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Patience: A Virtue [OWL-Level CoMC]
April 8th, 1894 — Forbidden Forest

Nell was glad that there had not been a repeat of February's freak snowstorm—indeed, the forest floor was altogether devoid of snow, but the trees had not quite begun to bud. It was an ideal time of year for this particular lesson, for the small guardians of the trees in this particular copse would be awake, but unable to hide within the foliage.

"Trees are home to all sorts of creatures, great and small," the professor began. Each of the students had been provided with a lap easel, but it had been on them to dress for the weather. "Many of these creatures can also be found elsewhere, but not the one which we will be studying today. Who can tell me about the bowtruckle?" the professor asked, before gesturing to the first raised hand she saw.
Invitational to James Fletcher Greta Gillenwater Anne Moony Hesper Gamp Eros Mohr and any other OWL-level Creatures students!


The son of a pet shop owner always found himself at ease around beasts, whether they be mundane or magical and it was always a pleasant treat to adventure into the forbidden forest for classes. He pulled out his lap easal and began to doodle, he want the best artist but he quickly drew a sketch of what he felt was the correct answer to the query by the professor, while he doodled he placed his hand up to be called upon by the teacher.

"A bowtruckle is a relatively rare woodlande beast akin to a large stick insect, only smarter.

They are usually very hard to see because of their camouflage and can be a trouble for dog walkers as they can be quite viscous when attacked."

He looked at the slightly smudged charcoal drawing of the creature and turned it towards the Professor. "I think they look a bit like this?" It was certainly rough, but for a quick drawing he felt you could tell what it was.

[Image: 7HnJpqz.png]

He smiled and looked around at the other students in the class hoping for validation. "Oh, they like to eat woodlice and will pick them out of crevices in trees." he added quickly before putting down his easel.

Elenora Brierley

[Image: c95hHx7.png]
Anne didn't bother to hide her cheer of delight at the location of today's class. Any trip into the Forbidden Forest was a good day, as far as Anne was concerned. Even if the weather may decide to turn homicidal without warning. Given art supplies in the woods, Anne was doubly thrilled. She heard some of the instructions before dropping to the forest floor and sketching.

Reluctantly, Anne paused her drawing when Professor Brierley began her lecture. Anne glowered at the overenthusiastic boy she now recognized, thanks to the potions tournament that she won, thanks. He beat her to the punch, which was wholly unnecessary. Other people, namely Anne, knew things, too. Punching her hand into the air, Anne added, "Bowtruckles prefer wand wood trees. And they'll gouge your eyes out." She added for good measure.

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[Image: rOjzpw3.png]
MJ about made me cry with this one!
"Very good, Mr. Hunter—take five points for Gryffindor," Nell said, vaguely startled at the fact that the Gryffindor had managed to draw an entire sketch, even a simplistic one, to accompany his response in such a short time. She appreciated the enthusiasm regardless—though was not sure his peers would.

"And five for Slytherin as well, Miss Moony, for that rather... descriptive warning."

Had students been like this when she had been a child? Nell could not recall—it had been so very long ago!

She returned her attentions to the rest of the class as she explained, "Bowtruckles are sometimes called tree guardians. They may not seem, upon first consideration, the most exciting of magical beasts, but but they perform an important role in healthy tree growth—particularly, as Miss Moony noted, in the case of wand trees, without which most of us would be little more gifted than muggles. And there happen to be at least a dozen in the tress around us."

The professor held her hands out to either side, gesturing around them for emphasis.

"Where we have a longer lesson today&madash;" three hours, in fact, owing to some schedule tweaks above her pay grade "—I thought it would be the idea opportunity to have you sight and observe the behaviour of these creatures. You may find it easier to pair off, but may also choose to go it alone. Regardless," she added with a wry smile, "I will expect a report on the species that includes your observations by week's end."

Nell would, of course, remain on hand in an effort to curtail any potential misbehaviour, but also to answer any questions that might arise. Her goal, though, was to see what the students could do on their own, left vaguely to their own devices.

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Benedict smiled broadly as the professor congratulated his answer and awarded house points to Gryffindor, to which one of his friends patted him playfully on the back. He looked quickly across to Miss Moony as she added her own answer to the professor. "Heavens, I would rather keep my eyes, thank you." he said with a grin as some of the other students winced a little at the thought.

He looked at his own wand as Professor Brierley discussed their importance, he imagined what part the little creatures might have played in the life of the foot long stick of carved dogwood in his hand.

Benedict approached the fourth year "Congratulations on the potions contest, Miss Moony. I'll wager I see a bowtruckle before you though." he said quite playfully before looking out into the forest a little. The forest was vibrant as it returned to life for the spring, even if the weather was unpleasant and the ground was soft underfoot. Benedict reached over and pulled a delicate looking pink twinflower from the top of a fallen log, placing into the pages between his book.

"I know the perfect spot to look, anybody want to partner up?" he asked aloud to Miss Moony or anyone else as he prepared to walk further into the forest.

Anne Moony Elenora Brierley

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[Image: c95hHx7.png]
When everyone tells us what we can be
How can we rewrite the stars?

Hesper found Care of Magical Creatures considerably less enjoyable now that her friends had moved up into the NEWT group. There were only a couple more months until she was out for summer and then (if she chose to continue with the class) she'd be back with them but that didn't change things now. It was one of many classes she was now without her friends in, but she had admittedly chosen Care of Magical Creatures at the end of second year because she knew Sirius liked it and some silly part of her had thought it'd be like the gnomes.

She daren't consider her last year of schooling when she'd be utterly alone. Next year would be last good year and then everyone would leave her for good. She'd come out into society and they'd all be miles ahead of her, perhaps Flora would even be married...

Hesper withdrew from her gloomy thoughts and refocused on bowtruckles. Right. She had to draw a bowtruckle. She kind of wanted a partner to draw with but while she'd been courting the attention of the year above, the others had found their close friends. She'd loiter for a minute or so and then go off on her own if no one approached her, she felt too proud to approach someone else.

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