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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Gus has always been a bit of a tomboy, but her brother George is the one with the tender heart. Where Gus is loud and brash, he’s sensitive and shy, and his inability to hurt people’s feelings or say no to things almost certainly gets him into muddles. He lives with Gus and their mother whom they care for in Pennyworth, but that’s not to say he doesn’t dream of other things. And whatever he works at, it’s definitely not quidditch.

MJ made this!

b. 1869 | UCPB | Slytherin | Debutante | #Twinning: Danielle Rose Russell

The twin sister of @Bella Scrimgeour. After her sister was kidnapped as an infant, Araminta was raised as an only daughter. She is a product of her upbringing: educated and well-mannered with an air of haughtiness to her that isn't uncommon in girls of her status. It would be the distinct difference in attitude that would lead to many differences of opinion between Araminta and her twin as they navigated their relationship after they were formally reunited in their first year of Hogwarts. Araminta was—and still is—all too willing to fit into the small box society designed for women of her station, and resented how her life was upended by her father's imprisonment and sister's disownment (especially since it is difficult to tell them apart!). Her reputation is a 6.

[Image: gvM7opq.png]

b. 1868 | MCHB | Co-Owner of an Antiques Shop | Suggested PB: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
High Priority Character

Fraternal twin of Jupiter, Mars is the only female of the siblings besides Earth who has married. Co-owning a shop with her husband, she’s just as odd as most of her siblings. She has yet to have any children, and has been married since 1887. This may lead to a few rumors regarding her marriage.

Since childhood, she has been the most mocked out of all of her siblings for her masculine name. Having grown used to it, she mainly shrugs it off. Though she was prone to getting into fights in her youth over the matter. She was a Slytherin.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck, Jupiter Smith
❧ Bonus Ties: @Mireille Smith
❧ Potential Ties: —

fabulous set by Lady <3
Wedded Hell
For Beatrix Burke
@Beatrix Burke


b. 1870 | WCPB | Slytherin | Borgin & Burke's Employee | Suggested PB: Freddie Highmore

At the end of July '89 the long-planned marriage between the oldest son of Mr Burke and the only daughter of Mr Borgin went ahead with absolutely no enthusiasm from either of the newly-weds. Beatrix has been forced to leave Hogwarts after only five years despite having more than enough intellect to continue and Claude, though he performed poorly in his NEWTs, had some kind of plans that he now has to try to forget about. The marriage has not been consummated as since the wedding night Trixie has secretly been giving Claude a potion that either makes her hideous to him or renders him impotent. Whichever you prefer.

Their relationship up till now has not been especially cordial and at school they mostly avoided each other. Claude is notably a tad on the sickly side, which means he did not play Quidditch or cut much of a figure at Hogwarts where he was in the same house as the man Trixie has a raging lady-boner for. Whether Claude knows about this is up to the player!

Still searching as of 24/01/21

fabulous set by Lady <3
[Image: yo7T3RC.jpeg]
B. Sept. 1858 - Aug. 1859 | MCAB | HUFFLEPUFF | MINISTRY OR HEALER
Ros met "Alexandra" the day of their sorting into Hufflepuff, and they were fast friends indeed! Though they both talked idly about having a career after Hogwarts, "Alexandra" evidently meant it—while Ros married shortly after the conclusion of their studies, "Alexandra" found rewarding employment and...never quite made it down the aisle. She is the non-Ross/Fisk with whom Roslyn is closest, and Ros often hoped she might marry Ari or Julian or Kons someday. For her part, "Alexandra" is quite insistant she does not need to marry, but how legitimate such claims are remain...up in the air. PB is wide open, but pictured is Claudia Jessie.

For Holliday
I can tell you literally nothing except that it's gonna be fun & tropey and takes place primarily @ the Sanditon. If you're willing to let Satan take the wheel, hit me up. Kicks off in earnest in June; just don't murder anyone or have them hate each other before then and we're good xD

[Image: M7aR1I4.jpeg]
"Prosper" grew up in the countryside near the Fudges and, as such, has been a close friend of Herbert for most of his life. The two have a shared vision of the Sanditon as a place of wonderment and relaxation, and he has been involved in its design from the frist. In addition to a home in Bartonburg (to appease his wife, who is not thrilled by sea air and less thrilled by her husband's homosexual preferences), "Prosper" resides primarily at Sanditon Terrace. Ethnicity & PB are both open, but pictured is Mahershala Ali.

[Image: 6vRn8TX.jpeg]
Because of their fathers' closeness, "Fortuna" was Holliday's first (and thus, is now her oldest) friend. The two have always gotten on well and do value one another, though drifted slightly when Topaz Urquart became a werewolf—objectively, "Fortuna" knows Topaz holds no blame, but her mother instilled in her the importance of appearances. Though she never disparages Topaz, she is uncomfortable about Holliday's continued friendship. Though interested in architecture, she is poised to be a deb this coming season (see: mother instilled the importance of appearances). She takes luncheon with her mother every Hogsmeade weekend. She is a twin to "Merrit", and has no other siblings. Ethnicity & PB are both open, but pictured is Storm Reid.

[Image: lRrYf6y.jpeg]
Though her father (born 1840-1845) is the primary investor in Sanditon Terrace, she and Holliday actually became friends when "Amity" quite vocally supported Topaz after the werewolfening. "Amity" has always been sociable and loyal. Rather controversially, she proclaims that she wishes to spend a Season or two unattached so that she might enjoy her time before settling. Her family's primary residence is at Terrace, but they also keep a house in London. Any siblings she has are female. Ethnicity & PB are both open, but pictured is Anna Devlin.

Please note that, while you can do whatever you like with her maternal family, her paternal is to remain entirely vague save for her father & last name.

For Balthazar
A dead wife is inconvienent for a man with children, especially daughters. Fortunately, Balt has an excellent relationship with his sister, but he suspects he will need to call on her a lot more in the near future. Delight? Easy. Topaz? Very difficult, but her lycanthropy is something he was capable of handling. Ruby, though, is soon to finish Hogwarts, and is very different from her sisters.

[Image: wnWOwPd.jpeg]
The only Urquart daughter, and the second most disappointing child after her brother. Evelyn lost the respect (and money and any acquaintance) from her family when she eloped with Balt's best friend, though since he was already disowned, he stuck around, considering his sister (and wife and children) to be all the family he needed. She may have questioned her decision from time to time in the years since, but never truly regretted it. What does she regret? Evelyn harbours a deep guilt at the fact that Topaz was under her care when she was attacked by—and turned into—a werewolf. Though it's been several years and Balt has never come @ her for it, she still always at least partially expects him to one of these days.

She has at least four children: twins born in 1873 before Ruby and Topaz (daughter previously played as @Demelza McGonagall), a child of flexible gender born 1875, and a son born in 1880. PB is HELLA open but pictured is Julia Stiles. Her reputation is 7, due to publicly maintaining strong ties with Topaz & fam.

Cormac MacRae
b. 1868 | WCPB | Open Class of '86/87 | Shop Employee | 6

As the eldest, Cormac was the first to attend Hogwarts, and the first to leave, after only three years of education, currently the second-most Hogwarts years of his siblings. Promptly, he began working in the factory his father was employed in. In 1885, he became the first to step away from the factory, landing a position as a shop employee in either Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley (if the former, using Floo to commute). He is the only child who might actually know the reason the family left Ireland. Could be combined with this if Lynn is okay with it!

Suggested play-by is Chad Michael Murray, with alternates to be either blonde or red-haired, preferably with facial hair.

[Image: g70Mv2e.jpg?1]
#MostLikelyToBeADebutante. Of the Fudges, Irene is the most likely to eschew a middle class lifestyle and try to marry up, though her ambition is tempered by her kind heart and loyal nature. She and Holliday are affectionate but not close, and a part of her that she would never admit to is afraid that her sister’s friendship with Topaz Urquart will cause Irene problems herself—appearances are important to Irene . The suggested PB is Malina Weissman with alternatives to be brunette or dark blonde-haired. She is unsure what to make of her father’s present status, but tries to be optimistic about it—at least in his presence. She was previously played.

fabulous set by Lady <3
❧ Please be active
❧ If dropped, I reserve the right to put him back up for adoption
❧ Please contact me before making

WCAB | b. 1874ish | Rep: 4-6 | Any House | Suggested PB: Luke Pasqualino

Ever read The Song of Achilles? This is somewhat inspired by that in terms of the dynamic between the two main characters and is a want ad for Aristides love interest. "Patroclus" is a former UCAB whose family fell to the working class due to financial ruin. The scandal would not be so bad as to keep them from being able to attend Hogwarts so their reputation would need to be between a four and six.

Patroclus is of the opinion that Aristide is everything that Patroclus is not: strong, beautiful, etc. Aristide didn't pay much attention to Patroclus's whole family situation and befriended him anyway during their first year and it is a friendship that has been steadily deepening ever since. Patroclus is the first of the two to realize their connection is romantic with Aristide still being a little clueless. So yeah, that's fun for Patroclus.

Patroclus has managed to make it to his sixth year alongside Aristide and is likely to finish with his NEWTs.

Given how close Aristide and his twin @Adrienne Selwyn are and how they were practically inseparable during their first year despite being in different houses, "Patroclus" would be aware of the twins bond, maybe even jealous of it. He likely does not enjoy the fact that he must constantly share Aristides attention. Lady also has ideas for their rivalry as Adrienne is very protective of Aristide and might sense that there is something more than just platonic friendship bubbling between the boys.

I have Luke Pasqualino pictured because he is fancast by tumblr people but I don't care though I highly encourage a POC playby!

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