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May 10th, 1893 — Evans’ Boardinghouse

Polly hummed to herself as she worked. She liked it when Mrs. Evens asked her to scrub the hallway floor. It kept most of the boardinghouse guests from trying to talk to her, and that was nice, nice, nice. Polly did not mean to be unfriendly, but making mouthwords was dreadfully hard when she did it for people she knew, never mind when they were perfect strangers, and grownups besides. No, being left to do her chores in peace was far better.

Besides, it gave her a chance to get to know Trinket, Mrs. Evens’ house elf, better, and that was also nice, nice, nice. Polly liked Trinket. She never stared or giggled when Polly struggled to do up her shoelaces or button her coat, and she never shouted or scolded when Polly dropped a dish or broke a glass. Trinket was Polly’s first and best friend, and she didn’t care one fig if that made her peculiar.

Mrs. Evens didn't shout or scold, either, come to that, though Polly kept expecting she would. One day, the kind woman would run out of patience, and Polly would be sent away, just like always happened. She knew that she was right. It was just a matter of time.

All at once, a sound made her look up. Polly rocked back onto her heels, ducking her head to hide her scowl. Oh bother. Just when she thought she wouldn’t have to talk to anybody. Peering up at the person, she said, “Yes? M-may I, may I help you?”


This was Margaret's last delivery of the morning, she had a woven basket, a little large in her hands, stuffed full of fresh pears, plum and apples. She assumed that the Evan's mistress was making a pie, it made the girl's mouth water and she thought she might ask her cousin if they could make one for themselves when she got home. The girl wore a calf length light green-grey cotton dress in a plain style that drew no attention as she went about her day.

As instructed she had slipped round the side passage to the servant's entrance with her delivery, the door was ajar and nobody was about so she made her way in to the residence as she had several times before. She quickly spotted someone she knew and tried to get their attention. The girls had met before on a few occasions and had spoken, even if they were both too shy to actually make a proper frienship. "Hi, I've brought the fruit your mistress ordered.". Perhaps it was the fact that Maggie was largely silhouetted from the light outside that meant Polly Thomas did not immediately recognise her and seemed a little startled. Maggie took a sharp breath, feeling a pang of guilt for bothering the other girl.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. Should I take these through to the kitchen?" she wasn't entirely sure of the way to the kitchen on her own, but she was sure she could figure it out if it avoided her being a bother.

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Polly looked up, blinking in surprise at the voice. Oh! She recognized her. They hadn’t spoken much, but the other girl had been kind the few times they had. The girl was quiet, like Polly, and she liked the other girl’s dresses. The colors were always soft, like the sorts of things she preferred to wear. Bright colors sometimes hurt her eyes, so soft ones were always nicer.

Polly smiled at @[Margaret Wallace] and got to her feet. “Oh,” she said. She liked fruit, and from what she could see now in the basket, a pie was in order. She liked pie, too. Maybe if she did a good enough job with the rest of her chores, she could have a little taste when Cook was making it.

At Margaret’s offer, Polly shook her head. “Oh, n-no, that’s alright. You’ve no need to be sorry. I only didn’t see you that’s all, and I thought you were a stranger after a chat. I’m glad you’re not.” She winced as soon as the words had left her mouth. Suppose Margaret thought she didn’t want to talk to her now? It wasn’t that. She didn’t mind—as much—talking to familiar people. Strangers, though, always made her tongue tied.

“Sorry. It’s nothing personal. Just, grownups, you know. Always expecting you to know what to say.” She wasn’t sure that was any better, really. This was why she didn’t like telling. She always did it wrong. ”Anyway, come on, I’ll show you where the kitchen is. Could do with a bit of moving around.”

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Margaret smiled softly at the recognition from the other girl, she felt a little bashful that the other girl was trying to avoid conversation, but she knew what it was like. "I know... grown ups are hard work." she smirked and relaxed a little bit. Polly looked at the fruit and then offered to lead her the short walk to the kitchen.

This was a lovely house, far too big though, Maggie had always wondered what it is that rich people did in private that required so much space? And all the bathrooms? "Maybe they never learned to hold it in?" she answered her own query allowed and then blushed at Polly.

"The grown ups keep asking me if I'm excited to go to Hogwarts." she widened her eyes in a mildly horrified look, she was certainly not excited about the impending change in her life, it was scary, magic was scary, how could she know if it was safe. "And they ask such stupid questions about what I will do when I get there." she added with a slightly curt tone. How would she know, what was the correct answer to that? She would quickly adjust her tone back once they arrive at the kitchen, in case their were adults who did not appreciate an honest comment from one child to another.

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