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ISSUE #291 — A New Flower in the Garden of Scandal
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Issue #291, 31st March 1894
A New Flower in the Garden of Scandal
Written by Matilda Klishmaclaver

It seems that scandal has once again sewn its seeds through the homes of some of the better known families of the ton, germinating more than mere notoriety.

At the recent Love at First Sight Ball, the eagle-eyed wife of none other than the Minister for Magic herself caught a most compromising duo in their clandestine rendezvous. The culprits? None other than Mr. Fortitude Greengrass, of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and the former Miss Farley, caught in a cupboard. Miss Farley will be known to some by that name, and to others, as the owner of a certain notorious diary that once shook the very foundations of Hogwarts in 1889.

Oh, but the plot thickens! Rumor has it that Miss Farley's attire was found disheveled, leaving naught bt scandalous whispers to fill the void as to the nature of their indiscretions. One can only speculate as to the exact activities that led to such a compromising position, my dear readers - and the evr discrete Mrs Dempsey isn't saying much - at least to this paper!

While this may have been the very ruin of Miss Farley, it appears that Mr. Greengrass, in a display of apparent honor and duty, has taken swift action to rectify the situation by making an honest woman of the erstwhile Miss Farley. Admirable, no doubt, but one cannot help but ponder the thoughts of the esteemed Mr. Greengrass, now tethered to a bride who may have orchestrated such a scandalous affair to secure her matrimonial fate.

And what of the lovely Miss Ida Chang, rumored to have been in the midst of a courtship with Mr. Greengrass? Surely, the whispers of their romantic entanglement wil now dissipate into the cold winds of scandal, leaving Miss Chang to ponder what might have been.

But the new Mrs Greengrass is not the only scandalous flower of this season. We are speaking of course, or Mrs. Zinnia Gallagher, - or Miss Potts, as was, whose concerns for her younger sister's budding romance with Mr. Grimstone seem to have led to her own precipitous union with Mr. Gallagher, a match which one has to imagine is perhaps not quite up to the standards of the esteemed Potts matriarch.

As Mrs. Gallagher finds herself with child in record time, on cannot help but raise a skeptical eyebrow at the timing of their nuptial bliss. Yet, amidst the whispers and raised eyebrows, the marriage of Miss Daffodil Potts to Mr. Elias Grimstone offers a ray of hope amidst the murky depths of scandal.

Mothers of the Ton, take heed! Let us not allow the allure of expeditious matrimony to blind our daughters to propriety. For in the garden of society, it is far better to bloom as a daffodil than to wither as a zinnia.
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This issue is made possible by our sponsors: Badovere's Imported Whiskey.
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