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It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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A little weed in the flower bed

One of the other children busted into the small brown haired girl as they waited in line to enter the zoo. Too much money had been spent on her in recent times to ready her for school in September, but, she wanted to come to this party, the zoo sounded so pretty and Magaret liked flowers, they were soft and they made her smile. She had even dressed up her simple outfit with a small flower she had picked off of the ivy from the outer wall of her home.

"How many luv?" the teller asked the man at the lead of her congregation. "Ah yes, myself, my wife and 7 little ones please" he replied as the ground moved through and were hastily counted in. Maggie felt a hand on her head as she was counted and she carried on into the zoo. The even smaller girl beside her missing the count as she had hoped, these weren't her family, she hadnt even met them before but the large brood allowed the small and unassuming Wallace girl to slip by without payment.

But where next?

She was hungry, she carried and apple and a cob sandwich in a wrap of paper in her bag but it wasn't time to eat that yet. Her hunger was quickly replaced by excitement as she saw beautiful animals and picked up her pace, leaving her temporary family behind her. "What is... that?" she stared wide eyed at a creature that had the softest grey fur and bushy black and white tail. She kneeled and put her her finger on the bar near the creature as it chewed on a peach, she made funny noises trying to get its attention.

Charley Goode

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With far lighter pockets than last year's, she was intent on spending all day at the flower show. For a while, the thought of taking a few cuttings of the more exotic types guided her vision. It would have made up for the heavy cost of the show, from the carriage between Hogsmeade and Irvingly to the entrance to the zoo, everyone had their hand out to take the urchin's money. What little she had, even what Mrs. Mann had given her fell short, forcing up precious coins earned by tips and long hours of toiling in Missus Crouch's flower shop. With so much time spent among the garden of the floral boutique, it no longer seemed right to Charley to steal away any of the Potts' garden set up here.

For once, Charley just let herself bask in the wonder of the displays. She didn't get much time to do that herself, always keeping an eye out for customers and an ear out for a new request by the shop's manager. Today, she felt more kin with the chittering creatures that scurried along the arches entwined with flowers that decorated each exhibit, heedless of any bothersome needs of people at all.

If wonderment alone could grant her a wish, Charley would have wished to be an animagus so she could transfigure all her cares away for the day.

She wasn't the sort for much wonderment or wishes, but those were funny thoughts to think about anyway. When her eyes tired of flowers and creatures after a long while, they started following the people. One group, in particular, caught her eyes, separating Charley from the row of jobberknolls and launching her from the top of the bench taken a perch on. The urchin followed at a distance, sizing up her quarry, not even sure why she was following.

The little girl didn't even look like she had money.

"That's a monkey," Charley answered, before she even knew she was doing it. So much for keeping her distance. Letting out a breath, the urchin stepped up to the hooting little girl, keeping her hands low enough to catch any enterprising pockets. The critter's big eyes followed a bit too closely for her liking, chittering back at the girl calling to it. "They're a handful, jes like you."

Leaning low, the urchin whispered in the girl's ear, "If you spill yer secret to the flowers first, then I won't hafta."

There wasn't much that Charley could really do about the little girl's free admission. It impressed more than upset her, really. Still, she was bored, and it seemed wrong to let such an obvious trick go unnoticed. The urchin might have used something like it herself once or twice before, when there was no one to call her out, and look where that got her!

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"A monkey huh?" the creature twisted it's head up as if it had heard the query and chirped at Margaret as she wiggled her finger. "Aren't you a cutie?"

The other girl, several years older and dressed in similarly muted colours to Maggie came in close to help her out, then whispered quietly in her ear something. The girl's accent made her think of one of the serving boys she had met in irvingly, he was from somewhere in the south. Her brow furrowed, secrets? "I suppose we should have to find some flowers first though." she said nervously, feeling a little threatened but not clear why, what secrets might she mean? Had she caught her sneaking in and was on the pay of the zoo? Technically speaking her entry fee had been paid, it was the youngest of the strange family that had come in without being noticed or paid for.

Maggie turned and looked at Charley, she didn't want to get in trouble, she was naughty, but she really wanted to see inside the zoo, it wasn't *her* fault that Hogwarts preparation was draining every spare knut in the household right now. "Are you gonna tell on me?" she asked the other girl? The small grey creature also looked at Charley, demanding and answer with its big eyed as it smooshed another chunk of peach between it's jaws, letting sweet drool trickle down it's face and attract several interested flies.

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