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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

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[Image: 172Mrm5.jpeg]
B. 2 Sept 1880 - 1 Sept 1881 | MCHB/MCPB | TBD | INCOMING FIRST YEAR ('92)
Briony (name flexible) has been Louisa's friend for years; either they live in the same area of Bartonburg North, or they met at the park and became fast friends. Briony's family is quite different to Lou's; notably, no one is involved in quidditch, and she does not have a thousand cousins running around xD She is actually quite open except for the fact that I want her to be kidnapped in February ;) PB is hella open, but pictured is Miya Cech.


B. 1883 | MCPB | TBA | CHILD
Born June 16th, 1883, Caroline Georgia Weasley was the result of her mother labouring while spectating a quidditch match. In spite of her rather dramatic entrance, Caroline has had a generally typical life in the years since. A whimsical girl, she relishes her position as second oldest: still older than the little ones, but with much less scrutiny than Lou. Like her sister and brother, she is educated at home by a governess. If the Weasleys did superlatives, she would be Most Likely to House a Family of Puffskeins Under the Bed Without Telling Anyone and Most Likely to Leave the House Without Shoes, both of which have happened. She is not overly fond of heights. Suggested PB is Lilly Aspell with alternatives to be brunette.



Vain but cheerful, Endymion works as a cursebreaker/auror/something similarly adventurous-but-flashy. Once banged a Veela in a hammock in the garden, an event witnessed by his mother and Shalott and which has never been quite forgotten by any of them. Knows more about flower language than his sisters consider strictly reasonable.

yes this is me storing my own wanted because i made him >.>

Still looking as of June 23rd, 2021
Embers of an Old Flame
@Jesse Hatchitt and by extension @Fallon Hatchitt

1863-64ish | open house | widowed | rep 7+
Vanessa Hudgens is pictured,
but I really don't care, POC encouraged!

As I mentioned in his Bridgerton survey Jesse had a friends with benefits situation going on for a little while after graduation. He and said ladyfriend went to school together, were likely in the same year or house, easy friends; Jess has his fair share of sisters anyway. She could have been friends with his sister, Connie in school too!

Her backstory is pretty open, any blood and class combo could reasonably work, as long as she was somebody who would befriend him personality-wise. Fair warning he was a bit of an asshole in school, got in fights a lot, etc, but he was better around people who took the time to get to know him, which she obviously did. I'm calling her Sarah here, but her name is totally open.

For whatever reason (drunk? dumb kid things?) Jess and Sarah fall into bed once. It was pretty terrible, but that sparked them to explore it a little further until it was no longer awful. They came up with a friends with benefits situation because why tf not? They used contraception of some kind to avoid any unwanted consequences and it went on for a couple years (he graduated in 1881, so if she's younger, after she graduated), dates flex.

Their arrangement came to an end when she started courting someone of a good station/place in life to properly do so for her and give her a comfortable living. She may have been WC or MC and moved up a class? Maybe she was MC and said gent just fit what she needed in life. On Jesse's side it ended amicably, but she could have totally had feelings for him along the way. He never did, nor did he give any indication because they were such good friends and he didn't want to screw that up. Any who, she moves on (possibly literally to a different country so they haven't run into one another for a long while?) and doesn't resurface until recently!

I'd like her to be widowed and out of or almost out of mourning, moved back to London/Bartonburg to be near family with her 1-2 kiddos (not Jesse's!). She's a good mom and is looking to remarry asap! I'm really just looking for her to cause drama for Jellon, so she could be temporary, but who knows where the musings will take us!

Still Looking as of Dec 31, 2021!

The Bestest BFF
for @Ella Grimm

Her PB is WIDE open, but this cutie is RL BFFs with Ella's PB; there's so much pic spam! I also have a ton of pictures of her already saved for you XD


[Lily Blue Bass]
Sept 1880 - Dec 1882 | unknown house | kiddo
rep 6+ | W/MCAB

Ella has a houseful but that doesn't stop her from being the must bubbly extrovert ever! I would like for her to have a childhood best friend from the neighborhood that she's probably been friends with for ~5ish years.

They could share a governess because they're neighbors? Maybe they ran into one another in the park and hit it off? Maybe the BFF has a bunch of brothers she tries to escape at every turn? Maybe she's a huge fan of quidditch and a fangirl over Ella's mom? There's so many options! I would LOVE (and prefer!) she get worked into an existing family, as long as they would socialize with the Grimms in spite of their numerous uh, "scandals" (both Ella and her sister Vivian are bastards that Ev claims, which is pretty public knowledge).

Are they off to Hogwarts together in 1893 or maybe the BFF has a early/late birthday and starts the year before/after for ~drama?? I'd love to work this out with you! (I'm super bad at birthday math, so my years may not line up?)
Reserved for Finn!

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
[Image: B0me9x.jpg]
— graphics by lady ❤ —

60’s | UCPB | OPEN | Wizengemot Member and educator| Suggested PB: Jeremy Irons

The idea for opening the institute was his, although more of an academic he left the administration to his son. He is an animagus, dark arts expert and practitioner. He likely had a ministry job before taking up his seat on the wizengemot. He has travelled extensively.

LATE 50’s | UCPB | Ravenclaw | Socialite| Suggested PB: Jocasta Flint

Socialite and mother, she is the counterpoint to her husbands strictness and harshness. She is more of a soft purist, and although doesn’t disdain other bloods she would be disappointed if her sons married outside the bloodline. She is more classist than purists and considers ‘new money’ a worse stain than ‘new blood’.

[Image: 5mVg7A.png]
MJ made this divine beauty

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