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Event Ideas
Do You Have an Idea?

We are always looking for the next big idea (or even moderately-sized idea) for events—something that can attract a large number of characters be it a hosted event or something else. Please post here if you have suggestions for...

  • A one-off event (carnival, dance, flower show, etc.) that appeals to the middle and/or working classes, or to non-humans.
  • A mini boardwide event such as the snowstorm and spiked tea we've had in the past.
  • A major boardwide plot that affects characters from all classes and at least three usergroups.
The staff will pop in here every time we feel more inspiration is needed—and there might be board contribution stamps on the table for those whose ideas are used!

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Okay so dream land got me this time.
    A large crisis in the Portkey Office occurs when several portkeys set up for a large event in the magical community (think quidditch world cup sized) causes its travelers to be transported to the middle of the Scottish wilderness with their wands fried. THUS, the travelers get lost in the Scottish wilderness without magic for days and have to do a Hunger Games style survival thing, only without the killing each other part. They meet wild obstacles like an acromantula colony, magical weather conditions, etc. Would be super cool if people could sign up with the knowledge that one of their chosen characters must perish for #realism.

beautiful set by Lady
One off event:
May Day festivities for the working class of Hogsmeade/Irvingly (whichever suits) feat. Maypole dancing, beer and food because yay Bank Holiday. Could also include some mild love potion being spiked into the drinks/food because love is in the air in Spring? But on some people it backfires and spouses/courting couples end up hating each other.
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fabulous set by Lady <3
An inter-house competition sorta thing! Think triwizard tourney/pan-magical games except it would be two houses v. the other two houses! Students from each age group (intro/OWL/NEWT) would be chosen to compete in a number of competitions (something more creative than just dueling or potion-brewing, though :P) and earn points separate from the house points—though the houses with the highest scores in each age bracket should earn points at the end of the year!

I am 100% down for the chosen students being merit-based or evidence-based rather than randomized because it would promote participation in the first few months of school ;)
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The Muggle Studies professor (or someone) convinces the Headmaster to let them put on a Hogwarts production of A Christmas Carol. Roles are cast and rehearsals begin. During one rehearsal, Peeves decides to help everyone get a little more in the spirit of things... by sending the entire cast back to a 'Christmas Past' at Hogwarts.

From the perspective of those not involved in the play (professors, other students, eventually the concerned parents/relevant Ministry departments), it looks like 30-some students just up and vanished. For those who go back, they cycle through a bunch of random years at Hogwarts and get to meet (and have amazingly awkward threads with) their parents/older siblings/etc while they're still teenagers.

Since actual time travel is a bit outside Peeves' wheelhouse this would all be illusion (ie, the 'past' people wouldn't have any memories of the interactions when the kids come back to the present day), but that doesn't make it any less weird for the kids involved. xD

--- A hunt for the headless horseman in the Forbidden Forest (or Hawthorne Hollow)
--- Hogwarts Masquerade Ball (I know it's cliche but it's been a long time since we last had one!)
--- Halloween party with VE matchmaking Halloween games
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[Image: xU9tKc.png]
set by Bee
Halloween hurling roulette -
The Victorians believed that eating an apple while looking into a mirror could reveal the face of a future love.

Suggested Halloween event where there are no dance cards but instead you take a bite from an apple before each dance and the mirror matches you with someone for the next dance. All charms and no real seer-ing but a cute way to mix up the dance partners.

(perhaps building on Té's masque idea- where instead of a persons face, you see their costume - so dancing with no preconceptions of who you are dancing with)

[Image: 2SyywhH.jpg]
^  Look what Lady did  ^
Ginny aspires to the ultimate Gibson Girl aesthetic, or whatever the wizardy equivilant would be
A "transfiguration obstacle course." Contestants bring a palm-sized inanimate object of their choosing, and must then transfigure it into a vessel designed to carry them through various obstacles (think flying, underwater, being chased by small but dangerous magical creatures, etc). Could be done as a last-man-standing or as a race depending on how dangerous the events are. Both the constant and their transfigured object should survive the course in order to win.
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A magical storm in Hogsmeade that goes beyond "oh no it's snowing in the summer". It's unpredictable (and avoidable if people don't want to thread with it) and changes all the time. One day could be clear, and the next day you have wind gusts so powerful it breaks windows and knocks down the candles inside, setting random houses ablaze. Flash flooding that seems to disappear the minute it hits a large structure, but washes away residents who get stuck in its path. Earthquakes that open up to a crack, but instead of falling down into the ground you seem to fall down until you're back where you began. Thunderstorms that blare annoying music instead of thunder, waking everyone up at night. Snow, except it's really cobwebs and covers the entirety of Hogsmeade.

You know, the usual.
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set by MJ!
A dragon (or dragons) unexpectedly hatches a large brood and all the Ministry's dragon catchers are not able to keep ahead of this amount of fire. A temperamental broody dragon (or dragons) is wreaking havoc. The same weirdos who try to raise pet alligators have smuggled some drakes home despite urgent warnings. Old Man Gunther keeps reporting drake sightings when no, Gunther, for the last time those are birds.

Time to brace for migration season!
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Quote:The_Kelly: Hogwarts: Summer Addition
Finn: Rofl
Finn: Hogwarts Summer Camp should really be a thing
The_Kelly: It would be hilarious. Like, the school does that for a summer, it doesn't end well, thus why it wasn't in the books XD
The_Kelly: "Several people got eatten Harry, not something that people like to discuss"
Finn: Someone probably died
Finn: Haha yes
Finn: Color Wars with Dragons
The_Kelly: That's how they got eaten

I legit think that this should be a thing.
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Magic by MJ!

Someone gets the 'bright' idea to smuggle some Doxies into Hogwarts or the Ministry. Let the little creatures cause their chaos. Or worse, Hogsmeade or London!

Magic by MJ!

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