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Rise and Fly
May 15th, 1894 — Quidditch Grounds

(Open to a younger student or someone looking to improve flying )

In the soft glow of the setting sun, the Quidditch field at Hogwarts lay bathed in a golden hue, Serene against the bustling activity of students enjoying their evening pursuits - classes over, homework done, and not yet time for the evening bell. Amidst the gentle breeze, Yuri Podsnapper stood near the edge of the field, his gaze fixed on the open expanse of sky above. He loved the summer evenings, they felt like they went on forever. There were the same number of hours as winter nights, but they somehow felt much longer.

With a warm smile that belied the rough edges of his demeanor, Yuri called out to the students milling about nearby, his voice carrying easily across the grassy pitch. "So do you think you're up for it?" he asked, gesturing towards the sleek broomstick propped up against his shoulder.

His muddy brown eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as he looked at the other student, his offer open to whomever was interested.

"Come on now, don't be shy," he urged, his tone inviting and encouraging. "I reckon there's no better way to clear the mind and lift the spirits than a good old-fashioned flight. Are you up for it?"

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MJ Made Beautiful Things!

Olive's flying skill had never much improved. She'd passed the course in her first year, of course. To fail would have been unconscionable after all that Madam Foxglove had given her, but it had been her worst mark that year by a considerable margin. Not a deficit she had managed to repair in the two years since. Whenever her feet left the ground Olive's gut would tie itself into knots, or her vision would swim, or her ears begin ringing so loudly she could no longer hear the instructor shouting. Olive did not belong in the air.

That did not mean that Olive never lingered near the Quidditch pitch. The stands made for a beautiful spot to sit and watch the world go by, a book settled in her lap from which she glanced up only occasionally. For the most part people left her alone there. There was nothing unusual about a student attending to their studies while they enjoyed the last brilliant rays of the summer sun. Students passed her by without comment on their evening strolls, and Olive paid them equally little mind in their passing, which was why she did not immediately react to the shouting of a moderately familiar voice. Obviously, Yuri Podsnapper was speaking to someone else. A friend who had happened by.


At the second call Olive looked up from her book, quietly bemused. She and Podsnapper came from the same House. Their paths had crossed many times, but Olive kept to herself as a rule. She maintained a very small collection of friends, and would not have included him among them... merely an acquaintance. Though it was hardly out of his pattern to address... anyone with such eager energy. Olive took a careful breath, marked her place with one finger, and offered him the smallest measure of a polite smile.

"No, thank you," she answered, and gave the broom in his grasp a mistrustful look. "I'm afraid I don't much care for flying."

Yuri had glanced over at the figure seated near the edge of the Quidditch pitch, a book resting in her lap, seemingly lost in her own world. Olive. He had recognised a fellow Hufflepuff, though their interactions had been limited to the occasional nod or brief exchange of pleasantries. She seemed content in her solitude, immersed in her studies, yet Yuri's need to take in waifs and strays saw him periodically attempting to draw her into the little group of 'orphans' that made up his core friend group.

She was the first to answer - albeit to demure. With a reassuring smile, Yuri approached her, his broomstick still resting casually against his shoulder. "Ah, fair enough," he replied, his tone gentle and understanding. "Flying's not for everyone, I reckon. But you know, it's a bit like learning spells, isn't it? Takes a bit of practice and patience, but once you get the hang of it, there's nothing quite like it."

He paused for a moment, offering Olive a warm smile of encouragement. "Tell you what, why don't you give it a try? I'll be right here to guide you, every step of the way. . Just a bit of fun, yeah? And who knows, you might surprise yourself," he suggested, his words laced with genuine optimism, and a hopeful goofy smile.

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MJ Made Beautiful Things!

Olive pursed her lips, hesitant. It was a bad habit-- the lingering shard of her tendency to bite her own lip when she felt uncertain. Her tutor spent months stopping her from contorting her face with every feeling, and still she slipped back into it from time to time. It was not that she mistrusted Podsnapper. No doubt he was every bit as comfortable in the air as he appeared, and equally as certain of his ability to keep her safe off the ground. Olive did, however, doubt that anything in his power could change how she felt about flight.

"I'm afraid I've no broom," Olive answered, and set her book down on the bench beside her. "The school models rather resent me." At least, it always felt that way-- and to Olive's understanding the brooms did possess a sort of sentience. She'd never handled them roughly, but utterly lacking in balances he had sent more than one into a wild tailspin before figuring out how to fly well enough to pass. Just pass. She had never touched one of them since.

Olive's hesitancy was obvious, her reservations were clear -and frankly understandable. He had fallen from enough high places while breaking into homes, and then in mastering the broom - to understand the trepidation that should accompany falling from high places - since there was, as far as he was aware, no magical cure for a cracked skull.

"Well, lucky for you, I happen to have a lovely broom here," Yuri replied with a reassuring, if impish grin, reaching down to unhook the broomstick from his shoulder. "And let me tell you, it's a beauty. A Grimstone, you know. Much nicer than those old school models. This one's got a bit of extra charm to it, I reckon." a beautiful gift from Mister Mondragon that flew like a dream.

He extended the broom towards Olive, offering it to her with a nod. "Here, give it a feel. I promise it won't bite," he joked lightly, hoping to coax a smile from her. "Besides, what's the worst that could happen? We'll take it nice and easy, just a little hover around the pitch. No need to rush or push yourself too hard."

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MJ Made Beautiful Things!

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