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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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Wren's sole practical experience in the realm of sex and romance was an intense one night stand. The vibes there were full of definite promise of it becoming something more which spooked him and so he snuck away the next morning, whilst the other man was still sleeping. He never knowingly saw him again after that.

The role for that man is open and could be someone already played so I thought I would toss it here before going to the trouble of writing up a whole plottable. Time of the One Night Stand is super flexible so long as Wren would have been over the age of seventeen.

Isolde Glynn
Isolde has always been a rather notorious gossip — keeping her siblings up to date on all-things Avalon Glen. It didn't surprise anyone, then, when she finished her O.W.L.s and became a Social & Gossip Reporter for the Daily Prophet. Isolde completed five years at Hogwarts. Her identical twin is Morgan. Pictured is Rachel Sennott, with alternatives to be white with dark hair. played by bee Isolde Glynn

IMMEDIATE TIES: Enid Glynn Gwyn Conway
BONUS TIES: Nigel Yarwood Madoc Yarwood Howell Howell Raj Sandow Matilda Farris Avery Davenport

[Image: XLuqwGG.jpeg]
The eldest of a horde of sisters—no brothers—Josephine took over her father's print shop after his passing. She prints your usual pamphets and newsletters, but is often also the go-to for more political materials given that she DNGAF about what ~society thinks. Face and ethnicity are wide open! Pictured is Aubrey Plaza.



Saffron is fluent in sarcasm, which she needs in her job as a long-suffering Ministry secretary. She has perfected the art of seeming perky and polite and helpful while internally wanting to punch people in the face. Clever, guarded and practical, Saffy doesn't take shit – and her department would be lost without her, so she hasn't gotten fired yet. She isn't keen on the upper classes – thinks they're lazy and entitled and have no concept of the real world – and occasionally feeds Tess behind-the-scenes Ministry gossip. Likes to draw harsh (but funny) cartoons about people.

MJ made this!
[Image: G3QrE9c.jpeg]
B. 1870-Early 1872 | UCPB | OPEN HOUSE | DEBUTANTE
Callista has always thought it best to blend in with the norms of society; as the only other of the Adebayo children to attend Hogwarts, she performs magic exclusively with a wand, and focused more upon social education than deeper learning during her years at shcool, and later two years of finishing at Pendergast's. The exception to this is her passion for herbology, the only area in which she's ever been willing to get her hands duty. She wants to marry well not just for herself but for the family's interests—though whether this is a genuine desire or borne out of her father's expectations remains to be seen. She was hard hit by her mother's disappearance and subsequent talk with Ìyá, and holds herself to high standards. The suggested PB is Aja Naomi King.

[Image: cyMYEts.jpg]
The Duckling doesn't remember their earliest years—or indeed, specifically anything before the summer of 1884. An amnesiac orphan taken by Pandora to ward, they grew up in Magical London without a motherly presence, just a nanny and, later, tutor to tend to their basic needs. Still, Pan isn't absent from their life; she writes to them regularly at school. They also have a wider network, people they know aren't quite savory but who still care for them, speak kindly to them when they visit. There has always been an understanding that they do not speak of these people to others.

Gender, ethnicity, and face are all open. Reputation would not be higher than 8 as there's no clear story as to where exactly they came from.

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