much better-mannered than she has ever been).
Birthplace: The Hebrides
Hogwarts House: n/a
Occupation: n/a
The Weirdos

@Idunn Fraser comes from an eccentric family—though she is quite sure she’s normal by comparison, she and her friends are hardly normal by society’s standards.


If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Aldous Crouch, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

Last updated August 24th, 2019

[Image: QuCp8r0.jpg?1]
Helixa and Syna Hyslop have always been freakishly linked. They seem able to finish one another’s sentences; whether by coincidence or design, those around them can only guess. Being sorted into different houses—the former to Slytherin and the latter to Ravenclaw—was a huge blow to the pair that will one day develop the doubling charm.

In terms of personality, the two are best described outside the group as “eerie” and “disconcerting” and inside the group as “clever, but a bit obnoxious at times”. PB is wide open, but pictured is McKenna Grace.
Helixa Played by Lauren

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs @Agnes Mercier @Helixa Hyslop
Bonus Ties (Syna): @Irene Fudge

[Image: dJB7BGi.jpg?1]
— was tricked by an older sibling into making an Unbreakable Vow never to speak at the tender age of nine. Recognizing the gravity of this and not wanting to die, he has always had to work extra hard to get by. He excels in potions and al theory-based courses, but struggles immensely with spells due to having to learn to cast them non-verbally; by now, he has most of the spells down that were learned in first year, but it’s hit or miss on second year and “haha you’re funny yeah no” on anything more complicated than that. He avoids doing any magic unnecessarily, and all his electives are theoretical. He does, however, love quidditch, and would like to join the house team someday.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “quiet” and “kind of unnerving” and inside the group as “fun-loving” and “excellent at keeping secrets, obviously”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Chosen Jacobs

Played by MJ

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser
Bonus Ties: @George Waterford @Thomas Montgomery @Cane Backus
Double Duty: Noah Farley

[Image: yuD5JaO.jpg?1]
The oldest in the group, — struggled to make friends early on due to his reputation of being cursed. After all, his mother died in childbirth, his father drowned in a fountain, and his older brother, two older sisters, and grandparents perished in the Hogsmeade fires of ’84. With his entire immediate family dead, — is now under the guardianship of a nearsighted maiden great-aunt, whose clothing selections for him are a mixture of too small and too decidedly for girls. Oh, and he’s pretty bad at his practical courses.

He is, however, an absolute ‘wizard’ when it comes to research and theory, and became friends with Idunn by helping her research potions in the school’s library her first autumn at Hogwarts.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “unlucky” and “ridiculous” (neither are personality traits, but to know his personality would require befriending him) and inside the group as “hardworking”, “sarcastic”, and “highly intelligent”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Aidan Gallagher

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs @Agnes Mercier @Helixa Hyslop
Bonus Ties: @Harrison Vance, @Justice Rookwood, @Germander Macnair

[Image: SnHlrm7.jpg?1]
A genuine seer who spends most of her time avoiding her gift and whose predictions seem to focus almost exclusively on things considered ‘improper’ by society—as a result, she has never been particularly keen to make friends, as when she does See, it rather damages those relationships…

She and Idunn have been working on a potion to suppress her Sight, and thus far she hasn’t had any adverse affects to the members of the group, so that’s a bonus.

In terms of personality, he is best described outside the group as “nosy” and “dramatic” and inside the group as “compassionate” and “genuine”. PB is wide open, but pictured is Eden Cupid

Played by Bree

Immediate Ties: @Idunn Fraser @Nelson Higgs
Double Duty: Artemis Fairchild, Isolda Binns

Graphics by MJ ♡
Youths with a Mission

Are you a True Believer? Someone is! Because the CMJ needs enough of a following to be a ~thing and @Blythe Fairchild needs more friends/friendly acquaintances, have a THING. These seven youngish folk are each representative of a heavenly virtue, with Blythe standing in for humility because HAVE YOU MET HER? All PBs are only suggestions (including in terms of race because the Brits had an EMPIRE yo and also travel is a thing). WC characters should have OWLs or less unless their career requires more!


If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Aldous Crouch, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

Last updated June 26th, 2019

[Image: RKFbwdM.jpg]
[Chastity] is probably Blythe's closest "church friend". Born and raised in the CMJ, [Chastity] declared at the age of nine that she would never marry and instead would dedicate her life to the Church. Though she has grown up since then, she hasn't yet found a reason to change her mind. She is a decisive and kindhearted young woman who loves telling people how best to better themselves. Pictured: Megan Lawless

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild @Adam Ragge @Wendell Banges @Ebba Burbage @Akash Patil
Bonus Ties: @Temperance Fairchild @Earth Beck @Clifford Goyle & anyone else involved in the Church

[Image: 4NVzTud.png]
b. 1864-1869 | W/MCAB | BOOKEEPER
Managing the books at his father's shop—which his exuberant brother seems most likely to inherit—is hardly [Temperance]'s dream come true. No, he sees himself happiest building a proper church in Hogsmeade, one at which he would deliver the sermons each Sunday. Until then, he studies the CMJ's bible dutifully and shadows Mr. Dursley of Irvingly as much as he is able. After all, coming into the Church only in his seventh year, [Temperance] has some catching up to do! Pictured: Chance Perdomo
— Played by Catcher —

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild @Adam Ragge
Bonus Ties: @Temperance Fairchild @Earth Beck @Clifford Goyle & anyone else involved in the Church
Double Duty: Mr. Banges (3)

[Image: qJZ7AH3.jpg]
[Charity] has only spent two years in Britain. Total. The daughter of missionaries, she has spent her life instead ministering to the poor, the sick, and the godless in eight different countries across Africa, Asia, and South America. She came to Hogsmeade in the spring of '89 to tend to an ailing uncle, but yearns to get back out in the world. To keep herself feeling useful, she throws herself into as many charitable causes as her time will allow. Pictured: Cara Theobold
— Played by Lauren —

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild @Adam Ragge @Wendell Banges
Bonus Ties: @Temperance Fairchild @Earth Beck @Clifford Goyle & anyone else involved in the Church

[Image: kYJK8al.jpg]
b. 1864-1869 | WCAB | AUROR/IN-TRAINING
The consummate Hufflepuff, [Diligence]—through hard work and the power of prayer—was able to complete his education on scholarship and was accepted into the Auror Training Programme at the Ministry. He regularly offers to teach churchgoing women basic self-defence spells to ensure their safety as they perform God's work. Pictured: Jacob Anderson
— Played by Lynn —

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild
Bonus Ties: @Temperance Fairchild @Earth Beck @Clifford Goyle & anyone else involved in the Church
Potential Ties: @Edric Umbridge @Maeve Connolly @Enoch Rosier @Hudson Woodcroft @Benedict Sterling @Theodore Gallivan
Double Duty: [The Best Mate]

[Image: ybPfok9.jpg]
b. 1866-1872 | WCAB | FARMER'S DAUGHTER
With six brothers and a father at home to tend to, it's a wonder [Patience] has time for religion! After her mother's death, she left school to take on the minding of the younger boys and the care of the family's small cottage near Hogsmeade, where her father and brothers work on the family's farm. Pictured: Laura Marano
— Reserved for Miri —

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild @Adam Ragge @Wendell Banges @Ebba Burbage
Bonus Ties: @Temperance Fairchild @Earth Beck @Clifford Goyle & anyone else involved in the Church
Double Duty: [The Church Bestie]

[Image: zqIOi1k.jpg]
[Kindness] always had a passion for healing. As a young boy, he wanted most to be a doctor; at Hogwarts, he often trailed after the school's nurse, learning all she had to offer. Joining the CMJ was an easy transition for the muggleborn lad—he believes he was brought into this world to heal those around him. Pictured: Justin H. Lin
— Played by Bree —

Immediate Ties: @Blythe Fairchild @Adam Ragge @Wendell Banges @Ebba Burbage
Bonus Ties: @Temperance Fairchild @Earth Beck @Clifford Goyle & anyone else involved in the Church
Potential Ties: @Baxter Keene @Tilda MacFusty @Annabelle Bones @Ari Fisk @Diligent Six Oswald @Katerina Bass @Theodore Trigg @Hazel Whitechapel @Victor North @Sydney Podmore @Richard Gladstone @Kingsley Wells @Iris Cattermole @Garrett Cavey @Lorcan Byrne @Jamesina Mcintyre
Double Duty: [The Questionable Friend/Crush]

Are You a Believer?Join the Faithful!

— graphics by rune ❤ —
Catcher's Adoptables
❧ Talk to me before taking one
❧ Changes are mostly allowed, just run by me
❧ If the character you picked up from me misses an activity check, I'll give you two weeks before I re-open the character.
❧ It's absolutely okay if you want to drop the character, let me know first, please.
Updated as of September 14th
For Leif
@Leif Heaney


b. 1854-1857 | WCHB | Gryffinclaw | Undertaker/Other Weird Occupation | Suggested PB: Aaron Ashmore

Lukas Heaney is the youngest of seven boys, and has seven boys of his own. He has a bit of an odd reputation, and enjoys imparting wisdom and bits of 'knowledge' onto his sons and anybody else in the near area. He is absentminded and easily goes off on tangents. He doesn't seem to care much for material objects, Lukas was close with his older brother Simon growing up and named his first son(partially) after him. In school, Lukas was either a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, and most likely didn't make it past his OWLs, if he stayed past the first year.  His occupation is open, but should be ~weird~


b. 1857-1859 | WCAB | Slytherpuff/Did not attend | Seamstress (at Gladrag's?) | Suggested PB: Danielle Macdonald

Lydia Heaney's maiden family is completely open. If she works for a double-up, check with me and we might be able to make it work :) She is a kind woman and very patient, though she does still have a temper. She was relatively old when she got married, probably around the time she was 18-21. She knows how to read and write, but it's questionable if she went to school at all, and unlikely she made it to OWLs. She shares some joys of being a little bit weird, but she is by no means as strange as her husband. Lydia is the type to be proud of her seventh son simply because he is the seventh, but that doesn't mean she isn't proud of her other sons when they do well!


b. October 1879 | WCHB | TBA | Odd-jobber/child | Suggested PB: Artem Kononenko

The second son. Liam loves animals. He likes to try to get birds to land on his hand, and is usually the first to suggest going down to the park when he's playing. He is one of the more likely to slack on his work, but some things he really likes to do. Liam doesn't have much ambition, a contrast to his older brother, and would probably be satisfied working in an owl emporium, given the chance to go and see new creatures every now and then.


b. 1882 | WCHB | TBA | Odd-jobber/child | Suggested PB: Hermann Michel

The third son. Xavier is the more boisterous of the twins, constantly together due to closeness in age and personality, though everyone expects they'll grow more of their own traits once apart. Xavier tries to be loud, and likes to follow his father around. When he's older, he wants to be a rich person, because he heard they get to wear gold all the time. Xavier really enjoys Gobstones, and is the first to initiate a game when he can find his stones. The twins are identical


b. 1882 | WCHB | TBA | Odd-jobber/child | Suggested PB: Hermann Michel

The fourth son. Xander is quiet. Noticeably so, but his twin does a lot of talking for him, if they're together. On his own, Xander is capable of holding conversations, and is notably interested in mostly Muggle things. He thinks marbles are cooler than Gobstones, if only because marbles don't squirt him in the face if he loses a game. He thinks that sewing and chores are boring, and usually complains to get out of doing them. The twins are identical.


b. 1883 | WCHB | TBA | Odd-jobber/child | Suggested PB: Maxim Kononenko

The fifth son. At his age, he mostly follows his older brothers around and likes to follow the twins especially, meaning he usually ends up in whatever trouble they've gotten into. He's known for losing the Gobstones that the Heaneys play with, and for being one of the most active. He likes to climb things, and if you can't find him, usually you need only look up and find him sitting in a tree or tall furniture. Has not shown any signs of accidental magic and is just a little bit worried about it, even though everyone expects him to be a wizard.


b. 1885 | WCHB | TBA | Odd-jobber/child | Suggested PB:

The sixth son. Like Calvin, he hasn't shown any signs of accidental magic but seems to be okay with that. He is very interested in the boats out on the water, and often just watches them from far away. He wants to learn how to swim, but no one else wants to teach him, or no one else is able to swim. He likes doing odd-jobs, and sometimes goes with Leif or Liam when they go out to look for things to do, even though he isn't the most helpful, he likes the way knuts look.


b. 1 January 1887 | WCHB | TBA | child | Suggested PB:

The seventh and youngest son. Lawrence is only 2 years old, but already has shown signs of magic by turning a toy dragon into a real, though toy-sized, dragon. As the seventh son of a seventh son, expectations are high for him, and he seems to be meeting all of them. He spends most of his time with his parents, brothers, or asleep. Everything seems to come naturally to Lawrence.


b. December 1843 | WCHB | Slytherin | Ministry or Alchemy Professor | Suggested PB: Eion Bailey

Leif's namesake and his favorite uncle, but don't tell anyone! The oldest of seven children, widowed in 1884 by the Laughing Plague, which also very nearly took his oldest child, Grace, who became partially blind due to it and a combination of fire, and did take his youngest son, Theodore(b. 1876). Simon only has two living children, the aforementioned Grace, and Simon Jr.(b. 1872), and is technically hurlable. Playby negotiable!


b. 1868 | WCHB | Open | 'Debutante'/Maid or Welcome Witch | Suggested PB: Madison Davenport

The eldest daughter and child of Simon Heaney. Lost her mom, youngest brother, and part of her vision in 1884, which also led her father to the decision of pulling her out of school just after OWLs, the original plan, but her mother wanted her to stay for all seven. Technically 'out' as she was introduced at the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball in 1884, she's currently trying to find a way to occupy herself in the meantime. Her father tends to meddle in her affairs a bit. She used to be an avid reader, but now finds it too difficult.


b. January-August 1872 | WCHB | Open | Student or OWL-level job| Suggested PB: Charlie Heaton

Simon Jr, usually called Si or Simmy, took his little brother's death seriously to heart. While he used to be quite cheerful, and always cracking jokes, he got a lot different. He made it through school at least up to his OWLs, could've left after to pursue an interest or he could've stayed and be in his seventh year at the moment(potential prefect if you want him in Gryffindor). He's usually pretty quiet, but does have his moments of frustration where he snaps.
Leif also has 3 other playable uncles(and two deceased, if you wanna play a ghost), a few married-in aunts, and lots of cousins, as well as an entirely open maternal family!

[Image: bZyZZW.jpg]
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Could you be a Heaney?

The Sanditon Resort
Est. 1883

A seaside resort in Sussex, the Sanditon is the premier (aka probably only) magic-only vacationing spot in England. I just happen to have a handy stack of information on it in Herbert's profile!  What I don’t have is staff and assorted long-term ‘guests’ for my picturesque holiday retreat. That’s where you come in.

“Kayte, why should I take on another of your want ads?” you ask. Why, the answers are numerous (and simple!):
  • As a resort with assorted other amenities, your character will have access to a wide range of others to plot with as they can come and go pretty regularly. Sure, fall and winter aren’t ideal resorting seasons, but do you really think I haven’t thought of that?
  • Chances are they’re good for your ratios.
  • I’ve left them as open as possible to external family ties!
  • It’s sort of like you’re joining a resort RP but with magic and history and without the shame of joining a resort RP.
  • Let’s face it: if Satan goes too long without tribute, bad things happen ;)
--> Herbert also needs a scribe! <--

Now that I’ve convinced you, here’s what you have to choose from:

Mrs. Fisher
50s. WCAB. Flexible Name.

The dutiful housekeeper, taken on so that Freddie can enjoy her side projects without the entire resort bursting into flames. Generally, Mrs. Fisher handles the ordering and storage of supplies and manages the staff. Less generally she becomes an ersatz nanny to the younger Fudge children whom she adores, and acts as an assistant to Mrs. Fudge as needed.  Oddly, she never did take to Mr. Fudge, who she (rather rightly) thinks is not wholly trustworthy. Of course, she’d never pass this belief along—at least not without proof.   She was probably never married, but cooks and housekeepers are always Mrs.

Immediate ties: @Herbert Fudge @Somersby Fudge @Holliday Fudge

Goblin. Accountant.

Though he tends to make most people rather uncomfortable, Ragnuk has always been meticulous about his work ensuring the resort’s accounts stay in the black. He claims to be a descendant of Ragnuk the First. Ragnuk generally hates humans, but chooses to stay at the Sanditon because he finds goblins even more insufferable (plus, he won’t admit it, but he loves the sea air). He lives in a small cottage overlooking the water, well away from the normal bustle.

Immediate ties: @Herbert Fudge @Somersby Fudge @Holliday Fudge

The Elves
House Elves. Two male, one female.

All in possession of sea-based names, both of the boys are infatuated with the female, who has a habit of falling in love with every handsome guest who graces the resort. She once tried to trick Somersby into giving her clothing so she could ‘run away with’ a handsome bachelor. Fortunately, that did not happen.

Immediate ties: @Herbert Fudge @Somersby Fudge @Holliday Fudge

Miscellaneous Staff

All staff live in the attic of the main house except for the cook and housekeeper who have rather nicer rooms downstairs and the zoo attendants who share a one-room cottage by the zoo which proves awkward as they are conflicting genders.

The Cook: 30s or older. WCAB. Either gender. Reliable.
The Kitchen Maid: 18-25. WCAB.
The Maids: Two. 15-26. WCAB. Share a room.
The Groundskeeper: Male. WCAB. 27+. Reliable.
The Zoo Attendants: Two. Either gender. 25+. COMC OWL. Reliable. WC likely, maybe lower end of MC.
Maintenance Man: the lamest superhero ever. 21+. WCAB.
The Lifeguard: Just one. Male. Strong swimmer. Hired on to make sure no one drowns. WLCAB—helps out Maintenance Man during the off-season and they share a room. 21-28.
The Driver: drives a carriage as needed. Doubles as an errand boy, much to his chagrin. 17+. Male. WCAB.

Off-season (October through April, save for special events) employees can come and go as they please, provided their day to day tasks are properly taken care of. In season (May through September, as well as extra events), employees get one afternoon off each week, and one weekend off each month  as long as its not shared with someone else of their employment type. The fireplace in the servants' hall may be used for flooing.  

The Gallery

Like most wizarding institutions, the Sanditon is home to a variety of portraits, all purchased from auctions or bankruptcy sales around the time the resort opened. They’ve seen a few things in their time—and may yet see them here!  Let me know if you’re interested in creating one ;)

The Mers

A quartet of siren-class merfolk brought over from Greece, these three mermaids and lone merman live in the rocks just off the coast of the beech. They’re paid for their part in the “swim with mermaids” experience the resort offers in assorted shiny baubles. One of them has a preference for human males—and it’s not the mermaids. Kayte would probably make one herself if someone else did.

60s. Witch. Long-term “Guest”.

[Image: tumblr_m9gv1kzTWk1qmp0v1o1_500.gif]

This is Maureen. She came to the Sanditon for its inaugural weekend, and has been a guest there ever since. Ever. Since. She’s a M/UCAB with a habit of telling it like it is, and is either oblivious or pretends to be whenever she causes offence. She’s generally regarded as a little eccentric, but loves society too much to completely ostracize herself. She can choose from one of two shiny identities:
  • A spinster. We all need more of those in our life.
  • A widow who can’t live alone/maintain a staff for financial reasons (probably? Or just…health and safety reasons) but whose child(ren) or child(ren)-in-law will not abide her and so she cannot live with them.
She does leave the resort on occasion, usually for the start of the season, but always comes back. Always. I’m not sure if that’s a threat or a promise. The suggested PB is Jessica Walter.

The Drunken Sailor

The spirit of a fifteenth-century sailor haunts the shores of the beach after drowning when his ship went down nearish by. Sometimes he spouts nonsense that makes him seem drunk, but as a ghost, that’s obviously not the case. Other times, he is incredibly wise and is happy to play the ghostly therapist to any beachcombers needed. He is perpetually looking for a lost love, which once caused a problem when he became rather fixated on a female guest with similarly-colored hair.

who doesn't want a ghost dad?hear the sea's siren call
graphics by mj ❤ —
Hi, I'm Elaine, and I don't have any real rules regarding my adoptables. Just the fact that some of them require some prior plotting, and not always with me.

Theodore Mortimer Lukeson Weston
b. 1875 | (OPEN) CLASS of '93 | UCHB
Incoming Fourth Year

Theo has been the eldest child of the household practically since birth. But he was not Hope and Orville's firstborn son. No, that honor belonged to Percival, the child who disappeared shortly after Theo was born. Should his disappeared elder brother be found alive, his status as heir could be jeapordized, or at the very least confused. Pictured is Tanner Buchanan.

Miriam Gwendolyn Lukeson Weston
b. 1879 | (OPEN) CLASS of '97 | UCHB

As Hope and Orville's only daughter, Miri has always been treated as a little princess. Her personality is far more up in the air than Theo's, but a few facts are known. She was never the subject of unconfortable stares from the household staff, or her father, and grew up under much closer care and attention than Theo, as Hope was highly protective of her little girl. Pictured is Clare Foley.

Percival Sterling Lukeson Weston
b. 1871 | (OPEN) CLASS of '02 | UCHB
Stone Child

Yes, Kelly has been keeping me relatively up to date on the loose going-ons of Charming, and so I am aware of the stone children. I love this concept and felt it would be an interesting thing to incorporate some broader plot into my singular character. As such, little Percy was born in my brainspace. I've listed his original birth year, but this boy is five years old. How much he remembers of his life before being made a statue is up to anyone who ends up deciding to make him. Pictured is Elias Harger.
Played by Renny!

"Henson, Bachelor"
p. 1853 | Uneducated | Portrait

Hope's maternal uncle, Henson Dunn, was perhaps the unluckiest member of his own family. He was married a grand total of seven times, and not one bride lived longer than eighteen months. Before each wedding, he had a portrait made, intending these to be his sort of eyes and ears on his children, but he never had any. This portrait was painted prior to Henson's first wedding, and hangs in the kitchen of the Weston household. Pictured is Xavier Samuel.

Staff and Wards

And now we come to the characters who are even less defined than the rest.

The Weston family is upper class, with multiple residences, but their staff is typically brought along with them when they change locations. The only individuals who do not travel are the caretakers of each location. The family has a housekeeper, a butler, a lady's maid, a cook, two general maids, one footman, two grooms, a gardener, and a coachman.

In addition to the household staff, Hope means to take in more of the stone children as wards. After learning of the plan that the Ministry has devised for the muggle children, Hope is concerned and wishes to offer some of them at least the chance at a safe, stable life. For her, this means taking them in as wards and effectively raising them as squibs. Because she's too kind for her own good. There will be no more than four of these individuals, but they are nonetheless available for adoption!

[Image: bdJtsG.jpg]
such a heavy broken heart, can't take the weight of all these scars
Lauren's Adoptables
❧ Please let me know if you'd like to make one of my adoptables. I am very casual about more or less everything in their descriptions apart from the odd name/date. Similarly the PBs are entirely for suggestion but please run anyone past me.
❧ If you take someone please try to be reasonably active with them. I have incredibly low standards so don't worry!
❧ I am open to certain characters being scandalous but please discuss it with me first. 
❧  Thanks to Bree for the code! <3
Updated 17/09/19

For Elladora Black
@Elladora Black | @Phineas Black | @Ursula Black


b. 1857 | MCPB | Slytherin | Journalist | Suggested PB: Elisabeth Moss

The youngest of the current generation of Blacks, Iola is the younger sister of Phineas and Elladora Black and is generally regarded by both of them as a disgrace after she eloped with a muggle and wilfully fell to the middle class in 1882. She is a free-spirited woman compared to her siblings and became a writer for the Daily Prophet after she married where she writes quite progressive articles under an assumed name. Her personality is largely open, as is her relationship with her husband though it can be assumed they married for love, and I would prefer her to have at least one child. She is also the only other person in the world who knows what happened to the illegitimate child Ursula gave birth to in 1881 and one of the few things she and Elladora always agree upon was that Ursula was not good enough for their brother. Whether this has changed with time and her own marriage is up to you!

For Minnie Pendergast
@Emma Macmillan | @Minnie Pendergast


b. 1867 | UCPB | Open House | Open Profession | Suggested PB: Louis Tomlinson

Walter is the first born son of Reuben and Atalanta Pendergast and will one day inherit his father's fortune upon certain requirements being met. Namely that he does not marry anything less than another UCPB - if he does then he will lose the whole lot and Samuel will inherit instead. For this reason, and many others, the two brothers do not get on. When he attended Hogwarts he was in any house though personally I would prefer Gryffindor or Hufflepuff and he is a good-natured and loving whose mother and sisters have frequently worried that his heart might lead him astray. He can work if preferred but his father did not allow him to play Quidditch at school so he is unlikely to be a pro player. Otherwise Walter is largely open and ready to make terrible mistakes!


b. 1870 | UCPB | Slytheclaw | Open Profession | Suggested PB: Dylan O'Brien

Samuel Pendergast is the second son and final child of this branch of Pendergasts. As the "spare" he inherits comparatively little and Samuel has resented his brother for this every day of their lives since he can remember. His sisters and mother he cares for in a distant way, but he loves no one in the family and is interested entirely in his own prospects, though he craves his father’s approval. He plans to have a notable career post-Hogwarts and models himself more on the prestige of his late uncle Philip and aunt Olivia rather than his more laissez-faire side of the family. If there are prefect/head boy spots free I would recommend he had them or else he is bitterly angry that he was overlooked.

For Annabelle Bones
@Annabelle Bones @Eldin Bones @Vesta Bones


b. 1868 | UCPB | Griffenclaw | Healer | Suggested PB: Florence Pugh

The oldest and by far the most sensible of Annabelle’s children Rosamund is an overachiever and, like her mother before her, much more interested in her occupation than being a debutante. Unlike her mother she was not betrothed so upon her graduation she immediately sought an internship at St. Mungo’s and has been there ever since. She is absolutely hurlable, has never quite recovered from her father’s unexpected death and desperately wants to escape from her mother’s shadow.

For Enoch Rosier
@Enoch Rosier @Jemima Rosier @Evalina Rosier @Gabriel Rosier


b. 1835 | UCPB | Slytheclaw | Gentleman | Suggested PB: Clive Owen

The very epitome of the idle rich Henry has never had a profession, nor wished for one, and he still considers it something of an insult that his son is an auror. He spends as little time with his wife as humanly possible - she scares him - and can only manage to be fatherly with Enoch when there is brandy involved. He thinks Griselda is perfect and he's not convinced Jemima isn't a changeling, but this doesn't stop her being his secret favourite. The oldest of four Henry has a lifelong, mostly harmless, rivalry with his two brothers and a deep love for his frivolous sister but he would throw them all to the wolves if he thought for a moment any of them were likely to bring shame upon the family. This is largely out of fear as he has a Deep Terrible Secret. Whatever the secret it is entirely up to the player!


b. 1861 | UCPB | Slytheclaw | Socialite | Suggested PB: Gemma Arterton

Griselda married for one reason and one reason alone – to hide in plain sight. She is the perfect model of a society wife, demure, polite, the consummate hostess, with two sons already in the nursery and no hint of scandal hanging around her at all. Except the loathes her husband (and possibly children) so much that if she were to kill them and ask for his assistance Enoch would neither be surprised or inclined to turn her in. Other than their mother, Evalina, with whom they are both extremely close, Griselda is the only person in the world Enoch has any real respect or love for. Given half the chance he’d Targaryen this relationship up.

fabulous set by Lady <3
Lady's Adoptables

Welcome to the end of your search and start of your procrastination  ;)  Before we get started, I do have a few policies regarding my adoptables:
  • Consult me please before you claim any of my bbies!
  • Reservations last two weeks, after which they will be put up for adoption again unless I hear otherwise.
  • In the same vein I'd prefer you to keep them active, however if you're having trouble juggling real life just shoot me a message and we might be able to work something out.
  • If your character goes inactive during an AC, I'll talk to you and see if you're planning on reviving them!
  • When making your app, please include a full personality section (really, a brief paragraph will do) and immediate family section! Most of the family section will be readily available via my characters.
If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Amelia Evans, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

Last updated 22 Sept. 2019

For Diana Fawley
@Diana Fawley | @Cordelia Fawley

[Image: rMMkRM.jpg]

Allegra Fawley is a formidable presence to say the least. She upholds a strict household and is not one to dwell on trivial matters. If Diana is pragmatic, Allegra is tenfold. She is a woman who loves her family fiercely, and often cares more for them than herself. Be that as it may, she is a woman determined for her family to remain in the upper crust of society, and knows how cruel it can be to those who go against the status quo. This is why she can seem very strict in not allowing her children to miss a society function. She is a proud and formidable woman who went into an arranged marriage. She and her husband love each other dearly but nonetheless their bond was forged through an arranged marriage (not unlike many in society) and they love each other because of their family. However, Allegra is bisexual and most certainly has a lover on the side, who probably frequents the same society events (you know you want that angst). Her current goals are to keep her children and husband in the dark about her affair, and to get her 2nd eldest daughter, Diana to marry a respectable Upper Class Pureblood Male. Suggested PB is Michelle Yeoh, with alternatives to be Asian.

[Image: rMMdpf.jpg]

Though Diana is the 2nd daughter of the Fawley family, she is additionally the one closest do her dearest Papa. They are both rather bookish and enjoy being in each other's company, mostly because they can sit together and read. From early on, Alaric attempted to be as hands on with his children as he could [well, in terms of an upper class family father would]. He left the changing and feedings to the nurses, but always enjoyed reading to his children, Diana and Henry being the most receptive of the lot. He is bookish and dearly loves his wife, however loves to spend time in his study more often than not. His current goals are to see his daughter marry, though his motivations are less so than his wife's. Suggested PB is Ken Watanabe, with alternatives to be Asian

For Cordelia Fawley
@Diana Fawley | @Cordelia Fawley

[Image: rMRjys.jpg]

Consider Cassia the moon to Cora's sun. While not twins, Cora feels closest to Cassia, and was rather disappointed when Cassia was sorted into Hufflepuff as opposed to her Gryffindor. She is a vivacious and vibrant student, though her worst subject is potions, something that she constantly goes to Cora for. When younger, she often looked up to Cora for advice and guidance, though is now coming into her own and perhaps is the one to give Cora guidance more often than Cora is willing to admit. While loving of her sister, she was less affectionate towards @"Beatrix Borgin" and thought her cruel and mean; she understand why Cora became friends with her, but doesn't hesitate to tell Cora she could choose better friends. She is tone deaf, and often likes to torture Cora with this fact given her sister's perfect pitch and synesthesia. Her current goals are to ace her finals this year and [s]also make sure Cora doesn't feel too abandoned without Trixie. Suggested PB is Miya Cech, with alternatives to be asian.
Reserved for Bree

[Image: z926HKj.jpg]

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